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Red – Part II – The Truck Stop

Sara’s mind raced as she eased up I-95. It had been a routine trip from Richmond heading home to Hoboken until the accident stopped traffic 30 miles back. Traffic was moving much better north of Wilmington, but she was still panicked over what had just happened. Stuck in dead-stop traffic, listening to her boyfriend, Brian, talk dirty to her on the phone, she’d done the unthinkable. Brian knew she was wearing her short jean skirt, no panties (She’d left them on his apartment floor when they fucked before she left town.) and the thought of her driving up 95 like that...


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Russian House

One of our friends is Russian and wanted to celebrate her birthday in the city at a Russian restaurant. If you've never been to a Russian party, you're missing it, they know how to party. There is food, vodka and dancing all night long. The restaurant she picked had a motel across the parking lot from it and there was a group of eight couples, one couple lived in the city, that went down for the party and all of us out of towners got a room at the motel, which wasn't fancy but clean. We arrived around 6:30 which allowed...


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A Grandfather's Fuck

I waved to my Grandfather as he stood there smiling in what seemed like anticipation. He had just gotten divorced from my grandmother a few months back, so he was happy when he found out that I was coming to visit. I smiled as I ran up to hug him. I was wearing a pink see-through shirt that showed off my nipples, and a camo miniskirt of different color greens with regular pink flip flops. It was extremely cold considering it was winter time, but I didn't seem to mind. Grandfather looked me up and down. Brrrrr. Aren't you cold in...


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Dream Saturday_(1)

Dream Saturday…. Introduction: I am 6’ 3” tall; muscular as I work out 5 times a week and reasonably good looking. I am also bi. I love having my ass licked and fucked whether it be with a finger, dildo or preferably a real cock. My girlfriend knows all about my bi side and is really turned on by the idea of watching me and a guy get together while pleasuring her. This is something we aim to do in the near future. My girlfriend, Sarah, is 5’ 6” tall and very slim, long dark brown hair. She is your typical...


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Babysitting Sucks - Chapter One

Babysitting Sucks (Chapter One) Matthew had better plans for a Friday night than to sit in and babysit his younger sister Laura and her best friend Bella. Let's face it, babysitting sucks. Especially considering he was nearly 18, but his mum had other ideas for him. As well as not being able to go out, he also had to tidy the house and cook tea for the three of them. He wasn't going to cook anything fancy, just some burgers and chips or some shit like that. He'd had plans to go and see his girlfriend Lorraine today, but according to...


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Cumming up Trumps Part 2

Trump's anticipation had reached its limit. His mind had wandered for the last three hours to what Alexei could possibly have in store for him. He loved sex, no wait he loved fucking. Sex was boring, fucking was wild, dirty and to some people disgusting. Trump had done it all, or so he thought. Every position, every hole licked, sucked and fucked. He couldn't get enough of it. Manning was his next conquest he needed to have her. He looked at his phone, she would be here any minute. He unbuttoned the next button on his shirt, Manning would be here...


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I own the neighbours wife

Chapter 1 Agnes was so horny , Jimmy was coming over soon , but she couldnt wait so she was fucking her cunt with a 12 inch cucumber she had bought at the market , her stupid husband had her panties in his mouth as she used him as a footstool as she watched the xxx video on the tv screen .Fucking herself hard on the sofa Agnes was oooing & aaahing as she watched the horny video . The old bitch on the screen had just received two massive loads of jism from two 20something guys all over her face...


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Give me your cum

I see you sitting there. You seem shy. You seem... new. Like you've never even been to a place like this before. Like you've never been with a guy before. Like it's making you nervous, and maybe a bit scared. I take another sip of my drink and decide I need something tastier. I decide I'm going to help you feel comfortable here. Or maybe somewhere else, somewhere much more comfortable. So I approach. Hey man. I start. You alone tonight? A quick nod. Okay, that's what I was looking for. Let's do this. I take another sip of my drink...


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Building harry's harem - part 1

Harry walked through the halls with a grin on his face. He had a new scare on the corner of his eye from another encounter with Voldemort. He had been captured and tortured for over 3 months, and truth be told he was slightly insane now. People avoided him, including his old friends and his girlfriend from before he was captured. But he had a plan. He had done nothing but learn since he got back last month, and he had enough to know what he could do. He just needed the right opportunity. There was a giggle down the hall...


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30 giorni, 30 peccati (in italian, sorry)

1 - Mi fa male, stasera – sussurrò la sorella nel buio ma quello scemo di Renè non si decideva ad andarsene in camera sua. - Ieri pomeriggio hai spinto troppo, idiota! - Renè sbuffò ma non mollò. Era inginocchiato per terra affianco al suo letto e con la mano sotto le lenzuola continuava a cercare di intrufolarsi sotto la sua vestaglietta. - Devi andartene, non deve succedere più, lo capisci? - - Solo un’ultima volta – sussurrò il fratello nel buio – è troppo bello! - Giorgia ripensò a quel mese incredibile... tutto era cambiato e lei non riusciva a...


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