Team Photos 10: Lauren

Team Photos 10: Lauren

Introduction: Sorry for the wait, but life has been intruding and i couldn't get as much writing down as i wanted to.
This chapter worked out differently than intended, it was going to be the whole weekend, instead this is just Friday night. I'll continue working on it this week and will hopefully have some more out soon.

Part 10: Laurens Present

The rest of the week passed in a blur, things felt pretty weird and I felt like I was being pulled in every direction at once.

Caitlyn and I developed a little routine, each morning I would watch her get dressed and it would get me so hot I would just have to finger myself until I came, it was an awesome way to start my day.

She really loved putting on a show for me, modelling her underwear, shaking her ass in my face and turning me on until I felt I would explode before I even started touching myself.

Things were more relaxed with Alex too, we could talk normally again, he kept trying not so subtle hints about blowjobs or watching us, but Caitlyn and I just laughed, we weren’t going to give him any satisfaction yet. I was dying to get another chance to have a proper play with his dick and another load of cum to taste.

Caitlyn spent a lot of time in secret talks with Sara, it was driving me nuts that she wouldn’t tell me what she was planning. I figured she was just trying to set her up with Alex, so she could get me all to herself. It was becoming pretty obvious that Caitlyn was gay, but I loved the way that guys and girls could make me feel, even dogs got me going. I guess I’m a bit of a freak, but I had two people that loved me and wanted to be with me, so I can’t be all that bad.

On Thursday night while we were having dinner Mum started in on all three of us. She went on and on about all the things that we shouldn’t do and what we should do while they were away. How much they were trusting us and blah, blah, blah. I thought it would never end, we just nodded and said yes or no as the occasion demanded. Then to really make it great Dad went and repeated everything Mum had just said. Torture at tea time is not the way to spend your evening.

“We’re leaving in the morning, so when you get home from school you’ll be responsible for yourselves. Now your Auntie Kate will come over Saturday afternoon to check on you, just call her if you need anything and we’ll be home on Monday afternoon.”

That was the only real point of interest in the whole speech, we would just have to make ourselves respectable for the visit and hopefully we would be left alone for the rest of the time. Finally dinner was over and after doing the dishes, Caitlyn and I went to our room.

“This is going to be so fucking awesome, this weekend is going to be crazy.” I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself, I grabbed Caitlyn, pushed her down on the bed and jumped on her. Mashing my body against her, I eagerly sought out her mouth, slipping my tongue between her lips as my hands explored her body.

Caitlyn moaned in my embrace, her hands sliding down my back and cupping my ass, squeezing and kneading my cheeks. I sat up, straddling her stomach and grabbing the hem of her top, trying to pull it up.

“Stop, stop, Lauren wait!” she gasped out, grabbing my hands and pulling them down to her sides.

“Huh, what’s up?” I was a little confused, since when did she turn me down?

“Let’s wait, I want us to hold off until tomorrow night.” She had an eager, hopeful look on her face, her mouth slightly red and wet with my saliva.

“Why? What’s so special about tomorrow? I’m so horny right now, I need you right now.” I was eager and disappointed at the same time, what was she planning?

“It’s a surprise, something special I want to give you and I want us hold off, build the tension until we both can’t stand waiting any longer. Please Lauren, wait with me, it will be worth it, trust me?”

Letting out a big sigh I gave in, I leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, “Fine, if that’s what you want, but if you disappoint me then I’m taking it out on your ass! And maybe I’ll make Dusty do the work!”

Caitlyn let out a cry of mock indignation at my threat, “You keep that horny dog of yours away from me!” She struggled for a moment, trying to sit up, but I was still sitting on her stomach.

I bounced up and down a couple of times, making her jiggle around before I climbed off and went and sat on my bed.

“So what do we do now then? It’s too early to go to sleep and if you don’t want to play……” I ran my hands up my thighs, pulling my skirt up higher until my panties were just beginning to show. (Yeah for once I was wearing some, tight yellow little girl ones that hugged my ass nicely).

“Hey no teasing! And no getting yourself off either, I want you craving me tomorrow night. How about we just do some homework for a change, we’ve been a little busy the last couple of nights.”

Sheesh, trust Caitlyn to want to be boring and do school work when instead we could be playing. I let out an exaggerated sigh, “Fine, be boring then!”

And that was the rest of our night, we did some work and then went to bed, at least Caitlyn relented and let us share a bed. I loved snuggling up next to her and feeling her warm body next to mine when I woke up in the morning.

When the morning finally came, I was even more disappointed. Caitlyn quickly dressed, no show for me today! I could already feel the anticipation and my yearning to get off. Maybe Caitlyn had something with this holding off thing, but damn was I horny!

The whole day at school just dragged and dragged, all I could think about was how much sex I was going to get over the next couple of days!

At lunch Caitlyn started teasing me, running one of her hands up and down my thigh under the table. “How you feeling? Going crazy yet?” She was obviously loving this, I guess her self-control was better than mine. I wasn’t used to denying myself pleasure, when I wanted something I figured out a way to get it.

“You bitch! Stop teasing me!’ I could feel my pussy moistening at her touch, I wanted to get off so badly.

Caitlyn started laughing quietly, her soft hand sliding up my thigh, pushing my skirt up until she almost touched my pussy before pulling back and going back to eating her lunch.

“Can’t wait huh? Not too much longer, school is almost over and then we’ve got three whole days to ourselves. And you are going to love every second of it.”

“I better! But don’t forget Aunt Kate is going to show up, so we have to make the place look presentable when she does. I don’t want her walking in on me, like Alex did on Monday” Just the thought of getting caught like that again sent another rush of heat to my pussy.

“Don’t worry sis, I’ve got a plan so no need to worry about her. Now remember, Sara and her Mum are picking us up after school, so we don’t need to walk home today.”

