My Girlfriend's Rival Ch. 3

My Girlfriend's Rival Ch. 3

My Girlfriend's Rival Ch. 3

Intro: author en_extase crafted three fabulous characters in his 2 part story, but left the second part at a cliffhanger. This is how I imagine it to have continued.

Please read his amazing stories here:

That was weird. Jennifer, my girlfriend, said to stop by her place just before noon, and sure I was a little early, and she'd said to just come in since she would leave the door unlocked, but here it was open just a little bit.

I pushed it open all the way and looked in. There was a purse and some clothes on the floor of her living room. I entered cautiously and closed the door behind me while asking in a loud voice, "Anybody home?"

The clothes seemed to be a pair of tank tops, sweatpants and skimpy gym shorts. One of them was my girlfriend's night shirts, while the other looked like a sports bra that I didn't recognize, but matched the gym shorts. Then I heard a moan from the bedroom. I hope she's not sick.

As I stepped into the doorway I was stopped dead in my tracks. I saw the most astonishing sight of my life. Jennifer was sitting against her headboard of her bed with, sweating and moaning in obvious pleasure as the lithe seductress, Monica, who had once seduced me, was sweaty and naked herself, with her juicy pussy and perfect ass facing me while she was eating out my girlfriend's pussy.

Jennifer spotted me and panted out between heaving breathes, "I'm s-sorry baby, I- ah- ah! I couldn't- couldn't... Oh god... She's gonna... ohhh- I'm gonna...", then her entire body shook, her eyes screwed shut, and she groaned as a massive orgasm ripped through her.

Monica eased up a bit, but kept licking Jennifer's pussy while making loud, sensual moans and wagging her ass gently before me. God! She was always asking if I wanted to fuck her and here she is!

Monica gradually pulled herself away from me and propped herself back up onto her knees. She kneeled on the bed with her back straight up, perfect posture, breasts pushing out towards my boyfriend. She coyly raised one arm over her chest in a display of mock modesty. Her eyes went wide as the three of us exchanged wordless stares. Then, a sexy pout, she said, "I didn't know you were expecting company..."

I had no idea how to react; I was completely stunned. I was astonished that Monica seemed completely un-phased.

"So..." she smiled curiously, fixing her gaze at Jennifer, "Are you going to kick your boyfriend out?" She pressed her naked flesh against my girlfriend's before placing her hands on Jen's shoulders, gently pushing her down flat on the bed as she moved up her body. "Or will you let him stay and watch you make me come?"

Monica didn't wait for an answer. She slowly and seductively scaled Jennifer's naked form like an agile mountain climber and moved her knees past my girlfriend's shoulders. Once there she grabbed the headboard Jennifer had been leaning against and nearly did a split as she planted her gleaming cunt onto Jennifer's face.

Jennifer had, like me I think, been in a state of shock, but once that pussy had been placed before her hands went to Monica's ass and I could hear her going to work on this seductress. Monica, ever the showoff, groaned and moaned maybe a little too loudly on purpose. "Girlfriend, you- ohhh- really know- ah- how to show- mmm- a girl a good- uhhh- good time!"

This was better than the best porn I'd ever seen. I already felt as if I was ready to explode, and here I was, still in my clothes and untouched. As Monica writhed on Jennifer's face moaning, she looked over her shoulder at me, and then here eyes darted down to Jen's body and back at me before cocking her head to approach.

I didn't need any more than that. I almost dived into my girlfriend's wet post-orgasmic pussy as if I'd never seen it before. She stiffened up and started to squeeze my head with her thighs, but as I went to work on her, she relaxed and allowed me to work my tongue over her swollen clit and puffed up pussy lips.

After no more than a minute I felt her tense up and shudder another orgasm as she screamed into Monica's pussy. The girl cum literally flowed now from her as I lapped it up eagerly. After that I looked up to see how Monica was doing and she just mouthed to me silently, "Fuck her!"

Jen was trying to get back to eating Monica again, but as I stripped I got the feeling Monica was groaning more from me revealing my body again to her unwavering gaze. She gasped and pinched one of her pert nipples as I unfastened my pants. And when my boxers were pulled off, revealing my swollen manhood she let out a long, "Ohhhh yeaaaa!"

I was like a kid in a candy store and so eager I was worried I'd but a nut right then and there, but Monica didn't stop looking at me for one moment as I got back on the bed. "Fuck her!," she mouthed again.

