Randy Randy

Randy Randy

Randy has always been admired by the ladies, with a 6'4" frame carrying the bulk of muscles that being a farm hand will give you would have been enough by itself. He also has a gorgeous mass of natural blond hair and baby blue eyes to boot.

About 14 years into his marriage he began showing off this amazing body to anyone that would look, driving great distances to nudist camps and nude beaches and constantly suggesting our get-togethers became skinny dipping parties.

Rumors that he "has become gay" were circulating, the women seemed less turned on by him and the men were getting a bit nervous. I held the belief that he simply needed attention and that his plan was backfiring rapidly.

Valentine's day was quickly approaching and was a day that we had gotten together as couples for the last 5 years after a huge incident where Randy bought an unwanted gift for his wife and I was made to help him replace it with a better one.
Randy and I would shop together then exchange gifts with our wives and go out to dinner then top it off by taking the ladies to the beach to watch the sunset.

Even with the rumors, he still had the looks of a model and rarely got turned down for his requests to create skinny dipping parties. When he brought it up to us we all agreed it would be a nice change and swimming naked in our heated pool in mid-February with Randy and his wife was just too much to pass up.

My wife, I knew, could look at him all day long, and Randy's wife was still on shaky ground with the rumors and was desperately trying to vie for his attention.

February 13th arrived and I began teasing my wife about getting all hot and bothered by being in the pool naked with Randy. We had our own discussions about his possible bisexuality and as most of the ladies we knew, she couldn't bear to imagine him with another man.

With the day finally upon us, I piled steaks, burgers and dogs down on a platter surrounded by potato salad, coleslaw, a vegetable medley, sodas and what seemed like a small liquor bar.

After we finished, Randy stood and stripped off all his clothing and ran for the pool. A few minutes later having just jumped into the pool with Randy, him and I stood watching as two things of beauty dropped their towels slowly baring breasts with hardened nipples and their firm naked bodies.

After 45 minutes of playing games in the pool I wasn't sure who boobs I had touched the most, my wife's or his. I was certain however, I had felt a cock smack me a few times, as I'm sure the girls had.

The next time we made it to the deep end swimming through each other legs underwater I reached up and grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard.

With no reaction from him at all, this told me two things; the ladies could do it if they wanted to and he didn't care if it had been me. The next time through I slid a finger into my wife's pussy, found his cock with my mouth and began sucking on him while finger-fucking my wife.

Having thought about it but never actually having had a cock in my mouth, this made me extremely excited. I felt the head of his thick 8" cock hit the back of my throat and kinda knew I was going to like doing this.

Sitting on the steps in the shallow end of the pool in total darkness now that the lights were off, with the only sound being music heard lightly coming from within the house, we began talking quietly.
As my wife spoke of Valentine's day 3 years ago and the purplish sunset that had us all in awe, I carefully reached under the warm water and found Randy's cock, holding it in my hand I rubbed it lightly and gently tugged on it wondering to myself "How can he not know this is my hand?"

Cutting my wife's story short, Randy's wife stood with a light splash and said she was going to fix dessert for us all. I felt my wife stand up behind me and as Randy stood in front of me I wasn't going to let this moment pass me by, I leaned forward taking his cock into my mouth. He stood completely still, acknowledging he didn't mind the sucking.

Not knowing whether my wife was staying or going into the house or how much time I had I started rapidly stroking him with my hand and fiercely licking and sucking on him. "Ohhh!" he moaned as his wife paused in the doorway saying "What, what honey?"

"Nothing" he moaned, as his cock began to convulse and jerk wildly in my hand.

I took his first load of cum partially into my mouth but knowing what was coming next and seeing my wife about halfway to the door, I gave a couple of quick final tugs then eased myself out of the water and hurried to catch her.

Randy and I stayed butt naked for the rest of the night, through dessert and a few of hours of poker with the ladies.
Later I found myself back in the pool with Randy after the ladies had gone to bed.

Not knowing at the time what a bottom or a top was or even how to begin to approach the subject when talking with someone, I stood thigh deep in the pool with a massive erection pointing toward the Libra constellation and asked Randy one simple question: "So what's all this talk I hear?"

"Well I, well ya know how things get started. I like showing things off lately I'm not really sure why."

I edged slowly toward him, still barely even being able to see one another, and said "So tell me what you like about it, is it a rush or do you just like people seeing your body or what?"

"It's both of those things I guess I don't really know how all of the gay rumors started"

"Yea I hear ya man I'm really sorry, I'm definitely not gay I know that for sure" I told him as I felt my cock brush against his ass. "So tell me, have you thought about doing any bi stuff at all?"

"A few guys have hit on me, one guy grabbed my dick and asked if he could suck it but I just told him to fuck off"

'Yea I would too, you never really know with strangers"

In the dark of the night in the February air, I wasn't sure if it was the cool breeze or being in and out of the pool water so many times or what but when I reached out for him what I felt was possibly the softest thing my hands had ever touched.
I put my hands on his hips and pulled him back against my cock and waves of exhilaration shot through my body. How could something that I'd been told all my life was wrong, feel so good?

Pulling him to me I immediately reached around him and grabbed his cock with both my hands and began playing, hoping a massive amount of blood would leave his brain and give me a little more time. It must've worked because he settled in, pushing his ass right back on me.

"Mmmm, ohh" he moaned as I stroked him. Freeing one hand finally, I loaded a wad of saliva onto my cock, using the rest on his cock I went back to jerking him hard while slipping my cock up and down his ass.
"Don't cum yet" I whispered, feeling the head of my cock slip a little inside his tight asshole.

"I uhm, I don't know if I wanna do that" he said through his moans, trying hard to speak.

"It's okay, if you don't like it we'll stop just don't cum yet, let me cum with you"

"Okay but it's starting to hurt a little now"

"Yea I'm sorry all I had was spit, don't, just don't move away, oh god, please don't move, I'm in now." starting to slide in and out, he was moaning so much now I knew he was gonna blast...and he did.

Feeling his cock jerking and his hot cum in my hands while calling out "Ohhhh God" made me cum. It was amazing, the feeling of his ass pulsing on my cock as he came.

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