Just then the bell rung, signalling the end of lunch. We both started packing up our stuff, “So, have you convinced Sara to hook up with Alex yet?”

“Huh? Where did you get that idea from?” She looked genuinely confused, damn, there went my explanation for their chats. Just what had they been talking about?

“We need to get to class, I’ll see you later,” Caitlyn walked off to her class and I headed to my mine, left to wonder what she had been scheming about.

After school we met up and waited at the front gate for Sara and her mum.

“Did you really think that I was trying to hook Sara up with Alex?” Caitlyn asked as we waited.

“Well, yeah. Why else would you be inviting her over? I figured you wanted me to yourself this weekend and she would keep him busy. I mean, he’s always mooning around her every time she comes over.”

It was really funny watching Alex trying to act all cool and tough when Sara was around. We’d be trying not to laugh at him and she just kept teasing him, she wouldn’t lead him on, but she responded just enough to get him interested.

“No duh! He’s always following her around, but to be honest I never even thought about them together.” A small frown was creasing her brow, what was she thinking about now?

“Really? Then what the hell have you been planning with her? And why tell Alex she was coming over if she’s not for him?” I was feeling really confused now, was Caitlyn just planning a threesome for us girls or was something else going on?

Just then a Mercedes pulled up and Sara half climbed out the window, her large boobs almost falling out of the low cut top she was wearing, “Come on you two, let’s get this party on the road!” She let out a loud whoop, startling several people nearby and causing her mum to break out laughing.

“Quiet Sara, you’re embarrassing yourself!” her mom admonished her.

“Don’t worry mum, I’m never embarrassed and they know what I’m like, so why not have fun?” Sara started pumping an arm up and down, chanting “Party, party, party!”

Caitlyn grabbed my arm and made a dash for the car door, “Shut up you spaz!” she was blushing fiercely and unlike Sara or me for that matter, was definitely embarrassed by Sara’s antics.

Yanking open the door, Caitlyn dived in, giving me a nice glimpse of toned thigh, before sliding across to make room for me.

“God Sara, have you no shame!?! Get your ass back in the car! Miss H, make her stop.” Caitlyn was giggling helplessly now, as Sara continued whooping and started calling out to random people, asking them to party with her.

I climbed in the car and closed the door, Sara was still hanging out the window, so I reached around and slapped her on her tight jean clad ass.

“OWWWW!” Sara jerked backwards and smacked her head on the window frame and we all started laughing at her.

“You deserved that Sara, now stop acting the fool,” Sara’s mum, (Ms Harper or Miss H as we usually called her) was laughing as well, “Come on girls, buckle up and let’s and get going.”

We finally got ourselves sorted and Miss H took off with a squeal of tires, she always drove fast and treated us like normal people. I thought she was the coolest mum ever.

We chatted constantly on the way home, Miss H offered to take us girls to the movies on Sunday, “I know you girls want to see Magic Mike, mmmm Channing Tatum!”

“Ewww gross mum, you’re too old to look at him like that!” Sara slapped her mum on the arm. “Anyway Amber Heard is way hotter than he is”

Miss H looked at her for a moment before replying, “She is pretty cute, but what about those abs? What do you think Lauren?” she tilted her head, I could see her looking at me in the rear-view mirror, she had a rather intense look in her eyes.

“They’re both pretty hot, but I dunno, we might be busy on Sunday….” I did want to go see the movie, but I’m pretty sure we all had other plans for this weekend.

“Well let’s just play it by ear huh? I’m sure you girls will be dying to get out of the house and get some fresh air for a change, a chance to recharge your batteries, so to speak”

“MOM!” Sara sounded surprised, about what I don’t know, but she was giving her mum a dirty look.

“What Sara? Did I say something wrong?” she had a mischievous grin as she looked at her daughter. Was something going on here I didn’t know about?

Conversation was brought to a stop as we pulled into our driveway; there was no sign of Alex’s car, so I figured he couldn’t be home yet.

“Lauren honey, will you give me a hand with the bags please?” Miss H asked me. Caitlyn had gone to open the door and Sara was right behind her, whispering about something.

“Sure thing Miss H” I walked around to the back of the car, a couple of bags were sitting in the trunk, jeez, how many clothes did Sara need?

“Lauren, how many times have I asked you to call me Bonnie?”
“Sorry Miss H, ah I mean Bonnie, habit I guess,” she’d only recently started asking us to call her Bonnie and I was still trying to break the habit of years.

“Which of these is Sara’s bag?” I asked.

“Both of them, Sara doesn’t pack light, I guess she planned on a ‘BIG’ weekend” I gave her a curious look, why the emphasis on big I wondered?

“You grab the backpack, I think the other one is a bit heavy”
“Okay then” I grabbed the backpack, slinging it across one shoulder and Bonnie grabbed the sports bag, it did look rather full, but seriously how much could clothes weigh?

Bonnie slammed the trunk shut and started walking towards the house and I followed along. She looked pretty good for a mum, I know she had Sara when she was pretty young and I figured she was in her early thirties somewhere. The tight jeans she was wearing were tightly molded to her ass and long legs. I couldn’t help but admire them and hoped I looked as good as she did when I was old. She had huge tits though, must be at least a D-cup, I didn’t want mine that big, they must get in the way and I would probably have to wear a bra all the time as well.

We went inside and walked into the lounge, Caitlyn and Sara were nowhere in sight so I just dropped the backpack on the couch, “Just drop that one anywhere Bonnie, we don’t need to be their slaves, Sara can come and get them when she wants them.”

“Damn right Lauren, I’m not my little girl’s slave that’s for sure” she gave me a grin and dropped the bag on the floor with a bit of a thud and rattle. What the hell was in there?

