Lindsay's Dirty Secrets

Lindsay's Dirty Secrets

Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Lindsay is always in heaven when shes got her faviorte long glass dildo with the swirl edge around it going in and out of her tight little pink pussy. She comes home everyday and immediately needs it after a long day of work. Her boss Mr. Franklin drives her crazy everyday to where she comes home and drives that dildo in out moaning his name wishing it was his cock and his desk instead of that dildo and that pillow. She loves rubbing her little clit as she thinks of him throwing her on the desk pushing her skirt up as he just dives in and attacks her clean shaved pussy licking up those thighs and instantly biting and humming on that clit and shoving two fingers deep inside her already dripping pussy making Lindsay arch her back in instant relief only taking Mr. Franklin seconds to make her shudder in her first of many orgasms. He realises she needs that cock deep inside her a waiting pussy so he grabs her hair and leads her over to couch and pushes her head down and shoves his cock deep inside her and Lindsays moans taking it, loving how rough he is.
Mr. Franklin smacks Lindsay's ass bring her back into reality, she couldn't help but think about last night when she got home and used her dildo and how her fansty is all coming true right now, Mr. Franklin sits at his desk and demands Lindsay to suck is cock so he can cum and leave no evidence behind. She does as asked and gets on her knees below his desk and grabs his cock and starts bobbing on his dick taking it all and not being scared to rub his balls. Looking up at her boss seeing the pure need in his eyes for this girl to drink his cum. She starts using her tongue to flick his head every time she goes up and slams her mouth down making herself gag around his cock. She loves his cum and wants it down her throat now so she starts holding her face down on that cock squeezing her fingers around the base and waits for those magic words... Lindsay, baby I'm cumming, take it all, I'm cumming, good girl take all that cum, you love it you dirty girl. She can feel his cum shoot down her dirty throat as she drinks it all, his cock flexing hard and his hands pulling on her long hair, squirting shot after shot down her throat. Lindsay pulls it out of her mouth and instantly starts cleaning it off for her boss. He then follows with " I've imagined everyday about your cock sucking skills Lindsay" smirking at his own comment "Thank you, now go finish up those files."
Lindsay does whats expected of her and finishes up her work load for the day, even though she has been distracted by her dripping pussy the rest of the work day. After driving home to the thoughts of her lips being wrapped around her bosses cock she has to get that dildo out. She starts doing her normal rutine as her mind drifts off to the thought of how she finally got in her bosses pants she could probably get into any of her coworkers pants as well before falling asleep.
How has a pretty 23 year old like Lindsay got here to this point? Fucking her boss, shes got to be crazy! 23 is young expecially when you've got looks like this girl, Long burnett hair, stunning hazel eyes, typical girl next door. She has a great ass and perky 36D tits with that hour glass figure and only being 5'5. Olive skin with just a few freckles on her nose and a smile that kills. She grew up fairly shy back west in a small town moving out her to New York after her boyfriend of 2 years cheated on her. She knows shes pretty and has been with a few boys, and through out those few boys she has discovered one thing: she loves rough kinky sex and can't get enough causing her to masturbate atleast a few times a day.
Waking up this morning was easy for Lindsay, she is excited to see what her work place has for her to play with. She starts off her morning good though breaking out that new suction dildo she got at the toy store last week. She gets it and sticks in on her shower wall and gets it nice and wet with her pussy backing up on it lining up her pussy to slam down on that 7 inch monster. She starts bouncing up and down on it backing up arching her back as she takes the soap and gets her tits nice and soapy grabbing and pulling her long hard nipples loving every inch of that toy in and out of her dirty wet pussy. She starts feeling that familiar feeling and grabs that shower head to give her clit that extra boost it needs screaming out in relief as her first cum of the day shakes her knees up before she can finish her shower.
As Lindsay finally arrives to work after her long morning she starts dwelling on how boring and unexciting work truly is and how she would prefer to be at home with her new monster of cock. " Work doesn't have to be so boring" she began thinking, "I just have to find a new cock around her for a good fuck" smiling to her self as she begans scanning her coworkers to see who will do. She sees some guys typing away but most of them have wives and would never dare cheat and the others are just douche bags that hit on her way to often, she wants someone different, and exciting to spice her working environment up.
