The year was a little into the future and there was a man in the Oval
Office who had to shag just about any person with a vagina. And, his
taste in pussy was awful and injudicious. So it was no surprise to any
red-blooded American when he or she heard about the story of the
President and the Page. I know you are dying to hear to hear it, so here
it is.

She was a cute (but not really pretty) 21 year old page who reminded him
of his wife (before she hit the wall and grew her own set of testicles).
She had been working at the White House for three whole days before she
came to his attention. President Villheim Klittoon (not a bad looking
dude himself) spotted her, and his hockey stick cock came to swift
attention, and he began to salivate.

His chief aide, noticing the Commander-in-Chief's state of arousal, and
seeing the Object of Desire, whispered, "Sir, would you like to have
that woman tonight? I think I can arrange it."

The President swallowed hard and whispered back, "Ah, I don't suppose
the First Lady will be back in town till the day after tomorrow. So, ah,
yeah, why not? Sure, make the arrangements and have that cute little
doll in my bedroom by ten p.m. sharp."

"Will do, Mr. President", snapped the aide, and off he went. He caught
up to the Object of Desire, and taking her by the arm, he whispered into
the ear of the startled young woman. At first, her eyes opened wide in
surprise but shortly she smiled and nodded vigorously.

"Wow!" she thought, "Klitty wants ME! Wow! That sweet hunk really wants
my 21 year old bod! Super!"

At ten p.m. sharp, there was a knock at the Presidential bedroom door,
and when the Man Himself opened the door, Miss Object of Desire stood
there in all her adorable petiteness, dressed in a smart black
mini-dress, smiling up at him.

"You rang, Your Presidency?", she asked in a sexy voice that warmed the
cockles of his balls, and brought a blush to his middle aged but
boyishly handsome face.

"Ah - yes, as a matter of fact, miss ah-ah ... "

"Just call me Monique, Mr. President", she interrupted, offering her

"Ah yes, Monique, please come in", he responded warmly, clasping the
soft, white young hand with both of his hot middle aged ones. "Please",
he motioned to the bed, "Have a seat."

"Sure", she smiled again, and promptly walked over to the bed upon which
she sat after patting it and caressing it for a few seconds.

"Damn!", he thought, "That smile is gonna make my rocket take off long
before launch time, or lunch time, or whatever!"

Now you have to understand that Villheim Klittoon was a man who
worshipped pussy and who worshipped sex; and also, by the way, a man of
very poor discretion whose amorous proclivities had on more than one
occasion landed him in hot water with both his aging testosteroned
spouse AND several investigative committees. Yes, the poor guy had been
accused of her-ass-ment on one or two occasions. So tonight he knew damn
well that with this particular girlie, he was skating on TRES thin ice.
But, as the Banglade shi proverb goes, "AZ DOS SHMECKEL SHTEYT, FLEET
DER SEYCHEL IN GANTSEN AROYS." Rough translation, "When the little head
takes over, the big one becomes utterly useless." Oh boy - well on with
the tale!

Monique heaved a sigh and waited for the president to make the next
move. He was able to tell that she was wearing no bra. Soon he would
discover that she was wearing no panties as well. As she sat on the bed
and wriggled nervously, her mini dress began to slide up her legs,
revealing the most delicious looking white inner thigh flesh the
president had ever seen. Long after she was gone, he would often jerk
the hockey stick to the image of those snowy, silken gams, and of the
dress slowly sliding upwards , to show the beginning of the two doorways
to heaven (or hell, in his case).

"Wow", he thought, "I sure hope this little love doll is a three input

He stood there, transfixed, immobile, his eyes wide, sweat trickling
down his face. After a minute, Monique motioned him over, patting the
bed beside her, indicating that he should sit next to her. Immediately
he broke his trance and walked quickly over to her and sat down. He was
wearing only a bathrobe and loose fitting tan trunks, and Monique placed
her hands on his chest and began to rub it while she bent to kiss his
neck. The robe opened as she worked his chest and shoulders with her
hands and mouth . She pulled the robe down off his shoulders and he
slipped his arms out of it. Now he was wearing only his loose trunks.
Monique kissed, sucked and caressed every inch of his bare skin. He
swallowed, surprised at her aggressiveness, and whispered to the hockey
stick through heavy panting.