We just stood there for a minute; I wanted her to leave but how to get rid of her without being rude? Bonnie just stared at me, a small smile on her lips as she watched me fidget.

“Well….. I guess I should leave you girls to yourselves and get my old self out of your hair.” She walked over and gave me a big hug, pushing her big boobs into my chest, squishing my own little ones against her.

I hugged her back and let go, but she held the hug for a bit longer before releasing me. “Okay hon, I’m out of here, you girls have fun and call me when you make up your mind about the movie, I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.”

“Okay Miss H, we will.” I walked her to the door, opening it for her.
“Call me Bonnie,” she ran a fingernail along my jaw, sending a shiver up my spine before she walked out the door and headed for her car.

I closed the door and leaned back against it, was she just hitting on me? I stood there for a moment, thinking about it, she was really pretty, but she was old enough to be my mum. Nahh no way she was hitting on me, I must be imagining things.

I headed upstairs to our room to find Sara and Caitlyn sitting on her bed, they both stopped talking when I walked in. “What?” I stopped in the doorway as they both looked at me.

“Nothing” Sara replied in a sing song voice, “where’s my bags?”

“Downstairs where we left them, are you sure you packed enough? It’s only 3 days, how many clothes do you need?” I went and sat down on my bed.

“It’s not just clothes; I packed a few essentials for the weekend. We’ve got a few things planned.” She gave Caitlyn a meaningful look and squeezed her thigh, causing her to blush.

“What kind of plans?” I hoped I was finally going to find out what they had been talking about all week.

Caitlyn removed Sara’s hand from her thigh and looked at me, “You’ll find out later. Right now let’s get tea sorted and you still need to take Dusty for a walk.”

Damn it, I’d forgotten about that. With Dad away I would have to take Dusty for his walk.

“Fine, I’ll take care of the dog and you two can cook.” I could feel myself moistening up; taking Dusty for a walk would be a perfect time to work out some of my frustrations. I hadn’t come since yesterday when I had a quickie masturbation session in the toilets at school and with Caitlyn’s teasing I was fit to burst.

Caitlyn and Sara followed me downstairs into the kitchen where we could see Dusty standing at the door, looking in at us wagging his tail.

“Your bags are in the lounge Sara,” I told her as I opened the door and Dusty bounded inside, jumping around, excited to see someone after being alone all day.

“Thanks Lauren, I’ll take them upstairs” Sara walked off and Caitlyn walked up to me.

“Just take Dusty for a walk, nothing else! Okay?”
“What? I wasn’t planning on doing anything else!”

Caitlyn just laughed, “Sure you weren’t. Don’t take too long, Alex should be home in about 45 minutes and I want you back before then.”

I jumped when I felt Dusty’s cold nose poking into my butt, he’d stuck his head under my skirt and was sniffing at my pussy from behind.

It was like an automatic response, I just moaned and arched my back, pushing my ass into his snout as I felt his tongue slide up my thigh before reaching my panties.

“Dusty, stop that!” Caitlyn grabbed him by the collar and pulling him out from between my legs.

“Ohhhh Caitlyn, can’t I let him? Just for a little bit?” I pleaded with her; just that one little lick had almost set me off. I could feel a hot flush creeping across my skin and my nipples were pushing against my blouse, yearning to be touched.

“You horn dog! You can wait for me can’t you?” Caitlyn stepped forward, looking up at me from her downcast eyes. She slipped her arms around my neck, pulling me down for a kiss. Her tongue flicked out, just licking at my lips before pulling back.

“Oh god Caitlyn, you’re driving me crazy! I’m going to explode soon and it will be all your fault!” I let go of her and called to Dusty, “Come on boy, time for a walk,” I looked at Caitlyn, “and only a walk, sorry boy, no pussy for you today.”

Dusty let out a whine, before running over to the drawer that held his leash, bouncing around and eager for his walk.

I took him along the river near our house, constantly having to fight my urges and his advances. I tried to keep us both occupied by throwing sticks for him and keeping his nose away from my pussy. Somehow we both made it back to the house and I saw that Alex had already arrived. I took Dusty through the side door and left him in the back yard before walking into the kitchen.

Sara was standing in front of the oven stirring something in a pot. I just stood there admiring her ass, she was wearing a pair of faded cut off jean shorts and a white t-shirt, the cheeks of her ass partially sticking out the bottom. One leg was straight and the other bent, causing her butt to stick out further. She looked really hot and I caught myself wondering what she tasted like.

“What’s up Lauren?” Sara looked over her shoulder at me, smiling.

“That smells good, what are we having?” I went and sat on a stool at the counter, facing her and leaning back against the bench.

“Chicken, rice and veges,” nothing too flash. “Did you take care of Dusty?” she gave me a little wink.

Shit! Had Caitlyn told her about me and Dusty? Just how much did she know about what had happened lately?

Sara was Caitlyn’s best friend and probably her only real friend. So I could only assume that she had told her about us and she must know that we were planning on this being a weekend of sex, but what did she think of this?

“Yeahhhh. I took Dusty for a walk.” For some reason I felt a little nervous, not something I normally felt in regards to sex.

“Is that all you did? Caitlyn told me about you and Dusty. I thought it sounded really hot.” She had turned around to face me, looking straight into my eyes.

“She told you about that?” I felt a tingle in my pussy, Sara liked it?

“Yeah, she tells me everything and I know all about what you have been doing together. What you did to Alex and what he did to you as well.” Her gaze was traveling down my body, pausing at my nipples before going lower.

I bit my lip, I could feel her gaze like a hot wind passing over my body. My hands were on my thighs, so I pulled my skirt tight across my legs, before parting my thighs. If she crouched a bit she could probably see straight up between my legs, to my wet pussy.

“Hmmmm, you are a sexy little thing aren’t you. I can see why she loves you so much.”

