Mom's Friend Dot, episode 17

Mom's Friend Dot, episode 17

Mike, Jamie's second husband, backed the car out of the drive. He smiled and waved as he drove away. He and their two sons, Brandon and John, would be gone over the long holiday weekend. Jamie went back in the house, a little sad because she would be away from her man for the next couple days. But, she knew there was no way she could go with him to his parent's house. So, she took a deep breath and convinced herself that three husband-free days would allow her time to get her work done. It would also allow her time for a much needed solo cumfest while he and the boys were away. She was looking forward to that.

Early that morning, Mike had cuddled up next to her and she knew he wanted sex before he left. She faced him on her side and reached inside the waistband of his pajamas to find his impressive tool. Mike was a large man, well over six feet tall, well built with a hint of middle age bulge around his midriff, but he kept himself in good shape with outdoor sports. She stroked his member till she was satisfied with its full erection. She turned her side with her back to him and lifted one leg back over his thigh. Jamie felt him slide his cock into her easily and moaned in pleasure. She rubbed her clit as he hurriedly inserted himself and pounded her from behind. It was a quicky to be sure but with a still very active libido at forty-five years of age she considered herself lucky to receive his regular attention.

Jaime, still in her night clothes, wore a terry-cloth robe and underneath was what she usually slept in, pajama tops and boxer shorts. She refilled he coffee cup and headed back to her bedroom. Making herself comfortable, she sat on the bed, leand against the headboard, pulled the blankets up to her waist, and reached for her laptop on the nightstand. Looking forward to this, she found her favorite site quickly and settled back to enjoy herself for a while. She couldn't do this when Mike and the boys were home. Only when he went to work and the boys were out of the house on schooldays. It was her dark secret. She loved porn. This weekend she was going to indulge herself. She watched numerous videos, one after the other, her fingers busy between her legs all the time.

In one video featured a teenage couple having sex and she rememberd the events of a day when she discovered her older son John and his girlfriend fucking on the living room couch. She had suspected that they were having sex. As she watched them undetected from the kitchen she stood transfixed. At her vantage point she was looking lenghwise with their feet closest to her. She could see John's ass and his thick cock plowing her furrow, the girl's legs wrapped around his waist her cute little ass was prominently displayed for her. He was built like his dad she thought. She had a clear view of his cock as it plunged into the girl's cunt. A rivulet of their juices dripped down to the girl's anus and onto the leather surface of the couch. I hope it doesn't stain she thought but was more interested in her son's thick cock. Just like his dad. Jamie felt the tingle in her pussy and quickly massaged herself through her dress. Not wanting to disturb their pleasure, she watched for several more seconds then walked quietly back out the door to the garage and slipped back into the back seat of her Jaguar sedan to give them time to finish. There she pulled her dress up to her waist and relieved herself thinking about what she had just witnessed. Her mind went back to another time and another teenager in the back seat of a car with her. She remembered Jan's daughter Brooke.

After a series of small orgasms, she closed her laptop. Satisfied for the time being she turned on her left side and moved her right knee up towards her chest. Her right hand found her wet labia from behind and as she continued to idly massage her asscheeks and tug on the flaps of her copious labia. She dozed off with her index finger, knuckle deep, still inside her.
She woke to the doorbell ringing and grabbed her robe. Dot, a friend of the family, was at her door. Jamie let her in and they shared girl talk over a cup of coffee.

"Must be nice having all this time to yourself and no husband around, huh, sweetie? I need an occasional break from Ted too." Dot hugged her and kissed her cheek and detected a familiar aroma. Dot was familiar with the scent of aroused pussy and figured that Jamie had been doing what she loved doing too.

Jamie smiled and agreed that it took a little getting used to, but yes, it was nice being alone for a change of pace. They chatted over coffee for a while longer before Jamie ushered her out. As she left, Dot suggested she knock off for a few hours and join her for dinner, a chick flick and a glass of wine. Dot told her husband was gone too and wouldn't be back until the day after. Jamie was relunctant but she knew Dot well and liked her and Ted so she couln't say no.

When Dot was gone she looked at her 45 year old body in the mirror and held her tits in both hands, massaging them gently, "Mmmmmmm." Her hands floated over her belly and down between her legs, her prominent labia swollen from the fingering of that morning. Not bad, she thought and slipped into the shower. "Ahhhhh...perfect," she whispered softly to herself. Her right hand found and massaged her breast. It wandered down to her cunt as if it had a mind of its own. She loved to pull on her ample labia and did it almost unconsciously. Her large cunt lips were very sensitive all by themselves.

