BELLE by JackassTales

There’s an old saying about those of us who would rather fish than work. It goes something like this; ‘the worst day fishing is better than the best day working’!

I was having one of those days. Work had gone well. I was having a good day. But, I was getting ‘antsy’. Being as it was Friday; I skipped lunch and headed home.

Perhaps it was a bit of the kid in me that made me feel like I was playing ‘hooky’. I suppose in many ways I just refused to grow up. As soon as I got home, I was out of my work clothes and into my fishing clothes.

Now, here I was sitting on a creek bank with a fishing pole clutched in one hand and a cold beer clasped in the other. The fish weren’t biting at all. Hell this was fine with me! At least I wasn’t at work! Things just couldn’t get any better than this!

Time passed swiftly. I downed the last beer from the six-pack. Or, was it a twelve-pack? I disremember. I had drunk those beers too quickly. Maybe I was a bit tipsy. My head was getting fuzzy. What I needed was a good, cold, ‘wake-me-up’ swim.

I was sitting on a big, flat ledge rock which protruded over a slow moving creek. It only took seconds for me to strip down to my birthday suit. As soon as my cock was released from its confinement inside my jeans, it sprang to life. At 30, I was still in the prime of life. I was vigorous, virile, and always horny. The thick, meaty, erectness of the rod between my legs proved the point.

I plunged into the water. I was reminded pretty damn quick that cold creek water and erect cocks are not companionable friends. No siree, they are sworn enemies! The cold water attacked my muscular meat! In self defense, the rod shriveled to half its original size.

After a few laps, I headed back for the ledge rock. I was wading through thigh-deep water. A bee buzzed around my head. I shook my wet head, but the worrisome insect would not let me alone. I swatted at it again and again. Finally, I hit the irritating son-of-a-bitch and knocked it winding. It landed on the rock toward which I strode.

Now, wait a goddamn minute! That’s not a bee! Is it? Why, it’s too big. It’s too big by a long shot. And hell, it’s getting even bigger by the second! As my befuddled eyes stared, the ‘bee’ stood up on its legs. Stood up? Hell, bees can’t stand up!

Bees can’t speak, either. But, this one did. Shit, it spoke plain as day! With a giggly, melodious voice, it said, “Sir, you sure are quick. That’s the first time anyone has been able to touch me! I like to fly around and tease humans.”

I suppose I’d drunk a lot more beers than I’d imagined. I must be drunk as a skunk! My imagination was running wild. My mind knew for a fact that the girl hadn’t really spoken. Girl…? I wondered why this word came to my mind.

My eyes focused again on the ‘imaginary’ creature. Why hell, it sure looked like a girl! I saw a tiny feminine head, torso, and legs. Luminous, pale blue, semi-transparent wings fluttered behind the creature’s back. The winged sprite was even speaking in a soft, feminine voice, “Why are you staring at me like that? You act like you’ve seen a ghost. Do you think I’m a ghost?”

Well, I wasn’t about to engage in a conversation with a figure out of my inebriated imagination! No, I wasn’t! But, curiosity took control and caused my voice to speak, “No, I don’t think you’re a ghost. For all I know, you’re a fairy or some other mythical creature.”

The girl seemed offended. She spoke irritably, “Fairies are not mythical creatures! They’re not ‘creatures’ at all. And, they’re as real as you are mister! Why, I ought to know because I’m one myself! Well, technically I’m a ‘Pixie’.”

Pixie, my ass! She wasn’t real! Yet, I could still hear her voice, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Belle. ‘Bell’ is actually my last name. I added an ‘e’ to it and made it my first. What’s your name? I bet you can’t guess my real first name?”

Without knowing why, I answered, “My last name is ‘Pan’ and it’s real. I didn’t make it up. My first name is Peter. Hell, I couldn’t guess your name if I tried! The only ‘Belle’ I know of is the one in Beauty and the Beast.”

The girl giggled again. She spoke merrily, “I’m not ‘that’ Belle, she’s prettier than me. I like her though. I’ve been to parties with her. You’ve gotten your stories mixed up. My first name is actually ‘Tinker’.”

I now knew for damn sure I was crazy drunk. I was talking to a ‘being’ named… Hell, I didn’t dare think it! But, I did. I thought about what I was doing. I was talking to…a fairy calling herself ‘Tinker Bell’.

While I was thinking, the girl vigorously shook her head. Golden dust fell from her hair and cloaked her tiny body from sight. When the dust cloud settled, a full sized feminine form sat on the rock before me.

Goddamn-almighty, there was no mistaking her femininity now! She was about five foot two with eyes of sparkling blue. She probably weighed no more than one hundred pounds. Shimmering blonde curls covered her head with a ponytail bun sitting up high.