Who was I to turn down one woman offering another to me? Even if it was my girlfriend's rival telling me to do my own girlfriend. I knelt between those smooth thighs and positioned myself at her wet pussy and slid clean in.

I could hear the groan from Jen through Monica's pussy, causing Monica to groan and smile as well. My face was just inches away from Monica's shoulders and I hefted Jen's legs to get a good position with my knees under hers. Then I pounded her. We didn't make love, this was hot and lusty sex three-way. I was in heaven. Her vagina weakly clamped onto me as I drove into her womb with short hard thrusts.

Then I looked up and saw Monica was still looking over her shoulder, biting her lip in a sexy way as Jen licked her as best she could while I was fucking Jen. I reached one hand around Monica and roughly squeezed one of her nipples, and that's all it took for her. She clenched her eyes shut, groaned loud through her bit lip, and shook as she came over my girlfriend's face.

That was just so sexy I too grunted hard as I began emptying my load of cum deep into Jennifer's womb. I wasn't sure, but I think that made her come again also. She was muffled by Monica's pussy, but as jet after jet of my hot semen filled her, it felt like her body was sucking it right out of my, greedily drinking as much as it could.

We were all breathing hard, and Monica moaned, "Help me," as she tried to move. I withdrew from my girlfriend's creamed sex sheath and lifted Monica so she could sit beside Jennifer on one side and me on the other. Jennifer just lay there, exhausted at having had three orgasms. Her hair was a sexy matted mess, and I smiled down to her.

Wheezing, she muttered, "You're not mad?"

I couldn't believe she thought that, "Why would I be mad? That was amazing."

Then she gasped and I noticed Monica wasn't done with her yet. She had one hand between Jen's legs, gently probing her pussy with a few fingers before bringing them up, coated white with my jism, then looked at me in the eye as she lasciviously pushed them into her mouth like a cock, leaving some jism around her lips, then moaned as she sucked off her fingers.

Good she knew how to push my buttons as I felt a little more cum jump from my shriveling cock. Jen moaned also, and I laughed to myself, looks like she can press BOTH our buttons.

After she had cleaned off her fingers she looked Jen in the eye and almost oozed her sex appeal still saying, "That is SO good. I want more." Then, she stood and walked to the foot of the bed. I didn't think this would go good. I was about to protest saying I was already spent and soft, but she ignored me and got in the same position she had been in when I had entered the room. Right in front of me she went down on Jen's pussy again. Jennifer moaned lazily again and I watched as Monica took long slow laps of her pussy, causing my jism to push out messily onto her probing tongue before she lapped it up like a cat drinking milk. Over and over, much of my sperm now was coating her doll-like face as she began to dig in on Jen's cunt again.

I decided to help out and massaged and tweaked Jen's tits and nipples while her Sapphic lover stole my sperm from her depths. Jen was lost in pleasure, and I was getting aroused again when Monica stopped spoke again in her bedroom voice, "Girlfriend, your man is SO tasty. Do you want a taste?"

She looked down her body and groaned, "Oh yes..."

Having been given a few minutes to recover and some of the sexist scenes in front of me was getting slowly getting me hard again, I stood and was about to present my cock to her face, but Monica beat me to it, crawling up to Jen and proceeding to make out with her, covering both their faces with my cum. They were licking and sucking and kissing, all while sharing all of the cum that Monica was able to sucked out of Jen's pussy.

God that is hot! I couldn't help but rise to the occasion again and began rubbing my slick rehardening cock. The girls' large breasts sexily mashed together, arms twisting and embracing each other, two pussies wet and gleaming between long sexy legs grinding obscenely against each other, Jen's still oozing and covered with semen.

I was getting nice and turned on when Monica broke away from kissing and looked at me. "Oooo... looks like your boyfriend likes the show," she said lustily. "Don't you think it's time he fucked me."

Oh crap! I thought this was going to end this dream and set Jen off yelling. Jen was still kissing Monica's ear, but as she backed up onto her knees and began to kiss and suck on Jen's breasts that she saw me stroking my schlong watching them. I thought she would say something, but then she jumped with a moan as Monica began fingering her well used pussy again while sucking on her tits.

Monica focused on Jennifer's body for a few more moments before speaking again, "Well? Don't you?"

"What?" Jennifer half moaned.

"Don't you want to see your boyfriend fuck me?", then sucked on her tit some more.

