China Girl Chapter 1

China Girl Chapter 1

Suzie Wong gazed longingly towards the ocean, carrying her thoughts to her native land. A refugee from Vietnam, whoever would have thought it possible, she the daughter of Chinese nobility forced to flee her homeland. The successful owner of a boutique that catered only the best to the best, the wives of Field Marshalls and Colonels were her clientele. She had clothes flown in from Paris and London, she attended luncheons and cocktail parties by the score. And now . . . here in this hotel in Hawaii to rest and recuperate before flying to America to meet Brad, her husband. Whatever had possessed her to marry a CIA Agent, she could have had anyone ... he did remind her of her father's stable boy though, always she came back to him. Suzie sighed, she didn't want to think about Brad, he didn't even satisfy her and she hardly ever saw him anyway. She smiled to herself when she thought of Brad's superior from the CIA who had informed her she must leave the country, with his bulging eyes and pants, thirsting to get into her panties. She thought of the sadistic pleasure she had gotten from refusing him.

She closed her eyes and opened them again to view the lush scenario of the Hotel Margo, and in doing so she realized for the tenth time that morning that every eye at the pool was upon her. Poor suckers, she could almost see their cocks straining against their bathing suits in anticipation. Just because the Hotel had a reputation for beautiful women, everyone assumed she was fair game. Well, she wasn't. She was exhausted keeping these oafs at bay. And Suzie Wong, at thirty-five was still stunning.

As she rose from her chair to walk to the pool, it was evident that her body did not reveal her years. Her legs were long and lithe, her skin taut and glowingly tantalizing against the hot sun. Her buttocks were round and firm and swelled seductively under her bikini, revealing just the space between the two globes of undulating promise ... her breasts spilling just enough out of her white bikini and her belly, gentle and ever so slightly rounded, just right for the caress of a man's hand.

Men lusted after her, and drooled and pursued her relentlessly. She spurned them over and over again but to no avail. She was always cold and haughty but it only seemed to make them want her more.

If only she could have looked like half the women from her father's village, sagging breasts and care-worn bodies. She reflected pensively for a moment upon her early life, her father the Governor of the village and her mother from an ancient lineage. She, born to be served and pampered. Again she thought of the young stableboy, thirteen years old beaten to death for loving her. He had fucked her one night in the almond grove and her father's steward had caught them. Her first love killed for loving her. Something had died in her then, never again to be aroused, or so it seemed ... and now. Well, she didn't want to think about it. And now she had her niece to care for, since her brother and sister-in-law were killed, a girl who had quickly ripened to womanhood, only lately out of the convent.

Wendy was now thirteen, Suzie had taken care of her since she was six. She had sent her to only the very best of schools and guarded her very carefully. Yesterday Wendy was a child and now ... Suzie reflected that the child was fast growing into a very beautiful young woman. Of late Suzie had noticed Wendy's increased interest in boys and her seductive way of casting her eyes whenever they came into the room. Somehow Wendy's approaching maturity was causing Suzie to feel again the touch of a man more constantly, perhaps it was a sense of competition, who knows. Brad wasn't much help, he was hardly ever with her and when he was ... Well, Suzie shuddered, she didn't want to think too much about Brad and his apparent lack of concern for her, true she was somewhat frigid even with him but didn't he sense her need to be really taken. Apparently not, his lovemaking left so much to be desired and half the time his mind seemed to be elsewhere, probably on his work.

Suzie shook herself out of her reverie, no point in lingering on Brad, here she was in this ridiculous place fighting off advances of men like, well like Jed Kranz sitting opposite her, his belly was so large she doubted if she could even find his cock, he wanted it just the same. Ugh, men were all alike, sad but true.

The voluptuous woman stood at the edge of the pool gazing down into the blue rippling water, a bird swooped over her head in a graceful dive and she too followed it, wishing she could fly away on the wind away from all this. Surfacing she felt refreshed and for a moment in time felt content again.

