Teacher Pt. 4

Teacher Pt. 4

Chapter 1: Conversations and Revelations

I went home that night after that first group class with Sumin and Jihyun in a daze. Not only was I floating on cloud nine at my first threesome, but Sumin had thrown me yet another curve ball in that she seemed to be bisexual. And Jihyun had gone along with it! I don’t know if it was the heat of the moment or if that had always been inside them, but I couldn’t get the image of Sumin sucking Jihyun’s full teenage breast out of my mind. And the way Sumin had fed her fingers into Jihyun’s mouth after scooping up my cum from her tits… I’d seen that sort of thing in porn my entire life but I figured that was porn life. Stuff like that didn’t happen to regular people. But it had just happened to me. And then there was the afterwards that had my mind reeling.

After the tag-team blow job, much to the disappointment of the two sex-hungry high schoolers, I insisted that we do some actual studying. I promised Jihyun we would have actual sex next week and I was suprised to see Sumin look almost more disappointed than Jihyun did. And no, I wouldn’t get in the shower with them! I couldn’t be sure Jihyun’s mom wouldn’t check the textbook when she got home and if she saw we hadn’t even cracked the spine, there would be questions. The last thing I wanted was anyone questioning what we did in the class. They quickly showered off and put their regular clothes back on, then I hopped in doing the same. Sumin started a load of laundry after we were finished so there wouldn’t be a huge stack of wet towels to raise suspicions.

And, much to my surprise, we were able to get in a good half-hour of study time before the end of class came and Jihyun headed home. With the ice broken, I started working with Jihyun to get her caught up with Sumin in the textbook and gave her some light homework. Had to look official, after all. I kissed her full on the lips and her hand rubbed my cock over the jeans, then she left blushing and smiling. When she was gone I sat down on the couch with Sumin for a little bit and we talked about everything that had just happened.

“What did you think?” I asked her, as I put my arm around her and she curled her body up against mine. Her long black hair was still heavy with the scent of the shampoo from her shower. I breathed her in deeply as we settled in. The room was growing darker but it was late June so there was still some sunlight coming through the windows. Outside the window, lights were coming on and I could almost imagine this was our home and we were relaxing after a day of work.

“Teacher, that was soo wonderful!” she said. With her accent it sounded like wun-du-pull. Koreans don’t have an ‘F’ sound in their language. Or an ‘R’, for that matter. I couldn’t see her face but I heard the smile in her voice. Her hand was underneath my shirt, rubbing through the little bit of hair on my stomach.

“You really surprised me,” I admitted. “I didn’t expect you to touch Jihyun so much?”

Her hand stopped on my stomach and she didn’t say anything for a couple of seconds. Then, without looking at me, she said, “Teacher said… want sex thing is anything okay. Not bad.”

“Yeah, I said that.”

“When I see Jihyun and you lick the her pussy, she breathing a lot. Her… tits?” I made a noise of agreement at her correct use of the word. She continued. “Her tits going up and down and look so sexy and I think…” She paused again. “I want that in my mouth.”

I chuckled. “I know that feeling,” I told her. “I want tits in my mouth, too.” Sumin looked up and saw me smiling down at her, then put her head back down against my chest. Under my shirt her hand began to move through my happy trail once more.

“I start to touch her tits and she not say something to stop. And it feel very soft. I like that feel. So next I use my mouth and I think Jihyun like that, too.”

“Did you ever think about Jihyun like that before?”

She weighed my words and then said, “I always think her body so sexy and I envy her about that. But I didn’t think about want sex with her until she in my room and we wait for you. I want touch her a lot. And…” she trailed off.

“You can tell me, it’s okay. No sex thing you want to do is bad if everyone says yes. And they’re… old enough to say yes.” What I wanted to say was the old Alfred Kinsey line about how the only unnatural sex act there is is the one that you cannot perform, but I knew that would be over her head and I didn’t trust my Korean enough to try to translate it. Kind of like her and Jihyun with English, I could understand more Korean than I could effectively speak.

The pause stretched a little longer, then she broke the silence. “When I see you lick her pussy I little envy you, too. I think I want lick her pussy, too!” She buried her face in my shirt, as if to hide her shame. “Teacher, maybe I am lezz!” she moaned and I felt her warm breath pass through the shirt and onto my skin. Lezz is the Korean slang word for lesbian. Usually it sounds like lez-zuh.

I knew this was a serious moment for her, but I couldn’t help but laugh a little. She was discovering new things about her sexuality and Korean culture wasn’t great when it came to stuff like this. I had to take it seriously. But her reaction was still funny.

The LGBTQ community are second class citizens in South Korea, even now. They have no legal protections at all and every time legislation comes up to provide them with some, it gets shot down. Younger people were, on the whole, much cooler with it than their parents’ and grandparents’ generation, but they weren’t enough of a political force yet to change policy. So it was understandable why she might freak out if she thought she was a lesbian. I patted her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.

“You’re not lezz,” I told her softly. “It’s okay. And even if you were lezz, that would be okay, too.”

She sat up now and I saw her face was creased with worry. “But I really like her tit in my mouth and I want taste more her!” she insisted. “I want lick her pussy and I want her lick my pussy! That’s lezz!”

I admit, I was a little taken aback by her openness but then again, that’s what I’d been encouraging in her from day one.

“Sumin,” I said, calmly. “Do you still want my cock?”

“I…” she cut herself off, then considered. “Yes… I want teacher’s cock every day.” I saw the blush rise in her cheeks a little but she didn’t look away.

“If you were lezz then you would not want to have sex with me.” I watched as the gears in her head were moving.

“But then why I want sex with Jihyun, too?” She sounded unconvinced.

I know this sounds absurd but this was a perfectly rational conversation to be having with a Korean teenager. There was little to no sex education here and almost no discussion of LGBTQ issues in popular culture. Kids learned here through osmosis and bad pornos. You had to go digging around deep in the Korean internet to find information on stuff like this. The situation has gotten a little better in the last ten years but because the government has very broad censorship powers, you almost never saw any sort of gay relationship on television. It would be hinted at sometimes that a character was gay, but never shown. I can still recall a huge scandal that erupted over a lesbian kiss scene between students in a Korean drama. People lost their shit.

“I think maybe you’re bisexual, sweetie.” I said, soothingly. “Bi, it means ‘two’. Like bicycle? Two wheels. It means you like men and women. And that’s okay! I think it’s amazing, actually.” I leaned in and kissed her, and she returned the kiss but then pulled away.

I saw her mulling over my words, then something clicked. “Ah! I see that in Japan porno when the girl have sex with other girl and then man come. But I think that just because movie!”

“Maybe. They might only have sex with other women for money, but there are a lot of people who like both guys and girls.”

She pondered this information for a while, then said suddenly, “Teacher? Do you like boy?”

“No, I’m not bisexual. Some guys are, but that’s not for me. I only like women.”

