Bitch and Dicking: Bitchy Fun at the Beach

Bitch and Dicking: Bitchy Fun at the Beach

The beach is warm, brilliantly sparkly, and dazzling and gorgeous too. I love and adore being here with my beautifully handsome husband, Jace Dicking. He is seated right here before me, casting and shooting his gaze straight upward in that lazy and effortless way that allows and permits him to relax and loll down in the resplendent sunlight in an awesome and adorable fashion that I cannot help but only marvel and yonder at. My sweet innocent, exquisite Jace! He is wearing and putting on some nice blue pants and has his wonderful and well-designed chest bared and laid for me to feast my starving and itchy eyes on. Simply put, he is looking all exclusively yummy and delicious. If he were food, I would have began devouring and eating him right this very moment and instant. Assuredly!

"What are you thinking in that smart little head of yours, my dearest Bitch?" He asks me coyly and a bit shy at first. I look and gaze straight at him. He is also looking and gawking right back at me. His loveliness and mild sweet wins and melts my heart remedilessly. I draw closer towards him and then start to caress and stroke gently and smoothly his adorable and all too beautiful face and cheeks. His cheeks feel almost nearly just like his buttocks--they are wonderfully and enjoyably soft and squashy-like and sexually arousing and appealing what's more. I think I feel for a split second my very excited and thrilled vagina doing a happy and gleeful dance. Almost certainly!

This is what I am wearing: Panties that hug and embrace my vagina and butts behind quite too dearly and firmly, and a pink and brightly in appearance bra that is bracing and holding up resolutely my medium-size breasts to their position and beautifully shape. I am wearing literally nothing on my feet beneath there, just like Jace here with me. And my feet and knees themselves are covered and smeared up in nothing other wet, sprinkly, and dampy beach sand. I feel so wonderfully and dazzlingly beautiful in this immense sunlight. This is a wonderful and glorious day to not let slip away without enjoying or spoiling up myself a mite jot bit.

"You want to know what I am thinking, Dicking, don't you?" I ask him gently and calmly. My eyes flicker and flare up from the almost blinding sunlight that is streaming and flooding on me from straight above. I fetch my dark sunglasses immediately, and then slip and put them on over my aching and tear-leaking eyes. At least this feels much more better and suitable. I wonder how it is exactly that I look like in these dark glasses and pink bra and panties attire of mine . I love being here on the beach, almost always and inconsistently too!

Jace frowns and makes a sad face at me. He then tells me, "Okay, I do not care anymore to know what it is precisely that you are thinking about right now. I want you to do this one thing for me please, honey. Do not deny it to me please."

I frown and knit my brows instead. I am wondering and mulling quietly to myself on what it is exactly that he wants to make known and incontrovertible to me. Maybe he is going to ask me to have sex with him right here on this beach. Maybe he is going to tug and tow my panties downwards so that he can finger and lick and swat my worried anus behind there. I cannot tell which is which here, but whatever it is that his plans and motives are, it does not feel or even smell all that satisfyingly good and worthwhile to me. No, it doesn't in any way suspectible!

"Tell me, my one and only Dicking: What is it precisely that you want to shoot the breeze unto me as regards and concerns whatever topic it is that you feel like wanting to discuss and address here privately." Even as I say this myself, I am inwardly apprehensive and restless and worried anxiously too on the other hand. Maybe it is something good, maybe it is something awfully bad, maybe it is something that I can manage and handle fine on my own, perhaps it is something that I cannot bear and withstand. To be honest and downright frank with you, I don't know and even understand which is exactly which here. Maybe I am just being paranoid and indifferent. I just don't truthfully know.

"You see, Bitch, I want you to strip awfully naked as I will be singing and playing the guitar for you. You will be doing it just for our sole fun and unreserved happiness. Also I need you to do it like you are some professional pole dancer, or let's put it as simply being a night club dancer. All those sexy and breathtaking moves--I want and expect you to act them out for me. So are you in this fun-time deal of ours, or not, sweetie Bitch?" I look and glance direct at him through my dark-some glasses. His facial expression and countenance is so stern and grave. Which I do take here for a sign that he is dead serious and straight-faced in addition. Obviously! There is no any mistaking or misgiving about it.

