Abductor for Hire

Abductor for Hire

Abductor for hire.

He looked at the photograph, memorizing the face and eyes until he knew he could not miss her in a crowd. The woman was dressed in a business suit, with dark hair down past her shoulders and green eyes. If it were not for the arrogant glint in her eyes he would have found her quite striking.
Do we have a deal? The words typed across his computer screen in the private chat room he and his client had arranged to 'meet' in. This way of communicating was not only secure, but entirely discreet and anonymous.
Yes, he typed back simply, we do, 25,000 down and the remainder on delivery.
Agreed. Remember, she isn't to be permanently harmed, but I want her humiliated in every possible way.
Understood. I will be in touch when the job is done for payment arrangements and delivery options. He stopped and disconnected from the internet in the sleazy hotel room, shutting his laptop down. After slipping it into its case he glanced at the picture again and rose, headed for the door.

He stood leaning against the cab as though he had been there for sometime, taking a break. In fact, he had pulled up only moments earlier in front of the huge office building. It was late at night and from his observations he knew she would be leaving any minute now.
Sure enough, there she was. Tall, and thin with an athletic figure she stalked out of the automatic doors of the law firm in a mocha colored skirt and jacket, matching stiletto heels clicking angrily on the concrete.
As she got closer he saw that one arm was struggling with her heavy bags and the other held a cell phone to her ear.
“Since when do we care if the client is guilty, we’re paid to get them acquitted. If you don’t pull your head out of your ass, you’ll never make partner.” She snapped the cell phone shut and dropped it into her purse. “Prick.”
She glanced up and noticed that a man was crossing the street from the opposite side and hurried to beat him to the cab. They met at the same time, both wanting a ride in two different directions.
"Listen, asshole, I'm a lawyer, so unless you want a lawsuit on your hands..."
The man held up his hands defensively and backed away in an apologetic tactical retreat.
"Easy lady." He said, shaking his head as he turned away in search of another cab.
“I didn’t think so.” She turned and gave the man she believed to be the cabbie a withering look, dumping her bags in front of him. “Hurry up and get my bags in the car, I haven’t got all day. And stop staring at my ass.” She stopped to light a cigarette, shaking her head in disgust. “What a fucking day.”
He shrugged and unlocked the trunk, making sure she didn’t follow him. Lifting the lid he dumped the bags in on top of the current occupant, earning a muffled grunt of pain.
She failed to hear it, or notice how quickly her cabbie closed the lid. Instead, she exhaled a white cloud of smoke that seemed to calm her nerves. “At least I’ve had one stroke of luck today. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a cab in this part of town, this late at night?”
She flicked the half smoked cigarette in the general direction of the nearest trash can and stooped to climb into the cab.
He stepped up behind her, pulling the hypodermic needle from his jacket pocket and removing the cap.
“Maybe today’s your lucky day.” He said, pressing the tip through her tight skirt into the nicely rounded rump beyond. She jerked in surprise and turned toward him, eyes already rolling up into her head.
“What the...” She managed before sliding limply to the floorboard of the backseat.
“Then again, maybe not.”
He looked around to be sure no one had seen him and then closed the door behind her.

Hours later the cab was found by police under a bridge, the rightful driver bound and gagged and groggy in the trunk from a similar sedation he had received, but otherwise none the worse for wear.

