Life's Strange Turns Part 3

Life's Strange Turns Part 3

Life’s Strange Turns, Part 3

Monday and Tuesday came and went, with nothing exciting happening, except that Sandy called to say that she had gotten a nice offer on the house from a couple about 30. Her kids were back from their Dad’s, so she couldn’t come over, but wanted to. I’d gone to the gym after work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and chatted with a pretty woman in the my age bracket that was “interesting” and had no rings or other evidence of commitment. We talked, as I helped her readjust a machine to fit her, found out her name is Megan. She looked like she was about 5'8", slender with long legs and modest boobage. I thought that I’d try to get her phone number, but didn’t. “Next time!”, I thought.

When I got home, I was horny and thought about calling Karen and asking about Don, “and oh, by the way, could I come over for some hot sex?” Well, I did at least call Karen. Don wasn’t doing well, and their daughter was coming to town for what might be her last visit with her Dad. “Ok, that’s nice. Let me know if you need my help with anything” I replied, without getting specific about what I would be willing to help with. The conversation went like this: “Kaitlin is flying in tonight, and I’d really appreciate it if you would drive me to the airport to pick her up.” “Sure, no problem! When?” “The plane is due to arrive at 8:10 PM, Alaska flight 288.” “So we should leave here about 7:30?” “Yeah, that should be plenty early enough.” “Ok, I’ll be over about 7:20 then? My truck, or your car?” “Why don’t we take my car? And come over before 7, so I can give you a blowjob in appreciation?” “Well, if you insist!”

So I arrived about 6:55, always the eager one, and Karen gave me a hug and a kiss. “I’m glad you’re early, and I can tell you’re happy to see me” as she ran her hand over my stiffy. “Yes, I’m very happy to see you, Karen”, as she’s smiling and working on my belt and zipper. As soon as my pants were down around my ankles, Karen was busy licking my rock hard cock, sucking the head into her mouth and twirling her tongue around it as she stroked the shaft with her right hand and fondled my balls with her left. She sucked on my balls and spit saliva on the shaft, then plunged my cock just to her throat, and started bobbing her head up and down, pushing further and deeper, until finally she has her lips wrapped around the base of my thick 8" dick. Despite having my meat deep in her throat, she managed to get enough tongue out to lick my nuts as her head bobbed up and down. My balls tightened and suddenly shot after shot of hot cum was squirting down her throat, as she clenched my butt cheeks with both hands, digging her nails into my ass, pulling my cock firmly into the depths of her throat.

Karen was a bit breathless from this, chest heaving, those big fake tits leaping up and down. But we kissed and she went off to fix up her makeup. She handed me the keys and I went to the garage and climbed into her car. I had to adjust the driver’s seat a lot, side mirrors, tilt wheel, rear mirror, etc. What a pain in the ass! But anyway, off we went to the airport. The drive wasn’t too bad, and we were soon in the parking garage and then walking into the luggage claim area. Karen’s cell rang, and Kaitlin said they had just parked at the terminal and getting ready to disembark. “She hates to fly, so she may be a bit tipsy” said Karen. I just nodded...I don’t really like to fly either, but it’s not the flying so much, as the trusting total strangers with my life. My solution is to distract myself with music and checking out the hot chicks as they walk by. Lots of them at the airport, for some reason, and a lot really dress like tramps.

“There she is!” Karen almost shouts in my ear. We leap to our feet, and I follow as she makes a bee-line for her daughter. Hugs and kisses follow, while I stand aside, waiting patiently to be introduced. Kaitlin looks a lot like her mother, but taller, with blonde hair down to her waist, blue eyes and delicious pink lips. She’s wearing cowboy boots, flare legged, hip hugger black jeans, and a long sleeved cowgirl shirt with puffy sleeves and snap cuffs. Well, she just flew in from New Mexico, so what else? I can’t tell for sure if she’s wearing a bra, but can tell that she’s got big boobs and they’re jiggling nicely. And yes, she was pretty tipsy. Then, I hear “Kaitlin this is our neighbor, Dave. He’s been so much help, since your Dad’s heart attack and strokes, I just can’t tell you how much I love him.” The last bit gave me a bit of a start, but I reached out with my right hand, and we shook hands and then she moved close and hugged me. “I’ll have to show my appreciation, somehow. And I apologize for being drunk, but I just really hate flying” she slurred out. “Well, that’s the usual method for coping with it” I venture. I grabbed the luggage as the carousel brought it around, and off we went to parking garage. When we arrived at Karen & Don’s house, I unloaded the luggage, got it into Katlin’s room, and excused myself. Before I could leave, both Karen and Kaitlin gave me full frontal hugs and a light kiss on the lips. Kaitlin wasn’t wearing a bra, I decided. My cock was starting to twitch...and I left for the short walk to my house.

