The Massage - 2 (corrected)

The Massage - 2 (corrected)

Sarah and I chatted on the way home from seeing Mike and Maria. We both agreed we had enjoyed it and wanted to do more. I would really fancy seeing Mike fuck you said Sarah. Maria did a good job cleaning my pussy out after he came in me – I think it will be fun having her eat me. I want to see how different it is being sucked off by a woman – yes, and sucking her off too.

We were still randy when we do got home. We were in bed naked within seconds, kissing, sucking, licking each other. I sank my cock into her and felt her smooth hot cunt wrap itself around me. I moved round and round, grinding her clit with the base of my cock, feeling her tits sliding under my chest and her hard nipples brushing against mine. God, it was good. We were both ultra aroused. She was soaking wet and I was as hard and big as I get.

She slipped a finger in my ass and I had one hand under her ass fucking her too, feeling my hard cock in her pussy through the thin wall separating her cunt from her ass. Yes, yes - fuck my ass and my pussy she yelled. You‘ll feel Mike’s cock up there next time, rubbing against your cock in my body. Yes, I said. We’ll take turns spunking our white juice into your ass and cunt, and Maria can lick you out. You‘ll feel her hot tongue in you, giving you another cum as you watch Mike slipping his big cock bareback up me and spurting his second load into me.

And I’ll stick my tongue into your ass to lick his cum out of you she cried, cumming hard and squeezing my cock, triggering my last, explosive cum into her. Oh, I felt you hit me she said, still climaxing.

Wow that was a good one, Sarah said as we lay there still joined. Yes, I replied. It was like the evening was just foreplay, building us up to have a really good, loving fuck. I hope it will always be like that.

My cock slipped out of her and I went down to lick her out, tasting her juice and mine. Hold me she said, and we slept.

The next day I rang Mike and thanked him for a great evening. We enjoyed you guys too Mike said. We look forward to doing it again with you – no holes barred hopefully? Yes, I said, definitely no holes barred….

We met up the next week. Mike and Maria were in robes when we arrived and the massage tables were all laid out. We changed out of our clothes with just towels modestly round us then sat down with them for a drink and a chat.

Do you make it with many of the massage group, asked Sarah. About half the couples like erotic fun, said Maria. Not everybody is bi – but most of the girls like it once they try it out. Some of the guys are more self conscious but it is great when the guy likes it too. It’s erotic to watch the guys making it – after all, they enjoy watching us girls doing the lesbian bit so why can’t we enjoy them doing it too?

Sarah giggled. Yes I really want to see Andy get fucked, especially if I am getting it hot and wet too at the same time.

I am sure we can make it happen, said Maria, smiling at Mike and me. Mike and I looked at each other and we both smiled and nodded our agreement. We were up for it too.

Are you wet thinking about it yet, I am, said Maria softly as she slipped her hand under Sarahs’s towel to feel up her slit. A slurping noise came out and Sarah breathed in sharply as Maria’s fingers found the mark and played in her pussy. Mmmm, yes you are wet. Perhaps we should get a bit of massaging done before we get too carried away.

So Sarah and I followed instructions and lay down on the tables, our towels forgotten on the floor. Mike and Maria dropped their robes. Mike’s cock was roused already and Maria’s slit looked shiny. Mike took Sarah and Maria came to me as before. They started our massages, this time explaining what they were doing – warming the oil before applying, starting at the shoulders and easing out the tensions there then starting long strokes down our bodies.

We turned over and they did our fronts. Initially they kept away from our naughty bits but then started talking about sensuous massages, stroking our chests, breasts and nipples and saying how they like to be played with as they massage. Mike put Sarah’s hand on his prick and Maria put my hand on her slit. We played with them gently as they massaged us, working down to our groins, gently slipping over my cock and Sarah’s labia.

I could smell the girls’ arousals. Mike and I had pre-cum glistening around our cock heads. We all were more than ready for it. I want so much to be fucked said Sarah. Mike bent his mouth to her pussy and started to eat her. She groaned and opened up her legs for him. I could see his tongue busy in her.

Mike, said Maria, I want to eat her too. Give Andy your cock and let Sarah see her boyfriend suck another guy’s cock whilst I eat her pussy.

Mike came across, his big cock erect in front of him. He brought it to my lips and I willingly opened up my mouth to take him in. It had smooth, soft skin but was nice and hard inside. He tasted good too. I had sucked a few other guys, not many and not to them spurting in my mouth – and had never been fucked. I knew this cock was going to be my first, possibly both ways. Mike wanked my cock as I sucked him.

Do you want my cock he asked. Tell me you want my cock up you. Tell Sarah you want her to see you being fucked up your ass by my cock.

Yes, I want you to fuck my ass I said. I want Sarah to see me taking you up my ass, being stretched by you, your big cock taking my virginity, opening up my virgin hole, ploughing me the way I plough her ass and pussy with my cock.