She awoke hours later, miles from where she had been, in total darkness, or so it would seem. In fact she was blindfolded, gagged and bound hand and foot. She had been lying on her right side long enough that the corresponding arm had gone numb. Rolling over she found that she was lying on a floor of some kind, and tried to sit up.
It was then that she heard the voice.
“Don’t be afraid.” It counseled her mechanically, and very close to her left ear. She turned on instinct, but could see nothing through the thick cloth of the blindfold. “You’ve been abducted and are being held for ransom.”
The speaker gave her a moment to think that over. “We are going to make a ransom video to send to your law firm, do you understand?” She nodded, looking up blindly in the direction of the startling voice.
“I am going to untie your ankles to allow you to walk, but don’t think I can’t tie you back up again if you resist, understood?” Another nod.
“Now,” He said, the cold of a knife blade brushing her ankle sent a shiver through her whole body. “I want you to listen very carefully.” The heavy cloth wound around her legs fell away with one stroke of the knife and she felt a twinge of pain as feeling flooded back from that area of her body as well.
He helped her to her feet, and she realized that she was barefoot for the first time. Come to think of it, she couldn’t feel her pantyhose, or panties for that matter.
“I’m going to guide you to a chair where we can film you, do you understand? Good. Now sit down.” She settled into the chair obediently, shifting until she could find a comfortable place for her arms, since they were tied behind her.
“We have a script we want you to read aloud for the camera, understand? Good.”

Moments later she sat in the hard-backed chair, arms retied through the back, legs spread and tied to the chair legs at the ankles and knees. Little did she know that her bare vagina showed from the existing camera angle, and was in plain view during the entire recording. She noticed the digital clock sitting on the table beside her, its bright red letters and numbers barely visible in the overhead glare.
Her blouse was gone along with her bra and her firm breasts were concealed only by her suit jacket and it was only buttoned on the bottom, allowing a very enticing view of her chest. Her blindfold and gag had been removed and she squinted in the glare of floodlights pointing down at her, trying to read the script placed in her lap.
“I have been kidnapped, and my kidnappers want two million dollars in unmarked, non-sequential bills delivered to the address included with this video. You have until midnight tomorrow night tonight to do so or face the consequences.”
She looked up at the lights, trying to spot her abductor in the shadows that lay beyond. “What consequences?” She asked, not sure she wanted to know. Suddenly a foul smelling cloth slipped over her mouth and nose and more than the lights went out.

She awoke to someone gently patting her on the cheek, the ass cheek. She was blindfolded and gagged again, this time tied in a standing position, arms and legs spread in an ‘X’ fashion. The first thing she noticed was that she was wearing her high heels again, and was instantly aware of how hard it was to balance in them in her current predicament.
The second thing she noticed was that her pussy itched. Specifically the area around her vagina itched, like when she had first started shaving her bikini line. She didn’t have long to ponder this before the blindfold was unwound from her head and she was suddenly exposed to those same painfully bright lights.
“Your law firm apparently isn’t taking us serious, because they didn’t make the drop.” Her pupils may have been shrinking, but her eyes widened in fear at the mechanically accented words.
“What?” She gasped as the gag was removed as well. “Why wouldn’t they, I’m one of their best lawyers,. One of their fucking best.” She was alarmed, clearly trying to figure out what on earth could have prevented them from meeting the demands.
“Not my problem.” The voice stated simply, suddenly right behind her, dangerously close to her right ear this time. “But it is yours. This time when you talk to the camera, I want you to tell them what I am doing to you, then to repeat what I tell you. Understood?”

A moment later she gasped as a rough hand slowly slid up from her left knee and made its slow journey up the outside of her thigh. "Tell them what I am doing." The voice whispered harshly, very close to her ear.
"He is... he's got his hand on my leg, he's running it up and down... oh, God, his hand is inside my legs, he's squeezing my ass, he just licked my neck... ooh, stop, please..."
"Tell them."
"He just put his other hand inside my jacket, oh God, he's groping me, pinching my breasts..."
"Now tell them that if they don't send the money in the next six hours, I am going to rape you and send them the film." He whispered, tongue teasing her earlobe.
"Oh, God! No please!"
"Tell them."
"He says he's going to rape me if you don't send the money in the next six hours, please send the money, send the money before he hurts me, he's insane." He unbuttoned her jacket and exposed her chest to the camera, jerking the jacket back enough that he could freely grope her breasts with impunity while his other hand found her vagina.
"You shaved my pussy!" She exclaimed, then her flushed face went white with shock and fear as his fingers found their way into the folds of her vagina. "Please, send the money, send the god damned money!"
Something sharp poked her in the ass and she felt the world slip away once again.