“She said she loves me?” Why was I so surprised? I felt like such a dunce right now.

“Of course, I’ve known for ages. Long before you figured it out. I’m so happy for her, you have no idea how long she’s been pining over you and since you’re her sister that just made it so much harder for her.”

“Well, I love her too. I don’t care what other people think and just because she’s my sister doesn’t make any difference to me; it makes it even better really.”

“Do you really? Love her I mean. You like fucking guys as well, but I’m pretty sure Caitlyn is a lesbian, she might not realize it yet, but she’ll figure it out soon enough.”

I was feeling a little defensive now, what was this? A minute ago, she was looking at me like she wanted to eat me and now she was questioning whether I loved Caitlyn or not.

“Of course I love her; these last couple of days have been awesome. I don’t know what is going to happen later but for now, we’re great.” I closed my legs and crossed my arms across my chest, I was feeling a little pissed now. Sara better not be like this the whole weekend, or everything would be ruined.

“Hey don’t worry; I just wanted to see what you’d say. I think you’re going to be great for her. The future is way too far away, you’re only 13 and she’s 15. This isn’t marriage planning or anything.”

Sara turned back to the stove, stirring the pot again. “Besides, I’m hoping that you two can share. There’s no way I can spend the weekend here without getting some action.”

Huh? Just like that she’d gone back to flirting. What was I, some kind of toy to be played with? A prize to be won?

“You want to join us?” I quietly got off the stool, and grabbed a tea towel before sneaking up behind Sara.

“Hell yeah, has Caitlyn told you about us? About our sleep overs?”

Woah! I had no idea that Caitlyn and Sara had been fooling around. That girl had some stories to tell me. Once I got close enough I twisted around, before pulling it back and snapping it across Sara’s round butt.

With a resounding crack, I laughed and bolted from the room. Sara gave out a huge yowl, holding her ass in her hands, hopping up and down.

“You little bitch! I’m going to tan your hide for that!” Sara chased me from the kitchen into the lounge where I had taken up position across the room, the couch between us.

“You’re going to do what to me? Tan my hide? What are you, 50?” I was laughing so hard, it was hard to talk, she looked so angry, one hand still cupping one butt cheek.

“50? I’ll show you 50 you little tramp!” She made a lunge to the right so I started running around the other side of the couch. But Sara had only made a feint, immediately heading back the other way, cutting me off.

I gave out a squeal and turned back, but I was too slow, Sara grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me down over the back of the couch.

I tried to squirm away, but I was surprised at how strong she was. She wrapped one leg around mine and one hand grabbed my pony tail.

“Time to tan your hide little lady, I think 50 is a good number don’t you?” With that Sara slapped me on the ass, it wasn’t very hard, but I definitely felt it with nothing to protect me but a thin skirt and panties.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5” Sara rapidly slapped my ass, alternating between cheeks before stopping, her palm still on my ass.

“Ow, ow, stop, stop” My ass felt really hot and I couldn’t stop laughing. I could feel Sara’s hand resting on my ass, lightly rubbing my reddening ass cheeks, back and forth.

“You want me to stop already? We’ve only just gotten started.” She flipped up my skirt and then slapped my ass again, 5 rapid slaps back and forth against my panty clad ass.

I could feel my pussy heating up, she must have a great view as she spanked me. I was sure that my panties must have quite a wet spot by now, I was so wet.

“What on earth is all the racket?” Caitlyn called out. I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs, I tried to stand up, but Sara still held me down.

“Nothing Caitlyn, I was just teaching Lauren a lesson.” Sara slipped her hand inside the leg of my panties, running a finger along my soaked lips and just touching my clit. I almost came at her touch, arching my back and moaning, I was so close.

Then with a sudden move, Sara grabbed my legs and flipped me over the couch, sending me tumbling to the floor, laughing and moaning at the same time.

Caitlyn and Alex both came around the corner to see me lying on the floor all disheveled and laughing and Sara just standing beside the couch.

“What kind of lesson were you teaching her?” Caitlyn asked, the frown on her face quickly being replaced by a smile when she saw me.

“Yeah Sara, what were you doing to her?” Another fit of giggles took hold of me when I saw Alex putting on his macho pose, trying to impress Sara.

“Oh, just teaching her that it’s not nice to flick people with towels. But I think she got the point after she got a taste of my punishment.” She stuck a glistening finger in her mouth and I just knew that that finger had been the one to touch my pussy.

“Yeah, she got a taste alright.” I got up off the floor, trying to pull myself together.

I don’t think Alex got the point, but from the look Caitlyn gave me I’m pretty sure she did. “Come on, let’s go ‘taste’ some food, I’m starving.”

The four of us sat around the table, one to a side with Alex and Caitlyn at the ends and Sara and I across from each other. It was really weird, they all acted like this was just a perfectly normal meal, when I’m sure that they were thinking about sex as much as I was.

My ass was still feeling a little tender after the spanking that Sara gave me and the way she kept licking her lips while staring at me was sending all sorts of thrills through my body. I kept rubbing my thighs together, causing my slick pussy lips to rub against each other. I could barely keep up my end of the conversation, just replying with yeah or no’s when someone asked me something.

After we’d finished eating Caitlyn started giving out orders.

“Lauren, why don’t you help me in the kitchen and Sara you can help Alex pick out a movie for us to watch.”

“Ye, Yeah that sounds great. Come on Sara, we’ve got heaps of movies, I’m sure we’ll find something you like.” Alex jumped up from the table, knocking his chair over and almost falling on his butt in the process.

“Hey, slow down there cowboy!” We all burst out laughing as Sara admonished him, leaving Alex turning bright red with embarrassment. “There’s no need to rush around like a goof, let’s go pick a movie.”

Sara held out her hand to Alex, smiling at him encouragingly. Alex stumbled over his chair again, resulting in another round of laughter before taking Sara’s hand and letting her lead him from the room.

