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Alyssa wanted her car detailed, and was reluctantly gangbanged by 3 bbc

My name is Alyssa. I am 23 years old. I'm 5 foot with, blonde hair, around a hundred pounds, with size 36C breasts. For my size, my breasts looked really big! My friend works at a local restaurant and of couple guys she works with, detail cars. I was interested in getting my car detailed and she said that she could probably help me out. So I took my car to the restaurant she worked at and one of the guys who was the cook, came out and introduced himself as Tyrone. He said he'd be happy to do my car...


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My first time fucking a man

I was living with a few of my friends at the time. None of them knew or know to this day that I've felt this way or acted upon it. So needless to say, I was being very secretive that day. I kept in my room most of the time, especially after I found the guy I would end up hooking up with on Craigslist. His name was Chris, in his mid 30's (about 10 years older than me), slightly taller than me, in decent shape, and a bottom... He was a good fit for my first time. I explained to...


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Loving You

You were fourteen when it started, I seventeen. Your skin was soft with that precious teenaged suppleness, like the soft belly of a puppy, yielding when I pressed it gently, your eyes bright and curious, shining with temptation and forbidden desire. Your belly was stretched over two hipbones, juicy points of flesh that were just begging to be kissed...begging to be worshipped. It began there with a single strand of your ebony black hair, lying so innocently on your tummy, it began by teasing you with that hair, and later drawing my fingers lightly over your belly and those hipbones. Every...


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Free Spirited (07)...Rock Bottom ? Part 2 (1998)

The two weeks went by fast and I did not get the job at the Fish and Chip shop. I had no other prospects except the one of fucking Tex to pay the rent. It had been good not having Tex around I had felt comfortable for once; walking around the house topless just like all the other girls. Basically for the two weeks when I was in the house I had worn dirty knickers, Ugg boots and a tee-shirt when it was chilly. After a few days I had not been embarrassed to look at the other girls. They too...


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Delores and me

This story is a recollection of a true event. It was not my first time in these events and was not my last. I am a 28 year old guy. 6ft give and take. Good healthy guy. The girl is really voluptuous with curly blondish hair with a super tight ass and 34dd breasts. She is about 5’5ft perhaps a little less, a nice solid girl. We knew each other for a long time and have always had on off things going and this is pretty much where it is at now. She takes me out of the shower to the...


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This is the story of how I lost my virginity to my aunt. My sister and I had it rough as kids as our mother died when we were still very young. As you can imagine, my father wasn’t really coping well as a single parent which ultimately resulted in us moving in with my Aunt (Reinette) and Uncle (Harry) when I was 10 years old. They stayed on a farm just outside Standerton when we moved in with them. We didn’t have much of a choice really as they were the only family members who didn’t have children and who...


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MelindaMerm - My 1st Big Cock

This story is about my first big cock. I am on the shy side and generally conservative. I guess I can be described as a professional woman. I have been with my fair share of guys but I have never been with a guy who was hung. I have a twin sister (we are not identical) and she was bragging about a guy she was seeing and how great the sex was because he was hung. My sister is the wild one and has been since we were teenagers. I have been seeing the same guy for over a year now...


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Body Work

“Hey Greg, would you mind watching the phones while I go to lunch and run a few errands? Jerry’s not coming in today at all apparently,” said Veronica as she walked out of the office. An older, petite woman with gray hair and glasses, Veronica was the shop’s receptionist and the last of the three company employees. “Sure no problem Veronica,” said Greg casually. “I kind of figured Jerry wasn’t coming in today, not like it would make much difference if he did.” Veronica laughed quietly to those words. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Okay well I’m heading out. I'll back...


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Rosie & Megs plus a Merc.

It was a beautiful day - the sun was high in the sky, the blue/purple tinge of heather scattered across the Scottish mountains added to the illusion of heat. As a driving instructor and examiner, I loved driving, and teaching people to drive - cars and motor bikes. I was out cruising, enjoying the drive and seeing the scenery all around me. The windows were down allowing a gentle breeze to blow through the car, keeping the temperature at a comfortable level. Ahead, I saw two small figures at the side of the road, thumbing a lift. I started to slow...


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