In a bold and daring voice, I respond back to him, "It is a deal done, Mr. Dicking. I am in for it." And I am serious and dead-faced about this, mind you. I think that Jace is right. We must do some bit tad of sexual-touching thing and act here, whether it involves and accommodates heavy and strong actual sexual performance, or whether it doesn't. I start to prepare and ready myself up. Today will be today. I am going to strip totally naked while jigging and juddering and jiving up to Jace's piece of music. I watch him as he gets and lays hold of his guitar, and before he even starts to strike and strum up some piece of musical notes, I do it first by strumming and hitting my fingers across the middle of my legs--where my sweet precious vagina is--and I stop suddenly and abruptly to let him, Jace Dicking, do up the actual thing and concert-like stuff himself.

His voice is so sweet and mildly gentle. I love and adore it. The way that it rings and echoes and peals sweetly and melodiously into my ears, it shatters my inner sadness and fills me wholly with inexpressible joy and gladness. And just what song on Earth does Jace sing and warble out to me? It is none other than that sweetly and wonderful song done by Maino featuring T-Pain, one that has the heavenly title by the flow and chime of 'All The Above.' I love this song, and I think that I am going to strip stark naked and clothe-less without caring or minding about anything else existing and living up in this restless world of ours. From what I know, we are all alone and just the two of us right at this place and time. I don't know. There might be someone hidden on some spot somewhere nearby and quietly and soundlessly watching us, but I do not care or mind about that at all. No. I simply and categorically do not:

Yo Pain you ready, yooh?
Mane let's lock and load ah-ha
Just blaze, yeah Lord turn up!
But I think we got one, yeah ha, here we go

As the song is sung and carolled on, I can't help myself but dance and jive and hop myself seductively to it. I like it. I can feel it moving and working and penetrating and piercing its way deep and more deeper and sweetly and pleasurably deepest into my soul and bossom. Maybe I am just so insanely and deliriously obsessed with sweetly music and honeyed melodies and sugared up lyrics themselves. I especially like and cherish how this songs start in the very first. It is almost like that of the genre of classical music, but as fleeting and ephemeral time goes and lapses on, it's true nature and genre is revealed and disclosed in that wonderful and beautiful way that you cannot counteract or turn away from. The RnB and Hip-hop pieces and components and rap as well are introduced and brought in in that awesome and alluring way that entices and snares you unconsciously into the vigorous but seductive dancing thing, way up till the very end. To be honest and frank, I can dance and jive to this song for as long as time and reality can allow and authorize me to do thus:

Tell me what do you see
When you looking at me......
What I'm destined to be............
The struggle is nothing but love.......
I'm a miracle, baby
I refuse to lose...........................

First, I place my finger into my mouth whilst looking directly and straight at Jace, and then start to shake and joggle about my very own big and sexually stimulating ass behind there. I can feel it joggle and sway about with every slight and steady movement of mine. As I lick and suck my finger slowly and brilliantly smooth, I observe and notice Jace lick and sweep his lips helplessly about with his very own tongue. I am not naked already. But I am picturing and envisioning that I am already naked and in my glorious birthday suit before his very face and eyes. I mean: Men and their all too highly sexual thinking!

Jace can't just stop playing and hitting recklessly and yet thoughtfully and considerately about his noisy boisterous guitar. Neither do I cease dancing and shaking and jiggling restlessly vigorous my ass behind. My goodness! This is all an amazingly wonderful and enjoyable performance indeed! I thrown and cast my butts left and right, then back left, then forward right, then backwards left again, then eventually and ultimately right and so on and on repeatedly. I even turn my back towards Jace behind there so that he can see the whole feat and performance of mine all too clearly and painlessly easy. And guess what my fear in this whole process is all about? That I might fart as if I am about to yield heavy diarrhoea and leave him all puzzled and perplexed and stunned up. Well, as long as it takes all my might and vigor, I will see and faithfully contend to assure and guarantee that such kind of a thing does not get to happen or come about. No, it will surely be not so!

