Cute little babysitter

Cute little babysitter

Tammy Lovett walked into my house and I just about got a hard on looking at her tiny ass. She has a gorgeous 13 year old bubble butt and strangely large tits for her age, a good D cup. She walked in my house wearing a tiny miniskirt that showed the very bottom of her sweet ass cheeks, and a shirt so tight her perky tits were almost bursting the buttons open.
'Hi daddy!' She exclaimed. She always calls me daddy, so did most people, and I always called her my baby girl.
'Hey baby girl, Aimee's had an early night, she's asleep in her room. Ill be back around 11, 11:30. Feel free to anything inthe fridge baby. Make your sweet self at home' I said, cheekily slapping her ass. She giggled, and sat on the sofa with her legs spread apart.
It was almost painful to walk away from that hot cunt.

I left the pub early, about ten o'clock and I walked softly in my house and I heard soft moans from my bedroom. I creeped upstairs and peeked around the crack of the almost shut door.
And there she was.
13 year old Tammy Lovett. The innocent teen I've always wanted to drill, since age ten, was sat on my bed, was watching my porno, masturbating her tiny, puffy pink push on the end of my bed.
'Oooh, yes. Mm yeah please. Ohhh fuck yes.' She whispered dirtily. I watched her for about 15 minutes, until her tiny pink mouth gasped, and her body violently shook in orgasm. I saw her jump of my bed and walk towards the door. I ran downstairs an tried to calm my extremely hard cock.

'Oh! Hey daddy! I didn't know you'd be back yet!' She said, her arms around my neck, hugging me.
I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her tiny body towards mine. I lifted her and dropped her onto the sofa.

'So, miss Tammy Lovett, do you happen to have a boyfriend?'
'Uhh, no daddy. I'm single!'
'That's perfect baby girl. Do you happen to want a secret boyfriend? A boyfriend tht only me and you knew about?'
'Ooh yes daddy! Please let me have a secret boyfriend, pleeeease!!!!'
I lifted her up, her tiny pussy against my waist, and lay her down on the sofa, her pussy near my face.
'I saw you stroking your little pussy in my bedroom, bow that was very naughty now wasn't it?'
I said, watching her cheeks flush pink.
'I was just... I was just... I'm so sorry daddy! Please don't tell my mom!' She cried, stroking my hair.
'I guess I won't... Unless you let me do that to you.'
I pulled her panties down and began licking her petite pussy, poking her clit with my tongue.
'Yeah baby you like that don't you?' I said, as she moaned telling. Me not to stop.
I got one finger and pushed into her warm cunt. I thrusted it inside her, feeling her squirm with excitement.
'Please... Oh yes!.... Please can you.. Fuck me?' She managed, and I grabbed her huge titties and tugged them hard, playing with her nipples until they were rock hard. I bent her over forward so her face and tits were squashed against the sweaty leather. I spanked her tiny, sexy 13 year old bubble butt and suddenly thrust into her. She was clearly a virgin, because her pussy was incredibly tight. I kept ramming into her and she loudly called out each time I did so. Then, my daughter, Aimee, who is 10, came downstairs and ran up to me.
'Daddy, what are you doing to Tammy?' I held Tammy firmly down, as she struggled to get away. I continued thrusting.
'Me and Tammy are having a little bit of fun baby. Tammy lives me and I love her and we are now gonna do this each time she baby sits to show it. Do you want to watch baby?' I asked pulling my naked little daughter close to my body, stroking her impossibly tiny pussy. She giggled an nodded, running her tiny hand over Tammy ass cheeks. I laughed and spanked Tammy, and she relaxed and began moaning again, very loudly.
'Oh yes, come in daddy fuck me! Come on keep going, oh yes!' She screamed out loud.
'Daddy, can I join in please?' Aimee asked, playing with her own very flat titties. Her nipples were the size of peas and were standing up on her cold, trembling body.
'Okay sweetie. I want you to lick my balls, these big things here. No biting, just licking. Okay baby?'
I said, spanking her little ass. I pulled out of Tammys pussy and grabbed her head and latched it onto my dick.
'Suck, you sexy piece of ass.' I commanded, and she obeyed immediately, joining Aimee who was already playing and sucking my balls. I was in pure heaven.
Tammy bobbed up and down an Aimee kept caressing, each knowing no better. My cock throbbed in pleasure as I felt my climax emerging. I positioned Aimee an Tammy next to each other, and managed to direct my cum ono both of their faces and hair, even Tammys beautiful titties.
'Now, girls. One last thing,' I began, wanking my now semi cock.
'I want you two to lick each others pussies, spit on eachothers titties and sit on eachothers faces.'
I said, and the two hot little girls began kissing.
Tammys perky little nipples kept poking Aimee's flat chest, which turned me on incredibly. Aimee pulled away first, and spat on Tammys gorgeous rack. She began rubbing the sticky saliva in, and rubbing her own mini body against Tammys hot boobies. Tammy pushed Aimee roughly to the ground and shoved her beautiful hairless pussy into Aimee's face. Aimee licked and sucked and giggled.
I came to another climax and directed it to the giggling girls and again soaked them with cum.
'NOW, my sexy little babies. You both will not tell anyone about this, or you will not have this experience again. You both with now take a shower together and get dried. You can both sleep with me tonight until tomorrow when Tammy has to go home. We may have time for a quickie in the morning.'
'Yes daddy!' My two little sex buddies chimed, and I laughed and wondered when I got to be so lucky.

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