Master Always Knows: Part Two

Master Always Knows: Part Two

The second part to my series Master Always Knows. Please read Master Always Knows: Part One first, so you understand what is going on. Thanks for reading.


Katy was having a hard time waking up. Her eye lids were heavy. She just couldn't lift them. But she was freezing cold. Where was her blanket? And she was dying for a glass of water, he throat was so dry. She tried to move an arm but it wouldn't move. Was it chained in place? Her eyes flew open. This was not her apartment.

It was a concrete room she had never seen before. A single light bulb glowed in the middle of the room, casting heavy shadows. She lay on a cold metal table. Her arms were chained in a stretched out X.

She realized she was shivering hard. Her entire body was shaking. It had to be him again.

A door opened and light shown over the stairs in the corner of the room. His shadow was walking down them.
How could this have happened? The last thing she remembered was... getting home. Going to sleep. How was she here now?

He stepped next to her. He was still wearing a ski mask. That was good. He probably planned to let her go again

"Good morning, bitch." He said, "Do you like the play room I made for us? Look at all the toys. Ah, you look confused. You probably don't know what most of these are for. Well, you will."

"Please, I want to go home... How did you?" Her throat burned, her head hurt.

"You're wondering how you got here?"

She nodded her head and closed her eyes. She started to cry. She had been so careful. She changed the locks. Didn't go anywhere. Everything she ate and drank carefully. She thought she was being overly paranoid - too careful, that she'd never see this creep again. She was wrong.
"Well obviously I drugged you. But a magician can never reveal his tricks!"

He rubbed her dry pussy.

She recoiled in disgust.

"I do have a bottle of water for you. I don't want you dehydrated for our weekend of fun - well fun for me." He said, grabbing her hair and pulling on it hard.
"You know what you did. You went to the police. I gave you one fucking rule and you couldn't follow it."

"I'm sorry," She whispered.

"No you're not, not yet anyways. And a lot of good it did you? I told you. I have a friend in that department. He told me the cops that interviewed you were joking with everyone about it."
"They called you a crazy chick looking for attention. No way you were raped. No physical evidence in your apartment or on your body. What kind of rapists leaves nothing behind? You're just a waste of their time and resources. What a crazy bitch."
She was crying harder now.

"Drink the fucking water." He said, holding it to her lips. It felt really good on her dry throat. "Now you are going to get punished - I mean it, severely fucking punished, for crossing me like that. And you are the laughing stock of an entire police department."
"You might be dumb enough to go back to them again... but that's why I am going to make this punishment especially hard. So hopefully you don't go pulling that shit again."

"That's it bitch, drink the water. The whole bottle."
He lifted it up so it spilled into her mouth faster. It emptied, her stomach was full. He threw the bottle on the ground.

"Please, I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

"You're word don't mean shit." He said grabbing both her nipples and pinching them.
She moaned, "Please, I'm so sorry, I am, I"

"BITCH, you haven't called me Master once. A truly sorry cunt would know her place! You don't know shit. I'll fucking teach you." He said, pinching her nipples even harder.
He picked up a bowl of the ground, she strained to see what it was in the dark room.

"Clothespins, just to get you started." He picked one up and closed it on her nipple. Her eyes widened in pain.
"Oh fuck, please, it hurts, please take it off! Take it off!"

"That's nothing." He said putting one on her other nipple.

She squirmed around and moaned loudly.

"Wait until we start using alligator clips."
He placed several more around her perky B-cup boobs. He placed them in a spiral design. She couldn't believe the pain. She rolled her head around and moaned loudly.

"Please, please, stop... I can't take it... please."
He stopped and stepped away, he came back with what looked like a small thick dildo.

"This is actually a gag. I'm sick of hearing your shit." He grabbed her jaw and forced it open.
The dildo was just long enough to fill her mouth and barely hit her throat, she gagged. But she could still breathe. He strapped it around her head, it held firm in place. Her jaw was held wide open, the muscles already began to burn.
"A cunt should always have cock in her mouth."

He ran his fingers along her quivering body. The clothespins had started to go numb, but when he ran his hands over them, they burned with new vigor. She moaned again, choking on the plastic dick in her mouth.
He stroked her pussy lips and slipped a finger inside.