She was quiet for a few moments then, tentatively, she asked, “Really it is okay if I do like that?” She looked up at me and studied my face, trying to detect any falsehood.

“It’s really okay,” I assured her. “And I think Jihyun liked that, too. I think she might let you lick her pussy. But maybe don’t tell your mom or other friends you like girls. At least not unless you think they will not be angry.”

Some people might not like that I told her to hide her sexuality, but Korea can be brutal to non-heterosexual people. For all I know her mother might kick her out of the house and leave her homeless. A big portion of homeless kids in Seoul were from the LGBTQ community. Kids at school might ostracize her, bully her, there was no way to tell. Younger people are generally more accepting but best not to take any chances.

Sumin gave me a wicked grin, then straddled me, kissing me passionately. When she broke away for a breath, she said “Thank you, teacher! You are best teacher.” She laid her head on my shoulder and we sat in silence for a while, just holding each other.

“Teacher…” she said softly into my ear, her breath hot on my neck as her voice trailed off. And I could hear it in her voice. I knew what she wanted to say, because I wanted to say it too. I’d wanted to say it for days. But once you said it, it was out there. You couldn’t take it back.

I lifted her off me and met her eyes in the darkness. Neither of us spoke for a long moment.

Finally, I broke the silence. “I know, sweetie. Me, too.”

Chapter 2: Patience

I was a ball of sexual frustration for the next seven days. And of course the new group chat on Kakao wasn’t helping. Sumin had invited Jihyun into our chat and the bulk of it was between the two of them, but occasionally it involved me, too. As a precaution I had all of them change their phone passwords and add password protection to Kakao as well, since that was a thing that could be done. The less chance of someone getting into their phones and seeing our conversations and photos, the better. All photos were to be deleted before they went to bed, no exceptions. And a hard delete, not just put in the trash can. Our chats were erased every 24 hours as well. I was taking no chances. We all set up daily alerts on our phones to remind us.

In the time between that though, there were a lot of pictures passed around. Sumin would post a picture, nude or otherwise, and then Jihyun would have to post one, too. The hottest ones were when they were clearly still in school and wearing their uniforms.

Almost all public schools here require uniforms. The school Sumin and Jihyun attended required the girls to wear white short-sleeve button-down shirts with plaid cuffs around the shirt sleeve collars and a matching neck collar. They wore skirts with shorts underneath in the summer and pants in the winter. The shirts were made tight because of pervy administrators calling the shots and it was most notable on Jihyun’s busty physique. The fabric of her shirt was pulled tight across her breasts much more so than Sumin’s more modest bust size. According to her, it was the biggest size she could get. She hated wearing it because the boys were always staring and so were some of the teachers. She did like sending it to me, though. She said she liked it when I looked.

Jihyun, knowing how much I liked her breasts, started sending a lot of pictures with her uniform buttons unbuttoned, exposing her bra. Sometimes she would flash a nipple and at other times they would send pictures flashing their ass, or with breasts exposed fully. At first Jihyun was sending them for my benefit but Sumin was making as many, if not more, appreciative comments and soon Jihyun was saying things like ‘this picture is for you, Sumin’. Sumin would comment about how she couldn’t wait to suck them again, or lick my cum off Jihyun’s tits, and Jihyun loved all the attention. I would send them dick pics in return, sometimes also from my job. I’d go into the bathroom and into the stall and snap a pic and they’d tell me how much they couldn’t wait to have it.

One night, I was working late grading tests and was the last one in the office. It was a real challenge to get the work done in a timely fashion and after a while I simply gave up. The girls were already at home, safe in their rooms and the sex talk was picking up. Sumin sent a short video of her masturbating, her fingers sliding up and down her soaking wet pussy, and Jihyun sent a video of her sucking one of her nipples into her mouth. They then demanded a video from me. I went to the front of the academy, locked the door, and then back into my classroom. Assured that I was alone, I moved the papers off my desk and set my phone up against one of my vertical organizers. Once I was sure that the camera had a good field of view, I pulled out my cock and jerked off onto the desk. The girls both loved it and I’ll admit the idea of doing that in my classroom was a pretty big turn on.

Jihyun was very interested in learning how to masturbate, herself. She confessed to feeling incredibly horny and when Sumin told her to get herself off, she admitted that she didn’t know how to do that and had never done it before. Sumin promised to show her in our class next week, which I couldn’t wait to see.

One thing that they hadn’t discussed, and which I hadn’t brought up, was their feelings of attraction for each other. It was clearly a growing thing judging by the way they had started talking to each other in chat, and I encouraged it but didn’t ask them any direct questions about it. I figured they were still very uncertain about how that would play out in the future and didn’t press. However, Sumin told me in our private chat that she couldn’t wait to explore more with Jihyun. I loved the idea. I couldn’t think of anything sexier than taking Sumin from behind while her face was buried between Jihyun’s thighs. Or of fucking Jihyun on her back while Sumin sat on her face.

Needless to say, my work suffered. I was often distracted in class and I was holding my breath a lot trying to get my erections to deflate. Which would make me dizzy sometimes and I got a few headaches. Thankfully I teach behind a podium and I didn’t have to risk the students seeing the bulge in my pants.

The girls were in a similar situation. Sumin said she was horny all the time and said she was always looking for an excuse to slip away to the bathroom to try and relieve some of the tension. She said trying to be quiet in the stall was the worst of it. Visions of her in her school uniform with her skirt bunched up around her waist and fingering herself to a silent orgasm while her classmates walked by drove me insane.

Chapter 3: Team Work Makes the Dream Work

All of us were ready to crawl out of our skin by the time Saturday came. Life had become something that happened in the background while we waited for our ‘class’. I don’t know what happened within the girls’ social circles but my friends had started to notice. I barely posted on social media and turned down multiple requests for weekend hangouts. I started getting messages asking if things were okay. I told them I was fine, just busy with a lot of extra classes but that we’d hang out soon. But honestly, I didn’t much care if we did or not. I had more important things going on.

I approached Sumin’s door that afternoon and punched in her door code myself, not ringing the bell. It felt wrong somehow using the door code for Sumin’s house like it was my own. That simple act more than almost anything else drove home the illicit nature of what was going on. I was walking into Sumin’s houseーher mother’s house reallyーlike it was mine. Or like I had a key to my girlfriend’s house. I felt oddly guilty about that.

The girls were not there to greet me, as I’d anticipated. Instead, I heard the sound of moaning coming off from the left, towards Sumin’s bedroom. Intrigued, I quietly took off my shoes and approached the door. It was open, Sumin having full confidence that her mother wouldn’t be home for hours yet, and I saw them both. Sumin and Jihyun were there, already naked. Both of them were sitting on her bed, leaning against the wall, and they were masturbating each other.