As to her age, well if I was to use human years as a measurement, I’d say she was a teenager. She looked like she might be in her late teens. But, truth be told, I didn’t know a hell of a lot about judging the age of fairies.

But, this particular fairy was definitely a female. Her dress provided the most revealing evidence of femininity. It had no shoulders, it had no sleeves, and it had hardly any back! The hem was so short it barely covered her crotch and ass. Pale green was the color.

Only two things kept the dress from falling off the feminine form. Both of them were well-formed, rounded breasts! My eyes locked on to those protruding mounds and stared in wonder. My eyes moved only to look at her legs. Long, thin legs started at green slippers and traveled up to the hem of the short, short dress.

My mesmerized mind was wondering if she had on panties or a bra under her skimpy fairytale costume. My shriveled cock was recovering from its cold water immersion. Fairy, pixie, or whatever the hell she was, she was making my cock hard!

The girl was speaking again, “Sir, what’s that thing there between your legs? Is that a snake? You’d better be careful. It’s swelling up fast and getting longer.”

Unconsciously, I looked down to see my muscular manhood growing into its fully erect length. I didn’t realize how close I’d walked to the girl. As I looked at my cock, a feminine hand closed around it. The fingertips of the small hand barely reached around the engorged rod.

The pixie girl spoke with my cock in her hand, “Is this thing what human males call a ‘penis’? It’s nice. I like it. I like it a lot! I don’t know why, but I love it! What do you do with it?”

Why I said it, I couldn’t say, but my words spilled out, “It’s called a ‘cock’. It’s made for feminine mouths to suck on. We call it ‘cock-sucking’.”

Unbelievably, the girl kicked her slippers to the side and scooted out to the edge of the rock. She leaned over and popped my cock into her mouth! Holy-shit, she had taken my words literally! I wondered if she was really that naïve or that inexperienced.

Inexperienced naivety or not, the mischievous little sprite was eagerly sucking the cock in her mouth. She allowed natural instincts to take their course, but her inexperienced innocence soon became evident.

After I gave her a few words of encouraging advice, the girl quickly caught on. Her mouth and tongue began a frenzied cock-sucking exploration. Her tongue licked and teased my flesh. Her lips kissed and caressed. Her mouth, her small tight mouth, sucked hungrily.

With a moisture lubricated mouth, her head bobbed up and down on my shaft. My meat sank deeper and deeper into her throat. My hands became entwined in her curly blonde locks. I held on and pulled her closer.

Shit, small mouth or not, she certainly had a deep throat! Her frenzied bobbing sucked my shaft in to the hilt. The entire length became buried inside her pixie girl mouth and throat.

I stood in the water while the innocent little nymph kissed, and licked, and sucked my throbbing hard manhood. I held on to my juices as long as I could. But hell, she was just too seductively tantalizing to hang on for long!

My mind debated the question of whether to pull out or not before cumming. My decision was made for me. I was cumming now! I was cumming harder than I had ever cum before! I began to orgasm with a greater pleasure than I’d known could exist! I screamed to the sky in orgasmic bliss.

Cock-cream spilled from my shaft. Stream after stream of thick, hot, milky fluid filled the girl’s mouth. She swallowed every drop. She licked and lapped at every droplet attempting to escape her mouth.

The girl, hell I might as well call her Belle, finally allowed my empty cock to pull out of her mouth. Yet, Belle licked and kissed the shaft clean before sitting back on the rock.

Belle was smiling. She spoke giddily, “Ok Peter, that was fun! And, your milk tasted so good. Wow, it was better than the sweet honey I love! Can I suck your ‘cock’ again? Can I have some more of your sweet milk?”

I laughed at the naïve young sprite. My voice sang merrily, “Yes you can. But, young lady, you’ll have to wait a while. I don’t know about fairy males, but us human fellas take a while for our cocks to get hard again. Belle, when I get hard again, you can suck all you want!”

At first the girl pouted, but then her eyes sparkled. She leaned toward me and shook her head. Several dozen flakes of golden dust flew from her hair and landed on the flaccid shaft of my cock. I felt a tickling sensation as they settled on my flesh.

Unbelievably, my meat stiffened again! Goddamnit-to-hell, my cock was rock hard and stretched out to its full length! I spoke in astonishment, “Hell, Belle, what was that stuff coming from your head?”

The mischievous minx answered happily, “Oh that? It’s just ‘pixie dust’. I was born with it in my hair. I suppose there’s a bit of magic in it. Hey, Peter, you are hard again! I’m going to get some more cock and milk. You said I could.”

