Katie’s Horror

Katie’s Horror

Katie walked down the dark streets of the rows and rows of townhouses, smiling to herself as she did. The wind blew gently in the night, lightly playing with her long blond hair. The music and noise from the party she just left died away in the dark and cold night as she made her way back to her car a few streets away in the Car Lot.

There’s no sound except for the gentle whispers of the wind in the night air. Katie stopped at her car, putting her purse on the hood to fumble for her keys buried in the depth of it.

Soft footsteps behind her begin. She stops cold in her movements, turning around to see if one of her friends were trying to scare her. There’s nothing but the opaque darkness of night.

“Kenny?” She said, calling out the name of her friend that likes to play pranks on her. No answer. ‘Stupid Katie… Just your fucking head playing tricks…’ She thought to herself. Katie turned back around to her purse and found her keys, buried underneath makeup, cash, papers, etc.

The glint of a reflection in the metal of her car from behind her makes her jump. The man pulls her around to face him, grabbing her arms with strength and might. Two other guys walk up behind him, all three smiling with evil, sadistic grins on their faces. Their eyes are hungry, surveying her like a piece of meat, looking her up and down with some sick satisfaction in their faces.

Katie is filled with fear, not knowing what to do, as she sees the other two men join their friend.

“We ain’t seen a pretty little thing like you around here in a while…” The man grabbing Katie’s arm says.

He grins wide, disgusting, as he eyes her like a predator looking at his captured prey.

“Wh-what do you want-t?” Katie stammers to the leader holding her arms, full of fear.

He smiles, licking his lips crudely. He lets go of Katie’s Left arm and reaches into his pocket. His hand bring out a switchblade. He flicks the blade up, and with one swift swipe, cuts right through her shirt and exposing her bra laden breasts.

“This is what we want!” He says loudly. The man pockets the blade and turns his head to the others. “Let’s take this bitch back.”

The other two close in on Katie. She screams loudly for help. One of the men takes off what is left of her shirt and stuffs it into her mouth, muffling her screams and pleas for help.

The three men drag and carry her through a deserted alley way, lit by the flickering of trashcan fires. At one of the alcoves lies a old and soiled mattress, illuminated by the fires.

They throw her onto the mattress. Katie tries to get up and run past the men, but immediately the Leader of the group catches her as she tries to get past and punches her in the face.

Her body goes limp from the punch. Katie floats in and out of consciousness as the men start to rip and tear at her clothes. Her bra is ripped away. The skirt she was wearing is hiked all the way up and her panties pushed to the side.

Slowly Katie comes to full consciousness, taking in the sight for all of it’s horror. She laid there, on the dirty, soiled mattress surrounded by three men, whom started rubbing their cocks through their pants.

The Leader pulls down his pants, fully exposing his big black cock. Immediately he kneels down infront of her. Katie reacts instinctively, shutting her legs as fast as she could with all of her might.

“Ha.” The Leader says. “Stupid Bitch.”

He pries open her legs with ease and leans his body up into Katie, slowly rubbing his cock head into her tight pussy lips.

Katie screams for help, using any ounce of energy she has in her lungs. One of the other men kneels down by her head and smacks her face hard with so much force. Katie continues to scream loudly.

“Someone shut this bitch up.” The Leader says, still rubbing his cock against her pussy lips.

The man at her head reaches into his pants and pulls out a silver plated gun. “Don’t even try to fucking bite me, or instead of giving me a blow job, you’ll be giving this Beretta one.” Katie begins to sob, feeling the gun’s tip on the lips, being dragged to her forehead. The man soon takes his cock out and forces it into her mouth.

The Leader continues to kneel between her legs, licking his fingers before starting to finger fuck Katie, crudely lubing her up. He looks into her face, now full of cock and fear, smiling as he grips her hips and slams the entire length of his cock into her tight and unwilling pussy.

Katie screams with the cock in her mouth in pain. It’s by far the biggest cock she’s ever had inside her pussy and he savagely slammed the entire length into her with so much force.

He begins a steady rhythm of fucking her pussy, pushing her down into the nasty mattress, as the other grabs a handful of her hair and forces her to deepthroat as much as she can. The other man stands in the corner, stroking his cock at the sight before his eyes. He reaches down, yanking her hand up and making her grab his cock. He takes her wrist and forces her to give him a hand job as her mouth and pussy is being raped.

Suddenly, the Leader’s cock, already lubed with her juices, slips out of her pussy and he rams it hard and savagely into her little rosebud of a asshole.

Katie screams harder than ever in extreme pain that’s coming from her ass. Her screams send vibrations through the cock in her mouth, making it erupt into her mouth and throat. She coughs, gasping for breath as the man fucking her face pulls out of her mouth and smack his cock on her face.

“Bitch got a tight cunt AND a tight ass. We gonna make you loose by the time our little party is done, honey…” The Leader says, drilling her ass, as the other guy that was once getting a hand job drops to his knees and forces his cock into her mouth.

Katie lays there, taking it all, knowing that there isn’t a point in trying to fight them off or screaming for help. Her mind is filled with disgust, shame, and fear as her mind remembers the gun and the switchblade they have.

The Leader grins back at Katie again before stabbing his cock back into her cunt, alternating between both of her holes.

The man now fucking her mouth pulls out of her mouth and shoots his cum onto her bare breasts, smearing it onto her with his cock before jamming it back into her mouth to clean it up.

The other that already fucked her mouth stands there, with a gun in one hand, a cigarette in the other and his cock growing hard again as he watches the scene.

The Leader begins to piston his cock in and out of Katie’s sore and abused pussy, growling as his thrusts become even more urgent and wild.

“Fuck yeaaaah!!!” He yells out, pumping his cock into her pussy deeply as he unleashes a flood of cum into her cunt. He groans out loudly as he works it all up inside her. Katie cries out in disgust but her screams are muffled by the cock in her mouth. The man with the cock in her mouth pulls out, cumming all over her once pretty, make-uped face.

The Man that was standing and smoking put out his cigarette in the pile of Katie’s clothes. After the two others stand up, he lays down beside Katie. The others lift her up ontop of him, forcing her to straddle him as he spears his cock up into her. The Leader that fucked her ass smiles and laughs loudly into the night.

“Fucking ride him, you whore… Give us a fucking show!” He laughs, his cock getting half limp as he watches on in lust.

Tears and cum mix on Katie’s face as she is forced up and down on the guy’s cock. The other man watching steps infront of Katie and forces his cock back into her mouth. Her cries send more vibrations through his cock. He pulls out of her mouth and walks behind her, pushing her down and fucking her ass.

The Leader stands there, smiling and wolf whistling as one cock plunges in as the other pulls out, seesawing in her cunt and ass.

They all three continue to use her, one of them cumming in her cunt, or ass, or mouth only to be replaced with another. The pull and twist Katie’s body like a puppet, forcing her to fulfill their sick desires. Katie lost count of how many shameful orgasms she had at the hands of these men and their cocks.
After what seems like hours, Katie lays on the mattress, broken and sprawled, covered in cum and shame. The Men start to get dressed, laughing at Katie as she cries into the mattress.

They begin to leave the alley way, leaving her to stay on the mattress. One of them throws Katie’s ripped and trashed clothes at her.

“Put some clothes on bitch.” He says to her.

The Leader grins. “Better be quick about it too. You’re our fucking scraps… These homeless fuckers haven’t had pussy in years. They’ll take anything, even our left overs…” He says to Katie. She peers out into the alley. Looking at the end of the alley way, the trash of the street line up. They’d been watching the entire time.

As the other two men who raped her leave, the Leader chuckles, “Bitch is all yours fellas…”

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