Dot and Ted had been her parent's friends for years. They were a generation younger than her mom and dad and about ten years older than Jamie. They knew Jamie before her first marriage. Jamie always wondered what Ted was like in the sack. She also knew that her mom had a strong attraction for him. Dorris was all over him whenever she got a chance and thought nobody would notice. Dad didn't mind, he was always busy with Dot to care much about Dorris was doing with Ted. They met Dot and Ted during an overseas assignment before they retired from government service. Jamie vacationed in Europe while they were there. Dot and Ted were part of her parent's group of friends and they certainly loved to party when they were together. Back in the States, they lived in the same area and they saw each other often. Jamie knew they were more than just friends and. She knew her parents still had sex with with Dot and Ted. She remembered the party....and Brooke, and Jan.

Jamie put on a pair of loose exercise shorts and sweatshirt, tied her long blond hair into a pony tail and dabbed on just a hint of makeup. She was soon knocking on Dot's door.

"Come in, Jamie," she heard Dot's voice from within. Dot was in the kitchen. She was barefoot and dressed very casually in cut-off sweat pants and bra-less under a loose T-shirt. She was still a very striking beauty at her age.

"What are we watching?" Jamie asked.

"I really don't know," Dot replied. Jamie flopped onto the sofa and Dot put in a DVD in the machine. She admitted that she didn't know much about the movie but a girlfriend recommended it. They sat in silence through the movie, an erotic thriller with several steamy sex scenes and many plot twists. During one of the more erotic scenes, the woman on screen, masturbated for her man. Jamie found myself fidgeting, her labia tingling again. The scene was extremely well done and they were both getting hot watching it. Jamie glanced over to see Dot doing a similar seat-shifting dance and looking a bit flushed, too.

As the credits rolled, Dot looked over and asked Jamie what she thought about the movie. Jamie said it was good and made a reference to how hot the actors were and how realistic the sex scenes were. They opened another bottle of wine and began a detailed conversation about the sex scenes on film. During the conversation, Jamie noticed Dot's nipples were very hard under the thin shirt.

Jamie had been with other women, the first time in college, and again while she visited her parents in Europe. She thought about it occasionally, and the 50 something friend of her mother's because she knew about Dot's involvement with their swinging friends at their last duty station in Germany. Now here she was, sitting on the sofa next her trying not to stare at her. She excused myself to go pee. She shut the door and lowered her shorts and underwear. Her panties were wet! Was it from the movie? Certainly it had to be. It couldn't be from sneaking peeks at Dot, could it? She emptied her bladder and wiped. Before pulling up her clothes, she ran a finger between her pussy lips and gave them a tug. "Mmmmmm...," that felt good. She knew how sexed up she was and lightly fingered herself. She resisted the temptation to sit back down and frig herself to orgasm. She decided to wait until later, at home, where she could get naked and take her time with her toys. Just the thought of getting off alone in her bedroom sent a small charge through her and shuddered.

When Jamie returned to the living room, Dot was channel surfing and asked if there was anything, in particular, she wanted to watch. Just as Jamie started to say that she was going to start home, Dot stopped on an adult cable channel and obviously a triple-x movie. Jamie stopped in her tracks. She loved porn and instinctively sat down to watch. Neither woman spoke for some time. Jamie glanced over and was shocked to see Dot rubbing a very distinctive camel toe between her legs.

Dot looked like she was in a trance. Instead of sneaking peeks like she did earlier, Jamie blatantly stared at Dot while she absent-mindedly rubbed herself. Dot's chest heaved with each breath and her nipples protruded from beneath the thin T-shirt.

The movie switched scenes to a master bedroom where the two women were engaged in lusty cunt to cunt tribadism. Jamie was watching both the action on the screen and Dot. She started to really get into it now. Instead of lightly running her hand over her crotch, she was now rubbing hard in one spot with two fingers her whole hand fluttering above her crotch. Jamie, not sure, but too horny to stop, followed her lead. Jamie leaned back, turned her attention to the TV and rubbed her own pussy over her shorts.

Jamie alternated watching the screen and Dot, who glanced at Jamie smiled. It was the sign Jamie was looking for because she immediately slid her hand under her shorts.

Dot stroked herself like that for minutes before breaking the silence by asking if it would be ok if she " more comfortable?"

Jamie's voice cracked a bit as she said, "Y-yeah, sure." With Jaime's permission, Dot lifted her hips and pushed her sweats to her ankles. She wasn't wearing any panties. She kicked her sweats aside and then pulled the T-shirt over her head. Her breasts were large, probably a D cup and she had large, dark red and very erect aureolas. Leaning back on the sofa, her mature tits drooped to either side of her chest. Having gotten more comfortable, Dot turned her attention back to the TV and back to her bald pussy. She spread her long legs wide and slipped both hands between her legs. With half-closed eyes, head thrown back, her mouth dropped open and she began working furiously on her clit.