I thought that would be it, but to my surprise Jennifer moaned quietly, "Yes..."

"What?" asked Monica, sounding innocent somehow despite the situation.

"Yes," Jen said louder with a little bit more firmness.

"Yes, what?" said Monica again. She was slowly pausing and restarting her ministrations on my girlfriend's pussy and tits, waiting and rewarding compliance.

"I want to watch you fuck him," she said softly again, and groaned in pleasure as Monica touched her girly parts just right again.

I started to move, but Monica spoke again, stopping me in my tracks. "Tell him that." Then she really went to work on Jen, sending her into a cascade of moans and ecstasy. A moment passed and Monica must have started to let up and let Jen catch her breath.

Jen gasped for air and looked me in the eye, partly in lust and a bit rage, then said, "Fuck her. I know you want to fuck her. Do it." I literally couldn't believe she had just said that. Sure she'd accused me of wanting to fuck Monica before, and had seemed to really get off on that, but now to actually tell me to do it was unbelievable. I was still standing there stunned like a statue.

Monica pulled back from my girlfriend and taunted her further, "That useless boyfriend of yours doesn't seem to be listening." Then she again began devouring Jenifer's pussy.

After a few more moans Jen propped up on her elbows and glared at me while half yelling, half gasping in pleasure, "I know you want- uhhh- to fuck this bitch! Ahhh! So move your- ohaa- fucking ass!"

I left into action and moved up to the end of the bed behind Monica's ass. Sure I'd fucked her once before, but that was her seducing me. I'd never expected to be in any situation even close to this before. Monica's teasing, verbally and physically, seemed to have broke Jennifer's verbal dam as she just started gutter-streaming dirty commands at me. "Shove your- uhhh- giant fucking- ahhh- cock up this- uhhhh- slutty whore's cunt!"

I lined up on this sexy ass and rubbed my cock up Monica's slick pussy and easily sank into her to my balls. I still was a bit sensitive and not fully hard, so I slowly worked up with a slow rhythm to Jen's dirty talk, "You like that bitch's pussy don't you, you cheating mother fucker?"

I couldn't deny it, and somehow her commentary made it all the hotter and I was now nice and hard and has this minx wrapped around me to the hilt. I grabbed firmly onto Monica's smooth and firm little hips and began thrusting energetically into her velvety womanhood once more. "Ohhh yea!," Monica groaned out, pausing in her cunalingus.

"Fuck her that whore! Fuck her harder you fucking bastard!" Jen almost shouted out. God it felt so good. I started to get fuzzy eyed and light headed. I still heard Jen loudly moaning out her dirty trash-talk, berating and yet urging me on as I banged away, lost in lust.

I missed it happening, but suddenly Jennifer was beside me, pressing her breasts into my arm and side while continuing her diatribe of foul-mouthed dirty talk. I was getting close and groaned. Jen knew that sound, "You gonna cum?" Then she spanked my ass hard. It stunned me for a second, but I was so close it only delayed it for a few seconds.

"You gonna make a little bastard in this whore's belly?" My brain started short circuiting. I wanted to keep fucking and blast Monica full of my cum, but Jen's words caught me by surprise. Monica seduced me, she had to be on the pill... right? Oh, God, I was so close as I pounded into her snatch harder than ever before.

Then Jen grabbed Monica by her hair, hard, and jerked her sweaty panting face up. "You filthy slut! I bet you want to get knocked up with his bastard baby!" Monica just moaned as she kept fucking back onto me. Her lack of response got Jen mad, "Well do you?"

"YES WHAT?" Jen yelled and shook her head by the firm grip she had on her hair.

"I WANT TO HAVE HIS BABY!" Monica's fluttering tight cunt seized up and literally pulled me into an orgasm with her. We clenched together and surged together. I don't think more than a drop of my cum went anywhere but straight through her cervix and into her womb. The feeling was so intense I got dizzy and almost blacked out.

Monica collapsed and I landed on top of her on her bed. Jen must have left to take a shower since I could hear the water in Monica's bathroom. I looked down and saw my shriveled member, happy, but a little sore from use leaving a little cum trail from my mistress's crotch which was only leaking a little cum from the large amount I must have deposited in her. She was looking back at me over her shoulder.

I had to ask so whispered, "You are on the pill, aren't you?"

"Yes," she whispered back, "Just don't tell your girlfriend."

"I won't," I promised.

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