“Sheesh, he’s always acted the fool around Sara, but this is taking it to an all new level.” I began gathering up the plates, eager to get the clean up over and done with.

“Yeah, while you were out I talked to him, explained a few things and told him that if he treats her right, he might just get lucky this weekend.”

Caitlyn grabbed the rest of the stuff and we went into the kitchen. “You take care of the dishes and I’ll get some snacks and drinks sorted.”

“Nnnnhh, can’t we just leave the cleaning up until later?” even though we had a dishwasher I couldn’t really be bothered with doing this, I had other things on my mind right now.

“Come on Lauren, it’s not that difficult. Just give them a quick rinse and put them in the washer.”

“Fine, if I really have to!” I started rinsing everything off and stacking the dishwasher while Caitlyn began making popcorn.

Caitlyn came up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist and hugged me tightly.

“I’ve got something special planned for us tonight, so after the movie we’re going to bed, okay?”

I placed the last plate in the dishwasher before turning around in her embrace. Looking down into her beautiful brown eyes, I kissed her. After a moment her mouth opened and her tongue slid into my mouth, sliding across my teeth before tangling with my tongue.

She slipped her hands down my back, past my skirt until she reached my bare thighs. Trailing her fingers lightly along my skin, she raised my skirt until she could take a butt cheek in each hand, squeezing and kneading them, pulling me tight into her body.

Moaning into her mouth, I tangled my fingers in Caitlyn’s hair, savoring the taste of her tongue on mine. We were brought back to ourselves by the ding of the microwave, signalling our popcorn was ready.

We kissed for a moment longer before pulling back, a strand of saliva stretching between us until it finally broke and dripped down onto Caitlyn’s shirt.

Caitlyn wiped her chin with the back of her hand and grinned at me. “Why don’t you grab us a blanket we can share on the couch and I’ll bring everything in?”

“Sure, don’t take too long okay?” I quickly ran upstairs to grab a blanket, and I decided to add a little more fun to things by slipping off my panties and placing them under Caitlyn’s pillow before heading back down to the lounge.

Sara and Alex were sitting on the couch, pretty close but not quite touching. Damn, I was hoping to get the couch with Caitlyn, room to stretch out and lie down together. Oh well, the big squishy chair would have to do. We had this really cool recliner chair, with massive padded arms, you could just sink right down into it, getting almost lost in it.

I went and sat down, draping the blanket across my legs, “So what are we going to watch?”

“House on haunted hill!,” was Sara’s enthusiastic reply. “I love this movie, it’s sooooo creepy!”

“Yeah it’s pretty cool, scary movies are great for dates, makes the girls get all scared and need comforting, right Sara?” Alex was looking kind of hopeful, if this was his big move to get in Sara’s pants then I think he needed to put some more thought into it.

“You wish, you’re more likely to be jumping and screaming like a little girl than I am!”

“Hey, I’m the little girl here and I won’t be getting scared!” I loved scary movies, but they hardly ever made me jump.

“Really? I seem to remember one particular girl, refusing to sleep after we watched A nightmare on elm street last year.” Caitlyn walked in holding two bowls of popcorn, glasses and a couple of bottles of coke.

“I wasn’t scared, I just wasn’t tired!” Yeah my excuse was pathetic but that movie was awesome and I kept thinking about it for ages after seeing it.

“Of course you weren’t!” Caitlyn’s voice dripped with sarcasm, but she was smiling at me so I wasn’t annoyed. She passed a bowl, some glasses and a bottle to Alex. “Okay, start the movie already.”

She went and turned off the lights before coming over and putting her stuff on the table beside the chair. “Room for me?”

I flipped back the blanket and padded the chair beside me, “I think we can both fit, don’t you?”

Caitlyn slipped in beside me and I grabbed her legs, placing them across mine before pulling the blanket over both of us.

“Mmmmm snugly,” she poured us both a glass, handing me mine, then slipping an arm across my shoulders and wriggling herself in closer.

Alex finally started the movie and for the first 30 minutes or so I actually watched the movie, eating popcorn and enjoying my coke.

Then I started to get bored and all too conscious of Caitlyn’s body cuddled up next to me. I had one hand around her lower back, just stroking the exposed skin of her hip. I slipped my other hand under the blanket, resting it on her knee, just moving my fingers slightly.

Caitlyn kissed me on the cheek before turning her attention back to the movie. I slowly increased my movements, gradually edging my hand higher up her legs until I reached her skirt, then inching it up higher until I was running my fingers from her knee to just below her panties.

“You are making me so horny right now,” Caitlyn whispered in my ear. “It feels like we’re on a real date or something.”

“Does that make me the lecherous boyfriend then?” I whispered back, my mouth almost touching her ear, I slipped my tongue out and took a little lick along her earlobe, causing her to squirm and squeal out loud.

“Hey, quiet in the cheap seats over there! You’re not in the back row of the theater now,” Alex called to us. Looking over, I noticed that they were now sitting right beside each other, thighs touching. I guess Alex’s plan did have some hope after all.

“Jealous much?” Caitlyn laughed at them, “looks like you’re getting cosy over there yourselves.”

Sara just laughed and placed a big kiss on Alex’s cheek, “Jealous, me? Why would I be jealous when I’ve got a big handsome hunk of man meat right beside me?”

Alex blushed and looked like he didn’t know whether to pass out or jump for joy. He settled for grabbing her around the waist and pulling her against him and kissing her on the cheek as well.

“Smooth move Alex, now be quiet over there, unnnhhhh” Caitlyn’s comments were brought to a moaning halt when I slipped my hand between her thighs and pressed my fingers against her panty clad pussy.

“Shhhhhhh,” I whispered in her ear as I moved my hand back down her thigh.