Sumin was on my right and Jihyun was on the left. Their arms were crossed over each other with Jihyun’s right leg over the top of Sumin’s left. They were leaning into each other, eyes closed, as their fingers went to work on the other’s pussy. My god, it was glorious. I didn’t say a word, I didn’t want to interrupt. But I did slowly begin to disrobe, and casually start to stroke my cock while I watched them. Their moans filled the room and it was music to my ears.

Jihyun’s whimpers began to increase in pitch and I watched as Sumin flexed her wrist and inserted one of her fingers into her pussy.

“Uh-muh! It’s so good unni! Jihyun exclaimed. Unni being a word that loosely translated to older sister, but no relation. Jihyun’s hand stopped her ministrations of Sumin’s pussy and gripped her thigh as she crested to an orgasm. I watched as her leg muscles tightened and her toes curled. With a loud gasp the wave of her orgasm broke and she let out an explosive breath, followed by some very colorful language that roughly translates to ‘son of a bitch!’

Sumin was the first to see me standing in her doorway. She looked at me without a hint of shyness or embarrassment. She glanced hungrily at my cock and then, with her eyes on mine, brought her damp fingers from Jihyun’s pussy and placed them deliberately in her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head with an expression of ecstasy. Fuck, she was amazing.

It was right about that time that Jihyun came back to the world of the living and her little squeak brought all of us back around. She was shocked to see me standing there and, despite what she’d just been doing, was not nearly as relaxed about everything just yet. She tried to cover herself up and Sumin laughed. I got a chuckle out of it, too. Jihyun squealed in embarrassment.

“What are you doing? It’s just Drew Teacher! Stop being a baby!” She tugged at the blanket Jihyun was using to cover herself. She didn’t let go, though. Instead she tried to burrow herself down deeper.

“Teacher, sorry!” Jihyun cried, her voice weak because her face was buried in the blanket.

Sumin rolled her eyes and looked at me with a smile. “I think maybe she embarrassed that you see that.”

“Yeah, it’s okay.” I grinned at her. “It was very sexy, honey.”

Sumin beamed. Jihyun poked her head up above the covers and glanced shyly at the both of us.

“I teach her masturbate, teacher.” Sumin said. Going by what I’d seen, Sumin had taught her more than that.

“I can see that,” I said, not able to hide my grin. To Jihyun I said, “Did you like it?”

She slowly nodded her head and then, as if she had feared some sort of reprimand for being caught in the act, sat back up.

“Sumin hand feel very good,” she replied.

“Did you like touching her?” I continued.

Jihyun’s face went crimson and she wouldn’t meet my eyes, but she said quietly, “Yes…”

“That was good practice, but it’s time for our class. Are you both ready?

“Yes, teacher!” they said, almost in unison, before giggling. I leaned in to kiss Jihyun and she kissed me back, hard. Our teeth clicked together a few times, but it was still hot. I felt the bed shift as Sumin came in closer, so I disengaged with Jihyun and shifted my attention to the other gorgeous girl in the bed. We kissed passionately for a few moments before Jihyun grew impatient and pulled me down to the bed. What followed was a flurry of giggles, moans, and groans as we immersed ourselves in each other. It was a glorious jumble of kissing, sucking, stroking, and nibbling.

After a couple of minutes of that, as if by unspoken agreement, Sumin and I both focused on Jihyun. I went low and Sumin went high. At least at first. Sumin positioned herself next to Jihyun and began once again to kiss those luscious breasts of hers. While she did that, I started kissing down her stomach and ran my fingers through her pubic hair. As I worked my finger into her moist folds, I looked up to see Sumin kissing along Jihyun’s shoulders, then the side of her neck, and then her cheeks. I saw the hesitation in both of them as their lips came within an inch of each other, then Sumin went for it. She closed the gap and kissed her full on the lips. I chose that moment to slip my finger all the way into Jihyun’s soaking wet pussy. Her hips arched up at the sudden sensation and she let out a high-pitched whine, her lips still locked on Sumin’s. With one hand she held tightly to Sumin and with her other she found my arm and gripped it tightly. I continued sliding my finger deep into her and she broke off the kiss with Sumin with a loud gasp.

“Teacher!” she cried out. “Teacher! Oh my god!”

Sumin looked back at me, smiling broadly, then returned to Jihyun’s breasts, alternating between each one. Jihyun panted and writhed on the bed, overcome with sensations. Figuring she was ready, I chanced a second finger and she noticed right away. The walls of her pussy were tight around my fingers but this was necessary for what was to come later.

“Uh-muh! Uh-muh!” she cried out. “Goooood!” she exclaimed in a long sigh. I could feel her body growing tense as her second orgasm for the evening drew close. She was thrusting into my hand as much as I was pushing into her.

I began to slow my pace and eventually stopped, my fingers still snug inside the heat of that tight Korean hole.

“Jihyun, do you want mouth?” I asked her.

“Mmm?” I could see her try to clear her thoughts. “Yes, teacher. Mouth, please.” I smiled at her. Then I looked at Sumin.

“Sumin, she wants mouth. You should do that?”

Sumin’s eyes locked with mine, as big as saucer cups. “Really?” Jihyun’s head came up, looking first at me with equally wide eyes, and then at the back of Sumin’s head. Sumin felt the movement and turned to look at her.

To Jihyun, Sumin said, “Can I do that?”

Jihyun stared for a moment, processing, then said, “Do you really want to?” Sumin nodded her head.

“I really want to try that.”

Jihyun looked at me then back to Sumin, then also nodded her head.

“Oh yeah!” Sumin exclaimed, then leaned in and kissed Jihyun again, who returned the kiss hungrily. Then Sumin broke away and moved off the bed while I repositioned Jihyun with her legs off the edge of the bed like last time. Sumin grabbed a pillow, plopped it down on the hardwood floor, and settled in.

“Just go slow,” I told her. “Don’t bite, don’t blow on it or anything. Be gentle. Think about what you would like to feel.”

“Okay, teacher.” She signaled her understanding then bent in closer. Perhaps remembering what I had done, she began to kiss Jihyun’s thighs, gradually moving forward. I laid down next to Jihyun and brought her head over for a kiss. She was breathing hard, partly in nervousness, I was sure, and partly from arousal. I rubbed her stomach and caressed her breasts as Sumin inched forward. Much like I had with Sumin, I gave her encouragement. I told her how beautiful she was, how good it was going to feel, and she accepted the words and started to unclench. Right up until Sumin’s tongue made contact with her pussy. She jerked and squealed before it turned into a low moan. Her eyes rolled back and she closed them while I took one of her breasts in my mouth.

I could hear the wet sounds as Sumin licked her first pussy. It sounded very enthusiastic and Jihyun definitely appreciated it. I doubted there was much skill involved but with the eroticism of the moment, I don’t think Jihyun cared. A girl was licking her pussy and she was loving it. Jihyun reached down with her free hand and grabbed the back of Sumin’s head, pulling her tight against her crotch. A muffled ‘mmmm!’ came from Sumin but she pressed on. In the back of my head part of me was amused by that. I wanted to say ‘yeah, that’s how it feels’ but kept it to myself.

