Teachers Pet_(1)

Teachers Pet_(1)

Mr. Walker!"

The voice of my English teacher caught me off guard. I was basically a shy guy, still not used to this high school stuff, and I tried to stay out of the limelight. Since my parents had decided to move to a new neighborhood, I had to start all over making friends. I had to come to this public school for my sophomore year after being in a Catholic school for most of my life. Now on Monday of my second week in school, this sounded like I was in some kind of trouble.

"Mr. Walker! That sort of prank will not be tolerated in this school. Come here, Mr. Walker!"

I turned to verify that she was talking to me, hoping that there was another Walker in the class but knowing that it wasn't so. Sure enough she was looking right at me. Slowly I headed up the aisle as the other students scrambled to their seats.

This teacher was, without a doubt, the most voluptuous and sexiest woman I had ever seen, including women on the silver screen. I didn't think she was yet thirty, she had flaming red hair, but she had a pair of world-class melons on her chest. Not that you could see them. She always wore dresses or blouses that buttoned right up to her neck. And while her skirts were hemmed above her knee, they were just fashionable and not high enough to show all that much. However the mere sight of her gave me, a somewhat shy fifteen year old, a hard-on every time. (I had yet to begin my foray into sports so confidence was definitely a place I needed to work on.) Every day I walked into her class, I had to walk with my book bag in front of me to hide my condition. It was to my dismay that I had forgotten today.

Although I had gotten to my seat before I heard her call my name, I hadn't put my bag down and now I held it in front of me. I couldn't keep my eyes off her chest and my cock remained rock hard. I stopped a few feet from her as she stood in front of her desk.

Her countenance was stern as she stared at my eyes with determination.

"It is neither funny nor right to make fun of any one's physical condition, Mr. Walker. And to mock the females of this class so blatantly as you have this afternoon is not only disrespectful, it is downright criminal. Do you understand?"

I had no idea what I had done wrong. I hadn't said anything or done anything ... except what my body did that my mind couldn't seem to control.

"N ... No, ma'am" I stuttered.

"I mean this, Mr. Walker."

Swiftly she strode to me, pushed my book bag aside and yanked my shirt up out of my jeans. She was still talking when she grabbed my rigid cock.

"Stuffing socks into your pants to mock a woman is ... is ... uh ... oh, Mr. Walker, I'm sorry."

Hastily she tried to pull my shirt back together but the two lower buttons had popped off. She tried stuffing the tail of my shirt into my jeans but it just wouldn't contain my member. Maybe the fact that the upper four inches were above my belt line and rested just above my navel made it hard for the shirt to conceal my condition. I looked at Mrs. Stanton and realized that she was now completely embarrassed by what she had done to me.

There were giggles and guffaws and whistles from all over the classroom. I pulled my shirt together, covered my middle with the book bag again and hurried back to my seat. I got propositions from several girls and lots of laughs from the guys, although I thought some of them looked enviously at me.

I sat down and tried to pull my clothes back together. Megan Styles, sitting across the aisle, waved two safety pins in the air. When Mrs. Stanton nodded, Megan knelt in front of me and pinned my shirt together but I noticed her fingers seemed to dawdle as they touched my still erect member. Or was it my imagination?

I thanked Megan for her help and tried to turn my attention to class work. If I let my mind think about Megan, who was a budding beauty in her own right, I'd never get rid of this hard-on. Mrs. Stanton shushed the class and said that she was sorry for having made a judgment call and that was the reason why people should not judge others on looks but what was inside them.

That brought laughs from several of the guys and I heard someone mutter "Yeah, she'd like to have that inside her" followed by more laughs.

Those fifty minutes were the slowest period of the day. When the bell rang ending my school day, I was deliberately slow packing up my bag so the others would leave and let me go in peace.

Megan rose and turning to me said "Hey, Albert, if you'd like to get together to study sometime, let me know."

I smiled and nodded.

I was the last one to leave and tried to tiptoe out of the room but heard "Albert?"

I looked up to see Mrs. Stanton closing the door and beckoning to me. She moved back to her desk and sat on the edge. "Albert, I am so sorry for what I did today. I thought ... well, I thought you were making fun of me and/or taunting the girls in the class.”

"No, ma'am. I would never do that. I just can't help ... well, I'm sorry but I just can't help what happens to me when I come into your room."

"Will you forgive me?"

"Yes, ma'am. I ... well, there is one thing."


"Well, you've seen mine. I think it would only be right if you show me yours."

Her eyes widened. "Albert! I'm a married woman! You think I should show my private parts to a man who is not my husband?"

