Adventures of the exhibitionist girl, part 3

Adventures of the exhibitionist girl, part 3

Brief summary of part 1 and 2. Kadri felt at 11 yo, that her passion is exhibitionism. Starting naked at beacch of the lake, she get more and more daring. She also had sex at 12 yo with her coach and she became a sex addict. Kadri didn’t even hesitate to go naked outside at winter. I met Kadri, when she hitchhiked and I picked her up. I proposed to her some exhibitionism experiences and last part ended, when Kadri spent about 2,5 hours naked at shopping centre.

NB! English is not my native language!

When Kadri sit into the car after coming from shopping centre, she was very happy. And like always very horny after exhibitionism experiences. That was obvious, that we made sex immediately after driving out of the city and turning to the forest.
Again, I cum on the Kadri’s face and sitting back to the car and not wiping the sperm off her face, she said smilingly: „Now it would be interesting step in some store.“
„Really?“ I asked. „To public place naked and cum-on-face?“
„Why not?“ she said. „I like to shock people, itself staying cool.“
I thought a moment, can I arrange two more men for this experiment and if we all cum on Kadri’s face, she will be covered almost completely. „I like the idea!“ delighted Kadri. „But why only three, maybe more men?“
„But what about car? We have to drive after this immediately to the shop and where I can leav the rest of the men? This car is too small more than four people,“ I explained. „But we will try not to be some days in sexual relationship and will eat more eggs and then load will be huge!“
„Oh, yes!“ shouted Kadri. „I am very lucky only in 13 to have sex with three man in the row. But I have fantasized about 30, maybe even hundred men. You imagine: twenty men fucking me, but I have not enough! Please, more! Now, forty is over, but this is still just beginning!“
„I see, you are dreaming about gangbang,“ I said.
„Yes, I am never satisfied,“ said Kadri and started again to rub my cock. She wanted sex one more time….
After two days in local newspaper appeared an article headed „Naked girl spent time in shopping centre“. That I was afraid that we can not get by without news. I can only say, that story was fair. All comments were relevant and nobody exaggerated.
Three people were interviewed, shoe store saleswoman, one shopper and representative of the local police.
Saleswoman said how she responded of the naked girl arrival to the shop. „Few seconds I was confused, but then decided to treat her like a normal customer. And she was like ordinary customer: trying several sandals, that fit to her feet, asking about price and colors and then she chose one pair, paid for it and left. She was very relaxed and calm, even I noticed, that her hands are not shaking at all. I think, this means very much about her behaving,“ described saleswoman.
Also shopper, one younger man, described Kadri walking at shopping centre very confidently: „If it would have been a joke or a bet, she would have behaved differently. But she smiled to passers and she was like saying: „You look, this is absolutely normal, what I do here.“ I was really impressed and not only for nudity, but her extreme self-confidence.“
And finally police explained, that Kadri (she obviously didn’t know her name) can’t be punished. „In such case our law is currently incomplete,“ said police officer. „She cannot be blamed in offense, because only BEING NAKED (newspapers emphasis) is not a crime. Some items of law describes inappropriate or offensive behaviour, but we can’t blame the girl under this point. Therefore not investigation will be launched.“
I breathed a sigh of relief. Kadri was not accused. However, the newspaper described her as a very young girl, thought to be (!!) underage and even some of the physical characteristics listed. But I didn’t even say to Kadri about article, because this was a local newspaper and not very widespread, then hardly someone discovers Kadri as a naked shopper.
There was only two weeks left before school begins and we had to do some more exhibition experiences, like naked at dinner or naked bus (or train) ride or naked hitchhiking. Kadri’s father was at summers working abroad, in one of the northern countries at water park, which was open only from end of the May to the beginning of September. And now Kadri’s mother was also with her husband and therefore Kadri has much possiblities to took some thrilling experiences. She was also not in her aunt’s place like year ago in summer, because at age of 13 she was able to cope alone.
