Rosie & Megs plus a Merc.

Rosie & Megs plus a Merc.

It was a beautiful day - the sun was high in the sky, the blue/purple tinge of heather scattered across the Scottish mountains added to the illusion of heat.

As a driving instructor and examiner, I loved driving, and teaching people to drive - cars and motor bikes.
I was out cruising, enjoying the drive and seeing the scenery all around me.
The windows were down allowing a gentle breeze to blow through the car, keeping the temperature at a comfortable level.

Ahead, I saw two small figures at the side of the road, thumbing a lift.
I started to slow my Mercedes, a top of the range luxury model, having no qualms about picking up strangers and giving them a lift to some unknown destination.
I became aware as I approached, that they were two young girls, about 12 - 14 years old was my guess, wearing light summer attire, one of them, the taller dark haired girl, a white blouse and short purple skirt which barely covered her bum. The other girl, with harvest gold hair, had a cropped top and a pair of very tight and short shorts. They looked absolutely delicious - good enough to eat I thought.

As I drew alongside them and stopped, I opened the passenger door,
"Hi girls, want a ride?"
"Yes please," said the taller girl,"We were out for a walk but got tired in the heat."
"Come on then, rest your weary legs in here. Going anywhere special?"
The little blonde girl said, "No, we just wanted to get away from home. My parents were having a row so I text my friend Rosie here, and we decided to go out."
OK, so Rosie was the dark haired one. I turned to her little blonde bombshell,
"And you are ? Apart from being gorgeous that is."
She blushed and said her name was Megan but her friends called her Megs.
"You're gorgeous too, Rosie, please don't think I hadn't noticed." I said, running my eyes up and down her svelte figure, showing her developing body to perfection in that outfit.
"Thank you." she said and blushed too.
They were obviously not used to being given compliments.
"Well come on in then, let's go and have some fun."
They both giggled, and tried get into the front seat together. I suggested it might be more comfortable, and safer, if one sat in the back, they could change places after a while.
Rosie pushed herself into the front and shut the door, forcing Megs to sit in the back.

As the car pulled smoothly away, I saw Rosie's eyes scanning the interior, taking in the leather upholstery. the chrome touches on the controls.
"Wow," she breathed,"This is a beautiful car. I love driving."I thanked her for complimenting on the car, I must admit I thought it was rather beautiful too.
"You don't drive though, do you ? You're too young to have a licence."
She giggled, "No, I'm only 14, but I'd like to drive."
"You wont have a licence either, will you Megs - do you want to drive too ?"
She gave a little girl laugh, "I like driving too but I'm only 13 and can't get a licence 'till I'm older. My dad wont let me even hold the steering wheel."
"Would you like to try driving my car?" I asked, a plan already developing in my twisted mind.
"Ooh yes please." came a duet of cries.
I explained that I would need to find a quiet road so nobody would see us, as what we were going to do (in more ways than one!) was illegal, they were too young to drive, even as 'learners'.
There was jumping up and down in excitement at the thought of driving a real car.

Finding a little used quiet road was not difficult, there are loads Forestry Commission roads right across the country, snaking their way through vast forests of pine trees.
Having found a flat and straight stretch, I got out and signalled for Rosie to take the drivers seat, which she did with alacrity.
No matter how many adjustments I made to the seat, her feet could not reach the pedals.
I pretended to mull over this problem; perhaps it had not been such a good idea after all !
"Couldn't I sit on your knees and you work the pedals.?
BINGO, just as hoped for !
"Well if you're sure, I'm going to have to keep my knees together to get to the pedals, which means that you're going to have to sit with yours spread wide apart"
She said that was OK, so I got in after readjusting the seat, and Rosie climbed onto my knees, legs spread wide and hanging down each side of mine.
"Careful Rosie, your skirt's a bit tight, we don't want to tear it." I said, pulling it up round her waste, exposing little white cotton panties, right on top of my crutch.
Oh the blood pressure ! I'm sure it must have doubled, seeing her so exposed; satin smooth legs ending in panties which showed the gentle swelling of her pudenda.
My right hand rested on her thigh just at pantie line, feeling her warmth and softness.