“Unni! Unni! Oooooooh fuuuuck!”

Jihyun’s breathing became sharper and her body began to arch up. With a cry she came and her body started to shudder. The sensations became too much for her and she pushed Sumin’s head away, then her body went limp.

Sumin had a dazed looking smile on her face as she began to stretch her jaw. I pulled her to me and we kissed sharing Jihyun’s moistness, while she recovered on the bed between us. It was one of the hottest moments of my life.

“Did you like Jihyun’s pussy?” I whispered into her ear, as I kissed her neck and her ear. She bit down firmly on my shoulder, her hand reaching for my cock. Her bite hurt a little, but it was the good kind of hurt. Her voice was husky when she spoke.

“Teacher, it is amazing. But I need teacher’s cock. So horny teacheeer!” She groaned out the last word as she bit my neck again.

“I will fuck Jihyun first, then you can have my cock as much as you want.” I promised her. “I want you next to her when I fuck her.”

Sumin pouted but she understood that today was for Jihyun. I could tell though that for as much fun as she was having with the three of us together, she definitely missed having my undivided attention. And honestly, as I thought about it, so did I. I loved the idea of what was about to happen but I missed just spending the time with Sumin. This was now two weeks that Jihyun was with us and I felt a strong desire to find time alone just for Sumin and I.

Returning our focus back to Jihyun, I said, “Are you ready, Jihyun?”

“She looked up at me, bit her lip a little, then nodded. “Yes, I ready, teacher.”

We centered her on the bed and I set myself between her legs. Sumin laid down next to her, holding her hand and kissing her gently, sometimes on the mouth, sometimes on her neck and chest. Jihyun was really leaning into the kisses now.

My cock was rock hard as I began to slide it up and down her pussy. She turned her attention to me and I felt her tense.

“Teacher? It will hurt?” she asked.

“Probably. You had sex before but you said his dick was very small. But I will go slow and you can say stop anytime, okay?”

“Okay.” She nodded her head.

”It will hurt at first,” Sumin told her. ”But then it starts to feel very good.”

”I can do it!” Jihyun told her.

Using the same move as the one I used on Sumin, I began to rub my cock up and down, getting it as wet as I could. Once she was rising up to meet me, I placed the head of my cock at her opening and gently pressed in. She made a small noise of discomfort but didn’t say to stop, so I moved forward a little bit more.

“Are you okay? Sumin asked, her voice tinged with concern.

“Yeah, just hurts a little.” Jihyun answered, her voice strained.

Not hearing any objections, I pushed forward slowly, the pressure around my dick almost painful. I would pull back, allowing her to relax a little, then slowly inch forward. Sumin went from watching in fascination to comforting her and I think that made things easier for Jihyun. Having a guide through this I think lessened a lot of the tension and fear she must have been feeling.

After a minute or so, I finally had my full length inside her. Jihyun’s face was tight with pain and her eyes closed. Moving my hips as little as, I leaned in and kissed her cheeks. “You did it,” I told her.

She pushed herself up and began to kiss and bite at my neck, moans approaching growls emanating from her. Then I felt her hips begin to move beneath me and I took that as my cue. Slowly, I pulled my cock out until only the tip remained. I brought my mouth to hers and pushed back into her, going balls deep, as they say. She whimpered and pushed her hips up to meet my thrust. As our lips separated she cried out “Teacher! Um-muh! Um-muh”

Beside her, Sumin lay between Jihyun and the wall and her hand working at a furious pace as she watched me fuck her best friend. Seeing me looking she gave me a lascivious grin and pulled her fingers from her slit and placed them in my mouth. I sucked at them hungrily and began to piston into Jihyun harder. She reacted almost immediately and with every thrust her voice crescendoed into a small screech. She was definitely a screamer. Almost all of it was non-verbal and if I’d been watching it in a movie, it would have been comical. But here it just made it hotter. I wanted her screaming and begging me to stop. I set my shoulders and began to pound her hard.

Her head was going back and forth and her arms encircled me. I felt the sharp sting of her nails biting into my flesh as she moaned my name between her exclamations. With a cry she orgasmed but I didn’t let up, fucking her through her orgasm and beyond. I don’t know how I managed to hold off my orgasm but the Gods of Fuck were with me that day.

As she went limp beneath me I slowed my thrusts and began to catch my breath. Glancing at Sumin I saw she had a lazy grin on her face as she watched us, indicating to me that she’d made herself cum as well.

“Did you like watching,” I said to her. She simply nodded. Then Sumin leaned over and began to suckle her friend’s breasts.

Jihyun roused herself and ran her fingers through Sumin’s long black hair as Sumin continued to kiss her chest and neck, before finally kissing her on the mouth.

“And how are you, baby.” I asked Jihyun. “Are you okay?”

“Yeeees, teacher…” Her voice thick with satisfaction. “Little hurt but very good.”

I pulled myself out of Jihyun, which got a groan from both of us, and then I moved up onto her stomach. I placed my throbbing cock between her succulent cleavage and told her what I wanted.

“Hold them together, like this.” I demonstrated, feeling the cool flesh of her tits envelop my shaft. She pressed them together uncertainly, not quite sure what was about to happen. As she applied more pressure I began to move my cock back and forth between those luscious mounds of tit flesh. It had been so long since I’d been with a girl who had tits big enough for this.

“Good girl,” I told Jihyun as she watched almost entranced as I fucked her tits. I brought Sumin to me and kissed her as my cock got closer to orgasm.

“I’m going to cum on her face and I want you to clean it up, baby.” I grunted at her.

“Yes, teacher.” Sumin said, obediently. She ran her hands over my chest before bringing her lips to my nipple and sucking on it just as she’d done to Jihyun moments before. It didn’t take long. With my precum and the wetness from Jihyun’s pussy, the valley between her breasts was a slick hot tunnel and it was more than enough to bring me to orgasm.

“I’m cumming!” I cried out, pulling my cock from between her breasts. I began to stroke furiously as Sumin went for my balls, massaging them as thick ropes of cum splashed across Jihyun’s upper chest and face. She squealed as my body shuddered atop hers and her hands released her breasts. They went up around her face more in shock than anything else and I was able to watch as the cum landed on her lips, nose, cheeks and forehead.

As I gasped for breath Sumin leaned down and took my pulsing cock in her mouth, sucking at my seed like the good little cum slut she was becoming. Once she’d decided my cock was clean, she switched her attention to Jihyun who was still surprised, eyes clenched shut and hands on either side of her head.

“You did good, Jihyun.” My voice warm and congratulatory. “This is your present for being a good student.”

Sumin went to work, licking up the cum wherever she found it. Most of it was centered between Jihyun’s tits and then around her neck. Jihyun giggled as Sumin’s tongue tickled her flesh. Her own tongue emerged from her mouth and began to lick the cum from around her lips, which she swallowed immediately. I’m not sure if I’d ever seen anything so sexy in my life.