"Wow, you're a little wet. You can't be enjoying this?"

She shook her head no.

"Well, no matter. I'll make sure your not enjoying it. Not too much anyways, you fucking slut."

He slowly rubbed his fingers around her cunt, teasing her. Then he started to rub her clit. She moaned and humped his fingers.
"Definitely enjoying this too much." He stopped.

Her face burned bright red with humiliation. How could she have lost control like that?

He grabbed several of the clothes pins on her right boob and ripped them off. She arched her back and howled into the gag. Unable to swallow, thick drool was dripping around it.
"That's more like it." He said, putting the clothes pins back on her nipple and boob. She breathed hard in pain, her boob was on fire.

Then he brought the black vibrating wand in front of her eyes. "Remember this?" Her eyes widened in fear.
"Oooo eeasee, ooo ease!" She choked on the plastic dick and shook her head.

He switched it on and pushed it down onto her cunt.

"Don't worry, I just want you a little turned on. I won't be focusing on your pussy this morning." He said, patting her ass.
He expertly over-stimulated her clit for several minutes. Her arms and legs strained hard against her chains. Unable to move an inch or escape the vibrations for even a moment. She shook her head wildly and moaned loudly, drool flinging every where. Suddenly she had to pee.

The intensity was worse than ever and she was afraid to flex her muscles, in case she pissed. He would kill her if she pissed. She knew it.

"Ooooo ease I ave oo eee." She cried out over and over through her gag. But he ignored her.
Finally, right when she was sure she couldn't hold it any longer, he stopped.

"There we go, soaking wet. You are easy to get wet." He unzipped his jeans and took out his raging boner. He fucked it into her.
"Oh yeah, that's nice." He said, rolling it around. Her entire cunt felt swollen with piss. She had to pee so badly. She was moaning loudly.

He fucked into her hard and deep. He grabbed one clothes pin and pulled on it, so her boob skin stretched out. It slowly slipped off, pinching her skin hard at the end. He grabbed another one and ripped it off.
He fucked into her, his dick spasming as he ripped more off.

"God I love to see you" He said, ripping off more clothes pins, "In pain. It's so fucking good." He said. He grabbed the last of the remaining clothespins on both her boobs. He fucked her a few times, pulling on them, stretching out the flesh.

Then he ripped them all off at once and fucked his dick into the hilt. She screamed into the gag as he came. He squeezed her sore boobs, digging his fingernails into her burning flesh. He pulled out and went to her head, unstrapping the gag.

All of her muscles shook and she couldn't get enough oxygen. The gag came out and she was finally able to move it. The muscles burned ferociously.

"Master, I can't... I please, I have to pee. So bad." She said, stretching out her jaw.
"Don't care," He said, "I didn't take this gag off to see how you're doing." He pulled the used condom off his dick. "My sperm never goes to waste. Open your mouth."

She opened, a disgusted look on her face. He turned the condom over in her mouth, dumping the warm dick slop and cum onto her tongue. She gagged and retched. Mixed with the condom lube, it tasted extra disgusting.

She did, gagging hard. He laughed.

"Please, I really have to pee."

Ignoring her, he put the used condom on over the dick gag, which he forced back into her mouth. It hit her tongue and the lube almost burned it tasted so bad. He strapped it back into place, than ran his hands over her quivering body.
"We're you sore the last time we did this?"

She nodded her head yes.

"That's funny. We haven't done any of the more extreme bondage. I can't wait to try it on you. You won't be able to walk straight for a week."
"But now it's time we get to your punishment. Now that you're warmed up."

Her bladder felt like it would burst. She couldn't stand the thought of going through more of this, still having to piss.
He unchained her ankles, moving the metal cuffs to her knees. He pulled them back so her hips were in a 90 degree angle. He pulled the chains so far back, her knees were next to her head. Then he secured the chains to a metal bar installed in the wall.
"Let's see that ass of yours." He said, running his hands over her muscular globes. "Mmmm, I chose you because you had a great mix of ass and titties... both good size and muscular." He squeezed her ass. He slipped his pinky into her dry ass hole. He wriggled it around and she moaned.

"All with a flat stomach... You have a really fuckable body."

