Colleen's Swamp Adventure

Colleen's Swamp Adventure

**written by my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf**

Chapter 1

March 4, 1990: Robert "Bo" Boggs, a pig-eyed chain-smoking fifty something trucker, dumps a yet another container full of waste chemicals being used in the efforts to create a truly successful pheromone-based aphrodisiac. After years of testing, the scientists had failed to locate the elusive X Factor that would make the drug effective. Abandoning this batch of aphrodisiac, they had it dumped into a local swamp, outside the small town of Peach Tree, Louisiana on the southwestern border near Texas. The discreet and illegal dumping earned Bo big bucks. Bo will die of good moonshine and bad decisions five years later, terminating his presence in this story.

June 26, 2014: Colleen McPherson goes for a swim.

"Motherfucking, piece of shit, asshole, prick!" is how Colleen McPherson described her recently exed-boyfriend.

Her profane assessment of his character came about as the result of an unfortunate discovery: the boyfriend, in bed with two other girls, a buxom blond servicing the boyfriend's cock and a young slim brunette who was eating out the blond. What really pissed her off was: (a) the ex never told her about it, she would have joined in; ( the brunette was the mayor's daughter?! "She's a 14 year old teenager for Chrissakes!" and (c) the stacked blond was Judy Cutler, her mortal enemy from junior high, high school, and beyond, "Him?! With her?!!"

Colleen had come to the boyfriend's house to surprise him with a quick morning fuck. She opened the bedroom door and there they were; she looked at them, two pairs of shocked expressions and one blond smirk stared back. Colleen slammed the door and stormed. Her newly ex-boyfriend followed, clad in a blanket, clumsily trying to explain about open relationships, moments of weakness, and other bullshit. She punched him in the face and left him laying spread eagle and naked on the front lawn, his boner sticking straight up like a flag pole.

She spent the rest of the morning gunning her Ford F-150 along the back roads near her house. She stopped the truck, got out and paced the dirt road, fuming. "That son of a bitch," she thought, angrily kicking the rear tire of her truck. Colleen looked around; the place was familiar. It was a beautiful spot on the edge of the local swamp. This very water fed to a stream by her house, providing bath and drinking water at her place for all of the years she had lived there. The swamp itself had a calm blue-green water in a lagoon surrounded by reeds and cattails framing a small grassy clearing with big gnarled Cyprus trees offering cool shade from the heat.

"I used to swim here," she remembered.

It was a good place to think, very private; no dangerous animals, just a few frogs and critters. Colleen took a look at the calm cool water and thought, "Why not?" She was hot, sweaty, and pissed. It was approaching noon on a hot, humid day, "May as well cool off. There's no one around."

Colleen tossed her hat on the seat of the truck and vigorously shook her fingers through her lustrous red hair, fluffing it out and framing her beautiful, oval face. She took off her clothes and put them on the seat of the truck, enjoying the warm sun and gentle breeze on her smooth skin. Her tender feet warmed by the sandy dirt road, then cooled by the soft grass as she strolled unashamed down under the low hanging trees, the sexy woman was exhilarated to be naked and so free out in the open, even if there were no one around this lonely country road to see her. To a casual observer (if any were to be found) she was a redhead through and through, from her neatly trimmed red bush to the dancing crimson hues of her tresses. Her 23 year old body was firm and athletic with cute 34B breasts and long, slim limbs. A smattering of freckles dotted her arms and shoulders. Her eyes were bright green and flashed with her temper. Her sensual face sported a cute upturned nose and a wide, sensuous mouth. Colleen tiptoed between low hanging willow and Cyprus tree branches and padded over the thick patches of grass before moving gingerly to the water's edge. The slim girl waded up to her waist in the refreshing cool water of the swamp, her toes squishing into the algae and mud as her motions moved lily pads and water reeds in her wake.

Colleen glided about the small pool for the next half hour, letting the soothing waters calm her jangled nerves. Occasionally, a large splash here or there caught her attention, but as the crickets and other wood sounds continued undisturbed, Colleen knew she was safe. As she lazily made her way towards the bank to sun herself in the warm shafts that broke the leafy canopy overhead, she felt something brush against her leg. "Log," she thought, as she turned on her back, her lower body submerged in the cool water as she soaked in the shallows, relishing the luxury of swimming naked. She lay her head back on the cool muddy bank, thoughts drifting as she planning revenge on Judy, unaware of the eyes watching her body.

The observer wasn't human; Colleen's movements had caught the attention of something altogether different. It swam towards the reclining redhead with just one goal.

Colleen's revenge fantasies were ended abruptly by a splash and a splat. A mysterious something had reared up out of the water and plopped wetly onto her stomach. "What...?!" Colleen gasped as she jerked to sit up, then fell back into the water. Using her arms to push behind her, she sat back up, sputtering, aware of a wet, slimy weight upon her body.

One look widened her eyes in shock, "What the fuck?!!"

A long eel-like creature was laying on her abdomen! "Goddamn! That's a big lamprey!" she thought.

It was the biggest she'd ever seen. Normally they were only as big around as two fingers, but this one was thicker than her clenched fist and at least three feet long! More horribly, its oval mouth was fastened solidly onto her right boob. Lampreys were parasitic creatures; usually they targeted fish, clamping their sharp teeth onto the skin and sucking out the meat; for some reason this creature was interested in Colleen.

"Ewww! Ick! Get off me!" Colleen cried, tugging frantically at the eel's body. The lamprey's skin was wet and slimy; its mouth was stuck to her like glue. It slipped in her frantic grip and she couldn't get purchase on the greasy things body.

"Damn! It won't budge," Colleen thought after a moment's futile tugging. Oddly, she felt no painful bites from the creature, just the inconvenience of having it attached to her.

"Well," she thought, "Guess it's the hospital or vet, see if they can do something. God! This is so embarrassing. It'll get around and Judy will have something else to laugh about."

Unfortunately, not only was the lamprey heavier than it looked, but every time she tried to rise out of the water, her hands and feet would slip in the slimy ground near the bank, causing her to fall back. Likewise, each time she would expose the creature to air, it would wriggle violently, pulling painfully at her breast and forcing Colleen to lie back down, submerging her chest under the shallow water. She got the message: the creature didn't want her to leave. "Fuck," she thought, "What am I going to do now? I can't stay like this forever."

Colleen examined the lamprey. Its mouth covered her entire nipple and a good deal of her breast. "I better figure out something before this thing sucks me dry. Damn! How did it get this big? Her questions were interrupted as she became aware of a tickling around her tit, "What's this thing doing?"

The lamprey was flicking its darting tongue around her areola, sliding its soft rasp across her nipple. "Is this thing licking me?!"
The lamprey did more than lick, its mouth began to open and close, squeezing and pumping her breast, "My God!! A fucking lamprey's giving me boob action!" she exclaimed with a nervous laugh, not daring to believe what was happening.

