Girlfriend-Swap Fuck-up but fun

Girlfriend-Swap Fuck-up but fun

My boyfriend Jake wants to trophy-fuck my friend Donna
So my guy says he wants to fuck my friend Donna who is a slag.

I had introduced him to Donna and her boyfriend Mike as we used to hang around together.
I knew Donna was a slut, and had to keep some secrets from her boyfriend Mike - the time we did it in an alley for this gang of lads who wouldn't let us past, and other times where we went to get fucked together behind a store next to the bins; these are other stories I might go into sometime; she was even there when I got my drunk self gang-banged in a sleazy-Bar's beer-garden one Saturday night. Over the table from behind. That made me a popular girl.

Jake my boyfriend hugs me close with his charm and smiles says that I needed more cock then even he could give me because I had a very accommodating sexual appetite, and he wanted to fuck that Bitch Donna.
Hey! she's my friend.
"So why you want to fuck her so bad, want to trade me in Mr? Part-exchange?"
He tells me no, because I am nice and a good leg-spreader and cock-loving slut. He says he just wants to trophy fuck Donna and make her take his dick like a woman.
He told me that Mike wanted to fuck me - I knew that. I had been sucking Mike's dick behind Jake's back. So Jake says It is a win win win situation - Mike fucks me, Jake fucks Donna. A happy girl-friend swap for the night. And that he said Donna needed it.

Sure I said, sounds hot fun. But he needed to know that Donna....was not his number one fan. So I wished him good luck.
I rang up Donna and said Hi ya, lets meet up.
She asked if that dick Jake was with me and If he was going to fuck me in front of her again.
I was non-committal; well he might. (in fact it was the more likely outcome)
And she could be fucked by Mike again in front of us?
So she agreed to bring Mike who was with her and meet us.

Great! The Plot was in action!

Meet-up with Donna the alley slut
Jake had his arm around me and gave me a kiss, and slid his fingers under my skirt to play with my cunt which was getting wet for him.
Or for Mike, as Jake still insisted would happen.

Donna and Mike turn up - She was dressed like a slut again, in a short black dress and high heels. So we say hi ya, and Jake lifts up my skirt to flash my pussy at them. Mike gives me a big welcoming grin.

Then Jake announced that we should all have sex in his bed room. It was a fuck pad, and he was always doing me round his swinging fuck-pad as I was a hot and willing leg-spreader. so..
Mike was up for it, and Donna could see the sense in that.
She looked hard at Jake and he looked hard at her.

Having got Donna to agree to come round and be fucked with us, Jake then tells us all that they should swap girlfriends for the night for a change and Mike would fuck Gemma, and Jake would fuck....Donna.
If she was woman enough for it and didn't cry.
I groaned. Bust up time.
Donna was at a loss for any coherent words to sling at him.

She went and asked Mike if he was up for it? was he! yes!
She came over to me, glaring at Jake, and asked if I had agreed to this and knew anything about it?
I knew, he had told me in advance.
She asked if I was ok with it?
"Sure I am ok with it, Donna," I said casually with a smile.
She nodded, looking me in the eye.

Then she agreed to the girl-friend swap!

my mouth fell open. oh wow! sweet!
I think we were all a bit surprised with her acceptance of being fucked by Jake.

But! she announces, the guys will have to wear condoms as she didn't want to get anything.
I frowned at her, not impressed by such innuendos. And who was she to speak!
Then we grouped up and the guys put their arms round us and we walked off back to Jake's fuck-pad to give it a try.

back to his bed-room for swinging-sex
Donna stopped at the door to Jake's place and untangled herself from Mikes arms. She came over to me and held my hand and then looked at Jake who was holding the door open.

"You have to wear a condom to get in me Jake; and Mike has to, too!" Donna says.
They told her it would be ok, sure no problems with it. Has one in his pocket.
But Jake told her the first time would be better if we all did it natural raw sex. Then he could cum up her cunt.
Donna's half-visible breasts heaved in a deep breath and she said it was condom's or no fucking each other. She would do it with Mike instead, otherwise.
I said I think we should do it real-sex, but if that was how Donna felt then...?
Jake assured me that he had no problems with anything Donna says as long as she got her tits out.
"right, I'll get my tits out." she told him.

Jake and Mike walked in front of us as we went up the stairs.
They where plotting together I could tell.

Donna whispers to me, and asked me if I was going to go through with this.
I assured her that I would.
I could tell she was having second thoughts about the deal.

Then we went into Jake's bedroom, where it was going to happen.
oh wow, this was it, crunch time!
We stood there for a time and looked at the bed....

soo, getting on with it; they get into us
Was it me or was it getting hot in here?

Mike leans against the wall and flashes a condom packet at me with a grin.
Jake starts giving orders;
Gemma lets take your skirt off.
I walking into Jake's arms and he slid down my skirt so that I was bare assed for Mike.

I walked over to Mike and we smiled at each other. I felt breathless.
"So now we get to fuck, Mike" I smiled.
"yes Gemma" he grinned back at me.
"Just get on all fours on the bed for him,Gemma, and spread your cunt for his dick. He's going to fuck you." Jake calls over.
Then he speaks to Donna.
"Donna! Tits Out!"
Donna slips her top down and gets her tits out for the guys.
"Gemma has to get her tits out too!" she complained to Jake.
I turned to her and slipped out my tits, flashed them to Mike and then I climbed onto the edge of the bed on all fours and spread my legs wide for Mike. I felt his eyes burn along my cunt with interest.

