College Town – Part 4 – Mean Teens

College Town – Part 4 – Mean Teens

Adam could barely look at Jess who was sitting on the bed covered in another man's cum. He sat on the edge of the bed wondering why he hadn't yet fled the room as big white blobs of Jason's juice rolled off of his girlfriend's forehead, down the sides of her nose, and into her left eye. He wasn't quite sure whether or not his girlfriend had intended to humiliate him or if she had just been caught up in the moment and said and done things she shouldn't have. His thoughts were interrupted as she spoke up.

“Lay back. ” Jess barked at Adam as she scraped some of the cum off her face with her index finger and then wiped it on the bed. She didn't wait for a response as she bent over and sucked his erect dick into her mouth.

Adam was a little bit stunned by her sudden eagerness to please him as she cupped his tender balls in her hand and sloppily swallowed his dick as he re-positioned himself on the bed. She took him so aggressively in her mouth that he almost immediately forgot that she had been such a bitch to him not more than a few minutes ago. He moaned as his girlfriend pumped her head on his dick while Samantha, Kelli, and Jason all watched.

Samantha, not saying anything, crawled across the bed to join in. She leaned her head in next to Jess's and sucked one of Adam's testicles into her mouth – it was still sore from Adam's earlier abuse. He was caught off guard as the two girls practically fought over his aching cock and balls.

“Wanna fuck him?” Jess asked Samantha rhetorically, watching her kneel on the bed next to Adam's head and awkwardly bury her head into his crotch in order to suck his scrotum.

No response was needed from either of them as Samantha spun around to mount him in the cowgirl position with both her skinny arms fully extended, her hands on his chest. His dick slid effortlessly into her bald teenage pussy as she quickly found a comfortable position on top of him. Adam could tell by the look in her eyes that she was still drunk as she slowly started to ride him. Her skinny arms pushed her big, tan breasts together as she braced against his chest and began to bounce herself on top of him. She sped up and Adam could hear her begin to pant and moan a little bit as he thrust into her gently. Adam was mesmerized as the beautiful teenage girl gently pinched her own nipple with her right hand while she stabilized herself on top of him with her left. Her eyes were closed as she arched her back and lightly licked her soft lips, completely caught up in the moment. Neither of them noticed as Jason rose to stand at the edge of the bed directly behind Samantha.

Both Adam and Samantha were a little startled as Jason pressed himself forward, sandwiching the skinny, tan teenage between himself and Adam. Jason quickly, and without warning, slid his semi-erect cock in between her ass cheeks, rubbing the head harshly against her recently deflowered anus. Samantha was taken out of the moment, but didn't fight against it as Jason forced the head of his cock against her asshole causing his dick to bend as it tried to worm its way into her butt. He steadied his cock with his right hand to give it the rigidity it needed to squeeze itself into her tight hole and disappear deep into her ass, causing her to shake and clench Adam who she was still straddling.

“God dammit, that hurts!” Samantha cried, not really suggesting that he stop as she took every inch of Jason.

Adam was now on his back, chest-to-chest with Samantha as Jason began thrusting deep into her. Adam could tell that it must have been either very pleasurable or very painful as Samantha braced against Adam and moaned each time Jason pushed further into her. Adam felt Jason's scrotum gently bump against his penis as they penetrated both of Samantha's holes.

Adam could hear Jess and Kelli giggle as they started whispering back and forth to each other as they sat on the bed watching Samantha take the big dick up her ass. Adam wasn't sure what they where whispering about and had mostly forgotten about them while he concentrated on the task at hand.

Adam lay beneath Samantha for quite a while as Jason varied the intensity of his thrusts into the skinny girl. Samantha began to squeal each time Jason jarred her little body with his gigantic cock.

“How come she gets to have all the fun?” Kelli asked in a comical whimpery voice as she clutched as Jason's muscular arm, trying to pull him off of Samantha. He ignored her at first still fucking Samantha's ass until she began to scream, still sandwiched between Adam. Adam knew exactly when Samantha started to cum because he could feel her pussy begin to spasm around his motionless cock.