"Hold on there, partner. Don't go anywhere without me." He was almost
sure that he could hear the little head squeal and moan as the dewdrops
emerged, staining the light colored trunks.

"Oooo, what have we here?", she squealed in a little girl voice. "I spy
with my little eye something wet and. I'm sure, also wild down there,
Mr. President!"

"Please call me Villy", he panted as the bulging rod began to protest
the trunks' enclosure.

"Oh", she purred demurely, "I think little Villy wants out of his cell.
Can we take him out for some yard exercise? Please, Mr. Pres-er-Villy?"

Klittoon gulped and swallowed hard. "Ah, yes, sure then, Monique. Go
right ahead."

She moved her sweet little young hand into the trunks' fly and reached
in. Feeling the thick hardness of the shaft and the sweet softness of
the eggs beneath, she sighed and stroked.

"Oy vey, little Villy feels so nice. So do his sweet little companions",
she laughed.

"Cum out, Cum out, wherever you are", she called to the First Jewels as
she slipped the trunks down to his knees, then to his ankles, then
completely off him. She tossed the trunks on the floor, and began the
real serious work at the Commander In Chief's Baton with her little
pursed lips.

"Oh you sweet little fuck doll", he sighed. "Just the way I like it."

As her mouth worked him into a frenzy, he thought of his own daughter,
nearly Monique's age, and said to himself, "Ah - soon some jock will
have her doing him like this, if she hasn't already. Well, I'm sure that
Monique is somebody's daughter also."

Then it was back to the business at hand, or shall we say, the business
at mouth, and all of his thoughts were once again concentrated on what's
going on here, and NOT about the tearing of his daughter's hymen.

I just want to make it clear, ok? I mean, we are talking about a pussy
lover here, but pussy in another man's family. I mean, after all, we are
talking about a president with FAMILY VALUES. Remember, he signed one of
many bills restricting adult content on the Internet, for Chrissake!

Now where was I before the soapbox magically appeared? Oh yes, in the
midst of 1600 Pennsylvania fellatio.

Well sir, Monique sure loved to fill her mouth and throat with that
Commander In Chief's love milk. She just sucked and sucked till she
nearly drowned in it. That big hockey stick got a workout, and when
Villy boy first came, you damn near could hear all kinds of religious
screaming as far as the damn Pentagon itself. He blinked his eyes as her
mouth withdrew from his cock.

"Whew", he exclaimed, "You sure are something, Monique."

She smiled. "I'm glad you enjoy that. I hope you enjoyed getting as much
as I enjoyed giving. Now rest a minute, honey, and let's get little
Villy ready for Round 2".

After a short while, the Pres' lower parts were ready for more good
works and charity. Monique was smiling again, bright eyed and bushy

"Hi there, big fella", she said. "Ready for more of me?"

"Ah - yes- sure", the president responded eagerly. "Let's do it!" And so
saying, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed those sweet,
adorable, little cock-sucking lips and tongue like there was no
tomorrow. Monique got real hot, real quick, and pressed herself against
his naked body.

She wanted that hockey stick inside of her, really bad. He reached down
as they continued kissing, and slipped his hand under the mini dress and
felt between those incredible sweet delicious fuck crazy thighs. She was
really wet. The little darling had been fingering herself while Villy
boy had been resting up after the best blow job of is life, and

She whispered in his ear, "Darling, I need that big thick rod in me
right now. Take this fucking dress off of me, big stud, and plow the
field. Come on, you've got your on the button. Launch that missile into
me, my President!"

Villy needed no further encouragement. Off came the dress. "Man! What a
Bod", he thought to himself as he lay her down on the bed and climbed

"I'm really going to like this!"