He walked to the corner of the room. There was a sink over there, she could here the water running. Her cunt twitched, she fought the urge to pee.
He walked back with a huge syringe filled with water, it had a long thin sharp tip. "Let's make sure you are a clean down there." He forced it into her ass hole. Then her ass started to fill with freezing cold water.
She moaned. The cold water was causing her rectum and guts to cramp. Her belly was already filled with piss, but now it was also bulging with the cold water in her ass. He pumped the last of the water in. His finger tips brushed over her swollen pussy, she moaned loudly.
"God you are a slut. Now hold the water in, flex your ass. I can see you're not flexing. Flex you fucking bitch." He pinched her sensitive nipples. "Good. Now hold it."

He pulled the syringe tip out and forced a but plug into her ass. He walked back to the sink and she heard more running water. He couldn't be putting more inside her already bursting gut?

"Hold it." He said, removing the butt plug and replacing it with the syringe again. He pushed more of the cold water in.
She whimpered and tugged at the restraints, which cut further into her flesh. She felt pregnant, her stomach was bulging so much. He finished the last of the water in the second syringe.

"Hold it one last time. Don't fucking mess this up."
It took all her focus to keep the water from rushing out. Her rectum was cramping horribly, like she had the worst diarrhea of her life. He quickly slid the butt plug in and the water wasn't going anywhere.
"You have to see this!" He said, grabbing her head and pushing it up so she could see her naked body better. Her once flat stomach actually did look pregnant. It was so bloated with water. He let her head fall back down and hit the table.
He rubbed his hands over her bloated stomach. Pushing on it, she moaned in pain. Her entire lower body was racked with cramps.

"I'm cleaning you out, so I can fuck your ass."
She look terrified.

"If you thought a pinky hurt, you have no idea what you're in for." He grabbed a small bullet vibrator, which had straps. He pulled them on over her cunt, so it was nestled up against her swollen clit. He watched her face as he turned it on.
All her muscles tensed and twitched, she squealed loudly.

Then he put clothespins back on both her nipples.
"I'll be back." He said, turning to walk back up the stairs.
She fought really hard against the restraints, she was right on edge to pee. It also felt like an orgasm. But she was certain if she came, she would pee too. The pressure in her belly was incredibly painful. The cramping spread from inside her rectum, to her twitching cunt, like a knife. He was gone for an eternity. Sweat built up on her legs and arms. Cunt slop was dripping onto the metal table. Drool bubbled out her mouth and into her black hair.
Finally, she saw light on the stairs as he opened and closed the door, and walked down to her. "I think we loosened you're caboose, what do you think?"

She nodded her head several times.
"Then again, maybe it hasn't been enough time." He pushed down on her swollen stomach. She screamed into the gag.

He moved the vibrator around her clit and her entire body twitched wildly. Her toes curled and her finger nails dug into her hands. She bit down onto the plastic gag.
He couldn't know how close she was to the edge. To completely losing control. She had never had to pee this bad in her life.

"Alright, here we go." He pulled a bucket out and set it on the edge of the table, under her ass. "But I want you to hold everything until I say. If you fuck up, I'm introducing you to alligator clips early."
The butt plug came out with a loud plop. The flexed her muscles hard to keep everything from spilling out. The cramping in her stomach grew a hundred times worse. Her muscles burned.

"Ease ooo, ooo," She cried out, "I ant old itttt, ease, aster, ease!"

"Hold it." He said, pushing down on her stomach. She shook her head back forth, flinging slobber every where.

"EASSSSSSE," She screamed as he tickled her cunt with his finger tips. The cramping was unbelievable.
"Alright, you can shit. Say thank you."
"Ank oo aster" She said through the gag, releasing a torrent of shit water into the bucket. The room filled with the smell of shit and piss.

She finished and he picked up the syringe.
"Because you were a really bad bitch, going to the police when I specifically told you not to... I'm going to do something extra mean."

He sucked a small amount of the shit water into the syringe, and showed her the brown water.
"Some "slut medicine" for you."

She shook her head and started begging. "Oo, oo, ease ease oo! Ont oo it. EASE ONT OO IT!!!" She cried out louder as he brought the syringe to her mouth.
"It's just a little bit and you fucking deserve it." He slipped the long tip of the syringe past her lips next to the dick gag. She shook her head trying to push it out, but it did no good. He squirted in the shit.
She retched and gagged, kicking at her restraints, trying to spit out the gag.

