True Love Can't Be Lost

True Love Can't Be Lost

True Love Can't Be Lost
Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it is based on a dream I once had. This story is strictly for reading enjoyment purposes only. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE OR COPY!!

Hi my name is Matthew Clark. I am 23 yrs old and I have black hair and blue eyes. I stand 5 ft tall and I weigh around 120 pounds. My penis is 6 inches long and I am circumcised.The story I am about to tell you is one of bestfriends. Its also a story of love and compassion. In this story I lose my virginity and I gain something back in the process, a girlfriend, and later on a wife and family. So sit back and relax, and maybe remove some clothing if you have to.
It all started six yrs ago when I went to a dirt race track one friday night here in rural southern Missouri. It was my first time and I was sitting there watching one of the classes run their race and I saw a female driver whos name I later found out was Courtney Mitchell. At the time she was driving a Street Stock race car. She started her race in 10th and ended up finishing 3rd. So after all the races were over with I knew I had to go down to the pits to meet this girl. When I got back there I expected to meet someone who was in their late 20s but what I saw surprised me. I saw a beautiful brunette with big brown eyes who was tall and slim. All around a good looking girl. So we introduced ourselves and I congratulated her on the third place finish. I found out that she was alittle older than I was at 18 yrs old. I sat there next to the car and we talked for about a half hour or so while she signed a few autographs with some of the other fans and took some pictures.
After that night, we just seemed to kind of hit it off really well and we eventually became really close friends over the next year. She drove a Street Stock for another year. In 2006 she finished the season with 2 feature wins, several heat race wins and 17 top ten finishes. All in all a fantastic season to say the least. By the end of the year she finished the season in 2nd place in the State Street Stock point standings. She was very pleased with how she finished her season and we went out to a local pizza place to celebrate. We would hang out together quite a bit but not all the time.
The following season in the summer of 2007 she decided she wasnt going to drive a Street Stock anymore. She switched over to a bigger class known as the Modified Series. It took her some getting use to how the car handled and she struggled the first three or four weeks of the season finishing no better than 10th place in each of her feature races. Finally five or six weeks later something clicked with her and she ended up winning her feature race. She was so excited as she climbed out of the car and she was so overcome with emotion that she could barely do her postrace interview and pose for pictures. After she finished her interview and pictures she climbed back in the car and drove it around to the pits where I met up with her and I congratulated her on the win. Then she did something that surprised me but I like it, she gave me a hug. As we got to talking she said that later that night she had planned a party if she won her feature race, and she was wondering if I could make it to the party and that anyone who wanted to stay the weekend at her parents house could do so. I called my mom and she agreed so I got Courtney's address and I was surprised to find out that she actually lived just two towns East of where I live. So we said our goodbyes and she gave me another hug and I headed toward my truck. As I walked away she called back to me and I walked over to her again. She said, hey why don't you run home and get the stuff you need and then I can give you a ride to my house so you save on gas money. I thought about it for a minute and said "Sure why not."
So I ran home and quickly packed my overnight bag said my goodbyes to my parents and headed back out the door and drove back to the track and I put my stuff in the back of Courtney's 2007 Chevrolet Silverado. Then we finished loading the car on the trailer and got in the truck for the drive to her house. On the way there we talked about racing and then some how it turned to more personal stuff like relationships and things like that. I told her that I was single and she admitted she was too. So about 25 minutes later at around 10:30, we arrived at her house. I was impressed with the size of the place. 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. a game room, a kitchen, 4 closets. I absolutely fell in love with this house the minute I saw it. So we got out of the truck and unloaded the trailer and race car and put everything in the garage in the back of their driveway. After that we went in the house and she introduced me to her family. I shook her parents hands and sat down and talked with her parents while she changed clothes and got ready for the party.
Around 11:30 that night, guests who made the drive from the track to her house started to arrive and we all sat down and enjoyed some finger foods and some drinks and movies. We all just enjoyed the hell out of ourselves. The party went on until around 2 am and then everyone began to leave. The last guest left around 2:30 and Courtney's parents decided clean up could wait until tomorrow. I was the only one who could actually stay there that weekend, everyone else had either made other plan or had to work. So her parents gave me pillows and blankets and I slept in the extra guest bedroom which happened to be right next door to courtney's room. I lay in bed watching tv and around 5 in the morning I heard a knock so I quietly got out of bed and answered the door. When I opened it I found Courtney standing there wearing a long t-shirt. It was long enough it came down to her lower thighs so I wasnt for sure if she had anything on underneath it. She said that she couldnt sleep and she knew I wasnt alseep because she heard the tv on in here so she wanted to come in and talk for a bit. So she sat in the empty space on the other side of the bed and we sat and talked about nothing in particular. After a while she laid back in the bed and I began to tell her about my Childhood and what it was like growing up in Northern Nebraska. As I was telling her about my childhood I heard her breathing Deepen and I heard soft snoring and I looked over and she was completely asleep, So I just laid back and fell asleep with her.
The next morning, I woke up and she was snuggled into my side and one hand was wrapped around her back and was resting on her right buttcheek while my other hand was resting on her right side by her ribs. After a while I opened my eyes slowly, only to look at her and see her staring right at me. Instantly my hands jerked away from her body and she groaned "dang I havent been held like that in years and you quit." All I could do was apologize for where my one hand was at. She said "hey dont worry about it, its not like you were molesting me" she said with a smile and a giggle. I smiled and giggled along with her. We laid in the bed with me holding her again for another 30 minutes and then all of a sudden there was a knock on the door and her mom popped her head in and said "Have you seen cour......Oh hi honey just was looking for you" she gave us a strange look, So I explained that Courtney came into unable to sleep lastnight and we sat and talked until she fell asleep" her mom said "no explanation needed Matt, you both are responsible adults" So her mom left the room and we both got up and showered (separately of course) and spent the day laying around the house watching NASCAR racing. As the weekend progressed we spent increasingly more time together and by sunday night we were almost inseparable.
Finally at 6 o'clock Sunday night I had to go home As much as I wanted to stick around I had no choice. So I had Courtney drive me back to the race track where I left my truck. As I got out of the car she said "hey matt I had a great weekend thanks for coming to the party, maybe we can do that again before the season is over with" I said "yea I had a fantastic weekend too thanks Courtney, im really glad we've become good friends" Just before I started walking away she leaned over in the front seat and give me another one of her amazing hugs that I love. As I lay in bed that night I couldt help but think about her as I drifted off to a deep relaxing sleep.