But before naked dinner and ride we had to fulfill promise and let Kadri go to the shop cum-on-face look. Kadri came out of her house dressed, but soon took herself naked in the car. She was excited, when she saw two young men sitting in car and she knew having soon sex with them and cum to face.
We chose place about 1 km from roadside shop, which was not big, normally there only few people shopping for food. Kadri raged relentlessly with three guys, helping them to keep the excitement. „Oohh, aaahhh!“ moaned first of us and he was cumming. Huge load of juice covered Kadri’s face, but this was not all. I was second and my other friend last one, but he was cumming like a shotgun and Kadri was now all over cum-face. She tried not to swallow and we quickly jumped to the car, we drove to the store around the corner, the car did not see and Kadri stepped out of the car. Sperm was dropping from the face to her breasts and from hair onto the shoulders, when she entered to the shop, where only two young men and one family were inside. And also saleswoman.
Kadri was also sweaty and wet between legs and when young men noticed her, one said to other: „Look, she is just finished having sex and immediately ran to the store. Even face is not wiped.“ Both youngsters were laughing. Family was scared, they had young daughter, who asked: „Why she had to be naked in store?“
„Don’t ask, we are leaving quickly,“ said father. „What a bitch!“ he said loudly, that Kadri also hear.
Seller failed to comply with laughter when she saw the face of Kadri. „From where you came!“ she said in wonder. But Kadri put goods on the counter and only smiled.
„You had a really fierce sex, but how dare you come to the store like this?“ saleswoman asked.
„You don’t think, it is good idea?“ said Kadri.
„Maybe,“ said woman. „You look very naughty!“
Kadri returned to the car and said in relief: „It went well! Father of the family was angry, but they left quickly. Saleswoman was in good mood and took this as a joke. I really enjoyed, this was something special!“
Of course Kadri was ready to have sex again, but we were not. Only ten minutes were passed, when we shot juice on her face. Kadri get again a good idea. „Let me here out, I will hitchhike and find some driver to fuck me,“ she said.
„But what about your clothes? You have to get them back before you go home,“ I asked.
„No problem,“ said Kadri. „I will find the way to inform you, where I am.“
And we let Kadri alone, as she wished. Without any clothes, without mobile phone, without money, that she had nowhere to put. Kadri waved to us and was standing by the roadside, ready to hitchhike passing cars 120 kilometres from her home.
„She is now doing something totally extreme,“ said my friend.
„Don’t worry, she likes this. I am sure, she will survive,“ I said.
Kadri was happy. She was now completely unprotected, but this was thrilling for her. „Wow, I am dreamed about this situation very long,“ she thought. „I am left naked anywhere and I have no clue what is going to happen.“
Some cars passed her and one of them gave the signal, when the girl was walking along the edge of the road. She had not yet been raised thumb for hitchhiking. Then she went across the road and started to hitchhike. No towards home, but the opposite way. Surprisingly cars did not stopped. More and more cars passed Kadri, but no one stopped. Some of the drivers slowed down briefly, but then pushed the gas pedal. „Are they really afraid of,“ thought Kadri. „Maybe their wives are sitting on the car and man can’t pick up naked girl?“
When she was about twenty minutes standing by the roadside, finally one Volkswagen stopped. About a 40-year-old man was on the drivers seat and asked, where Kadri wants to go. Kadri said name of the town, 70 kilometres south from here, as I said already, opposite side of her hometown. „Then you can join me, I am going there,“ he said. „Thanks,“ said Kadri and sit to the car.
About minute later man asked: „Are you in trouble or something? Escaped from somewhere quickly and did not reach to put clothes on?“
„No, I am simply traveling,“ replied Kadri.
„Really? I don’t believe you.“
„Why not?“
Now man began to laugh out loud. „I guess I have no reason to tell you why I does not think so. Your look is suspicious,“ he said.
“My appearance?“ was Kadri misunderstanding.
„Oh, no, why you are joking?. You can’t go like this to the town, when nobody meets you there and will hide from the eyes of the people,“ said driver.
