The Office Junior - Part 8

The Office Junior - Part 8

My world fell away from my feet. I stumbled back onto the sofa and stared at Emma's message.

Last night in a drunken haze of lust I thought I was fucking Becky. I thought I was doing something that she had given me permission to do. I thought it was her body I was touching. I thought it was her that I was entering. How could I have not known?

Did I know? Oh God......did I know?

Emma is about a foot shorter than Becky. Becky has blonde hair, Emma is dark. How did I not realize? How could I do that. I'm sick....I'm a perverted sicko.....I'm......shit......I'm going to be sick.

I ran down the hall into the bathroom. I launched myself at the toilet and emptied my rotten gut into the bowl. I retched and convulsed for 5 minutes at least. Once I had purged I sat leaning up against the bath and wiped my mouth. The accusations and thoughts circled my head. I felt like a criminal. I felt worthless. I cried. Maybe it was the tender state of my alcohol soaked body, but I cried like I have never cried before. Deep gasping sobs gave way to more retching, retching giving way to more purging.

After 20 minutes of uncontrollable weeping I stood up. I went to the shower and turned it on. I brushed my teeth and stepped into the stream of warm water. The combination of soothing warmth and steam calmed me a little. I needed to talk to Emma.....I needed her to know that what happened was entirely my fault and that it was a mistake. A horrible, horrible mistake.

I leaned up against the shower wall and let the water wash over me. I tracked through my memories and tried to see if at any time I thought to myself that it was Emma in my bed and not Becky. It was dark and I remember smelling booze and perfume. It felt so familiar. The way I had slipped inside her felt no different to the way Becky's pussy took me. I looked down and was horrified to see that I was erect. I am the worst man on earth.

I dried myself off, got dressed into some sweatpants and a t-shirt and went into the lounge. I sat on the sofa again and looked at my phone. The message from Emma seemed to be written in bold compared to the other messages around it. I saw that there was another message from Becky. I opened it.

B - You OK?

I clicked out of the message and went back to Emma's original message. I had to talk to her. I replied:

M - Come round as soon as you can.

I sent it and felt sick again. I clicked on Becky's contact profile and heard the dial tone. After a few seconds she picked up.

"Hey you," she sounded cheery. "I'm so sorry about last night, I was wrecked so Sarah took me home. I was in such a state that she didn't even try it on."

"I missed you."

" big softy. Have you heard from Emma yet? I was thinking that maybe you and her want to hang out tonight without your new girlfriend being around?"

I felt my phone buzz and heard it ping. I had received a text message.

"I haven't heard from Emma yet, but my phone just pinged so maybe that's her."

"You OK Micky? You sound really......odd."

"Just a killer know, instant regret and all that."

"Don't I know it. It's been a messy morning."

"Can I call you back once I know what is happening with Emma?"

"Sure. Don't be too long though. I get very horny once my hangover clears." With that Becky hung up.

I checked the message - it was from Emma.

E - Coming around now. Be there in 5 minutes.

Why was she in my bed....why couldn't she have just gone into the other room? I walked through to the spare room and opened the door. I stared at the spare bed. And then I stared at the folders and boxes that I had put on the spare bed when I was cleaning out my work space of old work documents. She didn't sleep in the spare room because the bed was covered in massive folders full of my shitting work. Nice one absolute dipshit.

Emma didn't know that I was expecting company last night so she would have assumed that when I saw someone in my bed I would either wake them up, use the spare room or maybe even the couch.

Well this just turned into the perfect shit storm.

I walked back to the kitchen and had more water. The grinding fuzz in my head was slowly starting to settle down as the hangover leaked out of me minute by minute. I cleaned up the few dishes in the basin and wiped down some surfaces trying to make the time pass quickly. Or maybe I was trying to prolong time so I didn't have to confront Emma.

Then there was a jangle at the door and the sound of a key being pushed into the lock. I jumped a little. I made sure that everything was OK in the apartment and I waited for the door to open.

She burst in like a petite tornado. Her eyes burning red, her hair messily pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing an old hooded top and a pair of faded jeans. She exuded fury. She threw her suitcase against the wall. She slammed the door closed and spun back round on balls of her feet and faced me.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK MICKY! What were you thinking!"

Her onslaught was intense, "I didn't know it was you, I swear. You've got to believe me," I pleaded weakly

"You didn't know it was me? You didn't fucken know?!"

"It was dark......."

"Don't you dare Micky. How do you think I felt waking up with my Dad's cum all over me?

"Let's talk about......."