"Yes sir i-i-i can fix it sir b-b-believe me Mr. Franklin you can count on me sir" Eugene said stuttering to his new boss. He wears thick black glasses and is very shy and gittery, and very skinny and only about 5'8. He has thick strawberry blonde hair but its a old school bowl cut.
Lindsay notices him having a hard time calming his nerves on his first day as he trys to work the copier." Hey, I'm Lindsay, and you look like you could use a smoke, come with me" she takes his hand and leads him out to the balcony. " Im Eugene, and i-i-i uhh i-i don't smoke" he said nervously as this beautiful girl has drug him outside. "It's okay, we can talk, you need to calm down, first day?" Lindsay says smiling as she takes a drag. "Y-y-yeah Mr.Franklin hired me as the new tech guy, said some of the equipment needs to be fixed and someone needs to keep up with all the technology" he said looking down at the ground. " Well cutie all you need to do is calm down and relax and you'll be fine, come to my desk at lunch time and we'll talk some more, Im right in front of Mr. Franklin's office" she says as she puts out her cigarette and walks back inside.
"Excuse me Mr. I blow girls off on lunch dates," Lindsay said startling Eugene back in the copy room. "Ohhh! Lindsay I'm sorry I got caught up trying to fix this thing" said Eugene. "It's okay Eugene, you can make it up to me, I have this terrible kink in my neck and I need a nice man to rub it out for me." " I-i-i don't think I can be of assistance her I'm sorry i-i-i can buy you lunch tomorrow, really I can't help," he said backing up nervously. "It's okay don't be scared its just my neck, pleasssssseeee!" she said giving him the good puppy face. "I-i-i ill try" he said as she turned around and lifted his hand to her neck. " Uhh yes Eugene you are so good at that don't stop," she said slowly sliding her coat off. " Woah! Im s-s-s sorry did I do that!" Eugene paniced. " No its okay Eugene, see everyone else is busy and were alone, and ever since I saw you this morning my pussy has been dripping all day, I need your cock and I need it now, no one will know I promise!" Lindsay said undoing her top. Eugene was frozen as he didn't know what to do, this beautiful girl he met 5 hours ago is turned on by him, he couldn't believe it. A now naked Lindsay sat up on the table " look I can play with this wet pussy over here alone or you can slide those pants down and fuck me silly big boy!" Eugene could only do one thing and that was listen to that pretty girl telling him to fuck her. He has been with girls before but none like her and in no situation like this. So he slid his pants off and walked up to her dick in hand, and stroked it next to her opening. "Eugene! Your huge! Fuck me with that thing and fuck me now!" Lindsay said wrapping her legs around him and pulling him in deep! " Fuck!!! You are strecthing me out baby! Fuck me!! Ohh goddd yes!" she screamed. Eugene was so close to cumming he has never been in a situtation so hot, He began pumping her tight pussy raw, he knew he was geeky but he also know he had a huge dick and this girl loved it. He grabbed her hips and just pumped hard and right as he felt lindsay scream in orgasm he knew and told her "fuck im gonna cum Lindsay!" "Its okay baby cum inside me I want to feel your cum inside me all day." With that being said he released a load deep inside that pussy and kept fucking her till he had no more cum to give her. " Ohh fuck Eugene! You filled my dirty cunt up! I can't wait for more!" As she hopped down and got dressed as quick as those closed came off leaving him there to wonder what just happened.
Lindsay went back to work very proud of what she just accomplished. "He may be geeky, but man that cock was huge and he could fuck good!!" she smiled to herself. " I wonder if Mr. Franklin is going to be busy later cause I could sure use a nice rough round before I head home."she drifted off "He's just so different and manly I love it. He's older and the CEO of this company he's got power. He may be big headed but he is handsome as fuck and tall and mmm he just makes my pussy drip." she said sliding her hand down the hem of her skirt. " Eugene though he was good, kinda scared though but good, maybe its just his size but damn my pussy wants more." Before she knew it her hand had found her pussy and she knew she could get a quick cum before anyone would notice. So she just quickly started rubbing her swallow clit thinking about the cum filling up her pussy right now. No one around her knows what shes doing and thats why she likes it she can just rub that clit faster and harder, everyone just think shes working until she lets out one little "mmph" that no one notices.