Alex and Sara seemed to miss her moan as they went back to watching the movie, this time with Sara snuggled up under his arm and Alex grinning fit to burst.

Caitlyn parted her thighs, an open invitation for me to continue my explorations. I eagerly accepted, sliding my fingers easily up her thigh now, just lightly touching her skin, up and down, stopping just short of her panties.

I could feel the heat coming from her pussy and I could see her nipples pushing hard against her shirt, almost right in front of my face. I nuzzled my face against her shirt, relishing the feel of her breast against my cheek, separated only by a layer of thin cotton.

Turning slightly, I sucked her nipple into my mouth, soaking her shirt with my spit, I flicked it with my tongue. Caitlyn moaned again, stroking my hair as I sucked and nibbled on her nipple for several minutes.

Finally tiring of the taste of cotton I pulled back, releasing her breast from my mouth. I’d left a large wet spot, turning the white material almost transparent, her pink nipple visible in the dim light from the TV.

Turning my attention to her neglected lower regions, I resumed stroking her thighs. Her skin was so smooth, I marveled at the texture as I took my time, teasing her with every stroke. Her hips kept wriggling, trying to get my hand to go higher, wanting and needing me to touch her.

Finally I relented, bringing a gasp from her lips when at last I touched the sodden center of her panties. The material was drenched in her juices, coating my fingers as I rubbed up and down her lips, pushing her panties against her pussy.

I pulled my hand out from beneath the blankets and brought it up to Caitlyn’s mouth, “Taste yourself,” I whispered as I stared into her lust filled eyes.

Her tongue snaked out, licking one of my fingers, before sucking it into her mouth. Her tongue slid all over my finger as she sucked every last trace of herself from my finger, until I pulled it free with a pop from her sucking mouth. I ran my other finger across her top lip, letting her smell her pussy, she opened her mouth trying to get at my finger but I pulled away, sucking it into my own mouth.

I couldn’t hold back my moan as I finally got a taste of her delicious juices, I’d been forced to wait too long for another taste of her glorious self. I eagerly sucked each of my fingers, getting every last drop of her sweet nectar before slipping my hand back under the blankets.

Caitlyn had an eager look in her eyes as she watched my hand disappear, no pretense of interest in the movie now, only eager to feel my touch again.

Quickly bringing my hand to her pussy, I wasted no time in pushing the material to the side, at last giving me access to the smooth skin of her bald pussy. I realized she must have shaved while I was out, as there was no trace of stubble, just smooth fresh skin.

Sliding the tip of a finger into her pussy, I used my thumb to rub at her clit. Caitlyn moaned and hugged me tightly, pushing her ass downwards trying to get more of my finger inside her.

She parted her thighs further, now with just one leg across mine and the other beside me, exposing herself to my touch as much as possible in the circumstances.

With easier access I added a second finger and began pumping them in and out of her tight slick hole as I continued to work her clit with my thumb. Caitlyn was biting her lip and breathing hard as I brought her closer to orgasm.

“No screaming,” I instructed her, “we don’t want to interrupt the love birds over there.”

Caitlyn never even looked at the couch and neither did I, all my attention was focused on the goddess in my embrace as she got closer to release.

“Lauren, you’re going to make me cum, unnnhhhh, I’m so close, ohhhh god, faster, please god go faster!”

I could feel her pussy muscles clenching at my finger, her juices flowing freely as I pumped my fingers in and out as fast as I could. Turning my head, I kissed her on the neck several times before latching on and sucking hard on the side of her neck.

Caitlyn squeezed her arms even tighter around me, almost crushing me as she began to grunt and moan, trying to stifle her cries, she buried her face in my hair as I sucked harder at her neck, rubbing furiously at her clit and pumping my fingers into her pussy.

“Oh god Lauren, I’m cumming, you’re making me cummmm! I love you, love you, love you…..” her voice trailed off as she slowly came down. I pulled my fingers from her sopping pussy, my hand soaked in her cum and released the suction on her neck.

I was happy to see the makings of a good hickey on her neck, marking her as mine. I slipped her panties back over her pussy, patting them back into place, causing her to shudder with each touch, before futilely trying to dry my hands on her skirt.

Holding her gently, I waited until her breathing slowed down a bit. “Pretty good movie isn’t it? Seemed to get you quite excited.”

“It wasn’t the movie, it was you. That was incredible, I love you so much.”

Caitlyn snuggled back into me as she slowly regained control of herself. I looked over at the couch and was surprised to see that Sara was straddling Alex, his hands on her ass as they made out.

“Hey, Caitlyn, look over there.” She turned her head to look, a frown forming on her face for a moment before turning into a smile.

“Good for them,” we watched them for a minute before she spoke again. “Come on, let’s go to bed, it’s time for your present.” She gave me a shy smile before removing her arms from around me.

“Oh goody, I love presents! Move your ass and let’s go!” I was eager now to get up, the craving inside me had been building for ages. I knew whatever Caitlyn had planned would be worth it and I was eager to find out what.

I threw the blanket aside and Caitlyn stood up, a large wet spot had formed on the back of her skirt. I stood up behind her, slapping her on the ass, “you soaked your skirt!”

“What?” reaching back, she grabbed her skirt, “Oh no, it’s going to be ruined!”

“Maybe not, I’m sure pussy juice comes out in the wash,” I reassured her. “Now come on! I want my present.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the stairs.

“Night you two, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!” Neither of them even looked up, Sara just waved a hand in our general direction and continued making out with Alex.

Laughing we both went upstairs, hand in hand until we reached our room. Caitlyn turned to me, “Close your eyes.”