"You're only choice is to swallow it."

She did, gagging loudly. Her entire body convulsed.
"Now let's attend to your real punishment."

She groaned, but also felt a great deal of relief. Relaxing for a moment, she noticed how all of her limbs shook and burned from straining so much. The gag was killing her jaw.

He emptied the rest of the shit water into the sink. Then he came back and rubbed her pussy.
"You want to cum don't you?"

She didn't respond.

"Yes or no?" He asked, yanking the clothes pin on her nipple.

"Ess, aster..." She moaned.
"That's what I thought." He rubbed her cunt, "Well here is a spoiler. You are not cumming this weekend, you stupid bitch."

He grabbed a clothespin and closed it on her clit. She convulsed around and screamed.
"You have no idea how pissed off I am today."

He put a finger into her cunt, covering it in her lube. Than he shoved it into her ass hole hard.

"I'm so ready to fuck you. I don't have any patience. I am not going to be nice, you sure as hell don't deserve it."
He said, forcing a second finger into her ass.

"If you would have been a good bitch, I would have done this slowly. I would have started out with small butt plugs and dildos, lots of lube... some orgasms. But you sure as hell don't deserve that now."
He forced a third finger into her ass and fucked his hand in and out. Her squealing was constant.

"I want to here you beg on this one." He said, undoing her gag and pulling it off.
"Please Master, it hurts so much... please don't do it." She started to cry. "Please, take the clothes pin off my clit... please..."

He smiled. "Oh, you want it off, do you?" He yanked on it and than ripped it off.
"Aheeee!" She paused. "Thank you - "

"Don't be so quick. Didn't say I would leave it off." He said, snapping it back on her clit. Her body arched forward, her head passing her feet.
"Anything else?"

She shook her head no.

"Ok. Help me get my big dick nice and hard for your ass," He pulled something on the table under her head and it folded down, so her head was not hanging off the edge. He yanked on her hair and she opened her mouth. He shoved his dick inside.
"Your mouth is so hot and wet... it was designed for sucking cock." He said, fucking her. He had perfect easy access to her cunt from here. He fucked some fingers into her wet pussy and she moaned. He pulled the clothes pin off her swollen clit.
She heard the vibrator turn on. She moaned loudly and started fucking her mouth up and down on his prick, hoping to distract him. It didn't work. He pushed the vibrator into her cunt.

"Ahhhhhh," She cried out, he forced his dick deeper down her throat, until she couldn't breathe.

"I want to make sure you are nice and wet, plenty of lube for your ass fucking."
She felt sick. He vibrated her clit like crazy, loving watching her muscles strain and twitch all around. His dick was so down her throat she couldn't breathe. After a minute of that, he pulled out. She coughed and spluttered, breathing in air.
"Suck my nuts bitch. There like that, now put one in your mouth. Suck it all the way in. I know they are big, but I'm sure you can do it. Just one. Fucking do it." He said, pushing the vibrator hard against her pussy, she cried out loudly and sucked in his nut, her mouth was full of his sweaty wiry pubic hair.
"Finally. Now, what do you do if you are about to cum? Well come on, tell me?"

She spit out his nut and said "Ask for permission, Master."

"Yep. And if you cum without permission, you will get a harsh punishment. And I will ruin the orgasm, too."
She sucked the nut back into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue. He pushed the vibrator into her wet pussy hard. Her scream was muffled by the nut in her mouth. Her thighs twitched with each movement of the vibrator. It only took a few seconds of this treatment before she cried out.
"Please Master, your going to make me cum!"

"That wasn't the right way to say that." He stated, continuing to vibrate her cunt.

"I mean. Agghhh, may I cum, Master? Aghhh please?"
"No." He said, taking the vibrator off her cunt. She relaxed for a moment. Then he put it back on. She sucked on his other nut with more vigor. Focus on the nut. She massaged it with her tongue. Make him feel good. Make him not as mad. Oh fuck, it was too intense.

"Ahhh," She spat out his ball again, "Shit, please, may I cum Master? Ahhhh fuck, please, Master, please?"
"Beg me to fuck you in the ass." He said, pulling the vibrator off her clit, to keep from forcing her to orgasm. He lightly teased her cunt with his fingers.