Jason rest for a second with his big cock still pinched by Samantha's tiny hole.

“C'mon! Our turn!” Kelli whimpered, tugging at Jason's arm again.

He sighed, trying to compose himself before he obliged the little girl and pulled out of Samantha, leaving a gaping hole where his dick used to be. He let Jess push him to his back on the bed.

Samantha was still chest-to-chest with Adam, straddling him, her clean asshole now sensitive and puckering after Jason had quickly exited her. Kelli quickly hopped off the bed and positioned herself directly behind Samantha. She reached down and gently massaged his testicles, his dick still in Samantha.

“Jess and I know what you need” Kelli calmly stated calmly before suddenly clenching his balls so tight he almost puked. He screamed a loud scream and tried to sit up, but Samantha's full weight was on top of him and he wasn't going anywhere quickly. He started to flail which only caused Kelli to grip him tighter. He screamed some more, now giving up trying to escape her grip but instead he frantically tried to position himself so that it was less painful.

“Settle down you little pussy. I'll rip these little things off if you don't quit squirming.” Kelli said as she looked at Jess who was grinning from ear to ear.

“This IS fun.” She stated.

Adam had by now realized that this is what Kelli and Jess must have been whispering about. He felt stupid for having not left after Jess had done this to him earlier.

“I think he likes being abused” Jess said, smiling at Kelli and then at Samantha. “Isn't that right, Adam??” she asked, clearly getting off by watching him squirm. Adam didn't respond, he was still shifting his body to relieve some of the pain.

“I SAID, ISN'T THAT RIGHT?” she barked.

“Y—ye-yes” he stammered, the pain almost unbearable. He was lying, but he knew it was the only way to get Kelli to momentarily ease her grip.

“Would you like to see your girlfriend fuck Jason's big dick 'til it's dry? ” she said, implying that there was only one correct answer.

“Ok! Ok! OK! Ok!” he cried, his words in quick succession as Kelli squeezed his testicles even harder. “Just stop, just stop!” he pleaded.

“This is fucked up, Jess...” said Samantha who was still straddling Adam, her big breasts right in his face. She thought about leaving, but was secretly too turned on by everything that was happening to convince herself that she should. She figured she may never get to see or do anything like this ever again. She slowly slid off of Adam, feeling sorry for him, but not quite wanting to help him – it was like watching a train wreck for her -- she couldn't look away.

“This IS fucked up...” Jason whispered under his breath, scanning the three tiny naked teenagers, one of whom was clutching Adam's testicles. He was a little uneasy about how the girls were treating him, but he didn't dare stop it – he was too enamored by kinkiness of the drunk, naked teenagers.

“See this big fuckin' dick, Adam?” Jess sneered, grabbing the base of Jason's big, shaved cock as he lay on the bed next to her. “I'll let you watch while he stuffs this inside me. You'd like that, wouldn't you?” she asked, letting the big dick flop around in her hand – it was still semi-soft.

She waited for an answer but didn't get one from Adam who was trying not to watch.

“Well, if he doesn't want THAT, then maybe we should make him suck Jason's dick!” Kelli said, glancing first at Adam and then at Jason's meaty dick flopping around in Jess's hand.

“Whoa. No way.” Jason snapped, “There's no way that's happening.” He was caught off guard by the suggestion.

He looked over at Adam, feeling a little bit sorry for him as Kelli controlled his body by his testicles. He had to admit to himself that the unusual nature of the situation was making him aroused. He thought momentarily about what it'd be like to have another boy suck his dick, but the thought was fleeting – he knew the girls were going too far with this.

Jess was still gripping the base of Jason's big, fleshy cock as she got up on the bed and squatted down on top of him, almost in the reverse cowgirl position but squatting instead of kneeling. She used her hand to guide Jason's semi-soft penis into her tight, soaking pussy. Even his semi-erect his dick was more than enough to fill her up as it squeezed its way into her. She squealed with delight as her pussy slid down Jason's long pole, causing his penis to bend a little because of its softness. Her little, smooth, tan butt cheeks rest on the front of Jason's hips, giving him a fantastic view of her pretty backside as she faced Adam and Jess.