Yes, I ‘had’ said she could suck me when I got hard. Well, I was hard. And she was sucking. Belle now had a little more experience. She knew what to do. She took her time. With my cock in her mouth, she sucked, licked, and kissed with energetic zeal.

One minute passed and then ten. Time passed and I was lost in magical madness. Lordy, the girl was a quick study! She was turning out to be the best cock-sucking female to ever have my meat in her mouth!

Not only was my cock fully restored, but my seminal juices were, too. Hell, if this impish pixie wanted cock cream, then that’s what she will get! I began cumming again. I was cumming with the same glorious orgasmic intensity as before!

My engorged shaft summoned forth seminal juices and spewed them out. Belle’s mouth again filled with thick creamy milk. The quantity was just as much as the first time. She swallowed, licked, and lapped.

I gave in to orgasmic surrender. Mighty orgasms rocked my world! Oh damn, I thought I’d never stop cumming! But, finally I did. This time, I knew I was drained for good.

Yet, as soon as my limp shaft escaped from the girl’s tight, wet mouth, Belle sprinkled it again with pixie dust. And, again my meat came to life. The wanton young vixen began sucking again.

This time, I grabbed a hold of her hair and forcibly pulled the girl away. I pushed her back onto the rock. I spoke seriously, “Damnit Belle, you’ve got to quit that! There is something else I’d like to do with my hard cock. Have you ever been fucked?”

The pixie girl stared at me with a quizzical look in her eye. She wasn’t any too happy with loosing the cock from her mouth. She was still licking cream from her lips. With irritation in her voice she answered, “Maybe I have and maybe I haven’t!”

For a pixie fairy, I’d say the girl was a feisty handful of female passion. Yet, I could tell she was new to this game of sex. Her next words proved it. With curiosity getting the best of her, she inquired, “What does ‘fuck’ mean?”

I laughed. My laughter was hearty and loud. I was not laughing at the girl, I was laughing because of her. I’d never met such an irresistibly seductive female. She was alluringly pretty and sexy. She was mischievous, temperamental, bold, and aggressive. Yet, she had an innocent sexual curiosity begging for adventure.

Suddenly, I reached out, pulled her to me, and kissed her lips. Her mouth opened in startled surprise. She pulled away, but then came right back. Her arms flew around my neck and her warm lips melted against mine.

With a few words of encouraging instruction, she soon became a skillful kisser. Our mouths, and lips, and tongues played merry games of ardent passion.

With breathless wonder she whispered into my ear, “Oh Peter, I love this! You could ‘fuck’ me all day like this and I’d be so happy! I’m so glad you’ve taught me how to fuck!”

Laughter escaped from deep in my heart. I pulled the girl closer, hugged her tighter, and kissed her with an unexplainable adoration. Soft words spilled from my lips, “Listen here babe, this is not ‘fucking’! This is just kissing. Fucking is even better than this!”

Belle pulled away and again looked at me with puzzling eyes. Her voice questioned, “This is ‘kissing’? I like kissing. So, just what is fucking? Will you ‘fuck’ me, Peter?”

I shook my head in amazement. Oh shit, I was getting in too deep. I now knew for a fact that I was not inebriated with alcoholic spirits. But, I most certainly was under the spell of an intoxicating high which made my heart and mind soar with delight.

My heart and mind were not the only parts of my body jumping with joy. The pulsating rod between my legs was dancing with hungered anticipation.

Standing there in the cool creek water, I debated my next move. Hell, I couldn’t take advantage of an innocent, naïve waif who had no idea as to what she was asking for! Yet, goddamnit-to-hell, I wanted to fuck her! And shit, she was begging for it!

I reached for the hem of Belle’s short, short, lime-green dress. With one tug, I pulled it up over her head and tossed it aside. I found out then that a pixie female’s body parts are much the same as human females.

My eyes did notice one exception. Belle’s body had no hair anywhere except on her head! There was not one hair, or bump, or scar, or blemish to mar the exquisite expanse of her fabulous female form.

Perky, fully-formed breasts stood out proudly as decorative chest ornamentation. Pale pink nipples and areolas completed the upper body decorations.

There, between her legs was a pussy. And, a pretty pussy, it was! Her body might be pixie-petite, but her pussy was one with feminine maturity. With no hair as a cover, the pussy protruded in a magnificent mounded bulge. Oh hell, I wanted my cock inside the beautiful mound of femininity!

I pushed Belle to her back on the rock. I moved between her outspread legs. I was standing thigh deep in the creek and the girl’s pussy was lying at a perfect cock-height.

Damn, I knew I should slow down! This was a time for foreplay. That’s the way fucking works. Pussy foreplay comes first followed by pussy penetration. But shit, I couldn’t wait! The girl had sprinkled her pixie dust on my cock and made it hot, hard, and horny as hell! It ‘demanded’ I put it inside her pussy!