Chapter 2: A Night They Will Never Forget
Over the Next few weeks Courtney didnt get any feature wins but she did manage to win several heat wins. In fact for two Whole months she didnt finish better than a 5th in each of her feature races. Finally, one night she started her feature in the back of the field after making some adjustments to her motor and with three laps to go she took over the lead and never let it go from that point on. After she took the checkered flag she started doing donuts in the infield. During her interview she was so excited she was talking a hundred miles an hour. After the interview we met in the pits like usual and I helped her load the trailer and the car up. Just like a few months ago she invited me to Spend the weekend at her house. "Another weekend party?" I replied. She said "nope just wanted to be with you as much as possible, you are a neat person to be with." I thought about it like usual and as like last time I of course accepted the invitation so I ran home and got my overnight bag and we again took her truck and drove to her house. After we got the car and trailer unloaded we went inside and just as I was going to join her parents in the living room she dragged me to her room.
so we get to her room and she said "I hope you dont mind if I shower and change clothes." I said "no I dont mind ill just wait right here until you get back" She just looked at me and began removing her clothes and I saw what she was doing and I spoke up and said "oh if you want I can leave the room and give you privacy, I thought you were going to do that in the bathroom" she said "would you like me to change in the bathroom?, would that make you more comfortable?" I replied "courtney, if you dont mind changing in front of me go right ahead I promise I wont gawk." So she did. I watched her undress completely and I glanced at her a few times. She was around 5 ft 6 weighing maybe 130 pounds soaking wet. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Im guessing she was wearing a 34B bra. Her stomach was very flat, toned and defined. She had a small patch of dark brown almost black pubic hair just above her vagina. As the rest of her, her legs were slim and long and very well define. As my eyes moved back up her body, our eyes met and I quickly turned away from her as my face reddened and began to burn. she strolled over to me and gave me a hug from behind and whispered in my ear "I dont mind if you look, its kind of flattering" I kept my back turned to her but I smiled. she walked out of the room across the hall to the bathroom and took a shower. she walked back into the room wrapped in towel but instead of getting dressed she took off the towel and stayed naked. she went over and sat on her bed and began painting her finger nails. I thought about it and I knew this was my chance for some close contact so I went over and offered to do her toenails. She of course agreed and handed me the bottle of fingernail polish and I went to work on her toes. I used a firm pressure so as to not tickle her feet. I almost finished her toes without tickling her feet but as luck would have it, the last toe tickled her and she fell on the bed laughing and she began to tickle me which caused us to end up in a wrestling match. We wrestled around for about 5 minutes and all of a sudden we both stopped and I leaned in to give her a kiss on the lips. I made contact with her lips for maybe two seconds and I pulled back and released the kiss. "im sorry courtney I shouldnt have done that" she said "you didnt hear me complaining did you?" as she said that, she leaned back in and continued the kiss and actually opened her mouth and slid her tongue gently into my mouth. I returned the kiss and ran my hand down her naked back to her butt. as I carressed her butt she ground into me more and kissed me more enthusiastically.
As we continued to kiss we slid further up into the bed and laid down. While we made out my hands were softly and lovingly caressing the back half of her body and she was moaning in pleasure. "OHHH MATT....... THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD" I continued my caressing as we continued to kiss and she then said something that I knew would eventually happen but I wasnt sure when or who it would be with. "Matt lets make love baby, this feels so right." I just smiled at her as I began to undress. As I undressed she reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out a condom and I laid next to her in the bed and laid on my back with my six inch erect penis pointing toward the ceiling. After she unwrapped the condom, she placed it over the head of my penis and rolled it down my shaft. as she did this I held my breath because I was so hard I was close to cumming. After she had the condom on my penis she said "ok im going to sit down on you slowly, this is only my second time so take it easy on me" I just nodded. She slowly straddled my groin and sat down on it gently. As it slipped into her it went from total cold to total heat as her body sank down my my penis shaft. When she slid down on it I groaned and waited for her to nod signaling it was ok to start making love to her. after about thirty seconds or so, she nodded and I slowly began sliding out of her and got about halfway out and then slowly slid back into her. I changed my mind and said. "hey Courtney, with you being on top it would be so much easier for you to control how much force is used so how about you control the speed of things. she just nodded and slowly slid up and down on my hard shaft. She started out slowly but gradually picked up some speed. Fifteen minutes after we started making love, I began to get that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I knew was an impending orgasm. We both sped up the pace of our thrusting and Courtney and I both were groaning so loud it almost sounded like howling. After a while we both came hard. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MMMMYYYYY GGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!" She screamed, and that set me off into my own mind blowing orgasm. It seemed liked it lasted an eternity, bit really it was only a minute or two. Soon after we both came down from our orgasms and I pulled out of her and removed the condom, we just laid in the bed and held each other until eventually we both fell asleep.
The next morning, I was the first to wake up and I rolled over and looked at Courtney who lay next to me completely naked and on her left side facing me. I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips and her eyes fluttered open slowly. "Good Morning cutie" I said softly. She returned the kiss and said with a smile "Good Morning Matt. Last night was amazing." After lying in bed for alittle while longer, We got up and redressed and went downstairs to get some food. When Courtney and I arrived in the kitchen we found a note from her parents saying that we would be alone all day as her parents had to work until the late hours of the night. When courtney read this, she looked at Me with a wicked smile and said "are you up for round two?" I looked at her and smiled a wicked smile. She screamed "TAG YOU'RE IT!!!" and took off running up the stairs. I gave chase to her and caught up with her just at the top of the stairs and picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Once we entered the bedroom, I laid her softly on the bed and began to kiss her passionately. As we kissed, we both started stripping one another and within about two minutes we were both completely naked. After we were both naked I straddled her body and slid down to where my face was level with her vagina. I snaked my tongue out and licked where her hair was last night before she shaved it off. When my tongue made contact with her Mons, she groaned softly. Almost purring like a kitten. When I knew she was enjoying what I was doing, I licked from the top of her vagina by her clit all the way down to her anus. When I reached her anal pucker, she arched her back and practically screamed. So after I had her turned on I reached over into the bedside drawer and was about to pull out a condom when she just simply shook her head no and said "I want to feel you in me this time." I, of course didnt argue that I might get her pregnant because that was honestly the furthest thing from our minds. I got on top of her and placed my rigid shaft at her vaginal entrance and I pushed with alittle bit of pressure. The first push I got about 2 inches of my penis inside of her. It took me 3 more tries to get the rest of my six inch penis into her tight, wet vagina. We started out slow and then as time went on we both picked up speed in our thrusting. Within ten minutes both of us were on the verge of cumming, so I slowed down to where my penis would tease her clit as we made love. After a while we were both making noises that couldnt even be recognized as moans, they sounded more like snorts. It wasnt long before both of us were screaming that we were cumming and I felt my penis inflate and I shot my thick, hot, salty load into her very tight, very hot vagina. The rest of the day we laid around the house completely naked and just before dark I got dressed, kissed Courtney and left to head home.