Do you want to fuck me too, he asked. Yes, I answered. I shall fuck your ass, let Sarah see me having a guy’s ass for the first time, let her see me spunking in another guy’s ass as your white spunk drips out of my ass and trickles down my thighs as I fuck you.

Oh god, yes said Sarah. And I want to suck Maria’s pussy, suck another woman’s pussy for the first time as my own juice and you guys’ cum runs down my thighs. And we’ll both be sluts, cum sluts together. She started to cum, crying out as Maria’s tongue worked its magic on her clit then thrust squirming into her cunt. She shook as aftershocks hit her. That was great, she said when she came down – your tongue was marvellous, Maria. Now I want to do you.

The ladies swapped over and Sarah dove between Maria’s open and smooth thighs. Maria arched back as Sarah got her tongue working on her slit, licking up her juice then settling down to suck her clit between her lips and run her tongue into Maria’s pussy.

Mike had turned me over and was oiling up my ass now. His fingers pushed into my ass, first just one, lubricating me up, then two to begin to play with me and open me up. I gasped slightly as he thrust 3 fingers up me. Mmmm, you’re tight he said – we need to open you up a bit to take my cock. He pushed them in and out, flexing them.

He came back to me to push his cock in my mouth and to fuck my mouth for a bit. Maria was making mewing noises. Sarah was obviously doing well for a beginner. Sarah worked on her clit then pushed the fingers of one hand all into Maria’s pussy. Oh, that’s good, said Maria- you’re doing good girl.

Mike poured oil on to his cock and rubbed it all over. Do you want it, he asked me. Yes, I said, give it to me but be gentle – you’re my first.

Mike got on the table behind and on top of me. I could see his cock in the mirror, looking huge and very erect. I felt his head against my ass. I tried to relax and push out by ass to take him. I saw his buttocks push forward and down. I felt his head push into me. Jesus, I said, that hurt. Wait, let me get used to you. You feel big. The girls were both watching, Sarah still licking Maria’s clit and fucking her pussy slowly with her hand.

After a few seconds the pain went down. OK, I said, give it to me. Open up my ass with your cock. Mike took me at my word and slid it in till I felt his balls against my ass. He knocked the breath out of me as he thrust in. I felt my ass open out for his invading sword, inch by inch as he slid home into the sheath that was my ass. I felt that huge rod in me, filling me up. I had never had anything as big in me. Wow, it felt great. It was hard, it was big. I had a big, naked cock in me. Now he could fuck me and fill my ass up with his sperm as if I was a woman. I would finally find out what it was like to be properly fucked by a guy.

He started to move. I knew the girls were watching but my full concentration was on that cock as it pulled almost out then back in, slowly at first, almost allowing my ass to close then opening it back up again. I could feel the skin of his cock sliding in against my smooth, slippy ass skin. Just like I could feel it when I was naked in Sarah’s ass or pussy. It mesmerised me, totally absorbed me. That smooth piston inside me. Pumping into me now faster and faster. Building up. Oh, your ass is tight, said Mike. Go Mike, said Sarah, fuck him. Give him what he gives me – a naked hard cock in my ass ready to spurt into me. Give him your juice. Let him feel you spurt into him. Fuck his ass good and hard.

It felt to me like Mike was certainly doing his best. His hard cock was hammering into my ass. Yeah, Mike, give it to me, I said. Let me feel you spunking into me. Give me your hot spunk. Go Baby, said Maria, fuck him hard. Shoot your hot sperm into him.

Then Mike cried Yes, and thrust hard into me, I felt his cock right up me. It swelled up in my ass and it throbbed as I felt him spurt. His spunk shot into me, hitting me three, four times. Big blasts of cum in my ass. I had been fucked. Had lost my virginity to another guy at last – and I had loved every thrust. Mike’s cumming sent Maria off and she came with him. Yes, yes baby I’m cumming too, she cried, in her orgasm.

Sarah licked her slit more, gently as Maria came down. Both girls looked pleased with themselves. That was good, girl - said Maria. That was really good.

I enjoyed it, said Sarah. I know why the guys like doing it now. It was fun. Did you enjoy that too Andy? Your first fuck. It looked as if you guys were both enjoying it.

I certainly was and did, I replied. And I know why you girls like being fucked now. Having a big cock going in and out of you is just so mind blowing, so totally absorbing. Thanks Mike, that was great. You can do me again anytime - but my ass may have to recover a bit first!

I could still feel Mike inside me but going soft. He pulled out and I felt empty. It was my pleasure, he said. Your ass was tight, really sucked me off. I loved spurting into you. But now I am knackered and need a rest. I think Maria needs a fuck however – why don’t you and Sarah oblige her while I watch and get my strength back for seconds.

I certainly do, said Maria. Come on Andy. Let me feel that lovely cock of yours again. Lie down and let me ride you while you eat Sarah out.

Works for me I said and rolled over. Two gorgeous wet pussies at the same time …Yes, tough job but I suppose somebody has to do it…

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