With my fingers, I spread wide the mounded pussy lips before me. The head of my cock tenderly touched the vaginal entrance. The opening was wet. Hot-damn, Belle’s pussy was dripping wet with slippery moisture! This wetness lubricated the cock head which was attempting to gain entrance.

I pushed in gently. I felt resistance. Damn, it was just as I thought! This female pixie was a virgin! But hell, I’d come too far to stop now! I’d never busted a pixie cherry before, but as they say; there’s a first time for everything.

With one quick thrust, I entered the virginal void and broke through the hymen. Belle’s high-pitched fairy scream could probably be heard for miles. I was thankful we were deep in the woods.

Thankful too was I that the girl didn’t fly away in fear. Fly? Oh yeah, I just remembered. This female I was fucking could fly! But hell, she wasn’t attempting to fly away anywhere! In fact, feminine instinct propelled her to action. Her hips lifted to meet the incoming intruder inside her pussy.

Oh glory be to me, my cock had found a home! Warm, wet, feminine lubricants invited the welcomed visitor to stay for a while and get comfortable.

Comfortable…? Yes, I suppose this was a word to describe how my cock felt. Ecstatic joy might be more appropriate words! My elongated, hard shaft was slipping in and out of Belle’s pussy in slow, rhythmic cycles. Deep it would plunge and then slowly pull back. Deep again it went and then back out and in again.

I was fucking a fabulous female fairy and having the time of my life! Goodness gracious, pixie dust was a wondrous aphrodisiac and cock-hardener! I was fucking Belle so long I was loosing track of time. I’d never stayed hard inside a pussy this long before!

I was grunting and groaning like a wild beast in the woods. Belle was, too! She was moaning and gasping for breath. She cried out with an impassioned whisper, “Oh Peter, is this ‘fucking’? Oh my, oh my, oh my, it feels good! It doesn’t get better than this, does it? It couldn’t possibly be better than this!”

At first, I was going to laugh at the girl. But, then I thought again. Hell, I loved her curious innocence. I loved her sexual awakening and the part I was playing in it. I answered her with the voice of an experienced teacher, “Yes Belle, this is ‘fucking’. And yes. it really feels good. But girl, it does get better! I’ll just have to show you how.”

My rhythmic thrusts became more forceful. I penetrated the slippery vaginal cavity with a frenzied series of jackhammer strokes. My engorged meat stimulated every vibrating nerve inside the pixie girl’s tight young pussy.

As I fucked Belle, I watched her face. I saw the transformation begin. My mind told me she was on the verge of an orgasm. When her pussy muscles contacted and squeezed my shaft, I knew she was ready to cum.

Belle moaned loudly and wailed with unrestrained glee when her first orgasm began. Her legs wrapped around my hips and pulled me close. My cock-strokes continued. The girl moaned and wailed again as another orgasm rocked her. She was cumming with intense, powerful orgasms. Her face was aglow with joy.

With my meat inside her tight young pussy, I was cumming, too! My orgasms were as violently overwhelming as the ones she’d given my when sucking my cock! Lord-a-mercy, I was cumming so hard I was about to loose my mind!

Magical pixie dust had again filled my manhood with another load of seminal fluid. The hole in the end of my cock opened wide and expelled this thick, creamy mixture of semen and sperm into Belle’s deep, warm vaginal abyss.

When my hot cock cream began to fill her pixie pussy, Belle’s body responded with another series of unfettered, uninhibited orgasms. She cried aloud as multiple orgasms caused her to shudder and shake with ecstasy.

I was elated beyond belief because I could give this girl so much orgasmic joy. But, I was a little disappointed by the fact that men couldn’t have multiple orgasms, too. This didn’t seem fair. Yet, as soon as this thought entered my mind, an unbelievable thing happened. I found myself cumming again! Hell, the pixie magic had not yet worn off! I was having more orgasms!

My cock was still pumping in and out of the sweet young fairy’s pussy. She was still lost in the throes of orgasmic jubilation. But, my body too began to rejoice again as orgasmic euphoria allowed me to join this celebration of lustful bliss.

Al long last, the orgasms peaked and the two of us began to slowly relax. I could barely stand. With my last ounce of energy, I sprang out of the creek and lay on the rock beside Belle. She came into my arms and we two lay panting and gasping for breath.

When calm finally came, Belle whispered in my ear, “Oh Peter, I love to ‘fuck’! I didn’t know anything could be so wonderful. I love every touch you give to me. Will you fuck me again?”