"Well ... you did put your hands on my *private parts* ..."?!?

She sat there seeming to contemplate my condition, licking her lips. Finally she said "Yes. Yes, I did. And I can see your point. I suppose turn about is fair play. Only ... I didn't get to see it all. If I show you mine, you have to show me all of yours. Do you still want to play that way?"

I smiled. "Yes, ma'am."

"If you ever ... EVER ... tell anyone else that we did this, I will make sure everyone believes you are a liar. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

I put down my book bag and unfastened my belt and jeans, pulled up my shirt and pulled down my jockeys. My dick sprung out, grateful to be free, thrusting its head up and out to its full 12” inches. I had no experience reading the expression on her face but lust was the word that came to mind. She stared at it, up and down, checked out my scrotum and then back up my shaft.

Finally she looked up and whispered "Can I ... do you mind if I touch it?"

"No, go ahead" I replied.

For the next several minutes, her hands roved over my tumescent member, occasionally cupping and gently squeezing my balls. She ran her thumb over the eye of my cock, spreading the drops of pre-cum around the purple helmet.

Finally she said "I've got to stop."

She unbuttoned her blouse, unsnapped her bra and out tumbled the most unimaginably beautiful titties, big ovals of soft creamy white flesh that stood out like two oversized grapefruit topped by pretty pink areolas and centered by two rose-colored nipples. While I watched mesmerized, she pulled her skirt up and pushed her panties to the floor, revealing a bikini-shaped stripe of white mound flesh with a small splash of curly red hair followed by the most intriguing folds of flesh along either side of a gash that disappeared behind her. I lifted my hands and looked for her agreement.

She nodded and I began to knead her titties. My breath began to come in gulps and as my thumbs rubbed over the nipples and they grew hard, I felt a hot flush wash over me. I noticed she had closed her green eyes and there was a smile on her face. I only hoped it wasn't the knowing smile of an experienced person recognizing the touch of an inexperienced one.

She was still holding her skirt at her waist when I dropped down and looked closely at her pussy. It was a magnificent sight and I would have loved to explore it. I tentatively put my finger on the mound and touched the curly hair.

I wasn't sure what to do or how long she would allow me to touch her so I stood and asked "Can I see your ass too?"

She nodded and turned around, still holding her skirt, her feet slightly apart. I moved closer again and touched a globe with each hand, loving the feeling of the soft yet firm skin, the roundness of her shape.

While I explored her treasures, my cock was not to be left out. It had found its way between her legs and was poking around in the area of her pussy. Mrs. Stanton sucked in air and bent over her desk and I got the impression she was yielding herself to me without making a verbal commitment.

I backed up a few inches and pressed my cock upward. It seemed to find warmth and comfort between the folds of her pussy and I pressed forward. I have to admit I wondered if what I was doing was rape or sex or just a boy's fantasy. But then my cock found an opening, wet and slick and inviting and suddenly I was inside her.

I heard her gulp air again and huskily she said "Albert, we really shouldn't be doing this."

"Yes, ma'am. But it feels so good."

I kept pressing forward and felt my cock traveling deeper and deeper into her body. It was so much better than the feelings I got when I jacked off that there was no comparison.

"Promise me you will never tell anyone we did this."

"I promise." It seemed to take forever for my entire shaft to enter her hot cunt. But then I pressed against her ass and the sensation was beyond my wildest fantasy. Back and forth, up and down I rubbed myself against her ass.

She began to moan, "Oh, yes, Albert, that's good, Albert."

For the first time in my life, I backed my cock almost out of a pussy and was able to shove it all back in, savoring the feelings like delicious little electric shocks from my cock. I mashed myself against her ass again, loving the feeling of the cool smooth skin of her globes against the heat of my crotch. Again I pulled back, feeling every inch of my shaft as it left her pussy, then again feeling every inch as I pushed back into her and again mashed her buttocks, pinning her to the desk.

I was conflicted, wanting to slam myself into her as hard and as fast as I could to maximize those feelings and yet wanting to drag them out as long as I possibly could, knowing that the faster I went the sooner it would be over. I decided longer was better and to hell with the possibility of being discovered ... I'd take my chances. I would probably never again get the chance to fuck Mrs. Stanton so I wanted to make it last, especially since it was my first time with a real woman.

I rubbed the smooth skin of her exposed back, rubbing away the angry red lines left by her bra. Then I reached around her and tried to hold her humongous tits in my hand but failing miserably to hold them all, even though I have extra large hands. I held as much of the monster jugs as I could and continued to plow my elated cock into her ever-slicker twat. At one point, she began jerking her head back and forth, tossing her hair from side to side, and I was sure that I was somehow hurting her.