"Ohhhh," She moaned, unable to stop herself from humping his hands. Being on edge all day was getting to her.

He turned the vibrator onto it's highest setting and pushed it against her clit.

"AGGGHHHH FUCKKKK PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!" She cried, rolling her head from side to side. It was too intense to orgasm. It was just intense as fuck!

"Fuck me, in the ass Master! Please, just stop, it, please stop!"

"Beg me to be rough, do a good job. Come on, I can do this all day." He said, twisting the vibrator around.

"Oh fuck. Please, fuck me as hard as you can. Aghhh fuck me until I cry. Aghhh fuck me until I bleed. Oh shit. Master, please, I deserve it. Fuck me in the ass Master, I deserve it!" She licked his hairy balls and convulsed over the table. Finally the vibrator turned off. She relaxed.

"If you say so." He stood up and went to her ass. First, he fucked his dick into her cunt. It was soaking wet. Their was a puddle under her ass. He scooped up a ton of the slime and pushed it all over her ass. He tickled her cunt with his fingers and enjoyed her humping and twitching all over his dick. He shoved a few fingers into her ass hole, pushing in as much of her lube as he could.

"This is the first virgin ass I don't need to use lube on. You get so fucking wet, it's great." He said pulling out of her cunt.

"Oh yea, I feel you tensing up your ass. Keep fucking doing that bitch." He said, rubbing his dick on her ass hole. "It will be nice and tight for me, come on get scared. Think about how much this is going to hurt." She squeezed her ass cheeks in fear. He grabbed her ass and started to push his dick head into her hole.

With all the lube, it slid in pretty easily, it hurt like fucking hell.

"AGGGH, please Master! Holy shit! Take it out! Take it out! Please, OH FUCKKKK."

He was pushing it in further. She tensed more and it hurt more. It felt like he was shoving his arm in her ass.

He fucked in and out a little, before pushing it further into her ass.

"Please, I won't tell anyone. AGHHH. Ever again. I won't talk. I won't. Fuck please... just take it out!"

He pushed it all the way into his balls. He humped her lightly.

"Oh fuck, your so fucking tight. My last cunt... I stretched her ass out so much. I forgot how this feels. Oh so fucking good." He started to fuck in and out.

Each time it went in, her ass cramped around it, like it was the first time she was being fucked, all over again.

"We got some blood down here. That's good. Because you deserve this right, bitch? Tell me what you said before."

"Oh fuckkk. Master, I'm sorry,"

"Tell me how much you deserve this." He said pulling out and ramming all the way in."

"AGHHHH OH FUCK PLEASE. Master, I deserve this! I deserve this because I was a bad bitch."

"Exactly right." He said, ramming into her several more times. She started moaning inhuman noises. He fucked her for at least twenty minutes. Both their bodies covered in sweat and cunt juice.

He held the cum in as long as he could, wanting to draw the pain out for her as long as possible. When he got close he fucked her extra hard and fast, she moaned loudly. He pulled out. She finally relaxed, her entire body shaking.

"I'm cumming in your mouth. You already know the taste of your own ass." He said smiling, "Now open up, or would you rather me put it back in?"

She just opened her mouth, too exhausted to speak or fight. He walked over and pulled the head drop down again, so he had easy access to her mouth. Then he pushed his dick into her mouth.

It tasted absolutely horrible. Like shit and sweat. She gagged and tears ran down her face. He only had to fuck her for a few seconds before he came long and hard, filling her throat and mouth with jizz. It went down the wrong tube and some of it shot up through her nose, stinging and burning brutally.

"Fuck that was good." He sighed pulling out and snapping the head piece back in, so she could lay her head down again.

"Now, I'm done, and I can tell that you are fucking exhausted." He said, tickling her swollen clit. "I mean, you want to cum, but I already told you that ain't fucking happening."

"I want you wide awake to feel all the things I do to you in the future, so you need to get some rest. But don't worry, I'll be back real soon."

He pulled her quivering legs down, so she was chained in an x again. Then he patted her on the ass and went back upstairs, turning off the light. She couldn't stop shaking and retching in the dark.

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