I didn’t answer the sweet pixie girl. I kissed her. For most of the next hour we kissed and explored each others bodies. I now had time for foreplay. Perky pixie breasts blossomed with ripeness as I kissed, licked, and sucked them. Her hairless pixie pussy bloomed with feminine maturity as my mouth, my lips, and my tongue tickled and tasted every inch of the delectable mound and the clit enclosed within.

A question came to my mind, but I didn’t dare voice it out loud. As I played with her smooth, silky soft ass and back, I wondered; just where in the world were her fairy wings?

Belle and I fucked again. This time, I didn’t need the magical assistance of pixie dust. My own natural manly horniness in the presence of a seductive female was all my cock needed to become erect. I fucked the girl and she fucked me. Once again, orgasms joined our hearts and bodies.

We washed our slippery, slimy, sex-coated bodies in the creek and then dressed. I asked Belle if she would come up to my house and stay awhile. She agreed enthusiastically.


I opened the door to the ratty, old, four-door pickup and Belle jumped in. Her short, short dress hiked up allowing me to have a perfect view of her bare ass and pussy. By now I knew that pixies didn’t wear panties and bras. At least this one didn’t.

Belle looked at me curiously. She quietly asked, “You don’t like this vehicle much, do you? I can read your eyes. I think I can read your mind. I know what you want!”

The pretty young fairy, sitting in the seat beside me, loosened the pale green ribbon holding the ponytail atop her head. Freed of its confining band, the curly, blonde locks of hair cascaded down to her shoulders. Suddenly, she shook her head side to side vigorously.

A golden shower of pixie dust flew from her hair. She shook her head again and again. Amazingly, the entire cab of the truck was becoming cloaked in a golden light so bright my eyesight was compromised. I couldn’t even see Belle.

As quickly as it had come, the radiant light faded. Yet, my eyesight was still not normal. At least I couldn’t believe my eyes! The rusted, ragged, old truck was not the vehicle I was sitting in with the pixie girl named Belle. Instead, the girl and I were sitting in a brand-spanking-new 4X4 SUV truck! Rich, leather upholstery covered the interior. The dashboard was made of dark mahogany inlaid with shiny chrome instruments. The dial of a GPS system glowed green.

This was the truck of my dreams! I was wondering if Belle had really read my mind and if she had really done this for me. One look at the beaming smile on her face told me that she did indeed do it. She did it for me!

At first, I was speechless. Words of gratitude finally came to my mind, but Belle spoke instead, “Don’t you dare thank me, Peter! I love to do things for you. I also love to do things ‘to you’ and ‘with you’. I especially love to fuck. Can we fuck at your house?”

I gave the girl a sly wink, started the truck, and gunned the accelerator. Just before I dropped the transmission into first gear, I said, “Belle, you can bet your sweet pixie ass we can fuck at my house!”

The truck sped along the rutted farm road. My sister Wendy and I had inherited this two hundred acre bluegrass horse farm from our granddad. The farm had long ago seen its glory days come and go. Now there were broken down fences and dilapidated stables littering the landscape. The main house was merely the ghost of a ‘once upon a time’ mansion.

As the house came into view, Belle asked mystical questions, “Peter, do you believe in me? Did you know that fairies and pixies can’t live long unless somebody really believes in them?”

I was stunned by the information. But, I answered her question honestly, “At first, I didn’t believe. I thought I was drunk or crazy. Yet now, after all that’s happened, I believe in you Belle without any doubts!”

The girl’s face lit with radiant joy. She was still smiling as I stopped in front of the house and started to help her out of the truck. As she scooted out to the edge of the seat, her dress rose again. I got another good look at her pretty legs and bare nude pussy.

Hell, I was hard and horny again! My pants came down and my cock sprang out. The hard, muscular rod headed straight for the nude pixie pussy and entered the slippery, moisturized mound. Belle wrapped her legs around my hips and lay back on the truck’s long bench seat.

Once again, I was fucking the fairytale pixie princess who was making me feel as if I were some enchanted king. If this was a storybook tale, then I didn’t want to know the ending. I just wanted to fuck the girl. So fuck her, I did.

Somewhere in the midst of the joyous fucking merriment, my eyes became focused on a sight on the other side of the truck. My sister stood there looking in the open passenger side window. With open-mouthed awe, she watched as her brother’s erect cock slid in and out of a girl’s wet pussy.

Wendy was one of those ‘surprise’ late-in-life babies some women have ‘accidentally’. I was was nearing 30.when our mother popped out this baby girl. The baby was now a precocious teenager with an age of 16. While our parents vacationed abroad, my sister was staying with me and going to school.