Chapter 3: OH MY GOD..........
For the next two months Courtney and I stayed at each others houses quite a bit and I finally revealed to my parents that we were a couple. They were so happy for us and congratulated us. In those two months Courtney won 3 more feature races. After winning those three races there were eight more to go in the remaining two months of the season. She was in the top 5 in UMP Modified points. Courtney was pleased with how her season was going so far. She never really complained about the car, but after every race we would discuss what changes needed to be made to the car to make it better at each track. Each time we made adjustments to the car it would usually get better, very rarely did the car get worse. So we knew we had to be doing something right.
One weekend, with 2 weeks left in season I had to go out of town with my family for a few days for a wedding, and was unable to go the race track with her. I was suppose to be gone for 5 days. My family and I left on Thursday afternoon at 5 pm and got to our hotel in Memphis Tennessee around 1 am Friday morning. We decided to stop for the night and get up in a few hours and drive the remaining 3 hours of the trip to Atlanta Georgia. I called Courtney's cell phone and left her a voicemail telling her we made it and that I loved her. We all got up around 11 am Friday morning and since the wedding wasnt for another 6 hours, as a family we decided to go to Turner Field and catch an Atlanta Braves Baseball game. The game ended around 4 pm and by the time we drove across town back to our hotel we had around an hour and a half to get ready for the wedding. After everyone was redressed we got in the family car and drove to the church. The wedding was very nice, and unlike catholic weddings,(im catholic, so I would know) it wasnt too unbearably long.
Just as the ceremony was wrapping up my cell phone started vibrating in my pocket. I quietly and quickly walked out of the chapel and went into the lobby to answer the call. On the other end was a voice that was crying uncontrollably, Immediately I recognized the voice and knew something was wrong, It was Jack, courtney's father. In between hysterical sobs he explained that Courtney was involved in a severe accident about 30 minutes before at the race track and was knocked unconscious. She was immediately rushed to a hospital by ambulance. Apparently, she was in the lead and the second place car was coming around on her right side to try and take the lead. When he did this they touched and it shot Courtney's car up into the outside wall flipping it several times. They had to cut her out of the car and began stabilizing her in the ambulance. It was simply a racing accident. I didnt really hear anything after he said "Matt, it looks like she broke her neck and is paralyzed because she was semi-conscious when we got to the hospital but she couldnt talk all that good or move her feet." I broke down crying. About that time my parents walked out and saw me and rushed over to me. "Matt whats the matter son?" My father Bill asked me. I said "Courtney................. has................... been in an accident and............... is in a coma and......................possibly paralyzed" After I dropped my cellphone to the floor my parents picked it up and talked to Courtney's father and told him that we would be leaving within the hour and driving straight home.
After we rushed to the hotel, got out bags and checked out, we drove the 11 hours straight through and arrived back home Around 8 am Saturday morning. My parents dropped my younger brothers off at the neighbors house and then we immediately headed to the hospital. On the way there I called Jack and he said he would meet us downstairs. When we got to the hospital I saw jack and immediately fell into his arms crying, "Jack im so sorry. Im so so sor......." He cut me off and said "HEY!!! you stop that. You have nothing to apologize for, this was an accident, Courtney knew the risks when she climbed into that race car each weekend and she lives life on the edge. There is no one to blame, not even the guy who put her into that wall." After I calmed down a little bit and headed to her room he stopped me and said in a shaking almost disbelieving voice "I must warn you, she looks much worse than she really is. All the tubes are just helping her breathe alittle bit but not totally. She can partially breathe on her own so we think she is starting to wake up a little bit so they sedated her again. She also has a catheter relieving her bladder of course since she cant go on her own. She does have some big cuts and bruises on her face, but those are not permanent. Right now she cant feel any pain, but she will feel you if you touch her hand and she can also hear you when you talk to her." When I walked into the hospital room it was worse than I had pictured. Like her dad said, the doctors had Courtney in a private room stabilized but on a ventilator as precaution and sedated heavily. I walked over, held her hand and softly began sobbing. As I stood there sobbing I lowered my head and I prayed a silent prayer the Courtney would come out of this accident. As the day progressed, Courtney showed signs that she was waking up again, so we called the doctor in. "Doctor, aren't you going to sedate her more?" I asked concerned The doctor said "unfortunately,We have maxed out the amount of sedation we can give her for a while. What we can do, is when the pain is too unbearable for Courtney, we can give her something to help relax her. It wont sedate her completely but it will make her tired for alittle while, it has the same effects that Benadryl does.
Finally around six pm that evening Courtney was fully awake. She was able to make simple hand motions to me to communicate and she could write on paper, so the doctors decided to take out the breathing tube and give breathing on her own a shot since she didnt have a collapsed lung or any bruising of the lungs. "Ok courtney I want you to take as big of a breath in as you can and hold it. As I pull the tube out of your throat blow it out" she nodded in affirmation. Just like a husband helps his wife with Lamaze breathing I coached Courtney with her breathing. "Ok Courtney take in a big breath and hold it." the doctor instructed. I did it and she copied me keeping eye contact with me the whole time. Next the doctor said "Ok courtney I know this may hurt alittle bit but I am going to pull the tube out kind of fast, you just blow out your breath as I pull ok?" she nodded again. "one, two, three!!!" he counted and as he began pulling we both blew our breaths out and when the tube came out she coughed as it tickled her throat. My eyes began to tear up and I embraced her in a hug and saying "Courtney, you are so brave I thought I lost you. I love you so much" "IIII lllove you ttttooo" she whispered, her voice still raspy from the ventilator tube. "Hey mom, dad, Jack and Kim, can I talk to you guys in the hall one second please?" I asked. Courtney gave me a concerned look and I said "dont worry ill be right outside the door, you need anything you just hit the call button and ill be right in" I said kissing her on the forehead. "I want to be the one to tell her she is paralyzed" I said blurting it out after I made sure she wouldnt be able to hear me. They all looked at me and said "that is a very brave decision to make, but only if you are sure about it." "Guys, besides her family I am the only one she trusts right now. I can tell by how she breathes and holds my hand that she doesnt trust the doctors." "ALSO, I want to sleep here until she comes home." "Now Matt...." my mother began but I politely said "No, mom come on, she is really scared right now and I know her parents cant be here with her 24 hours a day. But I can be, plus I am her boyfriend its my job to be by her side through thick and thin" I said breaking down in tears. After calming me down everyone said "Ok Matt, you can do both." I hugged them all and we walked into the room together and both sets of parents gave Courtney and I a hug and kiss and as jack left he said "Thank you again Matt, welcome to the family son" I looked at him and he just smiled at me. I looked over at Courtney "You have just won my fathers approval" she said smiling.
