Wild Sisters I

Wild Sisters I

Chapter 1

That winter morning when i woke up, i couldnt comprehend for a minute why i woke up. It did not seem that long back since i had slept. Next instant i understood the reason  when something hard struck woodwork of my window. Somebody was throwing stones at it! Muttering profanities i left the bed, put a shawl round me and came out in the balcony. Instantly i shivered. It was biting chilly and there was a thick fog that had wrapped everything in vicinity. 
" who is that asshole?" i shouted. Nobody admitted they were so I uttered some more profanities before turning in. 
Thud! Another stone landed just at my heel. I cursed loudly, wheeled and stopped. The stone was inside a notebook paper on which something was scribbled. I unstoned the paper and read
"me. Kalpana"
Kalpana! I was surprised. When did she get back! I leaned over the railing and stared hard at the house across street. It was hardly 20 feet apart but i couldn't spot a thing so I waived a hand. And then i saw her dim outline leaning and waiving at me from her verandah. Not risking the verbal communication i signaled her to call me quick. I failed to see what she signaled but at this point the fog became so thick that leaving all attempts of signaling i came in the room and waited by the phone. 

 Kalpana and I had a year long bed affair. Since her marriage a year ago, her second sister Komal had become regular in my bed, but Kalpana still had hots for me and she came to visit me almost every time she had visited her folks. Last time was six months back when she was six months pregnant. 

When the ring came, it was from door bell. I quickly went down to open the doors half expecting her to have brought her dick hungry self in this early morning hour. I was 3/4th wrong. At door was Kavita, her third sister, a freshly blossomed teen.
"didi (indian term for elder sis) has sent a message for you!" she said with chattering teeth as i opened the door. She was dressed in a short thigh length frock and was shivering all over. Looked like kalpana had bunged her right off bed to send the message. 
"come inside first or we both will freeze" i said 
She looked back in the wall of thick fog and came in. Closing the door I put a hand around her waist and led her to sitting room  where i made her sit next to me and put a strong arm around her shoulders. 
"yes, now tell me sweetsum, what is the message of your didi"
"she said she will come to meet you at 12 pm. She said she will be here until evening so can u order lunch for and komal didi.? "
"oh. Komal is also coming!" i said in surprise. 
"yes. Kalpana didi cannot take care of her kid alone so mummy said komal didi will accompany kalpana didi whenever she goes out.!"
"so your kalpana didi got a kid, eh! Is it son or daughter?"
"daughter. She is only three months old."
"great. Now sweetheart why did not ur didi called me on my phone instead of sending u here all freezing and shivering"
Kavita eyed me like one conspirator eyed another and said "cause yesterday night she and  didi had clipped all phone wires. I heard them talking that this way Mom wont be able to call any of her friends to check on her" 
I patted her silky thighs admiringly. "here, take this for your trouble" i handed her rs. 100 bill. She beamed up and opened her legs slightly more to let me pat her inner thighs. 
"i am going now" she said after conceding rs. 100 worth of patting. 
"i will escort you to door" i led her, this time my hand resting on swell of her butt cheek.
"listen" i said at the door "will you give same old message to your didi?" and i winked. 
She deeply blushed but asked in a strong whisper "what message"
"you want to listen it everytime, dont you naughty girl!" i smiled tightly and moved her so that our bodies were pressing on each other. She blushed again and nodded. I leaned and spoke in her ear
"tell her, she is not to wear this" and with it i put my hand inside the helm of her frock and placed it directly over her panty clad crotch. It was warm and damp and strongly aromatic. Softly messaging her crotch i said " So what you will tell her?"
"i will tell her .. Not to wear any panties"  she said and gently removed my hand. Then she asked with a sudden mischievous smile "but to whom should i tell not to wear panties. Kalpana or komal didi?" while speaking, with a finger she also traced deep outline of panty over her crotch. I pinned her against the door frame and said as i gave her good minute of dry humps 
"tell it to both of them" 
"let me go or mom will shout" she said struggling and finally managed to slip through my intentionally loose grip. 
As she stepped out i called her
"listen kaivta. If i tell YOU not to come here  in panties then?"
she answered walking away "then i will not come here." then glanced back and smiled "in panties"