I pulled myself off of Jihyun and Sumin immediately took my place, straddling Jihyun as she hungrily lapped up the cum off of her friend’s body. There was more giggling and squealing as Sumin made her way up to Jihyun’s face and I got to watch in satisfaction as she would collect a tongue full of cum before kissing Jihyun, who returned her kisses with equal fervor.

I knew Sumin had been feeling a little neglected so with her kneeling over Jihyun I moved behind her and began to lick her pussy from the back. She groaned in pleasure as she continued about her task and I moved my tongue up to her waiting rosebud, which I knew she liked. I probed the dark flesh of her asshole as she shuddered, then slipped one finger into her causing her to buck and push back against me.

“Yes, teacher! Unng, so gooood!” And she began to kiss Jihyun in a frenzy as I pleasured her long-neglected pussy. And despite my orgasm, I was hard again in moments. Getting up on my knees I lined my cock up with her eager whole and pushed into her roughly.

“Oh god!” she screamed, right along with me as I penetrated her. “Fuck me, teacher! I need you cock so bad!”

I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard into each thrust, knowing she could handle rougher sex than Jihyun could and I went for it.

“Take my cock, slut!” I growled at her.

“Yes, teacher! I teacher’s slut. Fuck meee!” she panted and her head collapsed down onto Jihyun’s shoulder, who was mute in shock at the carnal display we were putting on above her.

With a free hand I brought my thumb to her asshole and, without telling her what I was doing, slipped it inside. I’d toyed with her ass, licked it and massaged it, but never entered it before. She cried out and bucked into me.

“Teacher! Teacher! Uh-muh!” and I felt the now familiar sensations of her body beginning to cum. She let out a long, low groan as her back arched up like a cat before screaming with release as her body shuddered. It was enough to bring me to orgasm and I pulled out and finished with a groan onto her back. Almost as one we both collapsed onto the bed that was entirely too small for the three of us.

Life was good.

Chapter 4: Alone Time

Sumin: Teacher, I want meet you. Just you and me. Not Jihyun too…

It was the next day, Sunday morning, and I’d just woken up from dreams of Sumin and Jihyun taking turns sucking my cock.

Groggily I squinted in the dawn light at Sumin’s message in our private chat.

Me: Yeah, sure baby. I don’t have any classes on Sunday so I can meet you. How about I pick you up downtown again at 11:00?

Sumin: (happy face)(happy face) Okay teacher. I wait for that! (heart)(heart)(heart)

Me: (heart)(heart)

After some negotiation I picked up Sumin down a less-traveled side street downtown rather than at a large intersection like last time, just to be safe. She got in, smelling of floral body scents and it quickly filled the car.

“Hey, baby.” My voice warm. It genuinely made me happy to see her for reasons that had nothing to do with the sex.

“Hi, teacher.” We leaned in and kissed each other, my hand sliding around behind her head and pulling her close. God, she smelled so good.

I asked her where she wanted to go and she said she didn’t care. So since we had no destination in mind, I headed for the beach. There’s a road that runs along the coast for a ways and I thought it would make a nice drive. She synced her phone up to the car’s radio and I let her choose the music. It was mostly k-pop stuff but I didn’t mind too much. We drove and talked. We talked about my job and her workload at school. We talked about how she couldn’t wait to get out of Korea and more about American culture.

She used the derogatory name some young people have for Korea, Hell Joseon. Joseon was the name of the last royal dynasty of Korea before the Japanese invaded in 1910. Young people used the ‘hell Joseon’ term to talk about how their lives were hopeless here. Years of grueling study, culminating in high school that saw students in school or academies from dawn till well after sunset. All in hopes of scoring well on their college entrance exam to secure a position at the best schools. Sadly, many students cracked under the pressure and committed suicide. It was the number one cause of death for young people. And if they made it out of that nightmare they then had increasingly poor job prospects to look forward to. It was hell for them. Hell Joseon.

Understandably, many like Sumin wanted to get out while they could. Because she wasn’t planning on going to university in Korea, her life was a little easier than many Korean students. It’s partly why she could afford to spend the day with me today rather than in a study cafe with her nose buried in a calculus textbook surrounded by forty other Korean teenagers struggling to make it through another day.

She’d begun to browse different universities in the States for next year and said that Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri had a good program that she liked. But she was also looking at Stanford University in California, and University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Her plan was to major in biochemistry. She asked me what I knew about those schools but I admitted that I didn’t know much. They had good reputations, though.

As we drove along the coast, taking in the brilliant azure sky and the waves crashing against the rocks, her hand found mine and held it. I realized then that this was our first date. We’d had some of the most intense and passionate sex of my life but we’d never been on a date. I smiled at her and she smiled back and we drove on, the sounds of Korean artists like Black Pink, IU, and ZionT coming through my car’s speakers. It was nice.

After about an hour we spotted a beautiful little seaside cafe called Go Around Cafe that was built on an outcropping that jutted into the sea. We were miles from anywhere but I had to admit, it was a great spot. I parked the car and we walked, hand-in-hand, into the cafe.

At the counter there was one bored looking older woman, probably the owner, who took our order. Sumin got an iced Americano and I got a black tea latte. The drinks menu was pretty sparse but the cafe more than made up for it with their wide assortment of baked goods. There were pastries, cookies, sweet breads, scones, and other delicious looking items. I let Sumin have the run of the place and she picked several items for us to sample. Drinks and sugary breads and fruit tarts in hand, we picked out a spot on a large, overstuffed sofa that faced the enormous front windows which looked out on the ocean.

The decor was weird. The owner couldn’t seem to make up their mind on a theme or style, so there was a mix of things scattered all over the place. Art Deco lamps on Edwardian end tables. Giant stuffed leather sofas that looked like they came out of a 1950s hunting lodge, like the one we were sitting on, with minimalist coffee tables. Some of the furniture looked like it was picked up at a dead Russian oligarch’s estate sale. It was jarring to look at but people didn’t come here for the decor, they came for the unparalleled ocean view. And the sofa was comfortable.

Sumin, being a teenage girl, had to take a lot of photos for instagram before consuming anything. I took a few pictures of her while she posed and made goofy faces and we laughed together. She even got me to pose for a few, goofy faces included . And of course, no pictures of me were to be posted on Instagram. Although I’m not much for taking pictures I’ll admit, it was fun.

After sampling all the deserts Sumin curled up against me on the sofa, slipping off her shoes and tucking her feet underneath herself. I put my arm around here and we enjoyed the quiet. There were only a handful of other people in the coffee shop and it was big enough that everyone had ample personal space. No one paid us any mind. If they could tell she was too young for me, they didn’t give any sign of it. We sat, sipped our drinks, and watched the birds swooping down to the rocks. I had my face resting on the top of her head and was breathing deeply the smell of her.