She played in the pool for a while, temporarily forgetting the ogling eyes, diving like a dolphin and somersaulting, she really was a gorgeous woman. The men around the pool couldn't help but feel a sense of loss at not being able to possess her. Shit. Who was it this time trying to invade her privacy, her peace flew away as quickly as it had come.

She saw a strong pair of legs blocking her exit from the pool and looked a little higher at a deep blue silk swimsuit to a deeply tanned body and into the eyes of Russ Redford.

"Hey baby," he called to her. "I've been looking for you all morning."

"Oh, hi Russ," nervously she smiled, looked into his eyes and then darted then away again. "Pardon me," she said rather brusquely as she tried to avoid touching his body, brushing against his cock which was so obviously throbbing against his swimsuit and for a moment she felt a titillating sensation in her vagina as she came close to him. A surge of desire shot up through her body and she tensed her thighs in order to avoid too much contact.

Russ laughed. "The Virgin Queen eh," he quipped.

Suzie Wong blushed scarlet, then quickly regained her composure and her dignity she walked past him to her deck chair. Russ watched her, a grin spreading from ear to ear as he savored the full curve of her ass swaying in cockthrobbing undulations.

Suzie sat down and put on her sunglasses and cautiously watched Russ for a moment. He did arouse her, that was certain and he was the only decent man at the hotel ... in fact the only man in desire into her body. He was obviously very intelligent, in an entirely different way from Brad, and extremely handsome, a Drama professor at some university in California and Wendy, her niece, had been spending most of her days with Russ's nephew Mike. They were the only youngsters at the hotel and had naturally been thrown together ... but also they did seem to "flash" as they put it on each other.

Every woman in the hotel wanted Russ to fuck them, it was obvious, in fact every night he was with a different woman. Suzie knew, though, deep down that she was the only woman he wanted there at the hotel. No, never, she shuddered almost too violently never again will I fall in love, not another man, except Brad and he didn't count, would come into her lovely body, even though they might die for the want of it.

She looked good and hard at Russ, he seemed to be a man in his late thirties, early forties, it was really hard to tell with a man like that. His body was so strong and muscular and obviously he took really good care of himself. He was intelligent, charming, handsome, everything a woman could want ... hut she knew too much about men to let herself be fooled, he was lust like the rest, a sexually driven beast.

Lost in her thoughts, Suzie was shocked when she felt the presence of another body close to her. Russ was leaning over her, almost touching her breasts with his hands.

"Cummon angel," he smiled. "Are you eves going to melt enough to allow me even one moment with you."

Suzie felt uncomfortable with his body so close to hers, she really did feel desire every time he came anywhere near her in all her years out he the world since the death of her first husband, no-one had even come close to affecting her like this, she was at a loss as to what to do. She really was lonely, in truth ... but really she was not going to be fucked by anybody, fucked and left to cry in the hot sun like all the rest of the women at the hotel.

"I like you, I really do," Russ said earnestly. "There's no- one here at the hotel that can hold a candle to you, your eyes are so seductive, like a playful kitten. You oriental women are so mysterious and alluring. I thought maybe we could don't know, whatever you want to do."

Suzie smiled warmly. "Thanks Russ, but I don't date, I've already told you that, I'm here to recuperate. My niece and I have been through so much recently and we are exhausted. I need a little peace and quiet."

"So why choose this hotel, baby, with so much action, it's not exactly your summer retreat." Sensing her withdrawal from him, Russ stood and walked away, totally disgusted.

Suzie watched him walk away without looking back and felt torn in two. One half of her wanted to call him back and say, "Russ, I'd love to go to a movie with you," and the other half felt repulsed and afraid. She wanted him and she didn't... Oh Cod! ... what was she going to do. She was a frigid, uptight bitch and she knew it.