I bend and arch myself down a little bit hard so that I can shake and sway my buttocks wonderfully fast and safe and sanely. Jace is still strumming and playing his guitar up, singing and crooning in a sugary and heavenly-resembling voice that is like cocaine and marijuana to my very own ears and senses. The louder and harshly but beautifully too piercing he hits and bashes his guitar with the sole aid and service of his preoccupied fingers, the more faster and quicker I jig and joggle my ass harmoniously behind. The more sweeter and excellent he sings and warbles out, the more harder and active and sexier I push and arch and bow myself down for him to see my buttocks jiggle and rock and sway in just the ideal excellent agreement and harmony.

I don't get to see how he does it, but he just accomplishes it all too fast and unexpectedly. He swats and hits and cuffs my round, curvy, and well-formed and seductively shaped butts with his single own hand and palm when I am least aware and expecting it! I smile and grin to myself quietly just after this, and then concentrate and focus on getting this quick and ice-cream like job and assignment of mine done and finished on with. I lift my foot and leg up when he least expects it, and strum and hit my vagina down there with my very own fingers and hand like I am playing some other guitar just like he is doing behind me there.

I wheel and turn around towards him again and then slowly and with delicately moving hands pull and tweak down my pink-colored bra so that my breasts are bared and uncovered before his very face and eyes. Then I do two things all at once: I shake and jig and sway about my very own boobies and big fat shapely ass behind, stirring myself quickly this side, then rapidly that other, and randomly and unexpectedly that other route and direction again. To be honest and plain damn truthful with you, it is all too much glee and fun and excitement all in all. I enjoy and love, love it all so very much indeed. Don't you yourself?

My buttocks and boobies--or breasts, are shaking and trembling and oscillating all too violently and unsteadily. I feel almost like they are going to drop and plummet straight off to the beach sand beneath me. Still, this incurable fear and terror of mine does not stop and hold me from jiving and shaking about as carelessly and frantically mad as I feel like doing and acting out. I am like a mad woman this very moment. I tilt and arch and throw my head this side and then that other, sending and hurling carelessly and incessantly blitheful my hair this direction and then that other. The way I am fast losing my control and senses altogether, it is almost like another being and creature from the preternatural world has come to take control and possession of me all out of nowhere and unexpectedly. Even Jace himself is so utterly and horribly surprised and consumed with awful shock to see and notice me be in this very appalling state and manner. It is like he was not even foreseeing me to last to this round and minute. I just don't frankly know.

Finally, I pull and tug my panties away while doing a sexy and seductive downward aching and backwards bowing of myself, one where I show and flaunt to Jace before me here that special and priceless everything that I have to possess and wield in the very midst of my very own two and never three or one leg--or should it be legs? My vagina is a brilliant and highly aroused red, almost pink in some sense and style to the very brand of underwear and panties that I am putting on right this particular moment. My sweet dearest vagina! The absolute pride and power of my feminine being and entire self. I don't know what would truly happen to me if I ever wake up one early morning to find and realize that she is gone and nowhere to be traced or tracked down. Well, if she happens to be missing and non-existent that very day and I learn that I have absolutely and terribly nothing in between my sweet, beautiful legs themselves, I am going to be always crying myself to sleep every coming night until I find myself welcomed and consoled and eventually working in white and cleanly saint robes in some very charitable nunnery. Or if I get up from bed and see an erect penis immediately, I am either going to get a butcher knife from the kitchen and slice and hack it off so that I instantaneously bleed to death and popularly get featured on the '1000 Most Cruel Ways to Die' show. Or even gladly and egoistically accept and embrace my new-found masculinity and straight off divorce Jace for fear and horror of being labeled as "gay," and then prowl and wander off to some far away beach club to look and hunt for a beautiful blond or brunette or red-headed bitch to fuck and cum about as I feel like doing with her. Ha-ha! I am just purely joking with all this stuff, guys. Don't take my word as seriously gospel, I beg you--on my two knees and hands!

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