On The Road_(4)

On The Road_(4)

Time crawls by. Miles drag on and on.
My stomach churns nervously and I am racked by involuntary shakes. These are the effects of pure excitement. I simply cannot wait to get there.
I finally pull into the laneway. I park and as I emerge from the car I see her. Her big beautiful smile lights up. I run over to her and wrap my arms around her waist. I pick her up and squeeze. It feels so good to hold her in my arms. I have been waiting and wanting this moment ever since I left her side. I kiss her. My lips push against hers, the flames of passion ignite immediately. The kiss restoring my life and soul.
We finally separate and make our way back to the car, I put her bags in the back and we begin the journey.
Autumn has come, the leaves changing and falling. Cold weather has come and we are both fully clothed. A red blouse covers her, but she has left it open enough that I can see her luscious cleavage. It teases me. I have to stop staring. As we talk, we get back into our familiar rhythm. Soon we are laughing and enjoying ourselves.
Her hands are all over me. One second they are on my neck, then running through my hair. It feels so good. Then my chest, she’s exploring. I relish every second. I quickly kiss her. This encourages her and her hands move farther down. She begins feeling my crotch. I can feel myself growing. She smiles at me, she is the sexiest when she smiles that way.
She continues touching and feeling. I try to keep my eyes on the road. I start thinking about where we could pull over. Then I hear buttons being undone. My eyes dart to her chest. Her shirt is almost completely open. I can’t stop staring again. She isn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples just barely covered by the shirt, teasing me once again. My hand without conscious thought moves to her breast. Grabbing gently. She moans softly. My hand continues, enjoying her soft skin. Her hands move to my belt. and then my pants. Her head moves to my crotch. I can feel her kissing the head. My eyes now searching for anything to take us off the road.
Suddenly she takes the whole thing into her mouth. I am lost in pleasure, barely able to pay attention to the road. Her hand grabs my wrist and moves my hand to her crotch. I quickly realize what she wants. I unbutton her jeans quickly and my hand moves underneath. I almost crash as I realize she isn’t wear underwear either. She looks up at me and winks, then moans again softly.
Finally a side road appears.
I turn quickly, she whispers in my ear “I want you now.”
The road if you could call it that, is an old logging road. It looks as though no one has used it in a long time. I can barely pull the car over I am so overwhelmed with excitement and passion. She rises from my lap. Kisses me hard and I slide my seat back offering her more room. She climbs on top of me. I tear her shirt from her body. Her perfect breasts playfully stare back at me, I touch them, grab at them with both hands. She looks down at me and smiles. My shirt comes off. We kiss and touch, our hands are everywhere. She strokes me while while my fingers enter her. She wet, practically dripping, I love it. Soon her pants come off, mine follow.
We continue kissing and touching. Our tongues wrestling, as our hands try to compete with one another.
She moves closer, places herself just above my penis. She licks her hand and rubs my cock one more time. Her hips move down, I can feel her pussy lips as they touch the head. She keeps moving slowly but surely, one inch at a time. As I push inside her she lets out a loud moan and the breath leaves my lungs as pleasure engulfs us. We sit like that for a moment. I love being inside her. Then she begins to move. Slowly. Her hips rising until the tip is just barely inside and then she slowly moves down again, I can feel every inch of her soft silky tunnel.
We keep going like that, up and down, in and out for a while, kissing lovingly. Her moans getting louder and louder with each movement. She leans back, giving me an amazing view of her tits. She is the pure embodiment of pleasure. I touch her breast and pinch her nipples, only egging on her moans. She keeps moving, up and down, slightly faster now. I touch her clit, gently at first, rubbing it, keeping rhythm with her hips. Then suddenly I feel her legs start to shake, she lets out a scream of pleasure. Her climax racks her body.
I decide it’s time to change positions.
I open the door, and in swift movement we are out of the car. I pick her up and throw her on the hood. She immediately takes a seductive position, biting her lip and says “What are you gonna do now?” I reply by grabbing her and pulling her towards me. I kiss her and simultaneously enter her. I can feel her moan into my mouth. I begin fucking her. In and out, hard. She cry’s for more, yelling out “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” I try, deeper and deeper, harder and harder.
She quakes and shudders, climaxing once again.
I however am not finished yet. I beckon her to get off the hood, she stands in front of me, her perky nipples touching my chest. I tell her to turn around but she shakes her head. She is suddenly on her knees, sucking on me. I almost tell her to stop, but I can’t it feels to good. After a few more moments I tell her “I need to fuck you now.” She stands and I twirl her around. She pushes her ass into me, that perfect beautiful ass. I bend her over, her breasts pressed against the hood. “Fuck me, please, you have to!” She begs. I tease her at first, first with my finger and then with the head, pressing it against her wet lips but not going any deeper. She keeps begging and finally I give in. In one hard thrust I enter her and she screams out in pleasure.
I move slowly at first enjoying the feeling and the view. Her perfect ass staring up at me. I grab her hips and move her in sync with my hips. It is amazing. In and out, faster and faster. I want to grab her tits. I lean over, pressing my chest into her back. I reach around and grab her tits, pulling her up with me. She stands with her back arched. I keep moving, in and out. Her moans echoing in my ear. Faster, faster. I can feel it begin, then suddenly I am overcome with pleasure. I can feel myself climax deep inside of her, just as she goes over the edge as well. Our bodies writhe with pleasure.
I pull myself out of her. She turns and kisses me deeply.
We get our clothes, I watch her dress. She leaves the shirt mostly open for me. I think to myself, “She is perfect”. We get back in the car and continue on our journey. Soon enough we are gently stroking each other once more.
We can’t wait to get to a bedroom.

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