Russ strode angrily to his hotel room. Christ! that bitch was hard to get, he'd been pursuing her relentlessly for days to no avail. He couldn't get her out of his mind though, she was different from other women, obviously from a good family, she had an air of breeding about her. He'd been around enough women to know class when he saw it, even in an oriental and Russ Redford was a snob a heart when it came to women. He might mess around a lot but when it came to a real woman in his life he wanted class and this dame had it. He was notorious at the university for chasing snatch ... and in all his years no-one had ever evaded his grasp like Suzie. Nothing seemed to work with this delectable piece of pussy!

He knew from experience though that once he could crack the ice he'd have one hell of a tigress on his hands. He sensed her desire for blood and he had it. He would tear her apart, the cunt, once inside of her, if only he could get near enough to kindle the flame. Damn it, he was so frustrated he wanted to tear off her bikini right at the poolside, fuck everyone around. He wanted to fuck his cock deep inside that tantalizing pussy of hers and choke her with it until she begged him to stop. He wanted to ... Russ stopped, realizing that Suzie was reading his thoughts. It was getting more and more difficult to keep his lust in check. Goddamnit, he was going to fuck her, he was going to ... wait a minute! A plan was emerging in his consciousness ... a last desperate attempt. Alright, he'd tried another tack ... he was by no means through.

Turning around to catch a last glimpse of Suzie he saw that she had left the poolside, never mind, he would see her soon enough. Turning sharply, he headed for the bar, he'd need a drink to bolster up his courage for this one.

Suzie returned to her room to escape from the hot sun and to collect herself. She lay on the cool cotton sheets and felt a warm languorous sensation spread slowly up her body. She was a sensual woman, she knew it, but life's bitter experiences had caused her to deny her true nature. First her father's stableboy had loved her and been killed and then married to Brad for so many years, hardly ever seeing him, a war raging, all the old ways falling. Her father was a powerful man and he had considered it a feather in his cap to have a CIA agent for a son-in-law, he ordered her to marry him and of course she obeyed, that was the way in the East. Brad had married her and left on a mission two days later leaving her brutalized and shaken. That was five years ago and she'd hardly seen him in the interim. And then Randy came into her life. Her father had summoned her one evening to the house and told her the war was going very badly, he wanted her to become friendly with a certain Colonel Randy Newhouse. Her father felt he could be useful to them if they needed to get out of the country in a hurry. He had now realized that Brad was of little use to the family, he'd been off with the Montaigns, a group of mountain tribesmen working for the CIA for the last nine months, no-one had heard from him since.

Colonel Randy Newhouse and Suzie met at her father's house. He was kind, he seemed sensitive, he read poetry, he was attentive ...

She got up from the bed to take off her bikini, since the elastic was beginning to cut into her flesh. She caught sight of her reflection he the closet mirror and studied herself with detached interest, but without much pleasure. Her satin-skinned flesh tinted a golden tan except for the tiny stripes of her bikini. She gazed at her taut, high breasts, they curved up to firm deep pink nipples. She moved her eyes to the black silky pussy hairs and opening her legs, she touched gently the softly molded vaginal lips. She could see the tiny tip of her clitoris peeking from the crested valley of her vagina in almost childlike shyness. She looked at her face, her high cheek bones, her mysterious eyes as Russ had called them, she had the classic almond shaped eyes of the orient that could express many moods. And then, as if suddenly ashamed by her immodest voyeurism, she threw on her pink satin robe and closed the closet door.

"I've got a good body," she thought, "but it hasn't brought me anything but pain." And once again she thought of the women in her father's village with the sagging breasts and wrinkled thighs. God! If only she were an old toothless hag, or been born ugly, then she wouldn't have been cursed by men constantly lusting to strip her naked and fuck her. All her life men had fondled her and when she finally married Brad, his clumsiness and brutality had left her cold.

Then there was Randy and she remembered the first time he had come into her life. He had treated her like a lady, he didn't seem to lust after her, he was sensitive and very intense.

They had spent many long afternoons talking, drinking tea. Then one afternoon she invited him to her own house. Her servant brought them wine and she became higher than she ever usually allowed herself to become.