Feeling a little goofy I closed my eyes and Caitlyn led me into our room, “Take a seat and no peeking.” She pushed down on my shoulders and I sat down on the edge of her bed. I could hear her moving around and some rustling noises, I was getting really curious but I didn’t want to disappoint her so I kept my eye closed.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

I opened my eyes to see Caitlyn standing before me, almost completely naked. Just a large red bow around her waist, the bow hiding her pussy from my view.

“You’re my present?” I was a little confused, yeah she looked really hot, but I was expecting a bit more.

“Well I’m only half the present, the other half is beside you.”

I looked down and saw a small box, covered in pink wrapping paper with red hearts all over it. Now this was more like it! I picked it up, giving it a little shake, but no noise came out. Carefully undoing the wrapping, it revealed a plain white box. I opened the lid to see several leather straps and buckles.

“Huh, what is this?”

“Take it out and see.” Caitlyn looked quite nervous now, hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed in her gift.

I tentatively picked up one of the straps and lifted, the whole lot came up, they were all connected somehow, but I still couldn’t figure out what this was supposed to be. Underneath the straps was a layer of tissue paper, I pulled that aside and was surprised to see several life like looking dildos lying in the bottom of the box.

“Ooooo cool, now these look like fun!” There were three of them, a small pink one about 4 inches long and reasonably slim. A medium one, blue, 6 inches long and a good thickness. The largest one was about 9 inches long, bright purple and about as thick as my wrist, a real monster.

Looking up at Caitlyn I asked, “You want us to use these on each other?”

Caitlyn let out a nervous laugh, “Well I don’t know about that purple one, but the others, yeah.” She looked at me for a moment, “You haven’t figured out what the straps are for have you?”

I held them up, looking at them, thinking, before giving up. “Nope, not a clue.”

“Well would you look at that, my sexy little nympho of a sister doesn’t know everything about sex after all. You wear it and you can attach the dildos to it so we can fuck.”

“Really?!? Now that is cool.” I looked at the toys in a whole new light now, this was going to be fun, and I wondered if I would be able to take that monster dildo? The middle one was about the same size as Dusty and Alex was slightly bigger than that.

“Lauren, I want you to do something special for me tonight.”

Something in her voice made me look up, “Sure thing, you want me to fuck you with one of these?” I held up the purple one, a big grin stretching from ear to ear.

“No, I don’t want you to ‘fuck’ me with one.” Caitlyn stepped closer until she took my face in her hands, “I want you to be my first, I want you to take my virginity”

I was stunned. She’d been saving it for me? “You want me to be your first? Isn’t that something a guy should be?”

“No, this is for you, I love you Lauren and I can’t think of any better way or anyone I love more to take my virginity.” She leaned down and tenderly kissed me on the lips before standing up.

“Are you sure? You can only do this once you know.” I stood up, placing my hands on her hips where the bow wrapped around her.

“Of course I’m sure, I’ve been planning this all week and I’ve had plenty of time to think about it. Now hurry up and get those clothes off!”

Caitlyn grabbed the hem of my shirt, pulling it up over my head, momentarily obscuring my view. I quickly slipped my skirt off, glad now that I’d removed my panties earlier.

I knelt down in front of Caitlyn and grasped the ends of her bow. Looking up into her eyes I slowly pulled on the ends until the bow pulled free and I released it, revealing her pussy, still puffy and slick from her earlier orgasm, her thighs glistening with moisture. I leant in and gave her a quick lick, sending a shiver up her body before I stood back up.

“Right, how do I get this thing on?” I held up the straps, still unsure to wear it.

“Give it here, I got Sara to show me.” She took the harness and knelt down in front of me, grasping one foot she slipped the straps over my foot.

“You got Sara to show you? What is she doing with something like this?” The idea of Sara with one of these things sticking out the front of her was even more arousing. My pussy was already quivering at the thought of using these toys on Caitlyn.

“Well, I don’t know if she’s ever used this before, but she has lots of toys. Her mum buys them for her.” Caitlyn slipped my other foot into the harness and slid it up my legs until the center strap slipped between my ass cheeks and rested snugly against my pussy. I could see my pubes sticking out the sides and a hole in the center of the strap just above my clit.

Caitlyn reached behind me and picked up the blue dildo, then slipped it inside the strap and out through the hole. She adjusted the straps until it was nice and tight, the base of the dildo pushing against my clit and the dildo sticking straight out in front of me.

I felt so weird, it was almost like I had a real dick of my own, I thrust my hips, causing the dildo to bob up and down increasing the pressure then releasing it on my clit.

Caitlyn was still kneeling in front of me, the dildo inches from her face. She reached up, wrapping one hand around the shaft, then opening her mouth she licked the head.

“Wow, you look so sexy, this is the best present ever!” I reached down, holding Caitlyn’s head and pushed the dildo further into her mouth.

She placed a hand on my hip, stopping me from going deeper as she continued to suck on the dildo, getting it wet and ready for her. Caitlyn continued to bob her head up and down, until she took half the dildo into her mouth, before gagging slightly and pulling back.

“This is harder than I thought,” she let out a little giggle as she grabbed the shaft and pumped it in her hand a couple of times.

“This is so hot, come on get on the bed, you’re wet enough, we can practice your blowjob skills later. Right now I want you so badly.”

I pulled her up by the shoulders and pulled her into a kiss, I could feel the dildo pushing against her stomach as our tongues wrestled and our hands roamed each others bodies.

I couldn’t stand waiting any longer, I pushed her down onto the bed, eager to get to my present. Caitlyn scooted up the bed until her head was on the pillow.

Climbing up onto the bed, I knelt between her spread legs. Caitlyn looked up at me with a mixture of apprehension and lust, “Will this hurt?”

“Only for a moment and then you’re going to love every second of it. Don’t worry, I did this to myself and it wasn’t too bad.”

Scooting closer I lifted her legs, placing them over my thighs, further spreading her, her lips opening up, ready for me. Taking hold of the shaft, I rubbed it up and down her slick lips, coating the head in her natural lube.