“Teacher,” Sumin said, quietly. “This is our first date.”

“It is,” I confirmed. “It feels a little strange, doesn’t it?”

“Little. Already we do so much together before we have date.”

“Are you happy we did those things?” I asked her.

“Yes, teacher. So much happy. It most fun in my life.”

“Me, too,” I told her, chuckling.

“Teacher…” her voice trailed off. You could hear the unasked questions in her voice. I knew she wanted to talk about something today, that was obvious. I could see her working up to it the whole morning.

“Whatever you're thinking you can tell me,” I told her. “It’s okay.”

“Did you do… like that with other girl before? Like with me and Jihyun?”

“No,” I said, truthfully. “I’ve never done anything like that. I always wanted to but no girl I dated before would do that with me. I’ve never met a woman like you before.”

“And…” She stopped. I couldn’t see her face and I think it was easier for her to talk without seeing me, so I didn’t move to look at her. I could feel the slight tremble of her body though. “And now that you have sex with Jihyun… Still I am special for you?”

I thought it might be something like this. It had been building for days now. Weeks, even.

“Look at me, sweetie.”

She sat up slowly and looked up at me, her normally dark brown eyes looking almost amber in the bright sunlight streaming through the window. I held her gaze for a moment.

“I love you, Sumin.”

Her eyes widened and then I saw them get moist.

”Really, teacher?” Her voice cracked a little. You’re not lying?

I cupped her cheek to mine and brought her forward for a kiss. It was soft and tender.

“I’m not lying,” I told her, as we broke apart. And I wasn’t.

“I love you, too!” she exclaimed, and hugged me. Once her hand began to reach for my belt, I knew it was time to go.

Chapter 5: The Back Door

The GPS on my phone said that there was a seaside motel just a few kilometers further up the coast and we headed there in a hurry. Grabbing a bag out of the trunk of my car, we headed in through the garage entry and received some annoyed looks from the bleary-eyed old woman who worked the check in desk. We were far from the city and there were no fancy automated check-ins here. Just an old woman who was probably also the owner and maid and who had probably imagined herself doing something better in her twilight years than cleaning cum stains out twenty-year-old mattresses. It was a little early for check in and it looked like I’d woken her up from a nap, but she only complained for a moment before I put the cash on the counter. She shoved the key at us along with a complimentary toiletries bag and closed the window just a little too forcefully.

Sumin was on me as soon as the elevator door shut and I didn’t try to stop her from sliding her hand down my pants this time. We were the only ones in the building if the empty parking lot was any indication and there was no camera in the elevator.

“I love you, teacher!” she panted as she pulled me down for a kiss, her warm lips sucking at my skin, her teeth biting. As her hand awkwardly stroked my dick, my hand was down the back of her shorts and under the panties. I’d reached all the way down and under her ass and my finger found her already soaking pussy. As my finger penetrated her, I gasped, “I love you too, Sumin!”

Both too fast and too slow, the elevator arrived at our floor and, not bothering with walking, I picked her up and her legs wrapped around my waist. Kissing, we fumbled our way down to the end of the hall where I had to pause for a moment to use an actual key to get the door unlocked. Task completed, I carried her into the room and dropped her with a plop onto the bed, throwing my bag down on the floor beside it. We hadn’t even taken our shoes off, so I kicked mine off quickly, pulled hers off, and tossed them all behind me towards the entrance.

“Teacher, hot!” she panted and she wasn’t talking about me. The room was stifling in the July heat. I spent the next couple of minutes getting the air conditioner on full blast and shutting the windows while Sumin began to undress. By the time I turned my attention back to the bed, she was topless and in just her panties and her finger was already rubbing her pussy.

“Teacher,” she said, biting her lip as she pleasured herself. “I want to see your cock. I want you masturbate for me.”

I grinned. “Yes, ma’am.”

With her propped up on the pillows wearing only a sexy pair of black panties and a smile, I disrobed at the foot of the bed. Still standing, I began to slowly stroke my cock for her.

“So sexy, teacher!” she moaned. I could see her fingers moving beneath her panties and she whimpered as she buried a finger all the way into her pussy. Her hips writhed as she stared at my cock. It was so hot that I could have easily finished right there, blasting my cum all over her, but I went slow. Her eyes never leaving my shaft, her body started to twitch as she brought herself to orgasm. She collapsed back on the bed with a giggle.

“Do you want this cock, Sumin?”

Her free hand came up and squeezed her tit, pinching the nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

“I want teacher’s cooock!” she groaned.

I moved around to the side of the bed closest to her and stood, just a short distance away from her gorgeous face. Her long black hair was splayed around her head like a dark aura. She eyed my cock hungrily and looked into my eyes. Our hands never stopped. My hand was moving rhythmically up and down my shaft and her fingers were rubbing frantically between her legs. She began to pant and as she did, I paused in my stroking and collected a large drop of precum that was dripping from my cock and brought my finger to her lips. She sucked it greedily. There was a sharp pain as she bit me. I gave a little grunt, but didn’t try to pull away. She just grinned at me as her tongue slid over my finger.

Her dreamy eyes met mine and she smiled as I pulled my finger from her mouth. Laying down beside her I trailed my hand down her chest and stomach before slipping my own hand underneath her panties. I began to rub her pussy, coating my fingers in her juices, and I leaned in to kiss her. Our mouths met hungrily as my fingers entered her and I felt her delicate fingers find my cock and squeeze.

“Whose pussy is this?” I whispered to her, as my fingers moved inside her.

“It your pussy, teacher,” she whispered, her mouth finding my shoulder and biting down.

“Do you want me to fuck this pussy?”

Her breath was hot on my neck as she panted. “Yeeeees, teacherrrr. But I want you lick it, first.”

“As you wish,” I replied.

“Oh yeah!” she squeaked, her voice high and excited. She quickly peeled off her panties and flipped herself around. One leg came over my chest and she slotted it in under my arm, then began to back her ass up into my face. Her pussy was already glistening and I stared at her little puckered brown asshole as she lowered herself into place.

“Make me cum, teacher,” she pleaded. Her pussy pressed into my nose and I darted my tongue out, dragging it up the length of her slit. She sucked in a breath and slid herself along my face. I shifted positions slightly, allowing her to put her knees behind my shoulder, then wrapped my arms around her slim waist and pulled her down into my face. She planted her hands on my thighs and sat up slightly, pushing her hot slit firmly into place and I began to lick her.

I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy as she rocked above me. I held her tight, trying to maintain her position and slid my tongue down to her clit, teasing it first, then applying more pressure. Her hips began to move up and down and I tried to work in rhythm with her. She collapsed down onto my legs and I felt her warm breath on my balls as she moaned my name. Pushing my head up, I found her asshole and began to work that over as well. After a few seconds of attention to that tight virgin asshole she began to shudder and whimper. I moved my attention back to the entrance to her pussy but my thumb replaced my tongue on her asshole and began to push gently in as I started to work her clit.. It worked like a charm.