The next time she awakened to a very pleasant feeling. Both of her nipples were standing erect, and someone was sucking on one of them. She moaned, her senses returning to her slowly through the cloud of fading sedative. Her vagina was warm, and she wanted to purr with delight as the sensations rippled through her.
She started to wrap her legs around her lover and discovered that she couldn't move them. As she totally regained consciousness she discovered that she was laying on her back, arms tied together, above her head. Her lover was between her long legs, so that they were draped around him and tied together by a short loop of cloth at the ankles.
She was blindfolded, but the gag was absent once more. From the way he was caressing her body she could instantly tell that he had removed her clothing entirely this time. At that thought she was suddenly and terrifyingly jolted back to reality.
"The camera is above you," The distorted voice stated before she could vent her scream of horror. "Just tell them that I am going to fuck you or torture you every hour on the hour until they meet our demands." He pressed the head of his penis against her warmed, moistened vagina for emphasis. "Every hour on the hour, and I'll film it every time for them to see you suffer."
"Oh, God, oh God please..."
"Tell them." He leaned down and began licking her proud nipples with dedication.
"Unh... He says to send the money, why haven't you sent the money? Can't you see he is going to rape me? Can't you see you bunch of insensitive pricks..." He thrust slowly, the wide head of his shaft invading her softest tissues in increments.
She tensed, gripping his body with her legs, squeezing his hips and low back for all she was worth, but it did little more than slow his progress. She opened her mouth to scream for all she was worth, but found it stifled by a ball of cloth that instantly filled the gap.
She felt his weight shift, and screamed into the gag as he whispered in her ear, penis moving further inside her.
"Time to make good on my promise, and have me some lawyer pussy. Mind if I approach the cunt?"

She awoke again to a jolt of electrical current surging through her like a jagged knife blade, and she screamed into her gag. After a few seconds the shock stopped and she sagged against what felt like a table or countertop, exhausted from even that short a duration.
"It's been an hour." The voice said, and she became aware of something clipped to each of her breasts and to the folds of her vagina. "Shocking how time flies, isn't it?" This time she passed out on her own.

This time she awoke with a mild headache, but became more rapidly aware of her situation. She inhaled and tried to sit up, but found her arms and legs tied apart, found herself lying on a mattress of some kind. She was lying on her back, arms and legs tied with the same material that kept her from being able to move, but somehow left no raw marks on her skin.
The blindfold was still there, but the gag was gone as before.
She was immediately surprised that her pussy didn't hurt, nor did her breasts, even though her last memory had been of the unbelievable pain that had left her body arching and writhing in agony.
She absently wondered if another hour had passed. Something wet and warm pressed against her asshole and she gasped as something firm and hard was pressed through the tiny opening.
"I gave you an enema and lubed you up to make this easier." The mechanical voice informed her. "It's called a butt plug, and this particular one is fairly large." He continued to work it in deeper and deeper until she screamed her protest.
"Stop it you fucking asshole! Stop it!"
"Scream all you want, you have been moved to a location outside the city where no one will hear you." Once the butt plug had filled her ass he stopped, hands returning a moment later with more objects. She readily knew the feel of a vibrator being pressed against her tender flesh and strapped into place. She tensed and relaxed in quick succession, fairly certain she could handle this particular torture. Nipple clips found each of her breasts and began to hum their own mild tune of pleasure.
Moments later she heard a door close and was left alone with her mechanical stimuli. The minutes ticked by and she could feel the vibrators warming her from one end to the other in spite of her best efforts to ignore them. She sighed, her chest heaving as the vibration increased in tempo due to some hidden timer.
The more time went on the less she could resist the stimulation and found herself tensing and grinding with it,
trying to work the vibrator into that perfect spot just beneath her clitoris.
It wasn't that she had forgotten about being a captive, not by a long shot, but if she was going to be trussed up and fucked, it might as well be like this. She felt her hips tremble, thighs and then her abdomen with the rising passion she couldn't control. She gasped and gasped again, trying to keep it down, and then finally surrendered to it, mouth agape in ecstasy. At that precise moment the vibrators were switched off and she jerked in spite of herself at the sudden loss of pleasurable momentum.
Her pelvis tilted upward as her desire hits its limits and right as she was entering the first throws of a powerful, unsolicited orgasm she was hit full in the chest with a bucket full of ice cold water. Instantly her orgasm melted into icy shock and she shrieked in startled pain. It was then that she heard the distorted, altered laughter from nearby and a hand was pressed over her mouth and nose.
Body trembling with cold she tried to fight, but the other hand held her hair down and prevented any real resistance. Right before she passed out she heard him whisper, "See you in an hour, cunt."