“Get over here, Adam. We're going to play a game” Jess said playfully, but with a menacing undertone.

Kelli still had Adam's testicles in her hand and she awkwardly tugged him over to the edge of the bed. She easily bent Adam over at the waist, his face right in front of the big cock that was stuffed in his girlfriend's pussy. Kelli had to momentarily release his testicles to position herself behind him, reaching between his legs from behind to grab a handful of the scrotum just between his penis and testicles. She knelt behind him as she pulled his scrotum tight, sectioning off his red, tender testicles from the rest of him.

“Now Adam, you're going to do EVERYTHING we say, right?” Kelli asked as she gave him a light slap on his balls.

He twitched, still in tremendous pain, looking only at his feet.

“Lick my pussy” Jess said, pointing to her tight, shaved pussy that was wrapped around the base of Jason's thick penis.

There was only a small portion of her pussy visible because she was stretched so tightly around Jason's giant cock, just above his big, hanging testicles. If it weren't for Kelli's vice grip on his balls he might have told her to fuck off, but instead he quickly studied the bound genitalia before leaning in to lick her. He carefully and gently ran his tongue on the very edge of her labia, making a counter-clockwise circle, very careful not to touch Jason's dick with his tongue. It wasn't what his girlfriend had in mind.

“I said lick my pussy, not the OUTSIDE of my pussy” she said, frustrated.

“But...” he started to say, but was cut short as Kelli clenched his testicles with her left hand and slapped him hard with her right, sending pain up and down the entire length of his body.

“In here” Jess said, sliding her index finger in between Jason's semi-soft cock and her stretched-out teenage pussy. She worked her finger underneath the entire rim of the tight seal at the base of Jason's thick cock.

Adam didn't know if it was because of the blinding pain or fear of further consequences, but he leaned forward and immediately slid his tongue between Jason's fleshy cock and his girlfriend's gorgeous pussy.

“That's it!”, Jess moaned, grabbing the back of his head, pulling it softly toward her and the big cock that was penetrating her.

Adam's tongue was smashed onto the fleshy underside of Jason's dick as it penetrated his girlfriend. His chin accidentally brushed against Jason's scrotum as he rolled his tongue into her. No one in the room said a word as they watched the twisted display unfold. Jess slowly lifted her hips off of Jason causing his big dick to slide across Adam's tongue as he attempted to keep it in or near her pussy. She slowly and repeatedly rose and sat on Jason's dick while Adam continued to struggle, trying not to let his tongue brush against the cock more than necessary. It took a while for it to REALLY sink in that he was doing everything just short of licking up and down Jason's dick. He panicked a little, contemplating what Kelli, Samantha, Jess and Jason must be thinking.

Jason's big, fleshy dick bent as Jess squatted slowly up and down on it. Jason was having trouble staying erect because he had cum not more than 10 minutes ago. Jess purposefully rose up causing his dick to nearly exit her – then, without warning she leaned back as she squatted down on it hard, causing the big dick to bend before it popped out of her pussy and smacked Adam in the face. Jess laughed as she looked down at her humiliated boyfriend, his testicles being clutched and his face now right in front of the meaty cock.

“Are you sure he can't suck your cock??” Kelli pleaded, eager to humiliate Adam in any way that she could, not because she disliked Adam, but because she found it kinky. She looked at Jason. “I'll make it worth your while” she said, sounding as sexy as she could.

“I told you no.” Adam said, sternly, sounding more confident in his answer than he actually was.

Adam was more than a little bit relieved as he stood hunched over with his face still between Jason's legs, Kelli still relentlessly clutching his testicles.

“What about your balls?” Kelli excitedly asked Jason, hoping he would find that suggestion more palatable.

“Fuck it...” Jason said, relenting, getting tired of her asking, “If I let him suck my balls will you stop asking about it?”