Caitlyn let out a moan and arched her back when I rubbed across her clit. I rubbed up and down her pussy several times, before moving lower and lining the head up with her tiny hole. Nudging the head slightly inside, I could already feel the resistance of her virginal pussy.

Keeping a firm grasp of the shaft I pushed, sliding the dildo in about an inch, before Caitlyn hissed in pain as I reached her hymen.

“Just relax my love, it’s okay, just breathe.” I quietly reassured Caitlyn as I could see her tensing up, fearful of the pain to come.

With my free hand, I started rubbing her clit, increasing her pleasure and taking her mind away from anything else. I slowly started to move the head in and out, just teasing the edge of her pussy, trying not to reach her hymen.

Caitlyn started to respond to my touch, reaching up and grabbing her own boobs, rolling her nipples between her fingers.

“That’s it my sweet girl, play with those beautiful boobs, do you see how incredibly hot you are? Can’t you see how crazy you make me?” I made a fork with two of my fingers, rubbing along both sides of her clit, trying to bring her off quickly as she worked her nipples.

“God Lauren, I can feel you inside me, your hands touching me.” I could see she was getting close to cumming again, the flush across her chest increasing as she approached orgasm.

She grabbed both nipples pulling hard and I pinched her clit at the same time sending her rocketing off into bliss. Taking advantage I thrust hard against, pushing the dildo half-way inside her, tearing through her hymen.

Caitlyn let out a shriek as I tore into her, the pain mixing with the pleasure, her mouth open in shock as her body warred between pleasure and pain. Pulling back, I eased out until just the head was in, then thrust hard again, burying myself all the way inside her until our skin slapped against each other.

I dropped down on top of her, our hard nipples poking each other as our breasts were mashed together. Caitlyn was gasping and moaning as I held myself still inside her. I was so close to cumming myself, the incredible eroticism of the moment and the pressure on my clit had me close to the edge.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” I stroked her hair, kissing along her jaw, before nibbling on her ear lobe.

“I’m okay, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think you did it perfectly.” Her hands slipped around my neck and she brought her feet up, wrapping them around my waist. “But man, I feel so stretched out and full, I had no idea it would feel like this. Now I want you to make love to me, but start off slow, I’m still a bit tender.”

I slowly pulled back, bringing a grimace to her lips, before easing back inside her. Starting a slow steady rhythm I eased the entire length in and out in long slow strokes. I was surprised at how easily I picked up the fucking motion, it felt like second nature to me and I loved the way it felt. To have this kind of control, to be the one on top, to have the dick and be in charge was awesome.

“Keep rubbing your clit for me,” I told Caitlyn as I continued my slow strokes. Her hand reached down between our bodies, sliding along our slick skin as we were both starting to be covered in a sheen of perspiration. Reaching her pussy, she began working her clit, the back of her hand rubbing against me every time I buried myself to the hilt inside her.

After several minutes she began thrusting back against me, beginning to enjoy everything. I began to pick up the pace of my thrusts, sliding more freely as her pussy got wetter again and stretched to accommodate her new intruder.

My own need to orgasm had receded temporarily, but as I started to move faster I could feel it building quickly. I wanted us to come together for our first time, so I tried to hold back.

Sitting up straighter, I was able to move more freely, sliding in faster with each thrust. I was breathing faster as I my body got hotter, the exertion heating me up.

Caitlyn was staring into my eyes as she continued to work her clit as I fucked the dildo in and out of her no longer virginal pussy.

“Fuck me Lauren, you can go faster now” With her free hand she reached up, cupping my right breast in her hand, my nipple sliding across her palm as I thrust against her.

Picking up the pace, I began to pump as fast as I could, desperate now for my own release. “Caitlyn, this is so fucking incredible, I can’t believe I’m fucking you, I’m going to cum just from fucking you! Cum with me Caitlyn, cum with me!”

I was thrusting frantically now, the sound of skin slapping against each other resounding throughout the room. The sweat was beginning to drip from my body, splashing down on her stomach.

“Cum with me Lauren, I’m almost there, make me cum, you’re filling me up, I can feel you all the way inside me. I’m gonna cum!”

With a long drawn out wail, Caitlyn came again, beating me to it as I slammed my pussy against hers, the dildo joining us together, thrusting a few more times I erupted as well. Slamming myself to the hilt inside her pussy I ground my cunt against her, grinding the dildo deep inside of her, rubbing the base on my clit.

I could feel myself squirting out around the strap as it split my pussy lips as the waves of pleasure rolled over me, more intense than any orgasm I’d ever had, I thought it would never stop.

Somehow I held myself upright above Caitlyn as her orgasm took control, she cried out my name several times, yelling it out for the world to hear, no longer afraid that our parents might hear us.

“I love you Lauren, you’re making me cum so much! Oh god I love you!” She tensed up, arching her back up off the bed, holding her breath, tendons in her neck straining as she rode out her orgasm.

After several long moments, she finally relaxed, collapsing back onto the bed, panting for breath, her eyes half closed and mouth hanging open.

I eased the dildo out of her pussy, half expecting to see a pool of cum dribbling out of her, but instead there was just a little blood mixed with her own cum.

Moving her leg out of the way, I lay down beside her, draping an arm across her stomach, resting my head on her shoulder. I was exhausted, I never knew fucking took so much energy and I needed to recover after such an intense experience.

We both just lay there for several minutes, coming down from our incredible high. Finally Caitlyn broke the silence.

“Was it worth it? The wait I mean?”

“You really need to ask? If I’d known that this was your plan, I would have waited longer, at least a day, maybe even two!”

We both quietly laughed, too exhausted to do anymore. Content in our love for each other, we both eventually drifted off to sleep.

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