I explained how she was to steer while I worked the gear shift and pedals - and off we slowly took.
As I pressed the gas pedal or the clutch, the movement caused her legs to move and spread. I gripped her groin a bit more firmly, all the time giving it soothing and reassuring caresses, hoping she wouldn't notice that my fingers were slowly edging towards the middle of her soft mound and moving up and down, stretching her pube in an upward motion.
I knew that this in turn, was pulling her labia lips apart and her clit back.
As we slowly progressed along the forestry track, I felt her start to wriggle on my lap.
"Are you OK, Rosie?" I asked knowing full well why she was restless.
"Oh yes, I like this." As she said this, she slid down my knees a bit, lying back further and spreading her thighs even further apart.
Her steering suddenly became very erratic, not the nice gentle turning of the wheel, now a sudden jolting left or right.
I brought the car to a stop and switched off the engine.

"Can I sit up front and watch?" a little voice whispered in my ear.
I nodded and Megs climbed over the seat and settled comfortably in the passenger seat, turning to face us.

I continued to caress Rosie's inner thighs, running my fingers along the elastic line of her panties and across her mound.
She had her eyes closed, her head resting on my shoulder, and her breathing was changing, from a normal slow easy action, to a more ragged and shorter panting.
I slipped a middle finger between her thighs, running the length of her labia lips, and felt a warm damp patch.
She arched her back slightly and took a sharp intake of breath.

Megs was watching in fascination, one knee bent up with her foot on the seat, the other stretched out to the foot well. One hand was inside her shorts, the movement giving away that fact she was rubbing herself. Her eyes never left what I was doing with my hands on Rosie's crotch.

I slid my left hand up Rosie's soft pliant body to her little breast, a beautiful handful, hard nipples like cones, pushing through her blouse. No bra, not even a trainer.
I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped my hand round her warm tits, her nipples poking into the palm of my hand.
My right hand I slid under the elastic of those little white pants and discovered a sparse tangle of hair. Gently I ran my fingers through them, then pushed a finger down into her crack.
It was wet and very hot, but oh so soft and tantalising. My prick was starting to push against my underpants and I could feel a slight dampness leaking from his tip.
The more I ran my fingers round Rosie's virginal opening, tracing across her stiff little clit, feeling it protruding from the hood, the more she writhed and moaned.

The writhing and squirming on my knee intensified and suddenly ended with tremendous shudderings and small crying noises. Rosie lay back, panting rapidly, her little face red, her nipples rock hard and erect, her cunt leaking love juice over my fingers and onto my lap.
I held her tight and gave her a long kiss on the nape of her neck.
She turned to face me, so I kissed her lips. Her eyes were glazed.
"You did that beautifully," I whispered,"You're the best passenger I've ever had in the car."
She smiled then nuzzled her face into my neck.

We lay like that for many minutes, Rosie's breathing slowly returning to normal.

Megs meanwhile, had loosened her shorts and was slowly rubbing between the legs.
"Wouldn't you like me to do that ?" I asked, "You look kind of lonely over there."
"Yes please," she replied, " I like the feeling. Rosie says you can cum doing it, but I never have."
"Well, we must do something about that. Why don't I come over and see what I can do." I said, easing myself from under a sleepy Rosie and sliding across to the passenger seat.
Rosie lay where she was, turning her loving eyes to watch.

I sat Megs on my lap, straddling my thighs and facing me. This little blonde hunny looked so cute in her cropped top and unbuttoned white shorts, I could already feel my friend Dick starting to expand. Megs' shorts, already loose, made it easy to slip one hand down inside her little pants. Her soft smooth skin was a delight to the senses, her warm labia lips felt puffy and hot. My other hand slipped up under her top feeling soft round bumps that would soon be breasts. She already had buds, quite prominent, 'spikey' and full, with deep pink areola.
As I pushed my middle finger between her cunny lips, she arched back and closed her eyes then leant forward putting her hands on the headrest. This brought her nipples within reach of my mouth and I flicked my tongue rapidly over her nipples which seemed to enlarge even more.
My fingers were playing with her twat, spreading her lips and gently caressing her love bud clit.
Her vaginal opening was damp and I could feel her heat on my crutch.
I moved my hand from her pussy and slid it up under the leg of her shorts and under her pants, making it easier to caress her little cunt and clit but also allowing direct entry to her glory hole.