It was past my bedtime, so I got ready for bed. Had to go to work in the AM. Thursday night, I got a call from Karen. She asked if I’d come over for dinner Friday night, and BBQ some T-bones, about 6pm. “Sure, a team of wild horses couldn’t keep me away” I replied. After work, I went to the gym as usual, and saw Megan again. I got to talking with her again, and this time I got her phone number. She looked even hotter than she had the last time. “Nummm” I think to myself. I asked her to go canoeing Saturday afternoon/evening followed by dinner at my favorite pub. She accepted, and seemed enthusiastic about the canoeing. Damn, I had a date!

Friday night, I skipped the gym, stopped at a wine specialty shop and bought a bottle of Pinot Noir, then straight home for a shower, shave, and change of clothes, then went on down the street to Karen’s. Kaitlin greeted me at the door, which put me a bit aback. Wearing platform sandals, white shorts to mid-thigh, and a black tank top with no bra and lots of cleavage, she looked relaxed and appealing. She had her long hair in a “French Roll” and looked very different...and even nicer, showing off her nicely tanned legs and arms. She gave me a very warm hug, with her big boobs pressed into my chest, and a light kiss on the lips that lingered. “Damn!” I think. “I think she wants to fuck me!” I handed her the bottle of wine, closed the door with my free arm and walked into the kitchen with my right arm around her waist.

Karen came into the house from the backyard and gave me a nice hug and a kiss on the lips. She was wearing hip hugger blue jeans and bra-less, with a light pink cashmere sweater, that didn’t hide her nipples at all. The sweater came almost to the top of her jeans, but not quite. She looked hot, and I wanted to fuck her again. “You need to get the grill going” she said. “What’s this in your back pocket?” she asked, with her hand on my ass. “Toothbrush!” I replied with a grin. In unison, they looked at each other and grinned. “Well, let’s get cookin’”, I said, and headed out the back door to fire up the gas grill. Kaitlin brought me “something for you to sip while you cook”, which turned out to be a 7&7. She lightly brushed against me while setting it down. It was getting a little cool, and her nipples were standing proud, poking through the thin cloth of her black tank top. I extended my right arm out and Kaitlin stepped closer, and we hugged tightly and kissed. “Thank you for being so thoughtful” we said, almost in perfect unison. I was going in for a harder kiss, maybe some light tongue action, when I heard the sliding screen door opening. “Glad to see that you two are hitting it off!” said Karen, bringing out the T-bone steaks. She passed them off to Kaitlin, who then brought them to the grill.

We had dinner in the dining room, as the yellow jackets were being a PITA. The wine was great, the steaks perfect, and we had a wonderful time. I kept the conversation mostly about Kaitlin and her life in New Mexico. After dinner, I slipped off to the bathroom, peed and brushed my teeth, then returned to the kitchen, where they were finishing up shoving the dishes into the washer. Kaitlin excused herself to the bathroom to “freshen up”, then Karen went. Kaitlin hugged me and gave me a nice wet kiss with a little tongue action. I could hear Karen coming down the hall and Kaitlin opened her mouth and shoved her tongue into my mouth. Karen just came over and joined us, gave me a very hot kiss with plenty of tongue, then turned to Kaitlin and gave her the same...a steaming hot kiss with lots of tongue action. “This is going to be fun!” I thought.

It wasn’t long before the three of us were on Karen’s king-sized bed, naked. Both had been bra-less, and both had been wearing lace thongs. We all got naked at about the same instant. Kaitlin said “So, this is the beautiful cock I’ve heard so much about!”, and went down on me. I flopped on the bed, with my legs spread wide. Kaitlin kneeled between them and started sucking my dick, while Karen squatted on my face, jamming her hot, wet pussy into my nose and tongue.
Kaitlin quickly had my cock wet and was jacking on it and spitting saliva on it. My tongue was busy slipping into Karen’s hole any time I wasn’t sucking on her big clit. Kaitlin was really getting down on my dick, forcing it deeper and deeper into her throat, until it slammed in all the way. She let out a growl and pumped it in and out, stretching her throat to make it fit. Karen climbed off my face and Kaitlin replaced her, shoving her bare pussy into my face even harder than her mom had done. Karen gave me a couple of throat thrusts and then climbed onto my cock. One swift plunge, and it was buried in her steaming cunt. Kaitlin was facing her mom, and as they rode me, they french kissed very deeply, with lots of tongue fighting, and their big breasts pressed together. I had a good view of Kaitlin’s asshole, but as much as I tried, I couldn’t quite reach it with my tongue. She shifted a little, and my tongue flitted around her brown bullseye, then pushed in slightly. She gasped and pushed down on my face, almost smothering me. I pulled down on her hips and got my tongue into her pucker maybe an inch. “What a way to die” I thought.