The creature's teeth were soft and gentle. The play of its tongue was shockingly arousing. Colleen began to moan softly, as her now sensitive breast received attention. The erotic eel wriggled over her flat stomach, it's tail undulating between her creamy legs. Its body slithered back and forth across her pubic mound and ground against labia, sliding its sliminess across Colleen's swollen clit, "Oh God, I'm getting so wet! A fucking eel is..uuhhn..gonna make...uhhhhh...make cum!!"

Colleen tilted her head back as she began groaning deeply. Involuntarily, she wrapped her thin arms around the wriggling slime as she would an excited puppy and hugged the creature tightly to her heaving body. She squeezed her legs together, trapping its squirming tail at the inflamed junction of her legs and wriggled against the lamprey; her pussy spasmed, pumping her juice into the swamp water while she gasped and squeaked "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Her pert ass rose and smashed down into the slimy mud below, causing the water to splash loudly and stirring up the detritus in the pool.

As she slowly began to come down from her climax, Colleen failed to notice another wake in the water, rippling towards her reclining body. There was another splash, another sputter from Colleen as she was knocked back. When she recovered and looked, another lamprey had attached itself to her left breast.

"Oh fucking shit, no! Not another one," she groaned to herself. The creature began to give her supple breast the same attention as the other had. Colleen was now covered by two wriggling slimy bodies, whose tail likewise pushed into her inner thighs, making Colleen unintentionally spread her legs, exposing her shivering cunt to the swamp. The flow of cool water across Colleen's hot vulva coupled with the gentle yet persistent suckling of the two eels gave her teat another pleasant feeling of growing arousal. After staring down at her two pets for a few moments, she sighed and tilted her head back, resuming her moans and ululations; soon, another satisfying orgasm built to crescendo and with happy grunts of joy, Colleen let a fresh cloud of pussy juice flow into the water. Unbeknown to the redhead, her scent in the water brought more bodies swimming towards the supine woman.

A larger splash of water opened her eyes wide as Colleen turned to find herself facing a huge Swamp Rat! "AAAAGGHH!" the startled girl screamed, scrambling vainly to try to back away from the red-eyed beast. It was huge! Over four feet long and quite thick, it looked like a medium sized gray dog. Unbeknown to Colleen, the chemicals in the swamp had mutated it as it had the other animals there, making it much larger than normal. Colleen turned over in the water, the lampreys attached to her now stinging tits momentarily forgotten as she tried to crawl on her hands and knees in the brackish water away from the squeaking beast approaching from behind her.

The rat, for his part, immediately scented the source that had drawn him here; Colleens leaking, beautiful cunt! Like a flash, the nimble animal heaved onto Colleen's back, pushing her down into the bank with a "Huff!", knocking the air from her. As the lampreys were pressed cruelly into her tits, they increased their biting and chewing, now drawing milk from her reddened globes. Pinned down by the weight on her back, Colleen was near panic as she felt a scalding hot rod of iron at her back leg and before she could process what was happening, a flared tip pierced her labia and drove deeply into her with one stroke. "Ghaaaaunh!" the helpless redhead gurgled, her mind vainly trying to cope with the flood of disgust and pleasure she felt.

Immediately, the stinking Swamp Rat began his rut; rapidly, much faster than any man had ever fucked her, the rat began jackhammering in and out of her slicked hole, gripping her hips with it's claw-like nails, digging into her sweet flesh. Colleen could feel the cold wet fur on her upturned ass and back, could feel the rats pounding heart through her back as it grunted unnaturally while the strangely shaped dick cored out her quivering pussy. The lampreys, tasting fresh milk, redoubled their efforts and began pulling harder on her thick, tender nipples, making Colleen sob with ecstasy. Her tears and snot ran down her face. The swamp rat bent it's head down and Colleen felt wire-like whiskers on her shoulder, then caught her breath in terror as she turned, seeing the nasty snout of the beast right by her face!

Before she could react, the pile-driving creature extended a narrow tongue and began to fervently lick the tears and snot from Colleen's beet-red face. It explored her nostrils and open mouth, making Colleen gag with it's foul breath. Reflexively clamping her mouth closed, she realized quickly that she couldn't keep it shut for too long, as the amazing fuck she was getting made her pant with a growing arousal.

"Oh fuck, I can't believe I am being raped by some fucking rat!" she thought in a fever.

Somehow, being used as a sex toy by these swamp creatures was turning Colleen on more than she had ever been before. As the heavy rat on her back increased his already blistering pace, Colleen opened her mouth with a moan and let the beast french-kiss her, her orgasm beginning to explode inside her at the utter degradation she was submitting to.

Dropping her head down and screwing her eyes tightly shut, Colleen bellowed like a wild woman as the rat came in her, pumping pint after pint of scalding, beautiful cum inside her aching cunt. Her body was wracked as if in seizures, her hands finding the heads of the lampreys as she squeezed them hard, causing the sharp needle-like teeth to bite harder into her tender tit flesh. She fell forward with a splash, her head now under water as she came harder and harder, unable to do nothing but lay submerged, her arms and legs shaking.

A feeling of panic gripped her again as she pushed up on her arms, sputtering for air as she rose again, breathing in great gulps of clean oxygen. The rat suddenly twisted and fell off of her back, greatly relieving Colleen of her burden. Looking down, she felt a pang of regret as her two eel pets floated on the surface, detached from her now purpled breasts; dead. Shrugging to herself, Colleen crawled wearily forward a few feet and fell onto her back on the bank, exhausted and unable to move for the moment. Panting, she stared up into the branches overhead and at he deep blue sky beyond the branches.

Her body hummed pleasantly as she lay still, basking in the glow of the violent but sexually satisfying encounter. Her harsh breaths quickly calmed as she closed her eyes for a moment, gathering her strength. Strangely, she realized she felt no pain whatsoever; her breasts weren't even sore from their abuse and her pussy only pulsed warmly, echoing the savage fucking it just had enjoyed, the delightful sensation of warm cream leaking across the puffy lips of her labia into the water at her hips.

A rhythmic slosh made the redhead raise her head and gaze down over her body, past her feet as her blood turned ice cold and her breath stopped. A snout and two eyes were breaking the surface and had made a beeline straight towards Colleen. The redhead froze and gasped a startled "Oh no!"


While generally not found as large as this in shallow swamps like these, this huge specimen was likewise chemically mutated. It was better than 15 feet long, snout to tail and weighed more than 400 lbs!! It also was attracted by the thrashing and scents it tasted in the water and had come to its source. Quicker than Colleen could react, the scaly beast scrambled up onto her supine body, crushing the helpless girl into the mud. If not for the behemoth holding its own weight up on short muscular legs, the tiny girl would have been crushed. Colleen found her voice and began to shriek pitifully, certain that she was seconds away from a horrible death.

The behemoth lay still upon the shaking girl's body. Colleen began to cry as she flailed her tiny arms and legs about, her torso solidly planted into the mud. She looked up at the 'gator, seeing only the whitened scales of its neck and upper body, it's head and vicious jaws well past her head. Wildly she thought, "Maybe it didn't see me? Maybe it's just sunning itself?" She stopped her struggles and lay still, her legs splayed open and her arms outstretched to each side.