"You tried to fuck me Micky....judging by the state of me I think you actually might of!"

"I didn't even know......."

She broke down and cried, "Dammit Micky.....why did you have to do that.....WHY?"

She walked over to the couch and sat down. Her head in her hands, sobbing. Her entire body was shaking. I so dearly wanted to put my arm around her but I knew that would make things worse. I sat down in the chair opposite her.

"I need you to listen to me Emma. Can you just let me talk.....please."

"What Micky.....what do you want to say?" she said without looking at me.

"I honestly, hand on my heart, did not know it was you. I have been seeing a girl from work called Becky for a few weeks and when you told me you were staying at friends I thought I would invite her over. We were both on separate nights out so I gave her the key to here so she could let herself in. When I got home last night I thought you were her...I had no reason to believe it was anyone else." I was talking at a million miles an hour.

"I woke up in a daze and did something that was meant to be between me and Becky.....I'm so sorry have to believe me."

She sat still. Her head still in her hands.

"Emma....if I had known it was you I would have gone into the spare room or onto the couch. Jesus Emma - I am so sorry you had to wake up to that."

She looked up from her sitting position, "You were inside me Micky....."

I almost lost it at her pained innocence, "I know sweetie. I'm so sorry. I just don't know how to make it up to you."

"I need a shower. Can I have a shower?"

"Of course you can. Do you want me to leave?"

She cracked the smallest of smiles, "There's a lock on the door right?"

"Yep. But I'll stay down this end of the house."

She got up off the couch and walked over to her discarded suitcase. She picked it up and carried it to the spare room. I heard her unzip it and then a few minutes later walked out from the room and into the bathroom. She closed the door. I heard the lock click into place.

I walked over to the kitchen and got myself a drink of water. I think she believed me. I hoped she believed me.


I went into the spare room and took out all of the files and folders that were invading her bed. I made sure that the room was set up nicely for her. I wanted her to feel like she had a space where she could be by herself if she wanted to.

Once I had finished I fished out my phone and called Becky. I wasn't sure how I was going to approach this. She picked up after about 3 rings.

"Howdy stranger," came her cheerful reply.


"Right - what's going on Micky."

I could feel the prickle of tears at the back of my eyes, "I've made a really bad mistake Becky. I don't think I can fix it."

"Hey Micky.....tell me what's happened."

My voice was wobbling. I was doing everything in my power to keep it together, "I thought she was you....and I did stuff that you like but it wasn't you it was her and she's so mad but I didn't do it on purpose cause I was drunk and I can't stop thinking about it and I hate myself......"

"MICKY.....woah.....Micky. Slow down. What did you do?"

"I fucked Emma."

Total silence on the other end of the phone. Complete, drop a pin silence. The kind of silence that a shit standup comedian hears when delivering a poor punch line.

"She was in my bed and I thought it was was the only logical conclusion when I saw someone in my bed. It could have only been you."

"Is she OK," came the reply

"No.....her Dad just tried to screw her!"

"Micky calm down. What did you do? I mean tell me what you actually did."

I told her the whole story. The coming home drunk, looking at the shape in the bed. The cuddling, the rubbing, the fact that I was inside her and that I came on her.

"Shit Micky.....I'm coming around."

"Do you think that would be the best idea?"

"I have no idea....but it is probably better than you chuntering away making things worse. Can you maybe mention that I'm coming around and who I am....maybe make sure she knows my age."

She hung up. I couldn't tell if she was angry, hurt or both.

Emma was in the shower for about 40 minutes. Usually I would have been pounding on the door telling her to hurry up but thought it best to let it go this time. When she finally emerged it was through a massive billowing cloud of steam. The apartment immediately filled up with the delicate smell of women's products. She walked through to the spare room.

Emma came out of her room. She was wearing a Guns 'n' Roses t-shirt and a pair of tight black jeans. She was a very pretty girl with a great figure. But I quickly averted my eyes. She sat down on the couch.

"Emma, you know how I said I was seeing someone from work."

"How could I forget."

"Well......she's coming around. I think she wants to meet you."

"Ohhh Micky I'm not really wanting to meet your new girlfriend."

"Well she's coming around anyway and I need to tell you about her first."

She looked up with a pained expression, "Oh this day going to get stranger?"

I ignored her and pushed on, "Her name is Rebecca. She works with me and we've only just started seeing each other."

"So in the honeymoon period then?"

"Yeah something like that. She's a really great girl and I think you'll really like her. It's just's just that she is quite young."

She gave me an odd sideways stare, "Hoooow young?"

