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Business Part 3

He rested there, on top of the sobbing girls for a moment, letting the spasming muscles of her asshole milk every drop from him. Even as he struggled to catch his breath, his hands were still everywhere on her petite frame, cupping and kneading her small breasts,exploring the folds of her now wet pussy. She no longer struggled, but lay there defeated, bawling her little heart out, tears dripping down the other girl's face.After a moment he braced his hands against her back, and began to pull out slowly, pulling also from her shrieks of pain. Oh quit your whining! he...


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Blackmailing the MILF Chapter 3

On the drive home from the pub, Saskia and Emma hardly exchanged glances, let alone words. Both women were ashamed of what happened, but comforted themselves that if they of hadn’t gone through with the sex show, yet alone the sex acts, the consequences would have been disastrous for them both. They drove home in the dark; both lost in their thoughts, until finally they reached Saskia’s house. Saskia turned and said Emma, Joel and the kids are away so I think it is better you stay with me tonight Emma just looked ahead, giving no indication of hearing her friend...


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Abductor for Hire

Abductor for hire. He looked at the photograph, memorizing the face and eyes until he knew he could not miss her in a crowd. The woman was dressed in a business suit, with dark hair down past her shoulders and green eyes. If it were not for the arrogant glint in her eyes he would have found her quite striking. Do we have a deal? The words typed across his computer screen in the private chat room he and his client had arranged to 'meet' in. This way of communicating was not only secure, but entirely discreet and anonymous. Yes, he...


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My Sexy Slave Girl: Chapter 4: Domination

Humans are the most adaptable creatures on the planet. I remember reading this statement on National Geographic. The fact that, humans are present on all seven continents, when all other species are restricted to their specific geographic locations, proves it. I wonder how much I have changed ever since I came to Bastinia. Being brought up in the United States, I would never imagine about enslaving another human being, let alone hurting them like the times before the civil war. But for past week I constantly took advantage of my slave girl Korin, and even punished her which would have been...


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Cat Burglar

The Cat Burglar It had been almost a week since I had been home. While Taiwan is a nice place, I was ready to get back to my comfortable and quiet apartment. After dragging my luggage out of the cab I was greeted by Steve, the doorman. I loaded in the elevator and felt my body grow heavy by the time we got to the 32nd floor. It was late and the hall was quiet, but to me it was still daytime. Jet lag is a bitch. I made my way into the apartment and determined that I would go straight...


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Home invasion humiliation

Mike is a good friend of mine both at school and at church. He’s someone I’ve always looked up to, he is smart, kind, brave, and everyone likes him. He always does the right thing and is strong in his Christian beliefs. He has a lot of friends and a small group of us often spend time together because we go to the same school and church. There’s Mike, James, Nicole, Katie and me. We are all 17 and about to enter our last year of school in London. James has been friends with Mike since forever. They both play football...


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The Princes Adventure_(1)

Taryn is the son of the High King of the Empire of Kom, encompassing nearly half of the known world, inhabited by many different species of beings, sentient and otherwise. Taryn's father, grandfather, and great grandfather have worked long and hard unite and expand the empire after a long era of chaos and strife, to great success. The people thrive and love their King, no wars exist within the Empire, and borders are peaceful and stable. The King is loved, capable, and in great physical health, so the job of being prince is mostly easy-going. Taryn spends his days adventuring, riding...


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Flat tire.

This is my first story that is primarily gay but I had this idea so here it is. Flat tire. I had just finished a business meeting that is going to make my company three million dollars and make me a nice bonus so I was feeling pretty good as I drove home. The shortest route home went thru the old rundown part of the city but I had taken it many times in the past and knew the way well. It was just about dark when the right front tire on my Mercedes SLK went flat. I pulled to a...


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Building harry's harem - part 1

Harry walked through the halls with a grin on his face. He had a new scare on the corner of his eye from another encounter with Voldemort. He had been captured and tortured for over 3 months, and truth be told he was slightly insane now. People avoided him, including his old friends and his girlfriend from before he was captured. But he had a plan. He had done nothing but learn since he got back last month, and he had enough to know what he could do. He just needed the right opportunity. There was a giggle down the hall...


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Katie’s Horror

Katie walked down the dark streets of the rows and rows of townhouses, smiling to herself as she did. The wind blew gently in the night, lightly playing with her long blond hair. The music and noise from the party she just left died away in the dark and cold night as she made her way back to her car a few streets away in the Car Lot. There’s no sound except for the gentle whispers of the wind in the night air. Katie stopped at her car, putting her purse on the hood to fumble for her keys buried in...


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