"Get on the bed Donna and spread your legs!" Jake tells her.
"you cant order me around like this Jake!" she informs him.

I felt Mike's cock slide up inside my cunt and my legs felt wobbly, up up he went. I was starting to cum already! His hands held my ass and Mike began dutifully fucking my cunt from behind as he stood behind me.
"I'm up her!" Mike calls to Jake and they shared some guy talk.

"your turn Donna, Gemma has Mike up her now!" Jake says smugly.
"where's your fucking condom Jake?"
"In my pocket"
"put it on your dick!"
"get on the bed!"

So Jake pushes Donna backwards by her tits and her big ass lands on the bed. Her tits bounce around as Jake reaches into his back pocket, pulls out a condom and waves it in-front of her face.
She was sitting up on the bed so Jake pushed her backwards so she lay on the bed.

Mike keeps fucking me.

"Spread your legs Donna you slag" Jake tells her.
"fuck you!" she tells him.and opens her legs wide for him exposing her bush of cunt hair for us all to see.
"I cant watch this, not him fucking me!" Donna says hiding her face in her hands! She was like 20 or 21 like me but she still hid her face in her hands.

I watch with growing excitement and fascination - and horror - as Jake produced his big dick, smiles at me and Mike and pushes his dick up between her labia and into her cunt.
Just like that - no condom!
"oh fuck! Jake!!" I screamed at the thrill of it - and Mikes dick up my cunt, drove me over the edge and into series of leg-trembling orgasms.

Donna let out a loud moan - a very loud moan as Jake pushed his dick up in between her legs and filled her cunt. He forced his dick up her as far as she could take him and then slid it back - and I could see his dick was wet with her cunt passion.

"That condom had better be on your cock!" Donna gasped as he fucked her and she cum.
"Yeh It is" lied Jake pounding her pussy.
And I knew he was lieing to her! I could see that it was not.
Jake began to fuck her in-front of me as she lay on the bed moaning;
"oh fuck oh fuck" she moaned as he pounded her cunt hard driven by a need or a demon. But she was clearly enjoying the rough sex with him as much as he loved giving it to her.

Donna looked across to me, her mouth open as she panted as we all fucked. He was fucking her retarded and she had gone! So another wave of an orgasm went though me taking me with it.
"Gemma," she sobs, "your boyfriend's dick is big!"
"I know" I panted as Mike slammed my ass with his dick up me.
The smell and the sex noises dominated the bedroom and the girl-friends swingers-swap.

Hey what the fuck happened to the Condoms guys?
I felt Mike cum in me.
He fast fucking ended with jets of cum shooting up inside my pulsating wet cunt. I felt each spurt of cum.
"oh fuck yes!" I called driving my cunt hard against him.
I knew he was doing it natural and had not put the condom on, and I felt better that he hadn't - our first fuck was real sex and that thrilled me.

Jake came too, up Donna's wet cunt.

So we remained joined for a time as we recovered from the fucking orgy.
We all panted, but it was over.

I was so far gone.
Mike tapped me and slipped his cock out of my cunt. I knew that tap and I turned round on the bed and knelt before his wet dick, like we did when we met up, when Donna was holding out on him. I took his dick into my mouth and began to suck like a slut upon him as he held my head.

Donna recovered from her orgasms.
"Jake! have you cum?"
"yeh, minutes ago, I fucked you retarded and was just watching you being a spaz."
"well then take your fucking cock out of my cunt!"

He did.
She screamed!!
oh no! I thought.


"Like I said, in my pocket!" he told her.

She climbed up on the bed swearing at him.
"you cummed in me!"
"yeh, of-course. proper sex !- and by the way your ass is big and your cunt is slack! Donna."
"fuck you"
She attacked him and he threw her back onto the bed roughly.
"Mike, can you keep your bitch on a lead before I knock her out?"

Then it was like; Donna says,
"Mike, where is your used condom darling?"
"In my pocket too..." he confessed.
"oh fucking great!
Gemma you could have said something you cock-sucking slut."
I kept sucking Mike's dick like a good girl.
"We'll I'm of for a shower," She tells us all, "because I'm not sucking Jake's dick after its been up my cunt; get Gemma to do that!".
Her legs were wet with her cunt but I did not see any cum leaking from her.
Then Donna storms off from the bedroom to go and take a shower.
"bastard!" she shouted back down the corridor.

Having finished with me , Mike and Jake congratulate each other on a good no-condom trick they played on us. I laughed!
And on the fucking each other's girl-friends.
great time!
I though so too.

The after-swinging Bar meet-up with his new friends; Now Donna likes him
Well, I though Donna would be really pissed with us over Jake's no-condom fuck.
I was thinking that she wouldn't be speaking to him over the trick.
I was happy over it, and preferred sex that way.

We took turns in the shower and then dressed and went off to a bar to celibate.
I went to the toilet and had a pee and as I came back to the table, Donna and Jake were laughing and joking like old friends!
That fuck session had broken the ice between those two, after all.
I felt elated and happy that they were friendly and that she was even speaking to him!
All forgiven now!
Donna happily told everyone within ear-shot that she had cum.

I knew this indicated that there were would be more such swinging sessions ahead of us!
Good good!

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