I’d never noticed before whether or not Wendy might have any curiosity about sex. Well, I noticed now! And, she most certainly did have curiosity! I suppose her sexual inquisitiveness was what propelled her to open the truck door and climb into the seat and sit at Belle’s head.

Belle stretched her head around and looked at the barefooted country girl. Wendy was wearing an oversized, too-big, pullover shirt and jeans. Her mop of light brown hair was cut short and framed her head with ringlets of natural curls.

Wendy was a little waif of a girl, perhaps only six inches over four feet tall. She was barely ninety pounds in weight. I’d always thought my little sister’s face had the look of one of those innocent, angelic little cherubs. Yet, the look I was seeing on her face now was far from innocent. Her eyes were intently watching the fucking on the seat of the truck.

Surprisingly, the pixie girl with my cock pounding into her pussy reached out to shake my sister’s hand. She spoke merrily, “Hi Wendy. I’m Belle. Did you come to join our party?”

Wendy was shocked, but she recovered quickly. Words rushed from her mouth, “How did you know my name? What do you mean ‘do I want to join in’? Do you want me to? I think I’d like to. It looks like fun. But, I’ve never… I’ve never done ‘anything’ before! Peter, what do you think?”

Hell, I was stunned! My swollen meat was still buried deep inside Belle’s pussy, but I’d stopped pounding in and out. I gazed at my innocent little sister and said, “Shit Wendy, are you serious? Are you really a virgin? Girl, if you’ve never done ‘anything’ why would you want to start now?”

Wendy’s eyes came away from the conjoined pussy and cock beside her. Her eyes looked into mine. She shyly smiled and said, “Yes, I’m a virgin. But, a girl’s got to lose it sometime! You two are having fun, so why can’t I?”

Belle’s skimpy dress was already pulled up past her navel. She grabbed the hem, pulled it over her head, and tossed it into the back seat. Her lithe, nude pixie body lay fully exposed.

To my unbelievable surprise, Wendy reached out a hand and cupped a tit! She spoke with amazement, “Wow Belle, you have perky, pretty tits! I’ve never seen a girl’s tits so perfectly shaped! I wish mine were as pretty. My tits are too big! That’s why I usually wear big tops.”

Belle didn’t stir from her position on the seat. But, she spoke consolingly, “Oh that’s nonsense, Wendy! Tits are pretty no matter the size! Let me and your brother have a look at yours and we can tell you so.”

Without a second’s hesitation, Wendy pulled her oversized shirt over her head. Goddamn almighty, she didn’t have a bra on under the too-big shirt! The girl’s teen tits bounced around freely.

Damnit to hell, when did my sister get breasts? I guess brothers can sometimes be a little dense when it comes to noticing the maturing bodies of their little sisters.

Little sister, my ass! Why, there wasn’t anything little about Wendy’s breasts! For a girl of 16, she was amazingly stacked! This must be what the ‘big-jugged’ country music singer Dolly Parton looked like as a teen!

Belle was staring and speaking too, “Wendy, you have beautiful, full-bodied breasts! If my tits were this big, I wouldn’t be able to fly. But, I think they suit you just fine. Don’t you think so, Peter?”

I hoped Wendy didn’t catch the part about flying. But, I had other things on my mind. My eyes were staring at my sister’s breasts. My voice quivered when I said, “Hell yes, they’re beautiful! I didn’t even know she had the gorgeous dolls under her shirt!”

Both Belle and Wendy laughed at my innocent ignorance. Belle put a hand out and pulled one of Wendy’s tits to her mouth. Her lips latched on to a protruding nipple and sucked.

Belle stopped sucking long enough to say, “Hey Peter, why don’t you try one of these? They’re very tasty! If you liked mine, I know you’ll like these.”

My head debated the question for about two seconds. But, then my mind silently thought, “Why the hell shouldn’t I do it!”

With my cock still inside Belle’s pussy, I awkwardly leaned over. I managed to snag a tit with my hand and a nipple with my mouth.

Belle and I had a nice time sucking, licking, and kissing my sister’s big tits. I suppose Wendy was happy, too. She was moaning softly. Both of her hands were playing with Belle’s smaller breasts.

With my mouth on a nipple and my cock in a pussy, I heard Belle’s feminine voice, “Oh Wendy, I bet your nice big breasts would hold a lot of milk! I’ve never tasted ‘human’ breast milk before. Would you mind if Peter and I had some of your milk?”

A puzzling tone appeared in Wendy’s voice. She answered slowly, “Why Belle, I don’t have any milk! I’m not pregnant or nursing. Oh, you and Peter would be welcomed to my milk if I had any. You could suck all day if you wanted.”