For the next three hours, we sat there just holding hands and kissing every now and then, and I guess I wasn't acting like myself (no shit, ya think??!!) because Courtney asked me "Matt, what's wrong sweetheart?" "nothing......." I said trying to avoid the issue. "Matt, I know something is on your mind, you are never this quiet." "Courtney, I need to tell you something......." I say trying to remain calm for her sake. "What is it Matt? you know you can tell me anything about you." "Its not about me...........................its about you" she looked at me confused and I said "Sweetheart, there is really no easy way to say this...........Courtney, the accident you were in 2 days ago broke your neck, and the doctors said you are paralyzed from the waist down." She stared at me in disbelief and then just simply rolled away from me and began to sob uncontrollably. I went to the otherside to be face to face with her. I put the bedside rail down and reached over and rubbed her forehead, wiping the tears from her face. "Courtney dont you worry, we will get through this. I am not going ANYWHERE!!! I am staying right by your side every step of the way. I felt my heart sink when she asked "Matt, why did this happen to me?" "Courtney, I dont have an answer for that sweetie, sometimes life just throws unexpected things at you. Just take it one day at a time and things will get better I promise." I said trying to reassure her that she was going to be ok.
Around 9 pm, Courtney started to complain of her upper back hurting really badly so I paged the nurse. "Yes, how can I help you two kids?" she said as she popped her head in the door. "Well my girlfriend is in a lot of pain so I was wondering if she could get something to help her relax alittle bit." I said politely. "Of course, I will be right back" she said caringly. Once she returned and put the medicine into Courtney's IV line, it didnt take long for her to get drowsy, lay back in the bed, slowly close her eyes and relax. I kept a hold of her hand to continue to let her know I wasnt going to go anywhere. After I knew she was totally asleep I turned the television on and watched sports highlights with the sound off. I guess I must have fallen asleep, because what seemed like five minutes was actually 3 hours later a nurse came in and was checking her vitals. "Well hey there cutie, Hows is she?" the nurse whos name was kristina ask me. "Well other than the pain she...." about that time I saw her stirring in the bed out of the corner of my eye, but not totally waking up. The nurse suggested we go to the cafeteria and get something to eat and drink. "But I promised her I would never leave her side." I said worried. "Trust me, she will be fine. I will have one of our other nurses come in and sit with her so if she wakes up before we are back, she wont be alone." Kristina said. "alright, I guess thats ok"
Once we made sure a nurse was in the room with her, Kristina and I walked down to the cafeteria. "So how is your little sister doing? I didnt read all of the reports yet since I just got on about 30 minutes ago." She said as we sat down to eat a light midnight snack. "Well shes doing good, other than all the pain she is in. She is actually not my sister, Courtney is my girlfriend. We have been together approximately 4 or 5 months." "Congratulations, thats great to hear that you seem to have found Mrs. Right." "yea shes really a great person. I intend to be by her side from now on" I say. The nurse just smiled. We sat in the cafeteria and made small talk about nothing in particular for the better part of an hour, then I said "Well I think we better head back so if shes awake she wont worry." She agreed so we took the elevator back up to the 5th floor. When I walked into the room she was fully awake, talking to the nurse playing cards and saying something like "Yea I love him so much. I hope someday we get married and have babies" "Oh you do? do ya now?" she replied "Oh yes I do, you know I love you a whole hell of a lot." I was speechless so I just leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Alittle bit later, we both laid back down and nodded off to sleep.
The next morning around 7am I was softly awaken by the sound of the nurse bring her breakfast tray in. Just some broth and some soft toast and an ICEE. It wasnt much, since she had just gotten the ventilator tube taken out yesterday. I had the nurse set the tray on the bedside table, and I put salt and pepper in the broth and softly leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. "wake up sweetheart, your breakfast is here" I said softly. She groggily opened her eyes and slowly sat up. "Good morning Matt." she said softly. "how are you feeling this morning?" I asked her concerned. "In some pain, but im okay" She said looking into my eyes trying to be strong. An hour later, the nurse came into the room with a tub and some towels and washclothes and soap. "Ok Courtney sweetie, its time for your bath" the attractive nurse, sweetly announced. "Can Matt do it instead?" Courtney asked softly. The nurse looked at me and then back at Courtney and said "Sure, I dont mind. Matt, do you think you can handle this alone?" she asked me. "Yes I can handle it, I will page you if I need any help" I replied back.
So the nurse left the room and went in search of a new gown and a wash basin to do Courtney's hair in. She returned 5 minutes later with all of the things I needed and then left again to leave us alone. I filled a tub up with warm water and put 2 washclothes into the tub. I then gave one to Courtney after I put soap on it and had her wash her arms and her face. She had alittle bit of trouble getting around her lips because they had blistered from the tape of the ventilator tube and were too sore for her to touch. So I gently washed around those for her. After we finished washing her face I slowly sat her up and slowly untie her hospital gown. When I untied the string the top of the gown fell off her torso exposing her breasts to me. I took a washcloth from the basin filled with warm water, and I began to wash her neck and chest. I ran the washcloth is small circular motions but still tried to cover as much area as I could in a fairly short amount of time. I moved the washcloth down her torso and began to wash her breasts gently, and as I did this her nipples began to harden. I looked up at her and she just had this look on her face of half arousal and half relaxation. I finished up washing her breasts and decided to have her gently sit up and I washed her back. I started at the base of her neck and made small circles on her back going down until I reached her buttcrack where I stopped and went back up to her neck. Once her back was good and clean I dried her off as I had done with her chest, and moved on to her legs and feet. While I washed her legs we made small talk "How are you feeling right now sweetie?" I asked genuinely concerned. "Oh im ok, just kind of tired is all" she said. In no time at all I had her legs and feet washed and then it was time to take care of her lady parts. I looked at her and asked her "Courtney, would you like to wash your vagina and that area down there?" she looked at me and simply said "No I trust you, go ahead I dont care" So I shucked the gown the rest of the way off her body and gently began to wash her upper thighs. It didnt phase me a bit to look at her vagina because lets face it, she is my girlfriend and I had seen her nude plenty of times in the last few months. After I washed her thighs, I moved inward toward her womanhood. I slowly made contact with the washcloth to her soft skin and I gently opened her lips and wiped inside from the top of her vagina by her clitoris all the way down to the bottom close to her rectum. A few times she groaned, but its hard not to when someone is touching your most intimate place. When I felt she had been sufficiently cleaned I gave her some underwear to put on.