Jamie's pussy really tingled now. No, it was throbbing and needed major relief. She hesitated and kinda fumbled around with her running shorts, not sure where this whole thing was leading to. Dot noticed her apprehension. "It's ok, g-go ahead...oh, oh, Jamie," she motioned with her head urging her to remove her shorts, "You'll feel better. Hope you don't mind....I need to get off again soon."

Without thinking before before she spoke, Jamie asked incredulously, "You do? Again?"

"I know how that sounds, sweetie. I've already had an orgasm today. With or without Ted, I need to have at least one cum a day. And you?"

Jamie was pleasantly surprised that Dot had a sexual appetite similar to hers.

"Oh, yes! I look forward to my daily cum. I had a few this morning. It's the highlight of my day otherwise Mike better be ready to perform that night!"

"And if he's not around like tonight?"

"Then I have my toys," Jamie replied.

Jamie was more comfortable, and horny. Then, something inside made her want to display her shaven pussy to Dot. Jamie was beyond the point of no return. She stood up and stripped off her pants and underwear. She took off her bra and sat back down to masturbate. Dot was right, it did feel good and soon had two fingers of one hand buried in her cunt while working over my erect clit with the other. Dot was enjoying Jamie's wanton display.

Jamie's eyes were closed with pleasure when she felt soft, warm hands on her thighs. She opened my eyes to see Dot, on her knees in front of her. She looked into Jamie's eyes, gave her a wicked smile and gently pushed Jamie's legs apart. Like the last time she was hit on by a woman, she couldn't resist. She scooted forward and Dot ran her tongue along the inside of Jamie's thigh. She kept her tongue in contact with Jamie's skin as her hands roamed down between her legs. With soft, strokes she traced the curves of Jamie's hips and left a wet trail along the top of her mons. She paused for a second and looked up at Jamie. Jamie smiled weakly at her, spread her legs further and invited her in.

Dot accepted the invitation. She was sweet and passionate and knew exactly where to kiss, lick and suck. Jamie knew this was not her first time. Dot was experienced. Jamie's clit throbbed and begged for more attention. She sucked the woman's labia into her mouth, first one then the other. She did this until Jamie was going crazy. A wave of pleasure ran through Jamie. She moaned loudly as she neared orgasm. Jamie lost all control had a jerky, twitchy orgasm in Dot's mouth.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, Dot, I'm cummmmmming!

Dot was wonderful, her oral skills were superb. Jamie completely lost as Dot continued to please her. Jamie ran her hands through Dot's thick blond hair as she slipped a finger up inside her. She crooked her finger at the perfect angle and found Jamie's neglected G-spot. Something her husband, for all his wonderful qualities, never seemed able to do. Dot started a perfect rhythm alternating between Jamie's labia and clit, massaging her G-spot. After just a few minutes of this, Jamie was on the verge of another incredible orgasm.

Jamie's legs shook and her body tense and contract, hips jerking involuntarily. Dot knew what that meant and concentrated on her swollen clit. Jamie gripped Dot's head to hold it in place and exploded into her mouth. Several waves of sheer pleasure rocked her body and her pussy drenched Dot's face. Dot lapped at her cunt even as her orgasm subsided.

Dot pulled away and licked her fingers clean. "I've been wanting to do that to you for a long time, sweetie." Then she stood up, took Jamie's hand and led her to the bedroom. The room was dark, but for a light glow from several candles. They stood next to the bed arms wrapped around each other and kissed. Dot's mouth was hot and sticky wet and Jamie tasted the familiar taste of her own juices. Dot's hands ran over Jamie's ass and back up to her tits. She took hold of her nipples and rolled them with her fingers. The stood pressed to each other, naked breasts mashed against each other. The kissed again, their bodies seem to meld. Dot broke the kiss and pulled Jamie to the bed.

"Let's do this right, sweetie!" They lay down with intertwined legs, cunt to cunt. They kissed and licked and teased for a while. Jamie slipped a hand between them and found Dot's warm, wet pussy. Her labia was shiny with pussy juice and she smoothly slid a finger inside the older woman. Dot moaned and opened her legs. Jamie slid a second finger inside and then began to finger-fuck her. Dot humped her hips in rhythm with Jamie's fingers who slid down so she could suck on Dot's tits. Dot sighed and urged her on. Jamie sucked on her big breasts for a couple minutes and then trailed her tongue down her stomach. Jamie got on her hands and knees and let her long blond hair fall over my shoulders onto Dot's pelvis. She positioned herself between her legs and began a slow exploration. Dot ran her hands through her hair and guided Jamie's face to her swollen pussy lips. Jamie open-end her mouth and sucked her in. Dot squirmed from Jamie's touch and encouraged her with incredibly horny sex talk.