His fuck rod was by now so huge, thick, and hard, that it was lucky she
was the woman she was, and could open to accommodate the stud. And open
she did, sir, as he mounted her and the piston entered the cylinder and
found its way home.

Monique's eyes opened wide and she could scarcely catch her breath as
Villy's prick went into her. Her brain and her cunt caught fire at the
sheer feel of it. A thousand trumpets went off in her head, playing Hail
To The Chief as he fucked into her hard and fast.

"Oooh Villy!", she moaned, "Fuck me, fuck me, give it to me good." She
tightened her vaginal muscles around his cock and held on tight as they
fucked and fucked, harder and faster.

"Uh Monique", he gasped.

"Yes?", she gasped in reply.

"Uh - grab onto my balls and - uh - stick your finger up my asshole,
please", he said, still banging her but more slowly now.

"Oh sure", she said, "whatever your say, you hot fucker!"

Taking his balls in her right hand and sticking the 'fuck you' finger of
her left hand up his ass, she giggled.

"Ah, Villy?"


"Um - does your wife do this for you?"

"Are you kidding?", he smiled, still fucking. "She is a great lady but
she is all business ... very little imagination ... strictly a one input
woman ... in ... out ... the eagle has landed."

She continued. "So - uh -when you guys fuck, it's like one small step
for man?"

"Yeah", he finished for her, still fucking. "One giant step for mankind."

Suddenly she started writhing and moaning and screaming. "Oh my
President, I'm cuming, sir! I'm cuming!"

As she came, she screamed really loud. This time, the tourists at the
Lincoln Memorial would almost be able to hear her, if there were any
tourists there at this time of night.

"Ah - you done?", he asked.

"Yeah!", she smiled up at him with that sweet smile that made him feel
really manly.

"Well, what now?", she asked. "You wanna cum?"

"Yeah", he replied, "but first will you do me a favor?"

"Sure", she said. "What?"

He dismounted and stood up. "I got a present for you", he announced.
"I'd like you to put it on."

"Sure, ok! Gee thanks!", she responded happily surprised.

He walked over to a closet and brought out a gift wrapped box. His
Johnson was still hard as he handed it to her.

"Open it, please", he said as he began to stroke himself.

"Oh wow! You shouldn't have", she squealed as she removed the wrapping.

"Oh its ok", he said. "Its as much for me as it is for you."

She opened the box and gasped. "Why its a dress! A beautiful blue

"Yeah", he smiled and continued stroking himself. "Blue is my favorite
color. It really turns me on, and it will look great on you with your
coloring. Put it on, please."

"Ok", she replied, and slipped the dress over her body.

"Oh! Ah! You look great in that, Monique", he complimented her.

She walked over to the mirror and looked at herself. She was pleased
with what she saw. Then he was standing behind her, lifting the back of
the dress so that he could feel her ass underneath it. His cock bulged
out an extra inch as his hands patted her butt cheeks.

"Ah - let me in, baby", he sighed.

"You're the boss", she purred as she presented herself to him. He
clasped her around the waist as his cock slipped easily into her

"Oooh, I love it!", she squealed as he grasped her breasts in his hands
and banged her asshole hard.

"Yeah Villy", she laughed sexily, "Give it to me good back there. Fill
her up with unleaded premium, big boy!"

Villy felt a surge of passion as the cum streamed out of the hockey
stick into her her sweet young asshole. She shuddered with delight at
the feel of his cream, deep inside her buns.

He drew out his shaft and sighed. He looked down and blushed in

"What is it, honey?", she asked as she saw his discomfort.

"Ah, this new dress I got for you. I got some cum on it by accident.",
he frowned.

"Oh that's ok darling", she reassured him. "Now I'll never have it
cleaned. I'll keep it for a souvenir of this wonderful night, and when I
am an old woman, I'll show it to my grandchildren and tell them how
great this night was and wonderful you were."

"Ah - ok", he said hesitantly. "But Monique, do me a favor. If anyone
other than your grandchildren asks you if we had sex, please say no!"

"Oh sure thing", she reassured him. "I promise." Then she kissed him
fondly on the cheek.

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