Slowly, despite her lower body being in cool water, she felt a heat down by her pussy. Her mind racing, she wondered if she had been cut and were bleeding; but no, she didn't feel anything. The heat grew and grew, making a pleasant warmth to her groin. Suddenly, she felt it! A large, fleshy knob, the size of a baseball glove; A COCK! Right at the entrance of her cunt!

Her eyes widened again as Colleen quickly figured out the score; this great beast was going to fuck her!

Clenching her buttocks, Colleen tried to quell a rising panic again; a rat was one thing, it was nearly normal sized, penis-wise, but this thing between her legs felt huge as it pressed insistently against her hole. It neither jabbed or plunged, just steadily pushed, slowly and inexorably forward, grinding in.

Colleen had heard some of her girlfriends talk about playing with the big cocks of the horses on their farms, and a couple even claimed to have been fucked by those monsters, but Colleen had always thought they were bragging. And filthy sluts.

Now, she was desperately trying to recall all they had said on how to do it; Number 1, Relax. The looser your muscles are, the easier the entry. Colleen took a deep breath and willed herself to unclench. Almost immediately, she felt her labia spread and an incredible fullness overcame her as the pliant, rubbery tip of the alligator's dick compressed somewhat and wedged in. Rule Number 2, Breathe. With admirable control, Colleen began short, sharp breaths as if in labor, appreciating the irony that she wasn't delivering a baby but having the equivalent pushed back up in her.

She was quickly rewarded with a sensation of motion, as a length of alligator cock moved up her canal, surprising Colleen as she parted her lips and moaned in sexual satisfaction.

"What the fuck was that?" she laughed to herself. Now over her initial terror of being devoured, she realized that whatever the hell was going on today in the swamp, she seemed to be the star attraction of everything that breeds in the area. "What the hell, if it keeps me alive, let 'em fuck me. Ain't like I got a boyfriend any more, anyway..." she mused.

Sure enough, the giant 'gator began increasing his efforts, now moving slowly but rhythmically back and forth, sawing his 4" diameter, flared-tip dick in and out of the tiny redhead. It's scaly stomach rubbed Colleen's pert, eraser-thick nipples raw, sending blissful tingles of pain and pleasure through her milky tits. As her and her previous lovers' combined cum juices lubricated the rutting pole more and more, Colleen closed her eyes and smiled, digging her feet into the muddy water and doing her best to rotate her hips, meeting his thrusts back. Soon Colleen became lost in the gentle sloshing of water as her huge scaly lover rocked his enormous dick in and out of her. Her fourth orgasm of the day was building like a volcano inside of her and she was sure it would be the biggest of her life. Almost on cue, the cute little redhead choked and gasped as violent waves of pleasure wracked her body, she shivered and shook under the oppressive majesty of her alligator as she came torrents of girl-cum over his massive prick. This seemed to help the alligators' efforts, because he began to move faster, made more easy by her additional lubricant, and began filling the wailing youth with seemingly gallons of its juicy sperm. Wordlessly mouthing, Colleen flailed her head side-to-side, unable to cope with the absolute pleasure she was experiencing. The world spun about her and warm, velvety darkness took her as she passed out.

It must have been some time later, as Colleen awoke to long shadows and cooler air. Her scaly lover seemed long gone as she became conscious, smiling down at her open legs at a familiar sensation and site;

The head of a large turtle was nibbling at her cunt, it's rough lips nipping and pulling at her bruised but intact pussy. The wet slimy tongue dug in as it planted its crusty, toothless mouth on her sensitive pussy. The turtle slithered its tongue around her wet tunnel, pulling out to lick her swollen labia and clit, sending electric shocks through Colleen's body. It then dug deeply again,lapping up the alligator slime that remained up her now fluttering tunnel, again flooding with her own creamy juices. Colleen's moans were languid and lazy as she let her new friend clean her pussy. Minutes passed slowly, but the patient turtle seemed in no hurry. Amazingly, Colleen's relaxed feelings of having her cunt eaten passed from gentle, cooing moans to eventually full blown cries of delight. She thought she didn't have another cum left in her, but there she was, building to another tree-shaking orgasm. The swamp rang with her husky voice;

"Ooohh!! Mmmm!! Nnnng!!...Unnng!!...Tongued!!... unnng!!...By fucking....turtle!!! Oh God!! I'm cumming!! Oh!! Fuck me!! Come on!! Bite it!! Fuck me!!" she screamed. Her white legs twisted and crossed over the armored back of her pet as she hunched her hips up into it's mouth. With a faint wail, Colleen came at last, not a gushing torrent she had earlier but a small trickle of clear fluid; all she had left. She well and truly was empty, sexually satisfied and completely fucked out.

She would've screamed her throat raw if not for exhaustion. Slowly, well after she had finished and plopped back onto the dry grass of the shore at last, her friend the turtle waddled up beside her and eased itself down. Smiling tiredly, Colleen turned on her side towards the turtle and smiled, propping her head up on one arm. The other hand playfully and gently explored the turtles' shell and head, which it did not pull in as they usually do, but blinked at her curiously, as if regarding her with as much curiosity as she had for it.

Feeling bold, Colleen turned the large animal onto it's side; she knew turtles could die on their back, but she wanted to see something and didn't think propping him up on a rock sideways for a few minutes would hurt anything.

Sure enough, she was right. From out of a fold in it's underside, was a bright red penis as she had never seen before. The turtle itself was about 3 feet in diameter, and the penis was about 9 inches long, bigger than her ex's by far. What got Colleen's attention was the shape of it. It had a thick, bulbous head that was as thick as three fingers curled up, but smooth and warm to the touch. Behind that, it tapered sharply, as if a bulb were on a very thick stick, sturdy but not as thick as the tip. Unlike other cocks, it had no really visible veins, only smooth, warm skin.

Without a thought, Colleen bent her head down low and kissed the cute little cock-head. Tenderly, she licked and kissed the turtle's cock, marveling at the watery yet salty taste of the fluid that expressed from it. Feeling more bold, she engulfed the whole thing and felt the
knob bump against the back of her throat as her lips closed on the thinner shaft. Colleen began licking and pumping her head up and down, giving the turtle's dick a thorough wetting. Too soon, it seemed, the warm organ in her mouth began running warm, sticky fluid into her mouth, which Colleen quickly swallowed. It was smooth and kind of tasty, like when her Mom had made turtle soup, but different. Colleen gulped down shot after shot of the turtle's spew, then licked the surface of his cock clean.

Sitting up, the young girl pulled the turtle back on it's feet and gave it a peck on top of it's warty head for good measure. Colleen was becoming strangely accustomed to the weird turn of events here at her old playground today.

"It's funny what you can get used to." she mused.