The next time she woke up she was in for a surprise. He had fitted her with a remote controlled shock collar made of thick leather with a heavy buckle in the back. He guided her blindfolded through different rooms until he reached their destination, and removed the cloth.
Before her was a board turned up edge and suspended by a rope at each end. He told her that if she didn't follow his instructions precisely, he would leave her straddling it overnight, causing a great deal of pain.
He would tie her hands to the ceiling and her ankles together and make sure her feet were to far above the ground to support her.
She would ride that wooden pony all night. She readily consented to do whatever he asked, at least until he informed her just what it was he wanted.
It seemed he had hired a prostitute for later that evening with the understanding that she would lick the young street walker to an orgasm. She immediately changed her mind and for her refusal she wound up atop the board.
Much to her surprise she discovered it had a neoprene pad wrapped around it, meaning as much as it hurt for her to support her weight on that narrow section of wood, it was not going to leave even a tiny bruise.
It did hurt, it hurt a lot.
Under an hour later she gave in and agreed, tears running down her face as she gave in. Minutes later the young girl appeared, not much over eighteen, not as pretty as she might have imagined her. She guessed she had taken the Hollywood concept of a hooker for granted.
He led her up to his lawyer prisoner and introduced her by another name and the two shook hands like casual acquaintances, with no hint of what they were about to do to or for each other.
The girl looked at her evenly and sat down dispassionately on the bed in front of her, leaving back on her elbows.
She was surprised that her nakedness didn't seem to affect the girl, then decided that her captor must have told her all kinds of things about his her and her sexual tastes. She grimaced and fingered the collar thoughtfully.
His instructions were simple, if she didn't want him to shock the soup out of her, then she would do as she was told. She glanced at him and he nodded in the prostitutes direction.
The exchange didn't escape the notice of the hooker and she reached down and pulled her skirt up to reveal her own clean shaven privates.
The lawyer bent down in front of the girl slowly, cautiously the way she would have approached a dangerous animal. Sure, she had thought about it years before, back in college, but... The girl smiled, "Kind of shy for a swinger, aren't we?" The hooker spread her legs wider and smiled up at her expectantly. "I don't get done by a gal all that often, should be nice."
She knelt in front of the young blonde and leaned forward, opening her mouth the closer she got to the prostitute. The girl reached down and spread the lips of her own vagina for the brunette. Both women closed their eyes, though for different reasons.
She took a tentative lick of the exposed pink flesh and shrank back immediately, glancing up at her abductor. He stood back behind her, still in the shadows where she couldn't make out his features. He motioned for her to continue, holding the camera all the while.
She licked her lips and found that she had discovered a new flavor, it tasted tangy, but not altogether unpleasant. She bent down to lick again and then again. The girl moaned and she reversed the angle, working up the groove with more dedication. The blonde whimpered and sighed and she heard him step in close behind her.
She felt her own pussy warming as she started to get into the flow of things, feeling herself what she was watching happening before her. The girl pulled up her shirt and began working her own nipples hard and fast until the lawyer felt her own growing hard just from watching.
Both were panting with desire, and suddenly she found herself fingering her own pussy, her other hand her own pussy. Behind her he swatted her hand and pushed a vibrator up into the welcoming split in her tender flesh. She sighed and swallowed the tangy fluid in pleasure filled surprise.
The vibrator hummed softly in her pussy and she threw herself into her assigned work with a gusto she didn't know she had.
No more than five minutes later the prostitute shuddered through a powerful orgasm, tears coming to her eyes as she looked down at her unwilling benefactor. Seconds later the lawyer herself was in the throws of orgasm. He allowed the pair a few moments of ecstasy then he drug her to her feet and ordered them onto the bed facing away from each other.
They found themselves back to back, asses in the air with a thick, double ended dildo between them. Both girls gasped in lust as he thrust each end in and let them handle the rest. Soon the pair were throwing their weight into the affair, bodies writhing, breath coming in short ecstatic bursts.
Standing back he watched as they fucked each other back to back, trying their best to force the dildo deep into themselves and succeeding in pleasuring the other at the same time. At long last they had another pair of orgasms and he separated them immediately, paying her before they could so much as say goodbye.