Several stray strands of Belle’s blonde curls brushed Wendy’s breasts. Flakes of pixie dust touched the silky soft flesh. Milk, thick, warm, creamy milk, began flowing from the twin nipples. Belle and I sucked and drank greedily.

Surprisingly, Wendy didn’t pull away. Surely her young mind was in a state of shock. Why, teen girl’s breasts didn’t produce milk on demand! Yet, the girl couldn’t deny the fact that there were two mouths on her nipples sucking and swallowing her free-flowing mammary milk!

Wendy’s confusion ran rampant. Bewilderment brought about questions, “Belle, what did you mean when you said you haven’t tasted ‘human’ milk? And, what was that about not being able to ‘fly’ with big tits?”

Hell, the shit had hit the fan now! Whether she would believe it or not, it was time to tell Wendy the truth! I summoned strength to my voice and said, “Sis, Belle’s name will explain it all. ‘Bell’, with no ‘e’, is actually her last name. Her first name is ‘Tinker’. Belle is a pixie fairy! It was Tinker Bell’s pixie dust on your breasts that gave them milk.”

I waited a few seconds for this stunning information to sink in. I then explained more, “I met Belle when I was swimming in the creek. In front of my eyes, she changed from a tiny flying fairy into the beautiful pixie girl you see here now. I can’t count how many times I’ve fucked her. I only know I’ve got to fuck her again right now!”

The throbbing cock between my legs demanded attention! Belle’s warm, wet pussy had my shaft drowning in slippery moisture. My lubricated meat began fucking in earnest.

Belle continued to suck Wendy’s milk, but her hips rose and fell to meet my pounding cock. I fucked her easy for several minutes. I fucked her harder for several minutes more.

I fucked Belle until both she and I surrendered to glorious orgasms. We began cumming together! I filled her pussy to the brim with semen and sperm. And then, we started cumming again! Orgasms locked out the world and we fucked as time stood still. I think maybe we both were squealing or screaming, but I heard not a sound.

The world came crashing back when Wendy’s voice rang out, “Oh god, oh god, that was wonderful to see! Oh, I didn’t know fucking was really that fantastic! I wish it could happen to me!”

My cock finally pulled out of the pussy it had been in for so long. My shaft was a slippery, sticky mess of sex fluid. Belle’s pussy was overflowing with cock cream and vaginal pixie juice cum. Her mouth was leaking breast milk.

Belle twisted to face my sister and said, “Wendy, do you believe? Do you believe I am real? Can you believe in pixie fairies?”

With no hesitation at all, Wendy answered, “Yes Belle, I believe! I’ve seen too much to have any doubts. I’m so glad to see you fuck my brother. I wish I could fuck him, too!”

Belle’s face lit with joy. Here was another human to believe in her. She could live longer with two humans believing in her. She spoke quickly, “Ok girl, you get your clothes off! If you want to fuck your brother, then you can!”

Wendy slipped off her jeans and panties. All the while, she was staring at my limp, flaccid cock. She looked at Belle and said, “I want Peter to fuck me. But Belle, I’ll have to wait until he gets hard again!”

Belle winked at Wendy and said, “Watch this girl and then switch places with me. You will have to be here on the edge of the seat to get fucked.”

While Wendy watched, Belle shook her hair and allowed pixie dust to shower my groin. Once again, the fairy magic did its job. My cock came to full erection, my testicle sack refilled, and my seminal cream was replenished.

Belle and Wendy switched places. Hell, I had another naked girl in front of me! Never in my life had it occurred to me that I might want to fuck my sweet, innocent sister. Yet, here the girl was, willing and eager for fucking! Damn, I was hard, horny, and eager for fucking, too!

Wendy reached out and removed my shirt. She whispered seductively, “Oh Peter, I love your beautiful body! I especially love your cock! You don’t know it, but I’ve sneaked looks at you when you’re in the shower! I’ve dreamed about having your cock inside my pussy for over a year. Will you fuck me now?”

With this said the girl leaned back and spread her legs. I stared at the naked girl. Wendy’s breasts may be big, but the rest of her young teen body was small and petite. Her belly was flat. Her hips and legs were slim.

My eyes came to focus on one part that was not small or petite at all! There between her legs was a fully matured pussy mound surrounded by a thick bush of pubic curls! As a matter of fact, the bush was too damn thick and concealed too much pretty pussy flesh!

I had forgotten about Belle being able to read my mind. The pixie girl ran her hands through her hair and collected pixie dust on her fingers. She reached for Wendy’s pussy and gently massaged the entire feminine mound. When she stopped playing and pulled her hands away, my sister’s pussy was completely nude!

Hell, that’s just the way I like pussies! I like them even better when my cock is inside them! So, that’s just where my swollen meat headed. I hoped Wendy’s virginal vaginal hole had enough lubrication for penile penetration.