She lay forward across me, leaning heavily on the headrest, thighs gripping mine, her gorgeous little nipples at my mouth and her cunt squirming against my fingers.
I circled her wet entrance with my middle finger while tickling her clit with my index, feeling her lubrication increase as I stimulated the nerve endings that were located all round that area.
Short panting noises started in my ear and her butt began to grind down on my fingers, pushing hard against them. I started pushing my middle finger into her delicious cunt opening, feeling her virginal tightness gripping. As I did, she bent backwards from the waist up, pushing her belly and pube forward and down down against me, forcing my finger even deeper inside.
I could feel my prick tingling in anticipation and blood started to enlarge it, forcing it hard against my trousers.
I took my hand away from her sopping twat and pulled her shorts and panties down to her thighs, exposing her soft rounded bum. I also unzipped myself and extracted my dick.
It lined up perfectly with her hole. (What a coincidence !)

Taking him in hand, I rubbed him round her entrance, using her juices to lubricate the glans, sweeping him backwards and forwards over her sensitive clit.
Slowly I began to push his head in to her entrance. I could feel the resistance of a previously unopened cunt but, as I was not yet fully erect, I was able to insinuate his head into that beautiful little gap. The pressure gripping my prick was intense, nearly making me cum there and then. I had to grip and constrict it at the base to stop ejaculating.
On entering her secret world, she had begun to push down harder against me, making small bouncing movements up and down. I realised that instinct had now taken over her control and continued to push my dick upward and toward its ultimate goal.
I felt my penis swell to full erection, stretching her entrance so allowing easier penetration to a greater depth.
She moaned, I immediately stopped pushing, fearing I might be hurting her.
"Keep doing that," she panted, "That feel nice. I feel like I'm being filled up. Oh it feels good."
Gently continuing to push my now hard member deeper into her and licking and running the edges of my teeth across her nipples, she began to make little grunting noises, bouncing her rosy rounded butt up and down on my lap.

This was too much for my self control, I drove my shaft deep until I hit her cervix, making her cry out. I began to pump in and out of her wet and slippery hole, bouncing her up and down, until i felt my balls contract.
Just at that moment, Megs started to whimper and make small whining noises, her head dropped to her chest with eyes screwed shut. She was bouncing hard up and down, so hard that I had to keep hold round her waist otherwise she would have bounced right off me.
My prick blew its load of cum deep into her belly, shooting hard and thick, pulse after pulse after even more pulse of my sticky life juice shot up and splattered against her uterus entrance, round her rippling, milking me dry, vaginal walls, so much that it was running out of her twat and down my shaft and balls.
I couldn't believe how much cum there was down there, it was as though I had someone else's share as well, it just came pumping out in torrents.
Gradually though, things subsided; my cum stopped dribbling out and both our breathing returned to somewhat normal.
I remained erect, buried deep in Meg's cunt !

A movement to my right drew my attention to Rosie who had been watching all the writhing.
She climbed over,
"Megs, I want to do that. My turn to feel what it's like."
So saying, she literally pulled Megs up and off my stiff dick, pushing her down into the foot well,and straddled me herself.
She had removed her blouse and pants, leaving only her purple skirt wrapped round her waist.
As she sat down on top of my penis, I noticed the smearing of blood from Meg's pussy. Rosie either didn't notice or didn't care; I felt the soaking entrance of her canal engulf me - god, she must have been playing with herself the whole time Megs and I had been 'at it' !
It was great feeling her so wet, my dick slid in to her little cavern fairly easily.
In fact it had gone full length, about 7 inches, into her without a blockage.
So, perhaps she wasn't a virgin after all, as I had assumed. So much the better.
I started to shaft her up and down, lifting her by her waist and allowing her to drop deeply onto my member. Faster and faster she rode me, my prick was being massaged by her rippling cunt, bringing me quickly to ejaculation. I didn't try to hold back this time - there was no need, Rosie was already creaming, juices running down my shaft to join those of Meg's. Her bouncing up and down, her soft whimpering and moaning as she climaxed, all combined to bring me to eruption - and erupt I did, shooting another load of cum into a ravenous cunny.
Whoosh, whoosh - shooting deep into Rosie, her rippling muscles milking my juices from deep within me. When we neither of us had anything left to give, we collapsed in a heap in the passenger seat.
I gently kissed Rosie's breasts and nipples, then lifted her off my now flaccid member. A flood of thick cum slowly oozed out of her cunt, dripping down onto the leather upholstery with little 'Tunk, Tunk' sounds.

I have many times been back up that main road in the hope of meeting up again with little Rosie and Megs, but a year has passed without seeing them again.

The stains on the upholstery are a constant, and warming reminder of things that were.

However, another summer is now approaching - so, who knows ?!

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