But when I eased up, she hissed "Don't stop, Albert, don't stop!"

So I kept plowing, trying to go neither faster nor slower than I had been. In a few seconds she sighed and seemed to relax again.

Her nipples had grown hard under my fingers. I hoped that didn't mean that they were hurting but I couldn't keep my fingers off them. I pushed and pulled and squeezed them ... they felt like extra large pencil erasers to my touch. I kept playing with and plying them as I slid my cock in and out of her hot pussy, all of the sensations adding up to a huge overload for my brain. I felt her tighten up again and the head jerking and hair tossing started up again.

However once again when I slowed my pace, she hissed "Don't stop, dammit, don't stop."

I wondered when my name had been changed and was that a good thing or not.

I didn't stop. In fact I actually picked up the pace a little, not exactly intentionally but rather just because my overheated brain couldn't seem to remember the original pace. In and out, back and forth, squeeze and savor; a plethora of fantastic feelings. Over and over again I made the same moves and over and over again I got the same wonderful vibes from her to me through my third leg. I felt a hot liquid running over my scrotum and dripping onto my left leg and wondered if it was her blood ... or even mine. However there was no way I could stop what I was doing to check so I kept going and going and going.

Suddenly my balls made a quick contraction and I felt my cum shooting out of my cock. I grabbed her hips and rammed myself as deep into her as I could and then held on for dear life. Shot after shot of cum spurted into her pussy until it began to leak out, dripping over my balls and down my leg.

I heard Mrs. Stanton moan and then hiss "yessssss!"

When the last drop had oozed out of the tip of my snake, my knees were so weak I could barely stand. I managed to hold on until my cock deflated and slid out of her pussy, plopping against my leg loudly. Embarrassed, I dropped to my knees to grab my pants. However when I started to pull them up, I looked up right into the wrinkled heart of her ass and ... I couldn't help myself ... I leaned forward, kissed both her cheeks and then slathered her puckered little anus with my tongue.

Mrs. Stanton groaned and wiggled her bottom but I was out of my mind with lust. My tongue washed the valley of her ass up and down, back and forth and then played trampoline in the center of her opening. She moaned again and again and her bottom began to squirm like a snake trying to escape from a predator.

I held her buttocks apart and kept licking and suddenly she said "Albert! I'm CUMMING!" and then she began to shake like an earthquake.

I thought she was having a seizure or something but I couldn't stop licking her ass.

And then she was saying "Stop. Stop, please, stop."

I backed away, afraid that I had crossed the line. I picked up my pants from the floor and pulled them up. As I was snapping the waistband, I realized I was also holding her panties and I quickly stuffed them in my pocket ... if I never had another similar experience, I at least wanted a reminder of what had happened today.

I was almost dressed again before she even moved. Slowly she rose off her desk, letting her skirt fall into place. She turned to look at me and I was taken aback with her expression, a look that I couldn't quite fathom. She found the sides of her bra and pulled it together and hooked it. Then she buttoned her blouse, taking her good old easy time. I was afraid of what was going to happen.

"Mrs. Stanton, I'm really, really sorry. I promise it won't ever happen again." I bowed my head, waiting for her to tell me the bad things that were going to happen to me.

Instead she asked "Albert, have you ever done that with a woman before?"

"No, ma'am…Well not with a real woman. I have had a little experience, but they were not good ones because the girl said it hurt too much."

"Ohmigawd!" she exclaimed. "Are you telling me that you were a virgin before today?"

"Yes, ma'am. Close enough"

"No way! Where did you learn to do what you did?"

"I ... I don't know. I didn't mean to do anything wrong. I'm sorry."

"You're sorry!" she nearly yelled. "Don't you know that you didn't do anything wrong? Albert, you did everything right. And not just right. Fantastic! Did you know that you made me cum? And not just once. You made me cum four times, Albert. That's ... that's wonderful."

"You mean it wasn't bad?"

I know i said I would finish Wife's Boy Toy , but this one felt better it actully flowed.....hope you like. She laughed, "No, Albert, it wasn't bad. You must have been a virgin. You made me feel fantastic and didn't know it. Wow! You are good. And that big penis of yours felt wonderful in me. Now ... pick up your books and get out of here and let's not ever talk of this again. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am." I hurried out of the room with a thousand questions roving my mind, trying to make headway through the maze of new memories pinging off the walls of my brain.

Stayed tuned in for part 2.

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