“Teacher! Teacher! I cum!” I felt a sharp pain in my thigh. She was biting me. Again! In tandem with that, I felt her nails digging into my calves. “I--! Ahhh!” Her hips bucked and she pushed back into my thumb, which sunk inside her ass just past the knuckle. It was hot and I felt her flex her ass and squeeze my thumb as her orgasm crested.

I stilled my tongue but didn’t remove my thumb from her ass as she lay panting on my legs. After several seconds, she shifted slightly and I felt her tongue begin to lick my balls.

“Teacher,” her voice soft as she gently pulled one of my balls into her mouth and worked her tongue around it before releasing it with a small pop. ”You’re in my asshole…” She lapsed back into Korean, probably not quite knowing how to say that in English.

I kissed her pussy, then ran my tongue slowly up and down her length. “I am.” I sank my thumb in a little further, but not much. Saliva isn’t a great lube and I didn’t want to risk any pain. “Do you like it?”

She pushed herself backwards into my hand and groaned deep in her chest. “You’re so pervert, teacher!” she said huskily. Slowly I pulled my thumb out, which elicited a small sound from her throat. Then, lifting her off of me, I rolled her onto her back and positioned myself between her legs. Her hand immediately went for my cock and began stroking.

Her legs were bent and spread wide, her pussy on full display, wet and glistening. Her chest had a flush still visible from her previous orgasm, her nipples hard like unripened fruit, and her mouth was spread in a lascivious smile. I marveled at her taut skin, smooth, unblemished, and firm. She was glowing with youth and I had no trouble at all understanding why some men become obsessed with younger girls. I hadn’t chased after Sumin, had never really considered an actual relationship with her or anyone that much younger than me, but I was all in now. She radiated a youth and sexuality that I could drown in.

Sumin had a firm grip on my cock and she lined it up with her pussy. “Fuck me, teacher. I want your cock.” Her voice was pleading as her hand stroked my length. I brought my hands around to the front of her thighs, gripped, and then slid easily into her tight pussy. We both groaned loud as I sunk balls deep on the first stroke. I brought myself down between her legs and kissed her hard. I felt her thighs grip around my waist and her arms encircled me and held us locked together. She was breathing hard through my nose and she bit down on my lower lip as I began to move into her.

“Harder! Fuck me harder, teacher!” Her breath was hot against my neck as I drove into her more forcefully. I used long strokes, coming almost all the way out and slamming back in. With every stroke she grunted and moaned. She took her right hand and moved it between our bodies and I felt her begin to rub her clit. Almost immediately her voice rose in pitch as she clutched me with her other hand.

“I'm a cumming teacher!” she cried after a few minutes of steady pumping, her voice reaching a crescendo and I could feel her finger rubbing her clit as my cock continued to piston into her eager pussy. I fucked her through her orgasm, only slowing when her body went the tension went out of her. I held myself there, and began kissing her forehead, cheeks, and lips. She had a light sheen of sweat breaking out over her skin and I could taste the saltiness of it.

Her eyes opened slowly and met mine.

“I love you, Sumin.” I said softly,

She smiled. “I love you too, teacher.” She lifted her head up and we kissed long, and deep.

“I want you cum, teacher,” she told me after we broke for air. Her hips pushed into me. “I want feel your come on me.”

“I have one more surprise for you today,” I told her.

“Really?” She looked interested. “Tell me, tell me!” she begged.

Reluctantly, I extricated myself from her arms and reached over to my bag. She watched with interest as I pulled it up on the bed and pulled out the contents. Inside there was a small dildo, pink, about five inches long and a little thin and it was molded to look like a real dick. Next to that, I set a bottle of lube. Sumin immediately went for the pink dildo and laughed.

“Teacher, why need this? Your cock is bigger.” She held it next to my cock which was still mostly hard. Then she gave it a few shakes, watching it wobble around, before she started giggling.

“It’s not for your pussy,” I told her, smiling. “I’m going to put it in your ass.”

She froze for a moment, her eyes wide. I continued. “Then, when you're ready, I’m going to put my cock in your ass. Will you give me your ass, Sumin?”

I’d been working up to this for a while with the ass play and I meant to have that tight Korean ass today. I’d ordered the lube and the dildo weeks ago and they’d finally arrived. I’d been waiting for the right time to use them and I didn’t figure that this was something we could do with Jihyun.

Sumin sat stunned. I knew she liked it when I licked her ass and she really liked it when I massaged her virgin opening with my fingers. She’d also responded well to my thumb just now, so this was the next step.

“Will it hurt?” I could hear the nervousness in her voice.

“It might, a little, that’s why we have this,” I pointed to the dildo. “It’s smaller and will help you get used to the feeling.” I grabbed the lube. “And this will make sure everything is smooth and goes in easily. And just like always, if it hurts or you don’t like it, you can always tell me to stop. I’ll never be upset if you want to stop something we do together.”

After a moment she nodded her consent. “Okay, teacher.” I leaned in and kissed her, then got up and grabbed some of the extra towels in the room. I spread them out on the bed. “Lay down here.”

Sumin laid down on her stomach and I lifted her up slightly to wedge a pillow under her hips. She was trembling a little but that might have also been the air conditioner, which was cooling the room rather well. I placed myself between her legs and began to kiss the backs of her thighs while I massaged the plump flesh of her ass. I moved my mouth up, parted her cheeks, and kissed her pussy first, and then moved up to her ass, flicking my tongue over the area delicately. She slowly began to relax, which was the plan. I felt the tension start to leave her muscles and she began to moan quietly as I went back and forth between tongue and fingers.

I surreptitiously pumped a little bit of lube on my fingers and slid them between the cracks of her ass, and then began to circle her rosebud. There was a slight temperature difference and she squeaked at the cold lube, but it warmed up quickly enough. Slowly, gently, I slid one finger into her ass and held it. She whimpered but didn’t object. It was tight and I could feel her flexing her O ring around the digit. Once I felt her get used to the new sensation, I pulled my finger out, added some more lube, then pushed it back in. It was easier now as the fear began to recede. I continued this for a little while longer while my free hand rubbed her pussy. Once I heard her begin to moan I paused, added more lube, then gradually inserted two fingers.

Sumin was panting slightly and there was some groaning but I wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or discomfort.

“How are you doing, sweetie?”

“It little strange and little good, teacher.” My fingers pushed all the way in. “Unngg. Keep rub the my pu- pussy, teacher.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Just little. It okay.” She panted. I slowed my fingers in her ass and increased the tempo on her pussy. The angle was a little awkward but as I slid first one then a second finger inside her pussy she started to cum. It was a deep, shuddering orgasm and her ass squeezed so tight it almost forced my fingers out.

“Oooooh my gooood!” she panted, her face buried into the blankets and her voice muffled. “More, teacher! More!”