This time when she awoke her tongue and her head hurt. She immediately found that she was standing, arms stretched and tied somewhere high above her, so high in fact that she could reach the floor with no more than one or two of her toes at a time. The strain on her arms wasn't the only thing she noticed. Someone had lifted her right leg and inserted something lubricated into her ass. She realized that had been what had roused her from her uninvited slumber. The gag was still gone, but the perennial blindfold remained.
"Still no money, legal lady, I guess I get to enjoy more of your pretty little ass."
"My head hurts, feels like I haven't had a cigarette in days." She whispered, feeling faint. "Please, let me have a cigarette."
"Hmm. If you suck my cock we have a deal. What do you say, one blow job for one cigarette?"
"Drop dead asshole!" She screamed back, twisting and spitting blindly in the direction of the voice.
No reply was made, but her abductor slapped her across the ass hard enough to leave it stinging for several minutes.
"Hold still, or I'll fuck you right here."
She did as she was told, knowing there wasn't an alternative.
The lubricated item in her bottom turned out to be a rough vibrator that instantly jarred the bones of her pelvis with its agitated momentum. Right behind that the lips of her vagina were spread and something intensely cold was shoved inside. She screamed and thrashed, but her legs were jerked together and tied tight at the knees, effectively keeping both the toy in her ass and the ice cube in her pussy wedged inside.
She was left alone in the room, screaming at the top of her lungs for help from anyone who would listen. No one did.

Sixteen hours later she was kneeling in front of him, staring at a fully erect penis. She had endured enough humiliation to last a thousand lifetimes in the past few days. Her pride gone, she sat with her ankles bound by a short length of cloth, a vibrating dildo between her legs brushing the edge of her cropped muff of dark vaginal hair.
Hands untied she was cupping his long, hard penis with both hands, stroking and massaging it even harder in her efforts to please her captor. All that really mattered to her at this point was her next nicatine fix.
She knew that the shock collar fastened around her neck was more than capable of rendering her unconscious, but only after enough electricity surged through her to incapacitate and debilitate any escape attempt.
So she sucked him as instructed, listening to the mechanical moans that occasionally escaped above her. The vibrator hummed beneath her and after about ten minutes she felt herself start to move with it, start to enjoy the motion. It wasn't like she had never given head before, back in college she was known for it, but this was different, this was business.
She had to get her fix.
She continued to suck and slurp at his hard, thick member with a steady determination to make his cum. That had been the agreement. Suddenly he pulled back from her, turning her around and pushing her down toward the floor. Still kneeling, she found her ass up in the air toward him.
"Lift your bum and I'll give you two cigarettes." The voice promised. She did as she was told and felt his hard cock plunge in smoothly, evenly until his pelvis was against her bottom. He worked it in and out of her pussy steadily, finding a rhythm and holding it. Ten minutes later she was lying on her back, one hand tied to a bedpost, then other easing a cigarette in and out of her mouth. She could still feel his sperm leaking out of her pussy, sliding down the insides of her bare, rubbery legs, but didn't care. The cigarette felt good, better than the orgasm they had shared only minutes earlier.