Colleen's body had undergone a drastic change, as a side effect of her aquatic intimacies and long term exposure to the specially tainted waters. The chemicals combined with the natural acids and salts of the swamp and had perfected the true aphrodisiac that scientists had failed to find themselves and was more potent than they would have dreamed. The ecosystem had adapted and assimilated the new property introduced there and now for all purposes, this swamp would always produce sexually-charged flora and fauna. Colleen herself, having drunk and bathed in the waters all of her life, having it infused into her biochemistry over the years had been unintentionally prepared for the final jolt that would change her very being forever. Having had the concentrated fluids of many of the swamp's denizens directly pumped into her today, she now was pushed over the biological edge.

The thin redhead, over the course of the next few weeks would find her body changing; her breasts becoming fuller and she began to lactate, her body grew more lush and generous. Overall, her curvaceous body also seemed stronger, more resilient, but also sensitive. Inexplicably for many around her, she seemed to garner more attention than usual; men and women both found themselves staring dreamily after her when she was close by. Animals of all kinds, from dogs and cats to all manner of beast drew near her, wanting to lick or be touched by her. Colleen likewise found her own desires would increase to even more unnatural levels as she looked upon almost everything and everybody as a potential sexual partner. She would find herself drawn to strange thoughts unlike any she had before, some dark and dangerous.

It was a beautiful sunny day only 3 weeks later. A confident and stronger-looking Colleen drove up the dusty road to the clearing by the swamp she had been thinking of since the first day she left it. She was so horny her panties were soaked. "I better get to it before I mess my pants," she thought. Colleen quickly stripped off her red-checked halter top releasing her now full, milky jugs and her daisy dukes from her generous ass and walked toward the water. She floated with her legs spread and pussy wide, until she saw the familiar ripples of her friends approaching.

She sighed, knowing the fun to come. Colleen tilted her head back, smiled, and closed her eyes, "God, this has been a great summer." The first of her lovers swam forward.

Chapter 2

A cool breeze with just a hint of chill in it blew over the reclining form of Colleen McPherson. Now a stunning young woman of 21, the once tiny girl was now an almost amazonian woman. Her 36DD breasts strained at the thin white T-shirt she wore, her eraser-thick cherry red nipples accented her creamy white, freckled skin of her generous cleavage. Her bare, toned stomach was exposed, flaring dramatically to her 36" hips, covered by the red cotton shorts that clung tightly to her red-trimmed pussy lips, giving any viewer a pleasant scene of classic camel-toe.

Colleen was outside, laying in the grass letting the sun warm her beautiful body. She was at the Lafayette campus of Pharmatech, the largest research facility in the state of Louisiana, waiting for test results. After almost a year of her "Swamp Adventures", as she called them, she became quite certain that something in the water there caused her wonderful and strange transformation, not only in her but in her many multi-species lovers.

Having taken a sample of swamp water with her, she found it surprisingly easy to get an audience with the head biochemist of the firm; such was her newfound powers of persuasion. Stuttering and flustered, the middle-aged man listened with rapt attention at her recollections of unbridled lust and sex with the many animals in the swamp. Colleen realized that the poor man was not only under her pheromonal spell and finding it hard to concentrate, but that her stories were making the scientist unbelievably horny. Always being in a low-level state of arousal herself, Colleen did the only thing she felt natural about in these situations; she fucked the scientist.

Pausing a moment in her tale of being ass-fucked by a large, burrowing mole who literally dug it's head into her tight, dark sphincter, Colleen smiled at the Professor and whipped her T-shirt off, revealing her bouncing white globes, generously speckled with brown freckles. The doctor's eyes widened in child-like hope, then he smiled gratefully as the lithe redhead knelt before him and unzipped his fly, pulling out his already leaking 7" cock. Running her mouth and nose up and down it's length, inhaling his scent, Colleen's mouth watered. She had forgotten how nice a human cock was, once in a while.

As her velvet tongue licked and tickled his steel-hard dick, she would pause every few moments to speak...

"So you see, Professor Higgins, I think it's something in the swamp water that has changed me and the animals there."

The cute redhead looked up into his eyes, grinning impishly as she gave the cock tip a quick kiss, then stood up, shucking her red shorts in one smooth motion. Stepping forward, she lowered herself onto his dick with a sigh, wrapping her arms around the bearded doctor's neck. Now looking down at him, she began rising up and down slowly, enjoying the feel of his cock in her still wonderfully tight pussy.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! And not just me, I mean" she moaned,"I mean the Uuunnnh, animals too. All the beasts. Uh uh uh...oh matter what kinds, they just want to fuck me, y'know?"

Colleen started increasing her rhythm, jolting the professor's chair back into his desk, bouncing her luscious ass on his lap.

"I mean, even out of the swamp now, stray dogs come sniffing my ass, alley cats licking my legs...OH! Professor!" she squealed delightedly as the older gentleman now lost all control and squeezed her swollen tits, biting down hard on the reddish pink nipples. His sucking and forceful grip immediately caused thick streams of creamy milk to erupt from her nubs, drenching the doctor's white starched shirt and leaking little trickles of tit juice over his bony fingers and down the underside of her swollen breasts, etching long white trails of her delicious milk down onto her bare legs.

Colleen was pushed over the edge and began cumming, her spasming pussy gripping the professor's dick tighter, making him cum as well. Torrents of white cream spewed from him into her deepest recesses, mixing with her thinner but potent girl-goo.

Panting heavily, she fell forward onto him and they sat in an embrace, breathing heavily until she finally rose, his cock popping out of her cunt. Smiling sweetly, Colleen took her chair back and sat, naked, absent-casually digging the doctor's sperm from her sopping hole with one hand and feeding herself with it. Between mouthfuls, she finished,

"So anyway, if you can, would you mind testing me and this stuff to see what's happening? I'd love to know..."

Looking completely flabbergasted, the disheveled professor finally found his voice and squeaked out a tiny, "Of course, young lady."

Hours later, she had found herself in the medical department, in a flimsy paper gown. Her blood had been drawn, her blood pressure taken, every vital statistic possible was accounted. The trim little brunette nurse, Emily Cross, had at first been very clinical and cool, but professionally pleasant. As minutes passed, Colleen could see the tell-tale signs of her influence taking effect. Emily returned with a new tray of instruments to the examination room, but the redhead smiled to herself when she observed that the nurse had undone the top buttons of her crisp white uniform, revealing smooth brown skin and the hint of cleavage. As Nurse Emily busied herself setting the instruments out, Colleen began humming a low, seductive tune.

Playfully, as Nurse Cross passed in front of her, Colleen slowly took a deep breath, stretching the flimsy gown severely. Emily stopped short with a mild look of surprise on her face, almost confused. She looked at Colleen's deep green eyes, then down at her swelling bosom, then nervously off again, embarrassed.

The nurse fumbled with the remaining instruments and finally got them in order.

"A..alright then," the nurse stammered, forcing herself to regain composure,"we'll just need to get your temperature now, Miss McPherson."