"Eat me, sweetie! Lick it....oh! Yes! Like that! F-fuck me, oh, ohhhh...Jamie! Fuck me, baby! I know you've done it before. Now I know you're as good as Jan said!"

"What did Jan tell you?"

"She said you and Jan had a great session with Bob."

Jamie had indeed tasted pussy before. Dot knew. It wasn't that long ago, and now Dot's sweet musky scent drove her crazy with the lust. At that point, all she wanted to do was please Dot like she had been pleased. Dot spread her legs wide for her as she licked, sucked, teased and ate Dot's pussy. She sucked on her swollen labia one side at a time the way she herself liked it, then darted her tongue in and out of her hole. She lapped at her slit. She really seemed to enjoy it when Jamie stopped at her puckered asshole and licked in long strokes all the way up past her cunt lips to her mons.

While Jamie ate her, she found her own wet cunt and stroked her clit. Dot kept her hands on Jamie's head. Jamie concentrated on her own clit for several moments and then Dot arched her back in response when Jamie slipped her index finger in Dot's hole.

Jamie shoved two fingers up in Dot's cunt and began sucking her clit. Dot tensed her body and held her breath. Her hips shook and her pussy drenched Jamie's face. Jamie licked and continued to suck as Dot rocked through a second orgasm, before falling back onto the bed to catch her breath. She smiled and looked up past Jamie toward the bedroom door.

"What the.....?" jamie jerked her head around to see Ted standing in the doorway. Jamie was surprised and started to scramble off the bed. Dot grabbed her arm, pulled her back on the bed.

"It's ok, Jamie, don't go...stay and play." Her voice was soft and her kisses reassuring as were her two fingers in Jamie's pussy.

Ted moved toward the bed. He was naked, his fat eight inch cock bounced against his stomach. Jamie saw a string of pre-cum glisten down its length. He stood next to the bed as Dot rolled to her side and took hold of it.

"Are you ok, Jamie? I really am happy to see Dot's fantasy finally come true." Dot took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him as she kept an arm around jamie's waist and lightly stroked the small of her back. Ted rocked his hips in rhythm to Dot's mouth as Jamie nervously sat next to Dot and watched closely.

"I know Dot gave you a good time, right Jamie. She usually does."

Jamie finally got her voice and composure back, "Gawd, yes. She is good! I've had sex with women before, but she's the best!"

Ted leaned over a bit and ran his hands over Dot's tits and then over her hips and ass. His hand roamed over her back and then, reached to touch Jamie's shoulder.

"Brooke told us about your encounter at the party."

"You know about that too?"

"Um hmm," Dot hummed in agreement without removing her mouth from Ted's cock. Without any resistance from Jamie, he moved his hand down her arm to the curve of her ass. Jamie shifted up to allow him access and his hand under her. He found her cunt still wet. He pinched her labia between his thumb and forefinger. She shifted on her hip so he could have his way. Ted gently inserted two fingers in her to the first knuckle.

"Oh! Ohhhhhhhhh!"

"Dot....she does have big cunt lips, like Brooke said."

"Ummm hmm!"

Jamie massaged Dot's boobs, alternating from one then back to the other and grasping Ted's cock to stroke it next to Dot's lips. Dot continued to suck him off. Jaime's pussy lovingly humped against Dot's leg when Ted's fingers plunged in and out of her sobbing cunt. Her inhibitions, for what they were, had long left her conscious mind. This was too good to deny herself the pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum, Dot!" Ted was about to unload.

Dot stopped sucking her husband when she felt Jaime's insistent hands. Dot moved over and his cock quickly found itself in Jaime's mouth. She lay on her right side on the edge of the bed. He climbed over her with his right knee and kept his left leg and foot on the floor. He lowered his cock and Jaime took it in both her hands. He fucked her mouth, head hanging over the bed. His wife rested her forearms on Jaime's thighs and lowered her mouth to cover the woman's cunt.

"Uh! Uh! Uhhhhhhhh! I' c-cumming!" Ted's cock never left Jaime's mouth as his hips twitched and jerked. He held her head in his hands and she swallowed all of it. Dot watched jaime's throat contract at the same time the woman came in her mouth.