Again, Belle read my mind. The pixie girl stuck her fingers into her own still dripping wet pussy hole and gathered out fingers-full of sticky, slippery wet cunt and cock cream. She liberally applied this lubricant inside the opening to Wendy’s pussy.

Without a bit of warning, I rammed my cock into my sister’s lubricated hole. She squealed as my shaft tore through her virginal hymen. Hell, I almost didn’t care if it hurt! If the girl didn’t want her cherry busted, then she shouldn’t have spread her legs so willingly!

Wendy’s squeals of pain were short lived. They were replaced by grunts, groans, and moans as she joined in on this sexual odyssey. Inexperienced virgin she might be, but she had an adventurous, healthy lust which demanded fulfillment.

Deep penetration was my goal. So, deep penetration was what I did! My cock head bottomed out inside Wendy’s pussy. My sex-coated shaft plunged in and out with effortless ease.

Holy shit, I was really doing it! I was fucking my sweet, innocent little sister! And, the wanton, wicked little girl was fucking me, too!

Just because this was our first time together, didn’t mean we had to be in a hurry. I slowed the pace of penetration. I began fucking her slow. Hell, I knew females needed a little time to get ‘warmed up’ before being able to have really good orgasms! I planned to warm Wendy up slow. I wanted her first orgasms with a guy to be something to remember forever.

Shit, I was building up a pretty good memory bank full of remembrances myself! My sister’s pussy was a mighty fine place for my cock to be housed! I began hoping our parents might want to travel a little more and allow Wendy to stay with me. After this, she and I might have some good times together.

I brought my mind back to the business at hand. Why, it seemed like I’d been fucking this girl forever! I think she was good and warmed up by now. I began fucking harder.

Wendy’s moans and groans grew louder. Her pussy was spraying my cock and pubic hair with vaginal cum. She was cumming! Hell, she was cumming hard! She bucked and jumped as orgasms shook her teen body!

I was cumming, too! I’d felt my cock summon forth seminal fluids. Torrents of creamy semen and sperm flowed from my shaft into my sister’s pussy. It was too goddamn late to put on a condom! I couldn’t have stopped my orgasmic fluids from filling my sister’s vaginal cavity if my life depended on it! The threat of possible impregnation would have to be ignored.

My warm seminal juices spurred Wendy into another wave of orgasms. She began cumming with unrestrained, passionate, guttural whimpering cries. She began shouting, “Oh Peter, it’s good! It’s good! Oh god, it’s good! I can’t believe it! But, I do, I do!”

Wendy wasn’t the only one cumming again. Thanks to Belle’s wondrous pixie dust, my cock was again spraying out cream. Once again, I was having gloriously amazing orgasms rocking my mind, body, and soul!

My sister and I seemed to be like the drumbeating bunny rabbit on TV. We just kept on ‘cumming and cumming’!

Finally our orgasms subsided and we came slowly down from our orgasmic high. We each heard Belle’s voice softly speaking, “Peter, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you two worry about pregnancy! One dusting of pixie dust will keep you from ever getting your sister pregnant. You can fuck all you want from now on!”

The three of us, Belle, Wendy, and I strolled arm in arm to the house. As we stepped onto the porch of the dilapidated old mansion, my mind strayed. I thought about the contrast between the beauty of the two young girls at my side and the ramshackled look of the old house.

Once again, the pixie girl read my mind. Sweet, beautiful Belle looked at me and smiled. She pulled away and disappeared. Wendy and I stared in amazement as fluttery wings circled around and around the house. Golden dust encased the building in blinding, reflective light.

As the radiant light faded, our eyes beheld the house in its entire, majestically restored splendor. A mansion this house once was and a mansion it was now again! As the little old fella Yoda would say, “Magnificent, it was!”

Belle didn’t return right away. Wendy and I heard a barely audible whisper as tiny wings fluttered in the air. We’d heard similar words before, perhaps in a movie. The words resounded in our ears, “I’ll be back!”

Before the sound faded completely, we heard a tinkling fairy voice say, “When I come back, I’ll want us three to fuck again. Until then, you two check out the new bed in Peter’s room. It’s a good bed for brother and sister fucking. It’s good for pixie fucking, too. Have fun!”

Wendy and I entered the house. The interior was also restored to splendor. But, the downstairs décor was not what interested us two. At the top of the winding staircase, a room with a new bed awaited. We’d been told it was a bed good for brother and sister fucking.

Well hell, I was a brother and Wendy was a sister! I was hard and I knew Wendy was wet. We’d better just check out that bed. Hand in hand, we ran up the steps!

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