Chapter 2

At 12. 15 the bell rang again. I was in sitting room so i quickly opened the door. In came Kalpana, followed by a pram, followed by Komal"  
" hello red red" kalpana winked and pinched my cheeks. She had become plump, especially on back and waist. Her breasts though seemed as large as usual so in retort i  pinched her nipples and said "hello round round" 
"you dirty fellow" she hit me in shin in mock anger. 
No. I have washed the fellow. Its quite clean. U can Taste if u want" 
She hungrily glanced at my stiff crotch and then looked away. She did not need to though. We all three knew why we were meeting and no pretension was needed. Komal in fact said it "didi, if you two want to go for it right now, do so. I will wait here with baby" 
Poor Komal. I dont even recollect how many times she had  been on guards duty while Kalpana and I made out at their place. Only on a handful of occassions i could 'pay' her back until Kalpana's marriage. Since then from her house she held a virtual monopoly over me, save 2 or 3 occasional visits from Kalpana. And now her monopoly was suddenly in danger from both above and below.
"i have ordered food. Its all on dining table" i told them. Komal nodded looking away, while kalpana hardly heard it. 
"lets go up" she said tugging at my shorts. 
"Okay big girl" i said slapping her ass cheeks.
 She was in so much heat that she started shedding articles even before we reached my room. off came her sandals and then sweater. She tried to lift up her top, but it was tight on waist line so she just rolled it up and shed her leggings. She was not wearing any panties. She lied on her back on the bed, spread her legs wide and closed her eyes. A guy can not get a more honest deal from a girl. I took off my shorts and plunged my penis in her pinky-purple sloppy wet vagina. She gasped, shrieked and then started buckling her pelvis at 3000 rpm. All i had to do was to hold her ankles apart and listen to her groans and moans. 

We were 5 minutes in to our session when there was a knock at room's door. It was a loud knock accompanied by caterwauling and it broke our rhythm and concentration. 
"what!" kalpana opened her eyes and looked around in irritation
"someone is knocking at door. Must be Komal" i said, still embedded deep inside her. 
"what!" she asked again, like somebody in a dope induced state. The knock sounded again. 
I pulled me out from her and went to unlatch the door. Komal was waiting out  trying to quieten the howling and wailing baby  who kept throwing her limbs around. She looked embarrassed and said
"she is not quieting up at all. She is crying continuously" 
"what happened? What are you doing at the door" kalpana shouted from behind. I turned around and said
"its your daughter. She is crying. Looks like she is hungry"

She sat up with an intense scowl "bring her in" 
I opened the door wide and stepped aside. Komal hesitated first. It was not that she hasnt seen Kalpana and me nude or even making out together but not recently.  Anyways, she brought the child over to kalpana who was trying to jostle out of her tight top. 
" arrey, somebody help me out with this" she said irascibly. komal put the wailing child in Kalpana's lap and tried pulling up the dress from behind but somehow she managed to entangle a lock of her hair in a e hook and shrieked in pain. So i stepped up and after untangling her hair together we raised kalpana's hands and with a heave took off her super tight dress. 
"unclasp my bra too" she said rubbing her sides. Komal obliged and took off the bra setting free kalpana's  large breasts. 
I was surprised to see them. Her areola must be double the usual size and her nipples were size of a child's thumb
She lifted the baby and angrily fed her a nipple
"suck it u bitch. Suck it causebi dont have anything else to do".
"oye!" i clipped her on side of head "is this how u treat your child?"
Kalpana made a face
"this is her deliberate act. Other days she sleeps whole day. But today of all day she had to barge in"
"this is because you did not feed her properly in morning today" Komal interjected "you were too busy sending notes"
"so you could have fed her your breasts now. You did it yesterday didnt u. I had told you also that if she cries just put your nipple in her mouth"
"yaa but i ..but i didnt have.. Any milk" komal said with an effortn and deeply blushed looking at me. 
I smiled "you know what.. Next time you both sisters should get fucked and get pregnant together. Then u wud easily swap."
"but say didi" komal said " why r u getting so upset. Its not that u dont like getting sucked. You have breast fed half of your colony's children" then she looked at me " she said yesterday she has fed boys as old as 9. And even now she is enjoying it only" 
She was right. Kalpana was rubbing her pussy tightly, running hrr fingers along her entire slit. 
"cause.. Aah.. Bitch..i told you.. I produce...too much... Milk.." she said haltingly with lots of aahs and oohs. 
I looked fascinated as kalpana laid there full nude masturbating and her three month old daughter sucked hungrily on her mothes breast. Streams of milk were trickling down her face and on kalpana's breast. I moved to her other side, knelt, latched my mouth on her erect nipple and started sucking her milk. Instantly a sweetish watery liquid filled my moth and i gulped it down. Kalpana meanwhile gasped and opened her eyes in bewilderment. She said oh god and then choked up as i pushed away her hand and started fingering her vagina furiously. She had opened her mouth wide but no sound came out. Then her entire frame started shuddering as her daughter sucked her one breast, i sucked another and i slurped slurped my fingers in and out of her. Suddenly she arched up, let out a big cry and a stream gushed out from her vagina. 


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