A few hours later around 11:30 that morning, the doctor that had dealt with her in the Emergency Room came into her room to check on her and make sure everything was going ok. I shook his hand and he introduced himself to me "Hi, I am Doctor Marks. I was the doctor that helped stabilize Courtney and get her settled into her room after she was sedated." I told him who I was and he explained that he had something he felt was his duty to tell the both of us. "Well I have some good news" he said trying to sound enthusiastic. We both looked at him and said "What is the news doc?" "Well we have a surgery we could do in three days and it could partially repair you" We both again looked at the doctor and said " why wait the three days Lets do it tomorrow." He stopped us however, and said "Wait, its not as easy as that, you both need to understand the risks that come with this surgery. As I said it could repair some of the damage done to your back Courtney, but it could also make the damage much worse than it already is. This could potentially kill you." She looked at me and I saw fear in her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her and told her it would be ok. "So doc lets say you do the surgery, What are her chances of being COMPLETELY repaired? and what are her chances of her condition worsening?" I asked straight forward. The doctor looked at us both and said "Completely repaired about 45 percent. At best she would be able to feel down to her pelvic region, which would mean she could feel when she has to go to the bathroom and honestly could give her sexual pleasure back. The chances of her condition worsening however is around 65 to 70 percent" Courtney and I both gave the doctor a bleak look. "I know its scary to think about, but honestly she could have a better quality of life if and WHEN this surgey goes smoothly" He said confidently. "So you have confidence that the surgery will be a success?" I asked him trying to remain calm. "Yes I do, we will have the best neurologists and orthopaedic surgeons dealing with Courtney's case and I will see to it that she has the best care possible." "Well I think it would be wise for her and I to sit and discuss whether it is truly worth the risk or not." He shook his head in agreement, but Courtney had other ideas. "No, lets go ahead and schedule the surgery. I am willing to risk it" I looked at her and said "But Courtney, this is dangerous" "I KNOW IT IS! but I understand the risks" she snapped harshly, but immediately apologized. "its ok sweetie, I can't imagine how hard this must be for you to go through" I said soothingly, while holding her shaking body in my arms.

Chapter 4: Surgery for Courtney
Neither Courtney nor I slept much over the next three days and the night before the surgery the doctor prescribed a shot to help courtney relax enough to sleep alittle bit so she was rested for the next morning's surgery. Why I have no idea, She would be asleep through it all anyway. About 30 minutes before she was scheduled to go to the operating room the doctor came into the pre-surgery dressing/waiting area and explained what they were going to do. "We will make an incision 2 inches from the base of your neck courtney, to about 2 inches from the top of you buttcrack. Then we will take out the affect area of spinal cord which is about 3 inches long, and replace it with cadaver bone. After that we will secure everything with pins and screws and then close you back up. The whole surgery should take about three to four hours. You will have to be in a back brace for about a week and If the surgery is successful we will notice a change in about three weeks." We both shook his hand and thanked him again and sat holding one another. Thirty minutes later a nurse came in wearing a gown, had and surgical mask and said "Well Courtney, its time to go" I leaned over and kissed her and said " I will see you in about four hours sweetie" She kissed me back and told me she loved me and I told her I loved her too. She kissed her mother and father, then another nurse came and helped the first nurse push the gurney into the operating room around the corner.
After we left Courtney's side, we all walked down to the cafeteria and ate lunch. I didnt eat very much except a bag of chips and a soda because I was too nervous. When we finished eating, about two hours had gone by so we decided to head back up to the surgery waiting room to wait for the doctor to tell us how the surgery went. We sat in the large, spacious dimly lit room and waited for another two hours and fifteen minutes before a nurse came out and said to Courtney's parents " Your daughter is out of surgery, Dr. Marks will be out in a few minutes to tell you how her surgery went." Five minutes later, Dr. Marks walked out wearing a surgical gown and hat. He shook her parents hand and then he shook mine. He directed us to a conference room just off the side of the waiting room. Instead of talking directly to her parents he talked to all of us which made me feel important as well as her parents. "Courtney's surgery in my own personal opinion could NOT have gone smoother. We got in their and saw an area of severed spinal cord about 2 inches longer than we had suspected in the beginning and we detached it from the healthy spinal cord and replaced it with cadaver spinal cord. During the surgery we gave her three pints of blood, just to make sure she hadnt lost too much. She is in recovery now and should wake up in about 2 hours. You all may go in there and be with her starting as soon as we are done meeting here." A smile spread over everyones faces and we all shook the doctor's hand and thanked him for his incredible work. He said "Dont thank me yet, we still dont know if her surgery was a complete success, and she still has a long struggle ahead of her and she is going to need to be with the people that she loves and love her..... her family" As we all walked out I personally went to the doctor and shook his hand again and said "whether this works or not, I want to personally thank you for trying your damn hardest to save and fix my girlfriend. I am forever in your debt. You possibly gave her back something she was very skeptical she would ever get back, her life and freedom"
A few minutes later, we were back by Courtney's side in recovery watching her sleep. Her parents sat there for about an hour and finally said "She may not wake up for a while, lets all go stretch our legs out, we have been sitting for 3 hours." I said "no thanks guys, you go ahead im going to stay here in case the doctors were incorrect about when she will wake up. I dont want her waking up alone." They said "ok, well if she wakes up tell her we went for a walk and will bring her something back from the gift shop." and went on a walk around the hospital and to the gift shop. Courtney awoke from Anesthesia about forty-five minutes after her parents left to go for a walk. She at first coughed without opening her eyes and then she slowly opened them, allowing them to get acclimated to the bright lights of the recovery room. Her head was staring straight up at the ceiling, then she tilted her head to the left and looked at me. As soon as she saw me we both began to cry and I whispered in her ear "See I told you everything would be ok sweetheart." She said something through her tears that I could not understand, but at that particular moment I didnt care I was just glad to have her back by my side.