Nurse Cross took the tiny oral thermometer and shook it, preparing to insert it under her patient's tongue.

Colleen looked her dead in the eye, slowly shaking her head side to side.

"Unh uh, not that way, honey," Colleen said with a wicked grin.

With a rustle of the paper gown, the exquisite redhead turned over, drawing her knees up onto the examination table, raising her divine, white globed ass up. With one hand, she slowly tore the gown from her backside, exposing her glistening pussy and smooth-skinned asshole to the stunned nurse.

"Momma wants it up here, baby." Colleen murmured, easing a whetted finger into her cute asshole.

Her eyes transfixed on the finger slowly sawing in and out of the redheads asshole, Emily did not even know she was leaning forward, did not know that she had placed her trembling hands on each warm butt cheek and was tonguing and licking around the finger before she regained her senses. Not even considering stopping, Nurse Emily wanted nothing in life more than to taste this woman's ass and to dig her tongue deep into her bowels.

Colleen flexed her pussy muscles as the tanned brunette began soul-kissing her sphincter. The little minx was almost desperately trying to wedge as much tongue as possible up into her rectal vault, worming and twisting her surprisingly nimble tongue around inside her.

"Someone's been giving killer blow-jobs", Colleen thought happily, feeling that only a woman who worked her tongue and mouth regularly would have this much length and talent.

As if to answer the unspoken thought, Emily brought her incredible tongue down, lapping at the juicy folds of the woman's cunt, eliciting a satisfied groan from Colleen. The lanky brunette's hat fell off her coal-black hair as she angled up and deep, wanting to tongue-fuck this total stranger who seemed to fill her every senses.

Colleen rolled onto her back, impressed that the nurse had managed to stay glued to her cunt as she did so. Looking down, she saw only the tiny head of her nurse rolling around between her creamy white thighs, drinking the flowing, sticky cunt juice flowing from her. Purring, Colleen stroked the girl's head, then drawing her face up.

With a gasp for air, Emily looked up, as if in a daze. Her mouth wide open, gulping air. Colleen's eyes widened with a thrill as her estimation had been correct: Emily had an unusually long tongue, the kind generally found on porn-stars and maybe a member of a rock band. It was long and flexible, writhing about like a hungry snake.

Colleen drew the girl up to her face and kissed her deeply, tasting all of her own cunt juices in the nurse's mouth. As they embraced, Colleen's hands busily undid the buttons of the girl's uniform, at last baring her bra and panties to her own skin. Pulling back from their kiss, the redhead looked into her lover's eyes and with a jerk that made Emily gasp, ripped the panties off of her with a stroke. Colleen's flat hand rubbed and probed the hairless mound of her nurse, who looked pleadingly down at her mistress only inches away, waiting, hoping, needing her to penetrate her with her fingers.

Evilly, Colleen did not, but continued to massage the nurses' clit and labia until her hand was filled with frothy juice. Then she drew it up between them and wiped it on her own lips, then on Emily's, forcing her fingers in the girl's mouth.

"Drink it, go on, drink your own pussy, baby. Good, isn't it? Well, I'm gonna go get me some, too." the fiery redhead whispered.

Pulling the thin girl up, straddling her face, Colleen eased Emily down, breathing deeply the musky fragrance. Little drips hit her lips and face; Colleen smiled as she realized that Emily was literally leaking cunt-juice out of her, raining it down on her.

Wasting not another moment, Colleen pulled her down and began diving her tongue into the velvet warmth of the nurses' slick hole. Her mouth filled with salty fluids, sticky and delicious. Colleen rained kisses and nips of love on her labia and suckled like a child on the cute little button of her clitoris. Emily sat straight up and rotated her hips around, grinding down on her new lover's face, wanting to cum more than she had ever before in her life. She ran her fingers through her raven hair, moaning as she moved down to pull her 32c tits free of their bra and began twisting and pulling her nipples, making them feel as if they were on fire.

Colleen had just pushed as far as she could up her gooey channel when she was rewarded with a flutter and shudder over her probing tongue. Emily began sobbing as gushes of cum sprayed from her little pussy. Colleen's hair was drenched in the shower of cum pulsing out from the mewling girl's pussy. Mercilessly, Colleen raked her nails over the tanned, pert ass cheeks of her partner, eliciting new spasms and cries of relief from above. Emily seemed to cum and cum and cum, wracking her body with orgasmic bliss.

Finally the torrent slowed and Emily collapsed forward onto the table, her pussy still fastened to Colleen's expert mouth, not wanting to move from that heavenly spot. For her part, the soaked redhead was nibbling and kissing and licking the outer folds, gently sucking up and swallowing the tasty pussy drink.

Sighing contentedly, Colleen slid out from beneath the semi-conscious nurse and stood up, naked and face glistening in the examination room.


Colleen turned, startled at the noise. Standing in a parted curtain to the examination area was Professor Higgins and two other gentlemen who also appeared to be doctors. Each had a bemused and impressed expression on their faces. Colleen just grinned and wiped her face and chest with a handy towel and remarked,

"Told you this was powerful stuff, doc!"

"Er, yes, well, I see..."stuttered the stodgy older professor, staring unashamedly at the fantastic site before him.

"Ummm...perhaps you had better wait, uh, in the courtyard, where you'll be perhaps more comfortable and we won't be so...well, distracted. Yes?" the doctor offered sheepishly.

"Of course, professor. Can't stand in the way of science, can I?" Colleen said with a smile, patting the doctor on his bulging crotch as she slid past the three men. She began to sashay down the short hallway, swinging her hips to complete effect.

"Miss McPherson! Miss McPherson! Your clothes, my dear! You cannot go out in our facility like that!" sputtered one of the other doctors

Turning to look over her shoulder, Colleen grinned coyly,"You sure you want me dressed, boys? I'm more fun this way!"

Giggling at her own joke, Colleen grabbed her flimsy T-shirt and shorts and proceeded outside to lay in the grass. She did appreciate the sun on her skin as she rested, occasionally moving a curious hand up her shirt to collect stray drops of Emily's cum to flavor her fingers with. She did want them to test her, so she was content to leave them to their work.

Chapter 3

The results were in and it was a toss up as to who was more amazed, Colleen or the scientists. It seemed that the swamp water had indeed entered Colleen's bloodstream and had evoked a startling transformation on her basic genetic structure. She now exuded pheromones of such a malleable and adaptable degree that almost any living thing would be attracted to her sexually. Likewise, her own discerning nature had been bypassed and she herself was more open to sexual variety than the average (and even above average) young woman. As a byproduct of her alterations, Professor Higgins explained to the fascinated and horny young redhead that her body also was being altered, as evidenced by her milk-filled breasts, more generous and curvaceous hips and buttocks and even to her endurance and resistance to pain and injury. She even seemed to heal at a faster rate than normal.

Excitedly, Professor Higgins began outlining a rigorous schedule of testing and analysis that he and his team wanted to conduct on Colleen, to which she put up a firm hand and squashed immediately.

