My first story, please don't be too harsh on me :3


Emilia stood in one of the window arches of the building she was touring. The group wasn't too far ahead and she didn't think she would get lost if she had a quick look out the window. She was in India, travelling alone, or as alone as a pregnant woman could be. She just beginning to show and most of her clothes still hid the bump.

There was a footstep behind her and Emilia thought it was the tour guide. She turned to appologize but was stopped by two firm hands on her shoulder.

"Do not turn around." Said an Indian male's voice. "Do not cry out or we will kill you."

Emilia froze and anything she had been about to say was locked in her throat. She nodded to show she understood. Hands, dozens of hands, ran over her clothed form and Emilia struggled not to cry out. There was a click and the hands fell away.

The voice spoke again. "Good girl. Get undressed down to your underwear, no one will see you."

Emilia trembled and tugged her shirt off, dropping it to the ground beside her. Her bump was now in plain veiw and her hand unconsciously went to the swell before sliding down and unhooking her skirt, stepping out of it. There was a whisper behind her and someone stepped forward to run their hand over the pregnant woman's stomach. A soft whimper left Emilia's lips and the hand raised to pinch her nipple hard.

She couldn't help it and a soft groan escaped her, her knees threatening to spill her to the ground. The hands crowded forward again, touching her breasts, stroking her swollen stomach, some dipping down to brush over her panties at the front and back.

Emilia whimpered again and she was pushed forward against a window sill, half hidden behind a small hanging garden. Her breasts were freed and hands groped the naked breasts, pinching the nipples roughly, making her squirm from the sensitivity.

Something dropped over her eyes and Emilia realised they were blindfolding her. She sensed people shifting around her and felt two mouths on her nipples.

"No... I'm lactating..." Emilia whispered.

It didn't stop the men, they drank down the sweet liquid that was supposed to be for her child. Their teeth grazed over the sensitive area and she couldn't stop a soft moan. Hands tugged at her panties, leaving her completely naked in the heat, a breeze running between her legs.

"You're wet. You must like being treated like a slut. Pregnant whore." the voice whispered in her ear and Emilia felt them grasp her butt cheeks and pull them apart.

A cock ran up between them, rubbing over Emilia's untouched ass. She shuddered a little and tried to pull away. There wasn't any room to move, she was surrounded by horny men. The man behind her dropped down a little and let his cock rub over Emilia's pussy. "Here. Would you like it here instead?"

She shook her head but it was too late, his hips jerked forward and he shoved his cock into her. Emilia opened her mouth to scream but it was instantly muffled by a cock being stuffed down her throat. She gagged hard and started to cry as she felt the cock in her pussy start to thrust in and out.

She was in her own personal hell, hands still touched all over and two people were still suckling on her breasts. And then came an instant of relief as the cock in her pussy pulled out. She gagged again on the cock in her mouth before learning how to open her throat and that was when she felt it.

Pain, pain from a cock being forced hard into her ass without a second thought for her well being. She screamed around the cock in her mouth but all that came out was a muffled groan.
Fingers delved into her pussy, Emilia counted them to try to ignore the pain. One, two, three, she was starting to stretch now, tears running down her face. Four, five, now it hurt and badly, they pushed harder, as if trying to force their entire hand into her pregnant pussy.

She shuddered as the hand in her pussy made the cock in her arse twitch. He grunted then jerked forward, spraying his cum into her. The man in her mouth soon followed his lead, pumping his hips to thrust his cock into her throat, making her gag again and again, the pain making her forget to relax her throat.

Emilia felt the cum roll down her throat and she sobbed softly. Her torture continued for hours, until she was numb and moaned for more. Finally she passed out.

Someone was shaking her shoulder and Emilia jerked awake, looking up into the kind face of the tour guide. "You okay?" he asked, kneeling down next to her. "You fell behind and must have fallen asleep. Come, I'll get you something to eat and get you a cab. Too dark for young woman like you to walk home alone."

Emilia smiled and took his hand, letting him pull her to her feet. Was it all just a dream? A nightmare she had dreamt up? She was so deep in thought Emilia didn't pay attention to where the guide was leading her. It was only when he opened a door that had a group of Indian men hiding behind it that Emilia reacted.

"No!" she screamed but it was too late. Hands pulled her into the dark room and the door slammed shut behind her with an ominous boom.

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