About another 35 minutes went by and her parents finally returned to the recovery area just as we were moving her to phase two of recovery, which is the last phase before she headed back to her hospital room. When she saw her parents she began to cry again and her mother rushed to her side and held her, trying to calm her little girl down. When her mother was done talking to Courtney, her father came to her bedside and hugged her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Hi daddy" She said groggily. "Hi pumpkin, how are you feeling?" Jack asked. "Oh im ok, alittle tired" they held each other in a hug for alittle while longer then her father sat next to her mother on her right side while I sat next to the bed on the left side. The room went silent for a little bit while we let Courtney relax and come out of the anesthesia. Finally after being in phase two recovery for alittle over an hour, hospital transport came and wheeled a sleeping Courtney to her hospital room on the Orthopaedic surgery floor down on the 2nd floor.
She slept for another 2 and a half hours until finally around 1:30 that afternoon she woke up looking and feeling refreshed. She asked if she could have something to drink so I paged the nurse. They brought her some ice water and figured she might get hungry so since she hadnt eaten all day they brought her some saltine crackers and graham crackers as well. I thanked the nurse and gave Courtney a drink of water. After she took a drink I leaned over and I gave her a kiss and told her "If you need anything dont be afraid to ask, no matter what it is" She said to me "Ok sweetheart I will. I love you so much Matthew" "I love you too Courtney." After we kissed again she asked me for another drink, which I happily gave to her, then she relaxed in the bed slowly leaning her back up against the bed and watched tv with me.

Chapter 5: Learning To Live again
After Courtney's surgery she spent the next six weeks in the hospital recovering until the doctors felt she was well enough to go home and recover some more. Finally one thursday morning just after we finished her bath Dr. Marks walked in and said "WOW you look really good Courtney. Feeling better?" "Well I am in alittle bit of pain still" Doctor Marks looked at Courtney, examining her back where she had surgery six weeks earlier and said "This is healing quite nicely." He finished checking her over and then asked me to come out in the hall. Courtney asked him why and he told her "I just needed to explain to him how to take care of your back so you can go home in a few more days" however, I suspected this was not entirely true. When we made it out to the nurses desk he asked me "IF she goes home today, could you adequately take care of her?" "I am sure I could, but she also lives with her parents" "Well, In my own opinion I think it would be best for you to move in with them and help take care of her Matt, she trusts you and knows you will be there for her. Not to mention you have been here to take care of her every day for the last two months." I thought about this decision for a moment and then said to Dr. Marks "Ok doc, do me a favor and go in and tell Courtney I had a phone call from my parents that I had to take. I am going to call her parents and mine to get approval to live in their house for a while."
While he explained that to Courtney I went to a quiet phone booth just around the corner and sat down and dialed my parents number, Mom picked up. "Hi mom, good morning" "Oh Hi sweetie, how's Courtney doing this morning?" "Well she actually is well enough to go home, which is why I was calling you." "ok?" she said not understanding. "Mom, I need to ask you something and I hope to god you say yes" "What is it sweetie? Whatever it is you know you can do it" "Well mom she is leaving the hospital this afternoon but she will be going home on IV medications and the doctor suggested I move in with her family and be the one to take care of her." I heard what sounded like my mom silently start to cry and say softly "Thats fantastic sweetheart that she gets to go home today. As far as you moving in with her..........ABSOLUTELY!!! She needs you there with her to help with all the struggles of everyday life." I began to sob now too. "Thank you so much mom, I love you so much. I need to do this for Courtney's sake. She depends on me." " I love you too Matthew, and I agree sweetie she does depend on you." mom said. WELL.... That was the easy part. Now comes the hard part of explaining it to her parents.
I dailled her parents home phone and her father picked up. "Hi Jack, how are you doing this morning?" I asked in a cheerful voice. "Good morning Matt, What has you so happy this morning?" He said in an equally as cheerful tone. "Oh just the fact your daughter, my girlfriend is in the process of being discharged as we speak. I am going to go get her ready just as soon as I get off of the phone." "OH" was all Jack could say. "Yea, but before she is discharged I had a question....actually its more of a request." "Ok, whats on your mind matthew?" He asked. "Well since she is being discharged today and she has to be with someone pretty much 24 hours a day until she can sufficiently take care of herself and you and Kim work all the time and she will be on IV medication for the next couple of weeks, How would you two feel about me moving into your house to take care of Courtney?" There was about a five second pause on the other end of the phone and I asked "Jack are you still there?" "Yes im still here, and that would be fantastic Matthew. I am forever in your debt for taking care of my little girl." "Jack," He cut me off "Just start calling me dad ok?" "ok dad I am not doing anything I wouldnt normally do for her. I love her with all my heart." "I know son, I know" We agreed for him to make an excuse to her mother that he had to run an errand for work and that he would pick us up at the hospital in two hours.
After I hung up the phone I walked into courtneys room and sat next to her bed and she looked at me with a big smile on her face and gave me a big passionate kiss in front of the doctor. I looked at her and said trying to act surprised "what was that for?" "You know exactly what that was for" "Awww dang it doc, couldnt you let me break the news to her?" I said in mock disappointment. "Well, she saw I was being quiet as we talked so she forced it outta me and I squealed like a pig." We all laughed at that comment. "When can I start getting dressed?" She asked the doctor. "Well just as soon as I get out of here and the nurse unhooks your IV and secures it so it will not pull out of the port in your chest." Courtney shook her head and laid back as the nurse reached into her gown and pulled the tube end out of it so she didnt bare her chest and unhooked the IV. She then put a piece of tape on the end and taped it to the center of her chest. Once that was completed the nurse and doctor both left the room and let me finish getting courtney ready to get out of there.
I helped Courtney put her clothes on starting with her bikini cut underwear. I explained to her to put both feet in and then roll around in the bed and pull them up as she did this. "Just dont roll off the bed" I joked. I then tossed her some shorts and her t-shirt and she put the t-shirt on first. Then she put the shorts on and did the same thing that I had explained to do with her underwear. "Again just dont roll off the bed." After we got her dressed I explained to her how to get from the bed to the wheelchair. I had the chair so the front of it was straight against the side of the bed and I said "Ok, now with the chair positioned this way, just slide your butt on back but lift up and dont fall in between the two." As I expected with her arms being alittle bit weak she started to fall in the crack of the bed and the chair, so I quickly grabbed underneath her arms and slid her back in the chair. "DAMMIT, why can't this ever be easy for me!!!!" she cursed and groaned. "Sweety, you are weak from not moving around for the last 8 weeks, don't try to do so much in one day. It will come to you I promise." "I know, its just I dont want to have to depend on anyone. I am a big girl and I should be able to do this stuff on my own." I just held her and let her vent her emotions and she softly cried in my arms. While she cried in my arms Jack walked into the room. "Hey kids, Courtney whats wrong pumpkin?" "Im sorry daddy, I just dont want to have to depend on anyone to help me. I dont want to inconvenience anyone." She cried into his chest. "Hush now, you will NEVER EVER inconvenience anyone. You are my daughter and Matt's girlfriend. We all love you very very much." She let out a few more loud sobs into his chest as he and I looked at each other.