Mr. Franklin arrives back to his office after taking one of his long lunches, and calls Lindsay in right away. "Did I get any calls, and did Chambers send those files over like I needed?" he questioned. Lindsay handed him his missed calls and files after pouring him his drink. "Lindsay you're a dear, the best secretary I've had, and those cock suckers you got, perfect." he charmed her. " Thank you sir. More Scotch?" "No, No! That's good Lindsay. Can you stay late tonight I have a few extra things I need looked over tonight from my last meeting." "Of course! Mr. Franklin,"she added "anything for you."
Dreading having to stay late Lindsay starts working a little harder, her pussy has been distracting her from a lot of her work today. " Excuse me... Miss..Uhh hello.." " Ohh! Sorry! yes!" Lindsay hesitated after being caught off guard! "Is Mr. Franklin in his office?, I've got his new water tank." "Yes, go on in." Lindsay replied.
"7:30, I should be at home fucking myself good and hard, not here filing things I could do tomorrow." She decided to check on Mr. Franklin hoping he was ready to let her go. "No, Susan Ill be home shortly I understand it's late but I have to get this work done sweetie. Yes, yes I love you too bye dear." he hung up noticing Lindsay standing there. "Everything okay sir? I finished filing everything for the night may I go?" she asked him. "Ohh yes wife just on the case as always, but yes you may go."
"I hate this car, it always acts up like this, fuck fuck fuck." Lindsay doesn't have many friends she can rely on out here and her car acts up a lot, and she doesnt know what to do. "I guess i can go back up to my desk and search for a tow company" she grabs her bag and starts heading back up stairs when she sees Mr. Franklin walking to his car. " Did you forget something Lindsay?" he questioned his young secretary. " No, sir my car is having problems I was gonna go look up a tow company." she said embarrassed. " No need Lindsay I'll give you a ride home and pick you up tomorrow, and we will get it squared away." Instantly Lindsays mind sparked a way to make staying so late and her car broken down better, and that is Mr. Franklins cock deep in her swollen wet pussy. "Mr. Franklin you are life saver!" She hugged him and they got in the car and not soon after her plan started. She leaned over and grabed the keys before he could start the car and put them down her shirt. He knew what this little girl wanted and he knew he wanted it too. "Opps, Mr. Franklin your keys seem to have slipped somewhere," she giggled. " Why yes Lindsay they have, lets see where they have gone huh?" He smirked and moved his hand toward her chest and grabbed her large chest as she started to work her hand up his thigh. She could feel the buldge in his pants and wanted it inside her and fast so she opened her door walked to the front of the car hiked up her skirt and shouted out to him "Fuck me Mr. Franklin, I've been a real bad girl and I need to be punished by a big strong man." He got out of his car got right behind her and slapped her ass so hard that there was a red mark instantly. She let out a moan and bent further down wiggleing her ass for him showing she wants it. He unzipped his pants and slid his dick deep inside that cunt. She was dripping wet he slid right in and she loved every inch of it. He grabbed her hips slammed his dick hard in and out of her. Lindsay's tits were bouncing and she was moaning hard and loud for her boss. "Mr. Franklin fuck me please don't stop fuck me, harder harder please ohhhh!" and with that he kept slamming this girl harder and harder and harder. She started cumming hard on his cock instantly making his pants wetter and his urge to cum stronger. He grabbed her by the hair and shoved her to her knees and stuffed his dick down her throat and gave that girl just what she wanted staright her dirty cocksucker.
"Thank you for the ride home sir" she smiled getting out of his car. "Anything for my number one worker." He said before the door shut. Rolling down the window to say goodnight he relaized how hot she makes him and how much trouble she could be "See you in the morning?" he hesitated. "Yes sir, can't wait" she winked and started up to her apartment. be continued

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