Karen was leaning back a lot, rubbing my hard cock vigorously against her G-spot and rubbing her clit with her fingers. She was building toward an orgasm, and I knew it would be a huge one. Karen started growling like the cougar she is, and was babbling “oh fuck, fuck me, oh fuck, God fuck me, fuck me hard!!” Her orgasm hit her like a locomotive; she was bucking and screaming and rocking her pelvis hard on my cock, and then squirted on me. It was pretty amazing, and Kaitlin was hugging and kissing her until she collapsed beside me on the bed. Kaitlin turned around, climbed onto my cock and rode me “cowgirl”, as I caressed her tits and sucked on her erect nipples. Karen, having regained some strength, laid on her side, getting involved wherever she could, massaging my chest, rubbing my balls, or slapping Katlin’s ass...whatever. Kaitlin turned around and laid on top of me in the 69 position. She sucked my cock as I licked her pussy. Sometimes, Karen would kiss Kaitlin, rub her ass or pinch her nipples, or as many of the three as she could manage.

I gave Kaitlin a light slap on the ass, signalling her to climb off. She got on her knees and presented her ass to me. I got my knees between hers and proceeded to pound my big hard cock deep into her pussy. Moaning, she said “I want you to fuck me in the ass”, but I ignored her the first time. I pulled out of her, and she got onto her back without any directions, then pulled her legs up as high as she could get them. Quickly, I got between her legs, gave her a deep kiss, and plunged my cock into her pussy. “Fuck my ass” she hissed, but I kept abusing her pussy with my cock, pulling it all the way out and slamming it back in, hard and deep. Pussy juice was seeping out of her cunt and running into her ass. Again, she demanded that I fuck her ass, and finally, I put the head of my cock against her asshole and pushed hard. It popped in, and I started making short thrusts, waiting for her tight asshole to loosen up. In a little bit, out a little, and back in.

We really weren’t making much ground, until Karen squirted some KY liquid lube on our junction, and I pushed my cock all the way into Kaitlin’s ass in one more stroke. She let out a moan and pleaded “fuck my ass hard”. Which I did. Karen was right there, kissing, stroking, slapping my ass and fondling my balls. I leaned over and gave Karen a very wet french kiss with lots of tongue while I groped one of her big titties. My balls pulled up tight, and I felt the pulses in my cock as I started to cum. I pulled my cock out of Kaitlin’s ass and jacked on it, shooting shot after shot of thick cum onto her bald pussy. I started to go down on her, but Karen pushed me aside and dove her tongue straight into Kaitlin’s steaming cunt, licking up all the PJ and cum she could, then put a lip-lock on Kaitlin and shared the juices. Feeling ignored, I went to the bathroom to wash my cock and brushed my teeth. Karen and Kaitlin were still in a serious lip-lock when I got back several minutes later. I climbed back into bed, pulled the covers over us, and we all fell asleep until morning. I didn’t really sleep that well, I guess partly from not sleeping with anybody for awhile, and partly because at various times there was some groping going on. “I’d like to get used to this”, I thought.

I got home about noon, after another 3-some fuck session. I remember going 69 with both Karen and Kaitlin, and I also remember them going 69, with me fucking whichever one was on top at the time. Kaitlin and I finished up while Karen fixed breakfast. We were going 69, with Kaitlin on top and deep throating my hard 8" cock. Her legs were spread wide, and I had my arms around her ass, with two fingers of my left hand in her ass and three fingers of my right hand in her pussy, and my right thumb working on her clit. We orgasmed at the same instant. She sucked my cock dry and swallowed my cum. Kaitlin squirted a little bit, in my mouth and on my face. We went to the bathroom and washed up a bit, brushed our teeth, got dressed and went to the kitchen for breakfast. The three of us sat around the table, pretty much like it was a normal breakfast, and not at all like we’d had an orgy the night before.

After getting home, I showered and called Megan about our date, to finalize details and to make sure she wore appropriate clothes and a canoe, you are guaranteed to get at least your feet wet, minimum. She gave me her address, and I loaded the canoe on top of my truck. I was almost hopeful that Megan would not fuck me until the second date...

Please stay tuned for the next chapter! I have been slow at getting this chapter done. I worked on another story, and got it almost finished, but wasn’t satisfied with it and deleted it. Then, I was working on this chapter and was well along when the power went out. It wasn’t windy or snowing or even very cold, and it seemed there was no reason. Maybe somebody hit a power pole or something. I was very discouraged, because I thought I’d lost my work, but WordPerfect had saved my work automatically. MS isn’t all bad, after all! Kath

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