Time and again, hour after hour she would suck him dry, or be hung for a pounding, or forced to sit on a thick butt plug, or get shocked. Only when she gave him head did he allow her an orgasm, or bathroom break, or something to drink. She would awaken clean, showered, her hair combed, teeth brushed, then he would fuck her again. He pressed the cloth over her mouth and nose after one particularly powerful set of orgasms and forced her unconscious once more. Rising he left the room to clean himself up and prepare the latest section of video for his client.

She awoke again for what seemed to be the hundredth time, thoroughly rested and relaxed. She yawned and stretched. For some reason that surprised her. She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling and that surprised her, too. She sat up and found herself in a hotel room, a nice one for that matter. She glanced under the sheet and confirmed the fact that she was entirely nude, but otherwise unfettered. She looked around, distinctly remembering that the past few days had been a horrible experience, torture and rape and cruelties beyond her belief.
She examined each of her wrists in turn and then threw back the covers, looking for obvious signs of how she had been restrained, and found none. Spreading the lips of her pussy she fingered herself but found that she wasn't sore there at all. Her ass hurt, but there was no tearing of the tissue, not so much as a mark. The only way she knew for sure that it hadn't been a dream was the fact that her pubic hair had been shaven. It was still very short, leading her to believe she hadn't been out for more than a few hours since her abduction, but none of it made sense.
That asshole obviously enjoyed raping me, torturing me, or he wouldn't have kept me so many days, but why would he just let me go like that? She wondered to herself, slowly getting up and crossing the room to the large mirror atop an ornate dresser.
The only marks on her body other than tan lines were three small needle marks near the inside of her left elbow, and the skin was tender there to the touch. She heard a knock on her door and glanced around for something to put on.
Finding a bathrobe she looked out the peephole and saw a pair of police officers. Jerking the door open she exclaimed, "Am I glad to see you!"
The pair of law enforcement officers glanced at each other and stepped forward taking her by the arms.
"Us to, you're under arrest."

The judge sat back in his chair, slowly opening the package and removing the homemade DVD. He inserted it into his laptop and turned the sound down to where no one outside of his office would be able to hear it.
It was evidence of a particularly cruel and inhumane abduction, rape and torture after all.
The DVD started playing and immediately he saw the 36 yearold lawyer pleading for rescue from her abductors, asking for two million dollars ransom.
The tortures were ghastly, humiliating and left her unconscious time after time, hour after hour. He shifted in his chair, an erection swelling where none should have.
She was pretty after all, nude, hanging, tied to a bed, tied on her knees, with large breasts and a very nice ass. He had often wondered just what that body looked like under her business suits when she had stood in his courtroom, and now he knew.
Erection throbbing he watched as she fucked a prostitute, bouncing bottoms with her, then giving her captor head for the luxury of a cigarette. All too soon the DVD ended and he was left sitting in the room alone, staring at the laptop screen.
He lifted the newspaper from his desk and smiled as the read the headline once more. Prominent lawyer arrested for failure to appear during high profile case, arrested at local highrise hotel. She claims that during the time had been missing she had been abducted and tortured by an as yet unidentified male.
Police find her story suspicious since she had traces of heroine in her bloodstream. She is currently under arrest and facing charges of failure to appear and obstruction of justice.
He sat back and laughed to himself, thinking of how many times she had been arrogant in his presence, flaunted her power and influence. Well, no more. Now she would get her just desserts. He nodded as he lit a cigar and chuckled. That abductor for hire fella was worth every penny.

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