My New Passion

My New Passion

My new Passion
Short story by Night_Walkerx5
Videogames were always a passion in my young life. Not those sport games, where you're always doing the same thing and it's only fun when you're playing with friends. No... I mean adventure games, horror games, RPG games... Those that tell a story. A story where you play as the main character.
I have probably lived more adventures than anybody else in my school. I've seen so many underated games with wonderful storylines and gameplay.
My name is Ashley, I'm just about to turn 13. In terms of physical appearance, there isn't much to look at. I'm kinda chubby, but not too fat. Average height, curly brown hair and brown eyes. Well... Just an average guy, I guess.


"C'mon Ashy! You promised we'd go tonight!" whined my little brother Billy. About 3 years younger than me, but I'm guessing that, unlike me, he's got the good looks. Long brown hair and brown eyes, a very thin body and a good tan. He may be my brother, but man, I would just love to kiss that body all over.
"Not now Billy. I'm busy. Why don't you ask Mom to take you there?" i asked him, focusing most of my attention on the TV screen.
"Cuz I don't wanna go there with Mom, she's gonna embarass me dude!" said Billy, "Besides, you're not that busy! You're always playing those stupid games. What was it called again?" he asked, looking at the game cover box, "Final Fantasy? Dude, where's the fun in that!?"
"You'd know if you gave it a try." i answered, trying to focus on the situation in the game. Interesting how games nowadays have such good looking guys in them... Too bad they're all fiction.
"No thanks..." he murmured, looking at the tv screen, then he focused his attention on me, "C'mon Ashy! It's just for a little while! I wanna see if there are gonna be any good skaters competing in the tournament this weekend!"
"Sigh.... Fine, then. But just for a little while." I said, pausing the game and getting up to go shut it down.
"Awesome!" he yelled, running around the room to get dressed. Only now did I notice he was wearing only those white briefs.
He bent down to pick up his clothes scattered around the floor, and his ass was right in front of me. God, what I would do to get a feel of that sweet round ass of his.
"You think this shirt makes me look cool? Or maybe that black muscle shirt over there would look better?" he asked, holding a blue t-shirt with a skate logo on it.
Of course, my attention was more on his sweet body. No hair at all, and those nipples...
"Hellooo? Ashy?" he asked, swinging his shirt around to catch my attention.
"Huh? What?" i asked, "Oh... Hum, that black shirt would look better, I think."
"Huh... 'Kay, cool!" he said, throwing the shirt back to the floor and going to the bed to grab his muscle shirt.
When we were both dressed and ready, we went out to the park where Billy would usually go to skate with his friends. I don't get much of what's going on here, but I sure enjoyed watching these guys skating. After all, some of them, including my brother, don't really last 5 minutes skating without the urge to take off the shirt. It was always a nice view to me.

Later, at night...

Of course I would still be playing games, specially since it's summer and we don't have school. But this particular night made my videogame addiction fade away slightly...
I was wearing nothing but boxers, lying down on the bed, on my chest playing on an handheld console, and little brother Billy fooling around on the computer, wearing just briefs like before, except this time he's all sweaty. At least he'll take a shower before going to bed.
"Hey Ashy?" he said, "Why are you always playin' that stuff?"
"Cuz i like it. Great stories..." i murmured, enjoying the videogame world I'm in.
"Huh... Well, hum... In those stories, have you ever seen a gay character in them?" he asked. Now that got my attention. Why would he ask that...
"If there are, I haven't seen them yet." i said, now paying attention to Billy. All of a sudden, he seemed nervous.
"Huh okay then." he said and went back to his online chats.
For some reason, I was never able to fully focus on the videogame I was playing again. Although I was wondering about what was going through Billy's head, I didn't even notice that he had lied down next to me, watching me play.
"Hey what are you doing?" i asked him, startled that he was right next to me. I didn't even notice his right leg on top of my left leg, and his eyes glued to the handheld console's screen in my hands.
"Not much, just watching." he said, matter-of-factly, smiling at me for a moment before looking back at the screen and his eyes widen all of a sudden, "Dude, look!"
I looked back at the screen and found myself in trouble in the videogame. Probably one of the toughest fights I ever had in this game, but truly enjoyable, specially cuz Billy seemed to try to cheer me up whenever I was attacking those monsters.
"Woo-hoo! Kick their asses dude!" he yelled, either he's trying to be nice, or he's trying to have fun... With me.

After a tough fight in the videogame, i let out a sigh of relief, knowing that I was getting better at this really complicated gameplay.
"That was fun hehehe" he said, giggling at the exhausted look on my face.
"I guess. You wanna try?" I asked him, expecting a no and then get up and leave from him.
"Okay." he said, getting a bit closer to me.


"Really? You wanna try?" i asked him
"Yup. But you're gonna have to teach me how to play." he said, now holding the console in his hands.
After a while, he had an idea of how to play and started playing on his own, reading the dialogues in the story. Only after he he started scratching his hair for a moment did I notice I was so close to him. My left arm was around him, right next to his left hand, my head right next to his and now my left leg was on top of his right leg.

After I noticed the closeness, my dick started getting hard and I was getting a little excited. I placed my hand on his left shoulder and started rubbing it so gently. The closeness was making me long for the sweetness of his skin. I kept rubbing his left shoulder ever so gently, going slowly to his back and rubbing it.
"That feels nice." he whispered, while still playing the game. I noticed he was trying hard to keep his eyes opened. My dick was getting even harder I was losing control of myself.
I grabbed the console, turned it off and put it away and continued rubbing his left shoulder and his back.
"You like this?" I whispered.
"Yeah, it's nice. Keep going." he whispered back, now lying down his head, his eyes now closed.
I continued rubbing his back with one hand and started rubbing my lips on his right shoulder, placing gentle kisses there. It felt soo smooth I wanted to suck on it and even bite it, the sweat on his body only making it feel better.
I got on my knees on top of him, my dick rubbing against his ass, and started massaging his back with both hands. Sometimes I could hear him moan, enjoying the moment. I found myself rubbing his body for a while, then lying down on top of him, my chest rubbing against his back and i kissed his shoulder gently, then I got back up and continued the massage, after a while going back down to kiss his shoulder a bit harder and longer.
"Mmm, that feels nice Ash." he moaned.
I placed my arms now around his smooth body after rubbing his hair off of his ear, and whispering something that made his eyes open wide and then gasp as he felt my dick pressing against his ass harder, with my boxers and his briefs in the way.
"Wait 'til I fuck your sweet ass, baby..."

[Whether this story continues or ends here depends on the readers' opinion]

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