“Oh my god! Yes!” Kelli squealed, almost shaking with excitement as she torqued Adam's testicles and gave them a light slap.

“You heard him! Suck those balls you little faggot” Jess said as she stared at her whimpering boyfriend.

“No Jess... I don't --” Adam started to say before Kelli practically popped his tender testicles with her tight grip.

He was nearly in tears as he looked at Jason's big dick and the hairless testicles that hung down beneath it like big marbles in a sock.

“You're gonna suck those balls until I tell you to stop.” Kelli commanded. She was squeezing Adam's testicles with her left and fingering her pussy with her right as she still squatted behind him. She pushed him toward Jason with the hand that was clutching his testicles as Jess lifted the big cock so that Adam could have easier access.

Adam knew he had no choice and he fought back the tears of pain and humiliation as he leaned in close and sucked the smooth scrotum into his mouth, almost taking gulps of skin as he tried to suck in a testicle. He sucked in Jason's right nut first – it was bigger than he thought and filled most of his mouth as he tried to slurp in enough of the scrotum to satisfy his girlfriend.

Jess wasn't happy though. “Both of them, you little shit.” she said, her right hand still holding Jason's meaty cock as she squatted over him.

Adam wasn't even sure he could fit both in his mouth. He reached up and used his right hand to help get Jason's left testicle in his mouth, but Jess slapped it away.

“No hands.” She commanded.

Adam started to whimper, but finally sucked both balls into his mouth, struggling to breathe as the scrotum filled his entire mouth.

Jess let Jason's dick flop out of her hand and smack her boyfriend on the cheek, nose, and forehead as he looked up at her. She smashed the warm, meaty cock into his face with her palm as she re-positioned herself over Jason.

“This is what a man's dick looks like, Adam” she said as she grabbed it by the base and waved it in front of his face before lifting it to sit on it. “Watch it.” She ordered as she slid the big head of Jason's cock into the entrance of her pussy.

Adam watched from inches away as his girlfriend sat down vertically on Jason's meaty cock. Up close the size difference was staggering, and he almost couldn't believe that Jason's dick fit inside her. He watched, humiliated, as he sucked the testicles of the man that was penetrating his girlfriend. Jess's pussy almost touched Adam's upper lip as it slid all the way to the base of the giant cock.

Within seconds Jess was moaning and bouncing up and down on the dick. Adam watched her juices begin to drip down the smooth shaft as her pussy gripped it tightly.

“Oh, that feels so fucking good” Jess cried, speeding up the rate at which she bounced on Jason. “He's gonna cum deep in my tight little pussy” she said as she heard Jason begin to moan.

Adam had to watch for nearly 5 minutes as his girlfriend's pussy got stretched by the big cock. It felt like an eternity for Adam as he held Jason's testicles tightly in his mouth.

Adam could pinpoint the second Jason began to cum because he could feel his testicles spasm in his mouth as they pumped warm cum up his big dick and into his girlfriend.

There was a moment of stillness as Jess sat motionless on the big dick.

“Don't you dare move.” Jess said to Adam, still sitting completely still on the big dick that had just cum inside her. “We're going to play another game.” she said, grinning from ear to ear. “You can let those balls out of your mouth as soon as you cum.” She said. “Understand?”

Adam nodded, hating his girlfriend for doing this to him, but he didn't even yet understand the worst part. He reached his right hand down to his own dick and started pumping it, trying to get himself off as fast as he could. He was having a hard time staying aroused with another man's testicles in his mouth, but that was about to be the least of his problems as his girlfriend suddenly rose up off Jason's thick cock, causing all of Jason's cum and Jess's juices to flood out of her and onto Adam's face. The milky cum splattered on his nose and cheeks and rolled down his face to the rims of his lips that were still sucking Jason's scrotum.

He tried to concentrate on something other than the cum as he sucked Jason's testicles and jacked himself off, eventually cumming on the floor as the three girls watched.

-------THE END-------
The next story is going to be about Adam's revenge.
How do you want him to get his revenge?
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B.) Rough Sex / Bondage / Rape
C.) Sex Slave
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