"Um-um! Ummmmmm!" Jaime hummed on Ted's throbbing cock.

The women both lay in the crook of Ted's arms, their legs over his. His cock lay flaccid on his stomach.

They compared notes on Brooke, "Did she tell you everything?"

Jaime's hand lingered in his short curly pubic hair and then gripped the base of his tool. His cock was beautiful. It had to be 8 inches in length and 2 inches round with a slight curve to the left. Her husband, had a respectable 7 inches, but nowhere near the girth.

"Just about how you turned her on and ended up in the back seat of my Buick Sportwagon the night of the party."

"What the hell, I might as well spill the beans. Yeah, it was good. And then later a session with her mom too. I guess I could've hooked up with you two if I didn't have had to rush out so soon, but I had a plane to catch that morning. I hoped to get laid during my vacation, but it didn't happen till my last night at your party!"

Jaime leaned down and sucked on the big, purple head of Ted's tumescent tube. In its current state she managed to get much of it in her mouth, Dot kept stroking him as she sucked and reached down with her other hand to massage his big, hairy ball-sack. Ted humped into her mouth.

Dot broke up the action when she gently pulled Jamie's head off his prick and whispered, "Why don't you fuck him now?"

Jaime did not hesitate. She knew she wanted his cock deep inside her. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs. Ted climbed between them and she guided his cock to the entrance of her hot hole. His cock felt wonderful. Dot moved next to Jaime and hunched over to suck one, then the other, nipple into her mouth. Jaimie wiggled underneath Ted to let him know she was ready. He slowly inserted his full erection. Even after two marriages, Jamie's pussy appreciated this strange dick. He took his time and inched his cock inside. He supported his weight on his arms and shoulders. She knew now why her mom really liked this guy. She knew he fucked her too. A wave of excitement ran through thinking about him and her mom....and Dot. Ted moved slow and steady, all the way in, increasingly faster. Jamie caught her breath and eventually exhaled in a soft moan as he plunged and withdrew. With encouragement and Dot's fingers at her clit, their mouths locked. Ted increased the tempo, faster strokes, his balls slapping against her ass and Dot's fingers.

He rocked from side to side, in and out. Dot bit and teased Jamie's hard nipples. She moved her arm and her hand up under Dot to play with her pussy too. She slid a finger inside her finger fucked her with the same rhythm as Ted. Her pussy gripped his cock and he could feel her milking him. He perspired as he fucked, sweat dripping on her breasts. She dug her hands into his ass and urged him to fuck her faster and harder. She was close. He pumped and I felt her orgasm well up and rock through the length of her body. Her pussy muscles clutched at him and climaxed hard.

Jamie's hands gripped his ass and she felt his body tense and knew he was about to cum. He knew she knew and looked at her to ask, "where do you want me to cum?"

"Please, don't cum inside me," she grunted, "I want to see it..feel it...c-cum on my tits...oh, please! Cum on my tits!"

Ted nodded and fucked with several more long hard strokes before pulling out. He scooted forward and Dot grabbed his twitching cock and stroked. Ted grunted and moaned and his dick shot several large, hot globs of cum onto Jamie's chest and belly. Dot continued to stroke his cock until the last of his cum oozed from its head. Dot then took him in her mouth and sucked all the last vestiges of cum from him. He moved over and lay back on the big bed. Dot put her hands back on Jamie's chest and smeared the cum on her tits.

After, Jamie moved off the bed and went into the bathroom and flipped on the light. She looked in the mirror and saw a mess. Her hair was matted and tangled, the little bit of makeup was smeared. She had a light layer of cum crusted on on her tits. She felt slightly guilty, but at the same time exhilarated. She knew she shouldn't have cheated, but also knew she had re-opened a door that would not be easily closed again.

She peed and composed myself as best she could. She flipped off the light and went back into the bedroom. It took her a moment to adjust to the dim light, but soon saw Ted hunched over Dot fucking her mouth as she lay beneath him. Her legs were splayed out beneath him. She played with her pussy with both hands as she sucked his cock. Jamie couldn't pass it up, so she climbed up on the bed and put her mouth to where Dot's fingers were. Dot released her husband's cock and reached down to stroke Jamie's cheeks before she grasped her ears and pulled.

Two days later, Jamie's husband came home. She was very happy to see him. He asked if she had a relaxing time and she smiled. She had already decided to tell him about Friday night, and Saturday, and all day Sunday with Dot and Ted. She knew he would love her new plans for him. Jamie always liked her parent's friends. Now, even more. She was planning on a woman-to-woman talk with mom too.

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