Working Mom 2

Working Mom 2

My name is Becky and if you’ve read my other story I have a 17 year old son names Ryan. After he

tried to blackmail me into giving him a blow job and it back fired, well it didn’t really, I fucked him instead. I

didn’t describe myself all that well in the first story so here is a little bit about me. I’m a lawyer (equity

partner), I’m of Italian and Irish decent with dark black hair both top and bottom, I’m 5’7” with 32C breast size

and a size 4 waist I’m also 42 years old. I’ve been told I have a bubble butt by many of my boyfriends and ex-


Anyway, I’m picking up a little bit after we ended the last story; we spent the entire week fucking like

bunnies. We did it in the shower, the garage, in the pool, you name a room in a house and we’ve probably

fucked in it. All in one week, but we’ve branched out a little now and were going to try to do it in public places

more often. Here is the story on our first time:

It was Saturday and it was raining out so Ryan was in his room when I go home. “Ryan! I’m home.

What do you want for dinner tonight?” I yelled upstairs. “How about you!” He hollered back. I still felt a little

embarrassment at those comments coming from my son, but it turned me on none the less. “How about we

have each other for dessert and we go out for dinner?” “That sounds great how about we go to Red’s steak

house” He yelled down. I answered “I was thinking more elegant and somewhere no one might recognize

us.” There was a slight pause in his answer “Umm that sounds great. How about Tony’s in the city?” he

sounded excited. “Sounds good I’m going to shower. Alone! And we will leave in about an hour okay?” I

finished. He told me that was great.

I took my shower and got ready for the night. I put on my navy blue striped skirt with a light blue

blouse and blue lacy bra. No panties tonight and some sheer suspender pantyhose. Ryan had told me how

sexy I looked in pantyhose and told me to wear them whenever possible. My pussy was getting wet just

thinking about fucking him tonight. I went down stairs and there was Ryan all dressed in a nice black shirt

and black pants. “You look beautiful tonight mom.” Ryan said looking me up and down. Just having his eyes

on me turned me on so much I wanted to drop to my knees and suck his cock, but I waited and just

said “Thank you sweetie you look great too. Are you ready?”

It took about an hour to get into the city and find Tony’s. It’s a nice small place but with a great menu, and

quiet tables. We got lucky and got a nice out-of-the-way table in the back. We sat down Ryan didn’t sit

straight across from me; he sat to my side since it was a square table. “Why didn’t you sit across from me

honey? Someone might think that’s odd you sitting right next to me.” Ryan smiled “I don’t give a fuck what

they think. We don’t know anyone here.” He put his hand on my knee and started sliding it up. “I want to have

a little fun while were here if you must know mom.” He finished. I smiled back at him looked around to make

sure no one was looking and gave him a big kiss.

Our appetizer came and we ate with a little small talk, but then after the waiter took our dishes away he

touched my knee again and I flinched a little. “Don’t worry mom it’s just your son about to finger fuck you!” As

soon as he said that he ran his hand up my skirt and found my lips. I spread my legs a little I was facing out

so anyone that could see me wouldn’t be able to tell I did this. He crammed two fingers in and started slowly

fucking me with his fingers. “Do you like that mom?” he paused “Do you like your son’s fingers in your

pussy?” he whispered in my ear and then licked my ear lobe. I almost came right there. “Yes! I love having

you fingers in me, and I can’t wait to have that cock in me tonight after dinner.” I finished panting a little.

We had the luxury of be able to hear anyone coming because we were close to the kitchen prep area

where they bring out the food first then into the dining room. “Why wait until after dinner?” he said going

faster now in and out of my pussy. “Oh my God Ryan I’m going to cum please just slow down. Someone

might hear us.” I finished grabbing the side of the table with pleasure. He pulled his fingers out of me brought

them up to my face and told me to lick them. I did, and sucked on them until we heard the waiter coming out

with our main course.

We ate dinner and while we were waiting on desert I told Ryan I had to use the bath room and that I’d be

right back. “Okay mom. Don’t take too long.” Ryan winked at me. I had to make sure my skirt was down

before I walked away. As I walked down a small hallway to the bathrooms and almost put my hand on the

door knob to open it I felt someone behind me push me into the bathroom. I almost screamed, but I saw that

it was Ryan. “What the fuck are you doing? We can’t do anything in there it’s gross, and it’s small. Plus

people could hear us.” I told him quietly, but sternly. He didn’t even say anything just smiled, and picked me

up so my ass was on the sink. Then kissed me and started sucking on my tongue which drove me

crazy. “Are you ready to get fucked mommy?” He whispered into my hear as he lifted my skirt up. “I love you

baby, but make it quick the waiter will be back with the desert soon.” I whimpered with pleasure. He unzipped

his pants and pulled his cock out.

“Are you ready for this?” He asked me. “Just fuck me already before I scream.” I told him. He stuck his hard

cock in my hairy pussy and started fucking me like crazy. “Ohh fuck!” I yelled. “Shut up mom do you want us

to get caught?” Ryan said in a mocking tone. “If you weren’t so fucking big I might not have to yell.” I said

between moans. He pushed me back a little so we could both get a good view of his cock pumping in and out

of me. “Oh My God!” I yelled again. This time Ryan put his hand over my mouth and pumped harder.