"Oh hell no! I am not going to waste my time sitting in some laboratory while you guys poke needles in me and play boring ass doctor all day!"
she stated.

Leaning in to the wide-eyed doctor, she smiled sexily and said with a purr,"Tell you what, though. Loan me that sexy nurse Emily and I'll show her how a Louisiana girl gets down in the swamp. She can collect all the samples and data you could ever want, right from the source."

Reaching down and massaging the old professor's straining cock through his pants, she gave it a firm squeeze and said,

"How's that grab you?"

Flustered at the overwhelming flood of pheromones hitting his system, the sputtering doctor agreed immediately.

Colleen and Pharmatech had come to what seemed to be a perfectly fine mutual arrangement. Colleen was now an employee of sorts, drawing a handsomely comfortable salary (made handsome, she was certain, by her influence) as a member of Professor Higgin's Research and Development team. As matter of fact, she was what the Prof described as Field Agent At-Large, which as far as they all were concerned meant was that Colleen could come and go as she pretty much pleased and they would pay her for getting data from her and her exploits. Suited her, as Colleen had no intention of keeping her "discovery" to herself. As far as she cared, the whole world would be a better place if people fucked a lot more and hated a lot less. Also, she was a good ol' country girl. She didn't know diddly-squat about how to exploit this thing, whatever the hell it was.

So, with a fat bank account, new truck, new best friend and few nasty ideas, it was home to Peach Tree, Louisiana again!

Soon Colleen was flying down the old dirt road with Emily, the thin brunette now out of her nursing whites and wearing a tight pair of faded jeans that hugged her tiny pert buns and a red checked shirt tied up, exposing her tummy and accentuating her smallish tits. Between them on the seat of the truck was Emily's black leather medical bag, filled with all of the instruments she'd need to gather the data required by the institute. Bouncing around in the truck bed was some well-packed recording equipment and other supplies.

For her part, Colleen was less concerned with science now and more anxious to seeing what other animals and things she could fuck. Her pussy fairly ached to be filled and fucked good and hard. She smiled to herself as she also had a much more wickedly exotic encounter planned for her nubile companion to witness.

Colleen wasted little time getting set up in the small shady grove my the swamp's edge. Just the smell of the moist air invigorated her, making her freckled skin tingle. Under Emily's curious eyes, the girl quickly but efficiently began pounding long stakes at equal distances into the ground, securing them firmly in the soil. As the nurse, tasked with recording and evaluating the strength and effectiveness of this "power" Colleen had manifested, began setting up the tripods and recording gear in different areas of the grove, the redhead began to dig through her backpack, producing thin leather strips.

Quickly stripping, Colleen shoved her clothes into her backpack and tossed it to one side. Emily's eyes lingered appreciatively over the shapely and full form of the sexy young woman. Colleen grinned at the brunette's longing gaze and bent over at the hips, allowing her a full view of her damp, red-furred pussy from behind as she carefully secured her own ankles to the two lower stakes with firm knots, being sure to spread her legs widely. Once done, she carefully sat down and lay back, the two leather thongs on each wrist flopping outwards towards the other two stakes above her.

"C'mon Emily, tie me up. I've had this idea for a few days and I can't wait to try it. You can film all of this and show it to your Professor and see what he thinks of me then!"

Tentatively, the young nurse fumbled with the straps but eventually secured the outstretched redhead to her satisfaction. As far as Colleen was concerned, no matter what happened this afternoon, she wasn't going anywhere.

As the nervous brunette retreated to a nearby camouflaged blind to activate the many recorders placed strategically in the grove, silence finally fell. Eventually, only a low melodic humming could be heard coming from the shifting, waiting form of the staked out Colleen, her open legs an offering to the wildlife in the swamp, beckoning any animal to come and ravage her.

For some reason Emily felt warmer than the afternoon weather should make her feel. She felt an almost buzzing in her mind, a flutter in her stomach and a dampness on her forehead and neck as she listened to Colleen's music. The rest of the swamp reacted as well, the chitter and drone of the gnats and bugs growing louder, the splashes and grunts of odd animals overlapping each other, birds cawing in protest as if something were exciting them.

Only a few yards away, Emily could see the sheen of sweat on the rising and falling breasts of the woman facing away from her. On the surface of the water further past her, the nurse saw a cloud of mosquitoes swarming, moving slowly towards the immobilized redhead. They made a gray haze over her body as they dove and landed on her moist skin, darting their numbing proboscis into her creamy flesh, eliciting gasps and groans from the now squirming form.

Colleen was breathless with lust, her pussy squeezing and glistening as these little bugs teased and stung her. Little punctures in a thousand points on her jiggling tits, her nipples already swelling with reaction to their stings. Her roiling stomach a carpet of whelps and her sweaty thighs jostled and kicked in vain, trying to rub her tortured pussy lips together to get some relief from the crawling, biting little lovers. Her body was a feast for them and the helplessness made Colleen cum as her fists gnarled, bloody red as they strained to be free to claw at her aching clit, being repeatedly and relentlessly sucked and stung by countless mosquitoes. Cries of ecstasy and ragged breaths of joy came from the twitching girl as Emily sat dumbfounded at the raw sexual display she was recording.

Minutes after agonizing minutes passed when, to the observers amazement, the mosquitoes rose en masse, as if commanded, and flew quickly away. Only the heavy breathing and occasional giggle could be heard coming from the still bound woman in front of her.

It was after the briefest of pauses that Colleen's newest friends presented themselves, alarming Emily into standing and saying nervously,

"Oh my god, Colleen! Look out!"

"Shh! It's fine, it's fine, Emily," Colleen murmured reassuringly. "I saw them up there when I set up in this spot. Believe me, they're invited. Now watch, honey."

Embarrassed, Emily sat back down behind her concealment, nervous but now strangely intrigued. She could not tear her eyes away from the fine, silken strands that had begun dropping from the branches overhead, dangling down over the supine body of the gorgeous redhead. Colleen, for her part, had gone silent as well. Her glittering eyes were intent on the ballet of motion and delicate fall of hundreds of black spiders from the branches above her. Each white thread held at its tip a fat, one inch diameter, black, hairy, eight legged spider. Colleen licked her lips in anticipation.

With a light plop, each creature fell like a drop of rain on her once-again smooth, velvety skin. Quickly disengaging their lines, the arachnids skittered across her skin, hairy little feet with course barbs digging gently in, clinging to her for purchase. Colleen moaned low as they caressed her, running to and fro over her once more heaving breasts, climbing up quivering globes to grab tightly onto her firm upthrust tits. As if goaded into it, the larger, more aggressive spiders opened wide their chitinous mandibles and swiftly bit deep into the thick, pliant flesh of her thick rubbery nipples.

"Oh Fucking Yes!" squealed Colleen as she bucked upward, arching her proud, spider-covered tits to the treetops.