After she calmed down, we got her bags packed and I pushed her out to the parking lot and expected to find Jack's small car waiting for us but I was pleasantly surprised when I found a big van with a wheelchair lift waiting for us. "Jack, when did you buy this?" I asked. "Oh about thirty minutes ago and shes completely paid off and in excellent condition too." He replied happily. "Daddy, you didnt have to do this for me" Courtney cried again. "Yes I did, how else were you planning on getting around town? I cant lift you anymore sweetheart. I am too old to be doing that and my back will not let me." When we got her in the van and secured, we headed home. Once home, Courtney said "I am tired, I think I am ready to take a nap." So I pushed her into her bedroom where I would be staying with her. I expected to find another bed or a cot set up in the corner and I asked Jack and Kim they both just replied "Why, don't you want to sleep with her?" I looked at them in total surprise and said "I didnt think you guys would let me" "Why not? We know you had sex a few months back. While we know you guys were careful we didnt mind" I hugged them both and went back in and laid with Courtney for a while until she fell asleep.
When I knew for sure she was asleep I got out of bed and rejoined Jack and Kim in the kitchen. When I walked through the living room I stopped and checked out the medical supplies that had been delivered earlier that morning in expectation of her arrival. When I arrived in the kitchen I sat down at the big island in the middle while her parents prepared a dinner of steak and grilled shrimp. "Hey guys I need your opinion on something." "What's up Matt?" "I think that to help keep Courtney's spirits up and keep her thinking positive she needs a companion, and I don mean just of the human type." Her parents looked at each other then back at me and smiled. "Matt that is a marvelous idea." "Yeah I was thinking get her a chocolate or bla....." Just as I was getting ready to say Black Lab, I heard a crashing sound that came from the back bedroom and bathroom area. Her parents and I ran to the bathroom and found Courtney laying on the floor crying with her underwear around her ankles in a puddle of urine. I ran over to her saying "Oh my god, Courtney are you ok? are you hurt? what happened?" To which she replied "I was trying to get up and go pee by myself. I got almost to the toilet and my hand slipped and I fell. I am ok just scared and wet now. Im sorry I peed myself Matt." I just held her and said "Shhhhhh its ok, accidents happen." While I held her I was thinking "Man, she is miserable and depressed. I need to do something and FAST or shes going to go insane."
So I picked her up and helped her finish what she set out to do and got her cleaned up and in her chair. She went back in and laid down while I again rejoined her parents in the kitchen. "What I was saying was I wanted to get her a chocolate or black labrador puppy." They both agreed that was a fabulous idea. Jack replied "Hey Matt, in two weeks Courtney has a Dr. Appointment how about her mother and I take her and you go find her a puppy and that night you give it to her?" I replied "Well isnt her birthday coming up in a few weeks or a month?" "Oh my god, we completely forgot!!!" her parents said. "How about the day of her birthday I make some kind of an excuse to go out and I search all day for the right puppy. That night I will give it to her" Her mother came over to me and hugged me and said "God has truly blessed our daughter with a wonderful boyfriend."

Chapter 6:The Search For the Perfect Puppy
Over the next two weeks Courtney's mental condition seemed to be a rollercoaster. One day she would be a big ball of joy, the next a moody, depressed zombie. I tried everything I could to keep her spirits up but nothing seemed to work. Finally her birthday arrived and that morning I woke up and quietly got out of bed and showered. After I showered I went to the kitchen and cooked her breakfast of Eggs, bacon, and her favorite, Pancakes. But these pancakes were in the shape of a heart. When the food was finished cooking I took it into the bedroom, sat it on the bedside table and woke her up with a gentle kiss on the lips. "Happy Birthday sweetheart" I said into her ear as her eyes slowly opened. She sat up in the bed and looked at the bedside table and her eyes filled with tears. "OHH MATT you made me breakfast in bed?" she squealed. "I sure did, anything for the one I love." As she calmed down and began to eat she asked "So what are you doing for my birthday today?" "Oh well you will just have to wait and find out, But I do need to go out for a few hours to take care of some things with my parents" I said kissing her on the lips softly. When she finished eating I helped her go into the bathroom so she could go pee and then I lifted the bathchair into the shower stall and watched as she undressed and transferred onto the chair. I left the room so she could shower in peace and then I made sure she was back in her chair before I left on my mission for the day.
I asked Jack if I could borrow the GMC Sierra pick-up truck and he agreed so I climbed in it and went off to the first place I could think of, The animal shelter. I searched there for over an hour and I couldnt find what I was looking for so I went to another animal shelter in the next town, the same result. So I decided to go buy a newspaper and look in the classifieds to see what I could find. I found atleast a dozen ads in the paper about dogs for sale and even a few free dogs, but I knew the free dogs probably werent my best option. I looked into the free dogs anyway and I STILL couldn't find what I was looking for. I then called a number for a breeder on the outskirts of Sedalia Missouri (a town about thirty minutes from Courtney's house) just to see if the woman would be home. "Hello, Jackson's Breeders this is Tina how may I help you?" "Hello Tina, I am Matthew Clark and I am calling about the ad you placed in the paper about dogs that need a good home. "Yes matthew what can I help you with?" "Well I was had 2 questions, Do you have any Black or Chocolate Labs? and how much are they?" She said "Yes we do have a few chocolate labs, they are $250 a piece. "Alright will you be home in thirty minutes?" I asked. "I sure will, I'll see you then" "I Look forward to it" So after I hung up my cell phone I put the truck in drive and I drove the thirty minutes to the Jackson Residence/business. When I arrived I got out of the truck and was greeted by a woman in her late thirties. "Hello, you must be Matt" "Yes I am, Tina I presume?" "Right this way, I will show you the dog pens"
The breeding company sat on a 30 acres of land that was lined with tall grass and trees. The house took up about an acre or two and the rest were kennels, an in ground swimming pool for the dogs and one for humans, a barn, and several fenced in areas for dogs to be able to run around in freely. We walked about a hundred yards from her driveway to the kennel area. As we walked she asked me "So what kind of characteristics are you looking for in a pup?" "Well my girlfriend was just in a horrible racing accident and left paralyzed from the waist down. Lately she has been depressed and I felt a companion other than the human type would do her some good, so today for her birthday I am buying her a puppy come hell or high water." After I finished my story about Courtney, I looked at Tina and she had tears streaming down her cheek. "Matt she is a very lucky girl to have found you. You seem like a very sweet guy, tell her I wish her the best in her recovery." We passed three or four sets of kennels and finally came to stop at a set of about 5 small kennels in a row. In each kennel were a litter of five or six black, Chocolate and Yellow Labradors. She let me get in each one and play with the puppies for alittle while and after about an hour of playing with this one cute little male chocolate lab I knew I had the puppy I wanted. I brought him out of the pen and told her "Tina, I think I have found the one for my girlfriend." "Fantastic Matt." "How much do I owe you?" "Matt, I was so taken by surprise with Courtney's story of heartbreak, and sorrow then it turned into one of joy and somewhat relief that you know dont owe me a dime hon. Just give him a loving home and enjoy your time with him and Courtney" I thanked her and placed him in his carrier and walked to the truck. When I got home I left the little guy in the truck and went inside to join the party as I knew it was just about set to get underway.