“Hmmmmmm” is all that came out of my muffed mouth. Ryan kept fucking me hard and fast. “I’m going to

cum mom where do you want it?” He asked quickly. To tell you the truth I wanted it deep in my pussy, but we

couldn’t do that. So I told him I’d swallow it. “Okay, I’m about to go hurry up get on your knees.” He told me,

and I did. “Suck my cock mom.” He demanded. I put his hard cock in my mouth and started bobbing up and

down on it. After about 10 seconds of this he grabbed the back of head and rammed his cock deep down my

throat causing me to gag a little. He shot his load down the back of my throat and I started to gag more, but

he kept his cock in my mouth. He kept it in there until I tapped the side of his thigh to let me up.

“Was that good mom?” Ryan asked as I washed my mouth out in the sink. “Yes baby that was great, but

next time let me know you want to do this so we have time and I can come too.” I told him then kissed him

and put my arms around his neck. “I’ll go out first and then you come out a few moments later okay?” I told

him. He agreed and did what I asked. I just sat down then the dessert came to our table. “How is

everything?” the waiter asked. “Great, everything is just wonderful.” I told him still fixing my hair from where

Ryan grabbed it. Ryan came back and sat down at the table. We ate our dessert in complete silence.

After dinner on the ride home I let Ryan drive after we were out of the city. “Are you ready to go home

or do you want to go out more?” He asked me. “I don’t know. I’m kind of tired, but I could go out if you want

to.” I said looking out the window. “I have a great place I’d like to show you.” He said touching my thigh. I

looked at his hand and then at him directly he was looking at me and my heart and pussy just melted right

there. “Sure honey, but not to busy okay? No clubs or anything I’m not in the mood and I’m too old for that

stuff now.” I said. “You’re not too old mom you look like you’re in your late twenties early thirties.” I had to

admit all the work outs and walking I did paid off well I did have a great body for my age.

Ryan drove another half hour and he came to a wooded area where you could see almost the entire

city. “This is beautiful Ryan how did you find this place.” I asked as I got out of the car. “Mom, I’m 17 years

old why wouldn’t I know about this place.” He answered. I walked to the front of the car, and before Ryan met

me he went into the trunk first. “I’m glad you keep this in your trunk mom.” He said laying out a blanket on the

top of the hood. “Yeah old habit I guess. You’re father and I used to picnic a lot, and I just always kept one in

there.” I told him. “Well that old asshole isn’t here anymore but I am.” Ryan said and then kissed me and laid

me on the blanket. I was laying down now and he got up and walked in front of me. “I’m sorry you couldn’t

cum tonight mom, and I want to make it up to you.” He said as he lifted my skirt and spread my legs apart.

He looked at my exposed hairy pussy and then dived in. “Oh fuck! Oh my God Ryan! Stick your tongue in

father, and use your fingers.” I yelled. “mmhhmhmhh” Is all he could say. He kept at it and I looked down and

saw him looking at me his tongue licking my clit and his hand going in and out of my pussy,

He stopped right before I was about to cum. “Why the fuck did you stop. Keep going Ryan I was about

to cum. God Damn it!” I was furious at him, but he just looked up at me and pulled my legs towards me and

exposed my asshole, and started licking it, and again I don’t know how he did it, but he fingered me until I

came while he did it. “Ohhh fuckkkk!! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I kept yelling. After I came he stopped and as I lay

on the hood still he turned me on my side, spread my ass and pushed the head of his cock in my

asshole. “Ahhhh” I said through clenched teeth. “You want my cock in your ass mom?” He asked just pushing

his cock in a little deeper. “Oh yes fuck my ass sweetie. Fuck my ass hard and fast.” I told him, and as I

finished the last word. He rammed his cock deep in my asshole. “Oh my fucking GOD!! Yessss! Fill my

asshole with your cock Ryan.” I screamed. All he did was grunting. I could feel his balls hitting my ass.

He turned me over so my legs were on the ground now and my hands were on the hood of the

car. “Oh please Ryan stick your cock back in my little asshole. I need it please!!” I pleaded with him to

continue. Before he did though he pulled my hair back which caused me to lift my chest off the hood; and

with that he opened my blouse and pulled out my tits.

“Please Ryan you can play with my tits all you want, but please stick that big cock of yours in my

asshole now.” I yelled. As he grabbed my tit with one hand he put his cock back in my ass with the other. “Oh

fuck yes!!” I yelled over and over again. He kept playing with my tits and rubbing my nipples. I came so hard I

started to shake a little. After I got done cumming all over Ryan’s cock he took it out and pushed me on my

knees. “Suck my cock mom.” He told me. I grabbed his cock and started sucking and licking it. I then went to

his balls and stuck them in my mouth while I was rubbing my soaking pussy. “I’m about to cum mom put it

where you want it.” He yelled. I stuck his hard cock back in my mouth and started deep throating him to the

point of throwing up, but I didn’t. “I’m about to come mom! Ahhhh.” He yelled and I pulled his cock out and he

shot his load all over my face. “That was fucking great mom.” Ryan told me.
I got off the ground and cleaned myself up with the blanket and then Ryan did the same. It was very

great night, and on the ride home I gave him another blow job. I really didn’t think guys could hold that much

cum. I might be smart, but Ryan proved to me I didn’t know everything. That night we spent the night holding

each other. In the following months we did a lot more voyager stuff like that, but Ryan had a big surpise for

me one day. Let me know if you want to hear the next story. Love you guys: Becky!

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