I pulled my fingers from her ass and reached for the dildo. I lubed it up generously and placed the bright pink head at her asshole.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, teacher.” Her voice was still muffled. She’d just had her third orgasm, I’d guess she was getting all fucked out. I wasn’t done yet, though.

“Try to relax. Tell me to stop if it hurts too much.” I saw her head nod in agreement and I continued.

I started to apply pressure to the dildo and saw it sink into her well-lubed ass. There was that moment of resistance and then release as she accepted the head of the small silicone cock. There was a gasp from the head of the bed and I saw her hands ball up the covers. There was no word to stop though, so I continued. I squirted a little bit of lube onto her asscrack and it slid down to coat the dildo and I pushed it incrementally forward.

A low moan issued from her throat as the dildo sank all the way up to the little silicone balls.

I leaned forward and kissed her ass cheeks and massaged her pussy as she got used to the intrusion. I didn’t move the dildo at all, I wanted her to grow used to the feeling and to relax around it. She’d done pretty well so far and my cock was like a steel rod as I waited to ram it into her ass. Once she began to moan and push herself into the hand rubbing her pussy I returned to the dildo and slowly pulled it out about halfway, then pushed it back in. A little faster this time. She grunted and cried out, but pushed herself onto the dildo as it bottomed out once again. Her hands were still balled up in fists and she was pulling the covers toward her in giant wads of synthetic fabric.

Sumin let out a long wail of sound as I began a steady rhythm with the dildo. Every time I sunk it all the way into her it went up in pitch. “UuuuuuuuUuuuuuuuuUUh!” She twisted slightly and her own hand joined mine as she began to rub her pussy furiously.

“Fuck me, teacher! Fuck me! FuuuuUUuck me!” She was panting hard and rocking into each thrust and I watched fascinated as she orgasmed again. Her body quaked and her pussy was so wet it was dripping down from her pussy lips like little beads of nectar. I couldn’t wait anymore.

I got up on my knees on the bed and pulled the dildo out. It came free with a small popping sound and I watched as the opening began to return to it’s normal size. I lubed my cock up and placed it at the entrance to the last hole she had yet to give me. Her pussy was mine, her mouth was mine, now I was going to claim her ass. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now, Sumin.” I said. “Do you want me to?”

Her voice was weak, exhausted. “Yes, teacher.” My dick throbbed in anticipation.

“Tell me,” I commanded her. “Tell me you want me to fuck your ass.”

She was a second in answering, still catching her breath. “Fuck…” she paused for breath. “Fuck my ass, teacher.”

Without saying anything else, I leaned forward and pressed my fat cockhead against her slick hole. I applied gentle pressure, my thumb just behind the ridge of my cock, my fingers and dick slick and shining with the lube. From the bed came the sound of another grown as she pushed back into me. I felt the muscles loosen and with a gasp from both of us, my cock was in her ass. Just the tip, but it was so hot and her ass gripped me like a rubberband around my cock. She whimpered but didn’t tell me to stop.

“It’s so big, teacher, oh my god!”

“Should I stop? Tell me to stop if you need to.”

“No!” she called back. “Uhh. Just slow teacher. Go slow.” I could hear the strain in her voice.

I pumped another squirt of lube on my cock and moved forward inch by inch. I paused a few times to give her a chance to acclimate and waited for her to signal me forward. I was gnashing my teeth at the slow pace. If my cock had a voice it would have been screaming to cum. I knew I wouldn’t last long but Sumin was almost fucked out anyway so I wasn’t worried about finishing early

At last my balls came to rest on her ass cheeks. Sumin was panting and so was I. I’d never felt anything so tight on my cock before. I’d done anal with another girl years before this but it hadn’t felt like this. And the heat was unbelievable.

I began to move my cock back out of her and she and I once again groaned in unison. I could see her hand beneath her, once again rubbing her pussy and it was incredibly sexy. I felt massive watching my cock come out of her tiny ass with her slim waist. It must be what guys with eight and nine-inch dicks feel like when fucking a larger girl. Because my cock looked much bigger than its actual size fucking her tiny body.

Both of us had gone beyond verbal and the room was filled with the sound of wordless moans and cries. I felt her body shudder through another orgasm as she got herself off and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I began to pound her ass probably harder than I should have but something primal had taken control. I gripped her hips just above the flair of her small waist and pulled her hard into my cock as I pushed myself balls deep into her no-longer virgin ass. With a guttural scream I yanked my cock out of her ass and jacked myself furiously. My cum shot out with such force that it cleared her ass entire

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The visitor

The visitor I work in a nice restaurant near Mt. Rainer in WA. We get a lot of tourists in town because of the scenery, so I am used to meeting people from all over the world. I am rather shy, but when I am at work I have to be outgoing and friendly. Sometimes it is a real pain to be friendly to some of the out of town visitors that come here to eat. But yesterday was different. A tall, older gentleman came in to the restaurant for a late dinner. He was by himself and was the quiet...


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The Massage - 2 (corrected)

Sarah and I chatted on the way home from seeing Mike and Maria. We both agreed we had enjoyed it and wanted to do more. I would really fancy seeing Mike fuck you said Sarah. Maria did a good job cleaning my pussy out after he came in me – I think it will be fun having her eat me. I want to see how different it is being sucked off by a woman – yes, and sucking her off too. We were still randy when we do got home. We were in bed naked within seconds, kissing, sucking, licking each...


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John's Dream Come True

John: John woke up around five thirty in the morning with a raging hard on once again. He looked down took his hand slid it down his pants and started rubbing himself. The reason he woke was because of her. Alexandria, although he was only 15 and a freshman in high school he knew he loved her. Everything about her turned him on; The smell of her strawberry shampoo in her rich dark brown hair that went just past her shoulders, Her C cup breasts, her wonderfully tight ass and her long slender legs. He relieved himself and finally woke getting...


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The Rogue's Harem Book 3, Chapter 14: Promise Fulfilled

The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem Part Fifteen: Promise Fulfilled By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this. Chapter Forty-Three: Art's Reminder Aingeal – Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifedoms of Zeutch The feyhound's wicker body crumbled around our souls. I could feel the poor proxy's body unraveling. The supercharge from the diamond hammer had sent too much energy through it. The feyhound wasn't a proper proxy. Smoke rose, wicker bursting into flames. “What happens to us when it's destroyed?” I asked Ava. Ava didn't answer me. Instead her soul seized mine and pulled us...


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Sally awakes - Chapter 03

I learn that bisexually is so much fun. May it get even better. The rest of the week followed the pattern of the previous two days. I had given myself to Sid and Sue without question. I was enjoying getting and receiving oral sex and Sid was a great lover. It was Saturday morning and Sue said she had to go grocery shopping and would I like to come to. When I said yes she insisted that I didn’t wear a bra or panties. I was a bit concerned but agreed to do as she asked. The excitement I felt wearing...


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