Chapter 7: A New Companion
When I walked into the house her parents were still setting up for the party. I asked "So how much longer until the party?" "Almost ready, but I need you to go get Courtney outta bed and wheel her in here. shes been asleep all day, I think her back is really hurting her" "Well ill go in and check on her and see how she is." "By the way I found what I set out to find" After I showed them the new dog, I went into the back bedroom and I saw she was partially awake so I sat on the edge of the bed. I leaned over and kissed Courtney softly on the lips and said "Hi sweetie, how are you feeling?" "Oh im ok, my back just has been hurting all day but is fine now." "Well sweetie, you almost slept through your birthday, Are you ready to get up and go celebrate?" "Yea, im starving" She said trying to sound happy. I watched her transfer into her chair unassisted and she even pushed herself into the dining room. I thought to myself "Boy that nap sure helped her get some strength back." I followed her into the dining area and her parents had just sat the cake in front of her and were lighting the candles. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Courtney, Happy birthday to you" we all sang to her as she blew out the candles. After she blew out the candles her mom cut the first slice of cake and sat it in front of her. Courtney took a bite of the cake and faked being poisoned and when we realized she was joking she recovered and said "No, its actually really good. Thank you for baking it mom, I love you guys." We all sat and ate the chocolate cake for the next half hour or so and then her mom announced "Ok gift time!!" Her parents gave her the first gift. She opened it and got 2 country music CDs, one was Craig Morgan and the other was Josh Turner. The next gift was a brand new cd player and a package of 8 double A batteries. She also got a few new shirts and some shorts to go with them. Finally it was my turn so I told her parents I would be right back.
I walked out to the truck, reached into the cab and let the dog out of the carrier and brought it in the house behind my back. "Courtney, I have two more gifts for you." I then brought the dog out from behind my back and placed it in her arms. "OH MY GOD!!! MATT YOU GOT ME A PUPPY??!!!! Oh hes so cute!!!! I love him. thank you so much sweetheart. I love you so much." she said holding and kissing the puppy in her arms and he just laid then enjoying the love she was administering. "Well I have another surprise for you... look around his neck" She looked down and found the heart shaped locket carefully placed around his neck and she lifted it off and opened it. Her eyes filled up with tears and she said "Oh Matthew its gorgeous, I love it and I love you. This is the best birthday I have ever had." When she was done looking at the locket I asked her "Would you like me to put it on you?" "Sure, here it is" She said handing me the locket. I placed the locket around her neck and made sure her hair was not going to get caught in the chain, then I placed the hook end into the hoop and latched it. She adjusted it until it was properly placed in the cleavage of her breasts then I looked down at the necklace. It was truly beautiful.
Later on that night I helped Courtney get undressed as she was extremely tired from the days events. After she helped me undress her down to a t-shirt and her underwear we got in bed. After alittle while of silence she said to me "Matt, this is the best birthday I have ever had. Thank you so much!!!" then she leaned over and kissed me. "Matt, I havent had relief in eight whole weeks, would it bother you if I played with myself over here?" I laughed and looked at her strangely and said "I am your boyfriend, I've seen you naked numerous times. Hell we've even had sex together, Why would I mind if you masturbated?" She just looked at me and slid her underwear down to her ankles and off. Courtney then laid back and ran one finger the enitre length of her slit before sinking it into her vagina. Every now and then she would remove her finger and then focus her attention on her big, swollen, sensitive clitoris. After a while she added a second finger and increased her speed just a little bit. Courtney's breathing also began to quicken and she began to moan just a little bit.
Courtney would look over at me a couple of times a minute and just smile at me and I would smile back, but after a while I just had to know what the smiling was for and her reply was, "Because I worried this would be lost forever and I would never know pleasure the way I once did." I just kissed her and decided to help her get more pleasure out of the experience. I did this by lending a helping hand, or in this case a helping finger or two. But not before removing my own clothes as things began to heat up in the room. Then I slowly removed her two fingers and I replaced them with two slightly thicker ones of my own. As my fingers slid into her vagina she rolled her head from side to side groaning even louder and saying my name over and over "Ohh matt.......matt.........mmmaaa.......ttttttt" She said breathlessly as her orgasm began to creep up on her throwing her into a full body shiver. "Matt, put your cock in my pussy!!" She practically begged. So I did what she asked and I slid my ridgid penis into her all in one thrust. She just smiled happily and continued to moan as I began to thrust in and out. After a while my thrusting quickened as my own impending orgasm was creeping up on me as well. All of a sudden she began screaming at the top of her lungs " OOOHHHHH MMMMMAAAAATTTTTTT I"MMMMMMMM CCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGG" as her orgasm reached its peak and caused her to pass out into total darkness. When she screamed she was cumming, that set off my own intense orgasm causing me to shoot my cum inside her extremely tight vagina. After a while her orgasm subsided and she slipped back into consciousness. As she did so she looked at me smiling and said "Oh my god matt, that was the best orgasm you have ever given me. I have never cum that hard before. Thank you for such an amazing birthday gift." I kissed her and simply said "You're welcome sweetheart. Im glad you had a good birthday. Lets rest now we can do more later if we feel like it. But we didnt, Instead we fell aslee

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