Vicious incisors pinched and chewed her cherry nipples as dozens more began nipping and biting her mounds, clambering into the valley of her sweating cleavage and pouring down her rippling white belly to her parted legs. Some adventurous spiders danced on her closed eyelids, tickling and brushing her wet, pouty lips with their filthy legs and hairy bellies. Some ventured into her luxurious hair, wriggling around her ears and neck, making her dizzy with a million different sensations.

Quickly the small army of warriors found her thighs and pussy and began biting in earnest, taking little pricks of blood and flesh from her gasping, writhing form. The tenacious workout they were giving the shaking woman was giving her rolling orgasm after orgasm, perverse and sweet as any she had ever experienced. Colleen was in rapture as her pulsing cunt leaked creamy juice which the filthy spiders swarmed onto with relish.

A loud "Thud" broke Colleen's reverie and caused Emily to squeak from her blind with surprise.

At Colleen's outstretched feet had landed the great-granddaddy of the spiders, having leaped from the tree above. Obviously mutated by the swamp, Emily only barely had enough capacity to register that it was being recorded.

The beast stood on eight fat legs, each easily 5" around. It's bloated belly was an incredible 5 feet wide and it stank like rotted meat. Multifaceted sickly green eyes with wiry hairs sticking haphazardly around it glistened as it surveyed the helpless whore before it. Colleen lowered her shocked gaze from it's dripping, slavering fangs to see an (for a spider) unusual but obviously excited penis extend itself from its fat gut.

The grotesque piece was possibly 17" long, hideously deformed. It was scarlet red and thick at the base, maybe 4" thick there. It tapered forward to a 2" diameter, a flange of skin like a thick fin lined it's top, but at the quivering, bobbing tip of the penis was not a pleasantly rounded bulb but a tapered black end much like a duck's bill. Crowning the very tip if this appendage was a sinister, slightly upturned hooked claw, as if a single bony finger beckoned Colleen to try it's obscene delights.

Emily's hands sought her pistol in a nearby knapsack, but stopped in shock as she heard the trembling voice of her subject,

"Oh fuck me you son of a bitch, come on, give me that nasty piece of shit."

Colleen was wild-eyed with lust as she only had eyes for the torturous instrument easing towards her wet pussy.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, mmmmmmm...oh fuck! Yeah! Do that!" she hoarsely murmured.

Unbeknown to Emily, the larger spiders at the redhead's cunt had bit deep into her fat, juicy labia and strained to pull the lips wide open, readying this willing whore for their master. Red cunt hair was stretched and torn, giving sharp, sexy jolts to flavor the anticipation.

"Grrrr....oh you little monsters, oh God!" sobbed the quivering slut with joy. Tears streamed from her burning eyes. This was it.

The shadow of the spider-beast fell over her shaking form as it lowered its body onto hers. The sensation was like having a trash bag full of hot mud engulf her as she felt the heat from it mix with hers. The rough hairs on its body scraped her red streaked skin, crushing and scattering her tinier lovers. As they were mashed into her flesh, they bit and chewed her even harder in their death throws, making her gasp in ecstasy. Her full, milky tits were squashed painfully into her chest, her thick abused nipples being pierced by the needle-like hairs of her new rapist. Trickles of sweet milk leaked from the purple, twisted tips, giving her another explosion of pleasure.

Then it happened. With a shift, the hideous creature placed the tip against her pink, sodden cunt. With no pretense of gentleness, the ragged claw scraped in her tender hole, dragging it's nail across the top of her tunnel with a firm thrust.

Colleen bucked wildly under the stifling mass, her screams echoing loudly into the woods. Fists clenched, her eyes screwed shut, the flailing redhead was completely at the mercy of the pistoning, grinding hulk on top of her. Emily was frozen in panic as she witnessed what she was certain was the doom of her new friend, horrifically fucked to death by this deformed abomination.

Moments passed as the huffing monstrosity pulled and plunged his ever-widening cock in and out between the raised, bucking thighs of the screeching redhead. It was only after a couple of minutes that the nurse could clearly hear the throaty yelps of her friend,

"God! Damn! Fuck! Uh! Uh! Uh! So! Good! OH GOD! Yes! Oh Fuck! Rape Me! Rape Me! Oh Fuck! Uh! Uh!"

Incredibly, Colleen was fucking the creature back! Emily was astonished at the insatiable redhead's capacity for pain sex. As she watched the obscene coupling taking place, she glanced at the monitors, each with different angles and degrees of closeness of the scene. Shots of the beast overpowering her, shots of Colleen's beautiful, sweat-soaked face a tangle of hair and spider bodies, smiling, kissing and licking the grotesque underbelly of her lover, shots of the hideous penis-thing pulling her bruised labia inside and out as it pile-drove her raw, red hole. The tiny spiders that were left, nipping and biting little love notes on her legs, arms and sides. Shots of her large, flattened tits being scraped like a washboard on it's terribly coarse underside, streams of white milk flowing from beet red nipples.

Emily couldn't help but plunge both hands into her sopping panties, cramming fingers into her own weeping cunt. Fingernails scraped her own clit, giving her a sympathetic shudder of the sweet ecstasy her girlfriend was enjoying only a few yards away. The tawny nurse pumped her cunt furiously, the squelching gushes of her fluid soaking her hands, finding their way to her thirsty mouth as she watched.

Colleen was wailing like a banshee, expressing her unbridled pain and love for it. The red hot poker creasing her fuck tunnel had sent her insane with pleasure, the hooked tip bumping painfully and exquisitely against her cervix with each jackhammer thrust. Colleen was having wrenching orgasms that seemed to rob her temporarily of consciousness only to reawaken the pinioned redhead as her head flopped back and bumped onto the ground, rousing her again and again to thrust upward, meeting her lovely attacker with as much as she could give.

Her leather bonds restraining her so, she was perfectly anchored for the seemingly unending assault of her terrible master. How long the beast pounded her, she did not know; it seemed to last an eternity. Colleen was beginning to have longer and longer intervals between orgasms and the pain in her pussy was becoming unbearable. Still the beast continued.

Although her orgasms were becoming less frequent, a new sensation emerged for the now groaning girl. The pain, becoming a burning, sharp tearing in her pussy and womb, gave birth to one last, violent orgasm that made the screaming woman clench her whole body rigidly, actually painfully gripping the torturous cock even more tightly, stopping it's rapacious motion. With a chilling screech, the immobilized spider-thing reared up off of Colleen, cruelly forcing one more thrust inward and began spewing it's penile venom into the mute woman's bruised womb.

Not breathing, her entire body beet-red, every muscle strained to definition as she reared forward as well, the leather thongs at her wrists snapped with a crack! Colleens immediately bolted upright and gripped the rearing spider's belly in her fists and hugged herself to him, having what looked to Emily like an epileptic seizure. Stuck to it's belly like a tick for several moments, the now scarlet woman suddenly sagged and fell like a rock to the ground below, still and unmoving.