„I am not kidding,“ said Kadri. „If possible, take me to the city center and you do not have to worry about what will happen.“
„You are exhibitionist?“ asked driver.
„I don’t know,“ said Kadri, a little bit confused. „I can only say, I don’t like to wear clothes. I feel naked more freely and stronger. Clothes harass people.“
„Is that some kind of religion?“
„No way,“ said Kadri. „Pity that nobody will understand this. I am proud to be naked and when I walk down the street like that, I feel privileged.“
„But answer then, why nobody else is not doing this kind of striptease?“
„What striptease? You are not correct. I am not stripping, I simply don’t wear clothes.“
„What is the difference?“
„Sorry, you are too cruel to the little girl,“ said Kadri sadly.
„What can I say,“ was man astonished. „I only wanted to explain, that society does not accept this kind of behavior. Everybody considers it weird.“
„Fortunately, this is not my problem,“ said Kadri.
Driver shaked his head. He felt desperate. He had no longer any argument to justify why a girl should not walk around naked in town. „Okay, I'll take you there, but do not tell any more words,“ said driver. And both were silent until the end of the trip.
When they reached to the town, time was 4 p.m. Kadri had plenty of time to return, but she decided to just enjoy the situation. First time she was left naked in a strange city without any help and thrill grabbed her entirely. When driver turned to the main square, Kadri said: „Thank you very much, that brought me here. Believe, I feel extremely happy.“ But driver didn’t say anything, as he promised. He only stopped car in the corner of the square and Kadri left. She only regretted that she had not found a common language with driver, and therefore no sex happened.
People quicky noticed naked girl walking towards square and astonished glances and shouts accompanied Kadri. One foreign tour group was filming and photographing old church from 17th century, but now they turned their cameras towards Kadri and were taking quick shots. One tourist shouted to Kadri: „Please, can I take picture with you?“ Kadri agreed and man quickly gave camera to the friend.
Somebody asked from the guide: „Is this some special attraction of your town?“ But guide was almost speechless. „No-no, I… don’t know…., where she came,“ she spoke patchy.
Kadri now turned to the park, where were less people. She was obviously not afraid, but in her mind she knew, that possible confrontation with police would not have been nice.
But did not go much past, if something happened. One woman had already noticed Kadri on the square and ran after her now. She grabbed the girl's hand and yelled: „What a bitch! What do you think about itself?“
Kadri was truly frightened. She tried to pull herself up, but woman was stronger. Some park walkers approached and saw a somewhat comical situation, how the fat lady hold naked girl. They thought, that mother is here to punish her daughter. One man interfered and shouted to fat lady: „What you are doing here and why you made your daughter strip?“ Woman turned and wanted to say something, but in that moment her grip loosed and Kadri ran away.
She ran about some hundred meters and stopped on the street, where also some people were walking. Kadri began to cry. Her hand was hurt by woman's grip. Fortunately one 18-19 year old boy approached to girl and asked what happened. „One woman attacked me brutally,“ said Kadri angrily.
„Why you are naked?“ asked boy.
„Because I have no clothes. I didn’t take them.“
„How you came here without clothes. Where is your home?“ asked boy.
Kadri named another city, 190 km from here and added: „My friends brought me to the forest, but they left home and I hitchhiked here.“
„Really? But why, if you had no clothes?“
„Oh, it is difficult again to explain. I really dont like wear clothes. I feel better naked, but people in some reason can’t accept this,“ sighed Kadri.
„Come with me, I can give you some clothes. My home is right here and I am alone right now,“ said boy.
Kadri agreed. They went quickly to the boy’s apartment and he started to search some clothes, which would suit for women also. „No, no!“ said Kadri. „I dont need clothes. I only came here, maybe we will drink tea or coffee?“
Kadri sat provocatively legs spread to the sofa. Her look said clearly: do you really not going to fuck me? Boy understood, but asked: „You look very young. Whether not occur some trouble?“
„What trouble?“ asked Kadri laughing. „That was my only purpose to find somebody. I am already wet!“
They fucked really hard, Kadri tried everything, what she was able to do and boy was surprised, how experienced was this little girl in bed. After sex they were lying in the bed and Kadri admitted. „That was good, but not enough for me. I don’t even know, why I have so much sex desire. I don’t consider myself as a bitch, but I can’t live without sex. Sorry!“
„You didn’t say, how old you are?“
„What will you give me?“
„I really don’t know, but you can’t be older than 16,“ said boy.