They began kissing and the heated presence of a man against her body after nine months alone, had fired her passions to an explosive level. She was aware too of his throbbing excitement ... of the huge bulge in his tight pants. The cloth of his crotch seemed to give off waves in torrid temptation to continue, and there was a tantalizing wet spot where his hardened penis was pressing its blunt tip against the cloth. The salacious sight seemed to fire her even more, making her breasts ache and her nipples become jeweled rubies rubbing against her own dress.

Then suddenly there was a light tap upon the door, it was Tang her servant inquiring if she required mere wine. So she quickly dismissed him for the evening and returned to Randy. Then they were alone again, rubbing thigh against thigh, his hard cock burning into the heated mound between her legs. Randy was kissing her and his feverish hands were unzipping the back of her dress and she ... Oh God! How she swore after Brad she'd never trust a man again, but ... Oh! Ohhhhh! ... she was arching her back to allow him to ...

The memory was having a strong effect on Suzie. She lay there on her bed, her white robe falling open slightly to reveal her suntanned body and her hardened nipples. To her profound anguish, she now felt her soft, curl-rimmed cunt lips beginning to throb, excitedly pulsing the same way it had those many years back. Shivers of unwanted sensations traveled up her spine and through her flesh, and she moaned in shameful prurience, continuing her reverie ...

Randy's hands had smoothly removed her dress and bra, and he was suddenly squeezing and cupping the nakedness of her sensitively tingling breasts, his lips leaving her mouth to suck on her trembling nipple with a hungry desire. His other hand was still peeling the panties off her writhing hips, down past her moistened pubic hair, down her legs, while she ... Oh Lord! ... she helped kick off that last restraining garment. And then he tore at his own pants and shirt making them both naked. How well she recalled her gasp at the sight of his immensely swollen cock.

And then he was rolling between her legs and on top of her, her young foolish brain seething with uncontainable passion. Yes, she was silently begging for him to continue, to have his long hard penis filling her hungrily throbbing cunt well to its fullest. She wanted him to slip between her excitedly trembling thighs and fill her belly with his thick, hotly throbbing hardness. She was ready to let a man fuck her again.

Her long black hair flailed around her moaning face, her taut nubile breasts dancing on her chest as she prepared herself for him, for the sweet forbidden taste of lusting manhood ... Randy's muscular hips pinned her squirming thighs to the sofa ... The soft black curls of her pubic hair brushing teasingly against his searching cock, tickling against it and inciting him to incoherent mumblings of crazed desire ... She had been wildly aroused too, and then Randy flicked his thighs forward and with one smooth motion of his hips buried all of his thickly pulsing hardness deep up into her hotly quivering cunt-hole.

But then, suddenly, she remembered how his sweetness had changed to wild, unbridled lust. And his tender loving changed to just a selfish fucking of her openly spread vagina!

"Please, love," she had whispered to him. "Fuck me slow and easy." But he couldn't or wouldn't hear her pleas. And when he had spewed out his hot male cum far up inside her unsatisfied cunt and belly, he had dressed and left her quickly ... just walked right out on her never to return again. She had then pulled her dress over her nakedness, and in the darkened living-room had lay there awake and sobbing half the night from unsatisfied passion and bitter hurt. Never, she had sworn, never will I leave myself vulnerable to just being fucked by a man again as long as I live.

A wave of blushing shame passed over Suzie's face now, just as it had so many times over the months whenever she recalled that painful night.

Then, suddenly, there was a knock at her hotel room door!

Suzie pulled her robe tightly around her voluptuous body and slipped on a pair of thin silken panties, then went barefoot to the door.

Russ Redford stood outside. She was stunned to see him, and something about him was making her a little afraid ... She smelled the faint odor of alcohol coming from his breath.

"What do you want?" she said sharply.

"I want you, my lovely one," he said as sweetly as he could. "Oh," the liquor was allowing him to get carried away, "Oh, I want you so bad!"

And before she could decide how to handle this difficult situation, he was in the door.

"No," she cried, terrified of his suddenly direct and lustful approach. "Go away, please! I told you before, I[

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