Now scared again, Emily stood but dared not move as the horrible creature settled back down on its eight fat legs and stood a moment, as if in thought. The nurse could see it slowly withdraw it's nasty, green dripping tool and pull it back into its belly. It turned in place, its rough underbelly jostling the still woman beneath him and it skittered off to a nearby tree, to which it deftly clambered up and away, making it's way back into the swamp trees overhead.

As Emily approached Colleen, she saw the other little spiders that had not been destroyed by their master's onslaught likewise run for cover, making their ways to bushes and branches nearby.

As the nurse knelt by the still form, she was relieved to see her color returning quickly to normal and her breathing again. Amazed at the violence she had witnessed Colleen endure, the astonished nurse undid the thongs at the awakening woman's feet, allowing her to sit upright. As they sat silently facing one another, Colleen smiled weakly at first and quickly seemed to regain her strength. She absentmindedly ran fingers through her thick red locks and find a stray spider. As she sat smiling wistfully at it, she let it play on her fingers before letting it nestle on her sloping left breast. It lingered and explored her skin, no longer driven to lustful attacks upon her, but content to just roam her body now.

"Whew!" Colleen finally broke the silence. "What a fuck!"

"I've, uh, never seen anything..."murmured Emily, lost for further words.

"Please, baby, please tell me you filmed that?" pleaded a now concerned Colleen. A nodded reassurance satisfied the well-fucked redhead as she settled back onto the grass again.

"I think it's still recording now, actually," Emily added.

"Good, good. As long as it's on film," Colleen sighed. She sat spread-legged, surveying her body, feeling her tits and sides, sliding her hands down to her creamy white thighs and in between her legs.

Wincing a little and smiling, she laughed, "Still a little tender yet. Big boy likes it rough, but so do I. Wasn't he incredible? Pure animal bestial fucking! He just tore into me like I was nothing, just a cunt to fuck. And his cock! Jesus, what the hell makes a cock like that? Fucking nearly ripped my womb out, but holy motherfucking shit, it felt so gooooood."

Now the smiling redhead had her hands down in her cunt, making squelchy noises as she fished out a palm full of the green fluid it had pumped up her.

Holding it up in the air before her in her right hand, between Emily and herself, Colleen let the thick goo slowly elongate between her fingers, watching like a small child in fascination as the sun glinted off of it. It smelled vaguely spoiled but oddly, not unpleasant. Without a thought, as if it were perfectly natural, Colleen tilted her head back and raised her hand high up, allowing the leading edge of the slop to hover over her red, wet tongue. First a drip, then a fatter drop plopped onto her quivering tongue. She rolled it around for a moment, savoring he taste. Her eyes locked with Emily's as they went wide with delight and a grin preceded her swallowing the nasty snack.

"Holy shit, Emily! You've got to try this, baby!" Colleen giggled.

Disgusted, Emily recoiled slightly, but Colleen's surprisingly strong left hand left her pussy and took Emily by the shoulder.

"No, really, babe. Here."

Colleen took another, greater mouthful of green spider cum and leaned forward, gently but firmly kissing the gasping nurse. Suddenly, Emily was lost in a velvet fog, knowing nothing but the erotic slipperiness of Colleen's mouth and the oddly nutty and sweet flavor on both of their tongues. Without reservation, Emily took Colleen's head in her hands and began kissing with passion. For long minutes the two women kissed, hands feeling their way around each other, eliciting moans and whimpers with each new, wet passage they found. It wasn't long before the clothed nurse was down between her naked friend's legs, slurping noisily at her sopping cunt, drawing mouthfuls of green goo from her red-trimmed cunt and bringing it up her toned, slick body to once again exchange it for a kiss.

The two nymphs played this game for quite awhile until, sadly, the spider cum was gone.

A beep from one of the cameras announced that no more space on the hard drives remained and that they had shut off automatically.

With a resigned sigh, both ladies rose and gathered their things, both talking little but smiling at each other. What an incredible day they had experienced. Colleen surveyed what she now considered her domain; she felt in control here. What she had yet to share with Emily or even Professor Higgins was that everything that had happened today, she had willed it to be. She was now certain that her abilities were increasing and soon she would have no fear of any animal on the planet. Of course, she thought, that also opens her up for fucking any animal on the planet, too.

Chapter 4

Colleen was exhausted, having spent the better part of the day at the Pharmatech laboratories. Professor Higgins and his staff, after viewing Emily's videos of her recent exploits, seemed particularly excited about examining every square inch of the stunning redhead's body again. They were especially interested in her flexible pussy and asshole, as well as her prodigious breasts, which seemed (if possible) even more firm and full of milk than just a few weeks before.

As the sexy girl lay back on the cool examination table, her hips grinding slowly around as probe after probe and finger after finger pressed deeply up her sticky cunt, Colleen closed her eyes and moaned, her fingers digging deeply into her pliant tit flesh, making sweet rivulets of milk well up in her nipples and cascade down, over her fingers and onto her chest.

"Mmmmm...oh Professor, you naughty, naughty sure know how to make a girl feel welcome around here," breathed the happy girl.

Professor Higgins, for his part, was having difficulty concentrating on his task. From what he had viewed in the video, the tremendously deformed cock Colleen had endured should have caused great, if nor permanent damage to the horny woman, yet for all of his examination, no damage at all could be found. Now, he was doing his best to measure what limits of flexibility and toughness her still silky smooth and well lubricated vaginal canal had. At first he had inserted a speculum and quickly discovered that as he dilated her pussy open, the further he opened it, the more responsive and horny Colleen became. Indeed, at this moment, Higgins was amazed that he had her cranked open to 10" in diameter, the beginning of size most women only achieve during childbirth. Unlike the pain those women experience, though, Colleen was humming along sexily, enjoying the cool rush of air into her warm, moist womb, gasping and spasming at the cold touch of the Professor's rubber-gloved hand or metal instruments.

"With your permission Miss McPherson, I am going to do some measurements of the surface tension of your, ahem, vaginal walls. If you feel even the slightest discomfort, please tell me and I will immediately stop, of course,"came the quavering voice of the old doctor.

"Uh huh, sure doctor, you just go ahead. Whatever you're doing down there feels just fine, baby,"purred the fiery redhead contentedly, pulling a milky tit up to her lips for a sip of cream.

With steady hands, Professor Higgins took up a thin probe with a raspy hooked tip, like metal sandpaper on one flanged side. Extending his whole hand easily in past the speculum's walls, he peered closer, breathing in her heady feminine odor as he angled deeply, near her cervix, where the flesh is supposed to be its most sensitive. Carefully, he began rubbing the tip on the red walls of her cunt, irritating and scratch

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Fantasy Realized

FANTASY REALIZED She was in pain. She deserved it. She had been foolish, her desires had fogged her common sense and lead her to acting impulsively. She had met him online and even though from the start her instincts told her he could be dangerous but when he described how he would use her he excited her masochistic desire and she could not resist the temptation. So she had gone to where he had told her and then done what he told her to do. “ When you get there you will see a black van. Open the back doors, climb...


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