Here goes nothing, "She's 19."

"NINETEEN! As is one nine. As in the same age as me."

"I know I know it seems But it seems to be working. It's made me happy for the first time in over a year."

"Nineteen.....Jesus Micky. What is going on with you?"

"Nothing is going on with me. I'm happy Emma......well I was until the fuck up last night."

I saw Emma unconsciously draw both of her legs up into her chest. The memory of this morning’s nightmare still fresh in her mind.

"Do you want to talk to her about it?" I asked her.

She rolled her eyes, "Micky......I don't even know this girl. Why am I going to talk to her about anything!"

"Well maybe she might be able to help."

"I don't need help Micky, I need to forget it even happened. Can you understand that?" With that she stood up and walked down the hall and into her room closing her door.

I slouched back on the couch and closed my eyes. What was Becky thinking coming around? How was this going to help the situation?

I must have dropped off to sleep cause I awoke to the sound of keys being turned in the front door. It opened and Becky walked through. She was wearing a jacket over a collared shirt and a medium length skirt with bare legs. She looked amazing as usual. She walked straight over to me and threw herself onto my lap. She enveloped me in a huge hug.

She hugged me without saying a word for about 5 minutes. Then she broke the silence.

"Where's Emma?"

"She's in her room."

"Is she upset?"

"She's quiet."

"And how are you?"

"I'm all over the place......."

"I'm going to introduce myself."

She hopped off me and straightened her skirt. She looked down and saw that I was pitching a tent in my sweatpants. She put her hands on her hips.

"Really Micky....after all of this and you're still reacting like that?"

I looked crestfallen, "Sorry Becky. You were on my lap and it just decided to have a look around."

She looked at me and sighed. She bent down and gave me another hug. Then to my complete surprise lowered the tops of my sweatpants and boxers and freed my cock. She quickly engulfed it with her lips and started to quickly suck me off. After a few minutes she looked up and said, "You'll have to come quickly. I need to speak to Emma."

She continued to pump me with her hand and lips, occasionally deep throating me in the amazing way she is able to. I kept an eye on the spare room door but it remained closed. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and clicked on the camera. I started to record the action making sure that I had good clear shots of her lips sliding up and down my shaft. Less than 2 minutes later I could feel my cum rising.

"I'm going to cum sweetie." I whispered.

She just nodded and picked up her pace. I tensed up and then feeling her tongue on the underside of my cock released what felt like a litre of semen into her mouth. I continued to record as she struggled a little with the amount but eventually managed to swallow it all. She cleaned me up with her mouth and then tucked me back into my sweats.

"Are you calm now?"

Honestly I could have fallen asleep at that very moment. "I'm calm now. Thank you."

"And you got it all on camera. The things I do for you Micky."

"It's for 'calming' purposes.....medicinal you understand."

She smiled, "Well make sure you send me a copy."

She turned around and walked off towards the spare room. I saw her knock softly on the door and push it open. Becky walked through and it closed behind her.


I didn't see either of them for the next few hours. I lapsed back into my afternoon snooze, moving onto the couch to get comfortable. I must of had a good 2 hour sleep. I woke with a start but felt a lot better. Emma's door was still closed and I could hear some murmurings coming from within. I got up and walked down to my room. I slowed down a bit as I got near Emma's door but the voices were soft and I couldn't make out any words. I went into my room and took off my sweats. They and my boxers were a little messy from the blow job so I tossed them into the laundry basket and decided to have another shower.

I quickly scooted across the hallway into the bathroom and locked the door (no way I was going to have an awkward situation with an unlocked door!). I turned on the shower and stepped in. I lathered myself up making sure that I cleaned off all the dried semen. As I cleaned I became aware of my hands on my penis and started to harden. I thought to myself, 'Why the hell not' and started to masturbate. I closed my eyes and thought of Becky. But it wasn't enough for my imagination. I turned my thoughts into Becky finger fucking Sarah in the toilets of the pub. Imagining Sarah's hips grinding down on Becky's fingers.

I pictured Sarah lowering her mouth to engulf Becky's large nipples. Flicking them with her tongue as Becky moaned in appreciation. I imagined their bodies, stripped of clothing, entwining with each other. Their legs, hips, belly's and breasts pushing up against each other. I imagined Emma dropping to her knees, her hands placed on Becky's arse cheeks, pushing her tongue into Becky's dripping pussy. Probing her own cunt with her fingers as her tongue finds Becky's clit. I can see Becky shuddering to a powerful climax, drenching Emma's face in her juices. Becky would pull Emma upright and then drop down onto her knees and explore Emma's tight cunt with her magical tongue. Emma would sit on the bench with her legs spread open wide, her pussy swollen, her breathing ragged.