„I am only 13 and my birthday was at the end of May, thus only three months ago.“
„Wow!“ admired boy. „I never had sex with such young girl. But you were quite experienced.“
„I really am and dreaming also about gangbang. You can’t arrange this for me?“ asked Kadri.
„Wow!“ was boy again surprised. „You know, our company is right now on one-week vacation. I am currently serving in the Army and I can really find most of my friends from company, about 30-40 guys. But in what place, I don’t know,“ thought boy.
Then he started to find his friends by calling them. Some of his friends were somewhere in party or drinking, but boy quickly explained a situation. He tried to gather for tomorrow as much guys as possible and also consulted with them about possible place. Finally he told to Kadri: „I don’t know exactly, how many boys are coming, but we have to leave to another town, where is small gym. This is closed in summer, but my friend can used it for a day.“
At the evening boy and Kadri went to the town again. Boy insisted girl to put some clothes on, but Kadri refused. „Oh, what can I do with you? Maybe in some place you can eat naked too. But why you have to go like this, if I can offer you some clothes?“
„Because I really like it,“ said Kadri. „I try now to be naked as long as possible. Until tomorrow’s gangbang and after that also. I am really proud of being naked at town. I feel itself much comfortable.“
Kadri didn’t call to me that evening and I was really concerned. I couldn’t to anything, only hoped, that she is all right. And she was, fortunately.
On the streets again people were staring Kadri, who was talking to boy and he noticed, that naked girl really felt itself relaxed. They choose fast food place and other customers were stunned, when naked girl appeared. Waiter was a little bit dubious, but decided to meet the needs of naked customer and gave her cheeseburger, chips and Coke. He thought, that Kadri and boy will took food away, but they were eating here and Kadri sat again legs widely spread.
Now everybody stared at her openly and Kadri felt again happy. She wanted so badly, that everyone will accept her naked appearance. She dreamed, that she could also go to school naked, but she knew, that this is impossible. That was really sad.
And at next day it finally happened: Kadri got the long-awaited gangbang. At noon one friend came with car to the boys apartment and took Kadri and him along. Friend was surprised, that Kadri already was naked and asked: „She is ready or what?“
Kadri laughed: „I didn’t took my clothes and came here naked. Therefore I am ready, but we must wait others.“
28 guys gathered in gym and soon they started. Others were masturbating and waiting their turn and boys tried to follow the order. Some of them fucked hard, but somebody was so excited about seeing very young and attractive girl, that they were coming too quickly. They all tried to finish into Kadri’s mouth. Kadri took a load, then smiled and swallowed. Then she showed tongue, that all was clear.
Kadri moaned and screamed a lot, she was really boosted by boys cocks. She get lot of orgasms in a row and she lost sense of time. „Wow! She has swallowed all!“ said one boy, who already had fucked Kadri. When Kadri swallowed the last one and all boys have finished, she stood up quickly and said: „Thank you very much! I am not tired yet, but I got quite enough,“ she said calmly.
Boys were really impressed, that Kadri so well received the trial. „I hope, here is shower too,“ she said and boy, who get a key to the gym led Kadri to the shower. Boys were also taking shower, but not all the same time, because there was not enugh room for everybody.
One boy asked Kadri at the shower: „You really seemed to enjoy this?“
„Of course,“ said Kadri. „Everybody knows, that sex is pleasure.“
„They said, you are only 13,“ asked boy.
„Yes. Maybe I am the youngest, who ever participated in gangbang and I am proud of that,“ said Kadri.
Boys then drove Kadri to the road, where she began to hitchhike again. Now towards her hometown.
Will be continued.

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