No wait - hold on - It's Sarah and Becky not Emma and Becky.

I picked up my pace, my hand moving like a piston over my rod. My mind taking over.

I could still see Emma still up on the bench, but now it was me standing between her legs. I look down and see my cock disappear into her. My hips thrusting my full length deep inside. I can see her face looking up at me. Her eyes hooded with pleasure, her mouth open, her hips rolling in time with mine. Her body glistening with sweat.

I can feel myself about to explode.

I imagine her screaming in orgasm as I coat the inside of her vagina with hot jizz.

In the real world as I cum I can hear myself whisper, "Oh Emma, oh baby, let me cum inside you......"

The thick ropes of cum splat onto the floor of the shower and slowly slink away into the plughole. I stand there catching my breath. The water seems to be hotter, the steam more invasive. My legs felt weak, unable to support my weight. Once the feeling of release passes I am smashed in the face with reality. Regret immediately jumps on my back, disgust drape's over me like a filthy old sweater. My internal voice screamed obscenities and abuse at me and I take them all on the chin because I knew what I had done was beyond forgiveness.

Why was this happening? Why couldn't I get these thoughts out of my head? What the hell were Becky and Emma talking about? Why am I so hungry?

I quickly washed myself, turned off the shower and dried myself off. I scooted back across the hall and into my room. I got dressed into some clean jeans and a t-shirt. I heard a door close in the hallway. Fear made me freeze but curiosity kick started my feet into motion. I walked into the hallway and saw Becky walking towards the kitchen.

I padded down the hall and addressed Becky.

" were gone a while?"

"Yeah. I like Emma. She's really nice."

Every fibre of my body was screaming for a small snippet of what was going on. "What did you talk about?" I said as calmly as I could muster.

"Why don't you put the kettle on and we'll talk."

I hurriedly filled the kettle as Becky settled onto the sofa. I poured out two cups of steaming hot coffee and part walked, part ran to the couch.

Fearing the answer I said, "Is she OK?"

"She's actually not doing too bad. I think she just needed a little time and someone, that wasn't you, to talk to."

"And what did she say?"

"Right - everything I'm going to tell you is from her. You need to treat every single one of her concerns as real. And for God's sake Micky - don't make any stupid jokes about any of this."

Suitably chastened I sat and listened.

"She had had a shit night. She had argued with her friends when they were out cause they were trying to set her up with a guy that she didn't like. In typical drunk girl style words were said and she had stormed out of the club. She didn't want to go back to her friend’s house so came here instead."

I remembered, "Cause I gave her a set of keys last time she was up."

Becky nodded, "She let herself in and found your drinks cabinet and had a few nightcaps."

I followed on, "And then when it was time for bed she saw that the spare room was a mess so she crashed in mine thinking that I would see her and either move her or sleep on the couch." I added.

"Bingo. So she stripped down, climbed into your bed and went to sleep. Remember she was pretty wasted by now so she really crashed out."

"I smelt the booze - maybe that's why I thought it was you." I laughed.

"Do you wanna hear the rest of it Micky?"

"Sorry, carry on."

"So she didn't even hear you come in. She does remember have the sensation of someone up against her though."

I blushed.

"The real problem for her though is that she also remembers the sensation. She wasn't aware of what was happening but does recall the feeling. She thought she was dreaming. She felt the tingle as you were obviously rubbing up against her and she remembers being entered, which she thought was a really nice erotic dream."

"Oh God."

"Wait Micky. She understands how all this happened. It was all bad timing and circumstance. Her main issue is that she liked the feelings she experienced. She thinks she may have even had an orgasm. And that is why she is angry, embarrassed and confused."

"And the fact that I'm her Dad."

"Well yes....of course. She is wondering how she could have something like this happen and suspect that she liked it while it was happening."

"She liked it?"

"Well she thinks she did. Emma is a sexual person just like everyone else. Her body reacts to stimulation just like most people. If she was blindfolded and didn't know who was touching her she would have the same reaction whether it was you or her boyfriend, or a girl. Truth is Micky, and remember this is from her, she doesn't find you attractive regardless of the fact you are her Dad. You're simply not her type. And that's not her being mean."

"Well I wouldn't expect her to find me attractive."

"Why not?"

"Well I'm over 20 years older than her for a start."

"I find you attractive. I can't get enough of you and I'm only a year older than Emma."

"OK, fair enough," I struggled not to smile, my pride making my chest want to puff out.

"She's just struggling with her initial feelings. She thinks she should have been immediately outraged. The fact she wasn't was horrifying to her."

"I didn't think of it like that."

"Micky, she woke up with your cum on her. She was in tears telling me that she thought she actually wanted it to happen."

"But she didn't," I said quickly.

"Of course not. But you know what, she is dealing with it. You have a very intelligent daughter who is capable of seeing things from all sides. I think she'll be OK. So how are you feeling?"

"I'm struggling Becky. On one hand I feel physically sick. On the other hand I find myself getting really turned on about it.

My voice started to crack a little bit with my emotion, "I wanked in the shower and I was thinking about her. I think I'm sick in the head."

"Nonsense you stupid man." Her tone caused me to snap out of my little swan dive of self-pity.

"You've just a had a sexual experience, admittedly a pretty taboo one, but an experience all the same. You are going to have conflicting emotions and it's how you deal with them that matters."

"But fantasizing about it probably isn't good for me."

"Why not - providing it's not the only thing you fantasize about what's the harm in bashing one out to a sexy scenario."

"You're not disgusted with me?"

"Was I disgusted when you pretended that I was your daughter when we had sex on my sofa?"


"Exactly - we're allowed to role play Micky."

"But Emma.....she's so upset."

"Micky, I want you to answer this honestly. I don't want you to think of consequences or how you think you should answer....just be honest. Did you do it on purpose?"

This was the question I had secretly feared....did I do it on purpose? My answer was honest and said without any doubt in my frazzled mind.

"No. It was a mistake. I thought it was you."

She reached over and gave me a hug and a kiss. She looked me in the eyes, "So quit beating yourself up and let yourself know that your reaction to it," she said pointing down at my crotch, "is natural, the way you would react to any other sexual experience."

I felt a weight lifting from me. Like I was OK to breathe again. Becky had simply told me that everything was going to be OK and I believed her. I pulled her close to me and hugged her tightly.

For the first time since this morning I felt relaxed. The issue with Emma had been put into perspective and for the first time I had hope that we would be able to get past this event.

"Should I go in a speak to her now?"

"I would maybe wait until she comes to you first. I'm sure she still has plenty to talk about."

"Yeah - you're probably right."

Becky sat up, "I was you think I could stay? I'd love to sleep next to you tonight."

"You know that there is no way I can just sleep next to you." I said smiling.

"I know - but I kinda asked Emma if it was OK and she was fine with it."

"Well if it's OK with her. You fancy Pizza for dinner?"


I phoned up the pizza place and ordered 2 pizza’s to be delivered. While we waited for the delivery I sat with Becky lying on her back and her head on my lap and watched a movie. The movie was rubbish but Becky seemed to be captivated by it. As I looked down I could see her side profile as she stared at the screen. I gently trailed my finger along her neck and I saw her eyes close and she allowed the sensations to wash over her. I heard a soft 'mmmm' escape from her. She reached up and took my hand and placed it against her swelling chest. I pushed my hand under her shirt and bra and felt the hard point of her nipple against the palm of my hand. I softly kneaded her breast and enjoyed the experience of feeling her heartbeat pulse under my contact.

Becky's eyes were now closed. Her attention completely ripped away from the film by the treatment her tits were receiving. She was starting to breathe heavily. With my other hand I reached over and undid some of her blouses buttons. She arched her back a little and popped her bra strap allowing me free access to her mountainous breasts. I bent down from my waist and placed my mouth over her closest nipple. My tongue danced over the sensitive nub and I heard her gasp. I looked down her body and saw that her own hand was lifting her skirt up to reveal her purple panties. Her fingers immediately pulled the fabric aside and she started to rub her clit as I worked on her nipples with my fingers and tongue.

I could feel her starting to shudder. Her telltale sign that she was approaching her climax. Her legs spread a little and she pulled her feet up towards her arse. She plunged her fingers into her pussy and came as quietly as she could. Her hips ground and bucked, her toes curled and her breasts bounced with the effort of keeping quiet.

After a few seconds she opened her eyes and and reached up with her free hand and pulled my head down for a passionate kiss.

"Thank you." She whispered as we seperated.

Just as I sat back up I could have sworn I heard Emma's bedroom door close. I turned around but saw no one. I turned back to see Becky straightening her skirt and clipping her bra back on.

A few minutes later the pizza guy delivered us two piping hot pizza's and Emma joined us in the lounge.

The crazy weekend had just begun.

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