I must be the luckiest guy in the world,

I must be the luckiest guy in the world,

I must be one of the luckiest guys in the world. I have a great three year marriage to one of the world's sexiest sluts and I love it. My name is Paul and my wife is Mary. I'm 30 and am 6'2" and weigh 185#. I've got a cock that gets me a lot of attention. It is 8" and thick and hard as a rock. I can fuck for a half an hour before unloading so much cum that no pussy has been able to hold it all yet. Mary is a real knock out with a beautiful face and a body to match. She is 5'7" and weighs about 140 with a small waist; a flat tummy and big natural 36D tits that make both men and women stare at her anywhere she goes. She has no problem passing the pencil test. If any of you don't know about the pencil test, you take a pencil and place it under her boob and if her tit sags enough to hold it in place she fails the pencil test. She is just turning 24 and we are a very happy couple very much in love and in lust

I met Mary a little over three years ago at a sex party so we both knew that the other fucks around. It was a pretty big party with probably 20 guys and a dozen women. Both couples and singles from early 20's to early 50's. After the group warm up with introductions, jokes and prizes there was a sex card game where the high male card and low female card had to get up and the guy had to take off an article of her clothes and then had 30 seconds to do whatever he wanted with her. The next highest card, male or female, then took another part of her clothing and so on till she was nude. Then last the male with the lowest card came up and she had to undress him and give him a blowjob right there in front of everyone. The group really got into cheering everyone on as the game proceeded. After the game, everyone was free to do whatever they wanted. There were drinks at the bar and snacks and many private rooms to go off to. The club had bought an old 24 unit motel with an inside hallway and fixed it up as their clubhouse. They put a dome over the pool for privacy. I knew about half of the people that were there that night so I went to the bar and got a rum and coke and chatted with some of my friends.

After a while I decided to see what action was going on so I excused myself and walked down the hall. The rule was that if the door was closed it was private but if the door was open you could go in and watch or ask if you could join the fun. Only a few doors were closed. I walked along stopping to look in several of the rooms. Finally I came to the one where Mary was. She was with two guys. I did not know any of them but I remembered Mary from the group introductions. She stood out in a crowd. As I looked in the room she was on her hands and knees on top of one of the men and he was fucking his cock up into her cunt while she sucked the guy in front of her. As I watched, the man that she was sucking said to come in as there was one hole that was not filled yet. I entered the room and removed my clothing with my 8" shaft fully ready for the attention it was about to get. There was a tube of KY on the night stand as there was in each room and I put a little on my finger tip and stepped up behind her. As my finger touched her ass hole she released the cock in her mouth and looked back at me. When she saw me and my equipment, she smiled. "HI, my name is Paul" I said. "I'm Mary. Join the party." she replied and turned back to the abandoned cock. I pushed one finger past her tight anal ring up to the second knuckle and started to move it in and out. As her sphincter loosened I inserted a second finger and worked them deeper. She continued to get fucked in her two other holes. She had her first orgasm and flooded her cum onto the shaft in her pussy. I put a little more KY on the tip of my cock and got down on my knees and placed my manhood at the opening to her ass. I rubbed it around a little and started to shove it into her. Her tight ass and the size of my proud cock made entry hard but I gently but forcefully pushed till her ring gave and spread allowing my head to pop in. She groaned, partly from the small amount of pain and partly from pleasure. I stopped for a few seconds to let her adjust. The next push got me about half way in and then one more push and I was fully buried in her rectum. I held still and waited for her to become used to my big cock filling and trying to split open her backsides. She also held very still. Everything stopped. Then I started to pull out and push back in slowly. As she reacted well to my invading cock I started to pump a little faster and the others resumed their assaults. The first cock to come was the one in her mouth. It's owner grabbed Mary by the hair and pulled her to him driving his cock deeply into her mouth as it shot its load of slightly bitter salty cum into her belly. She started to gag and cough but managed not to spill a drop of his spunk. Then he backed off and watched the final two acts of this play. We remaining two could feel each other’s cocks fucking her just separated by the membrane between her ass hole and her cunt. This sent him over the edge and he tightened up and then shot his hot cum into her womb causing her to have another orgasm. His spent cock quickly deflated and he wiggled his way out from under us. As he went up past her head and when his cock came to her face she stopped him and sucked his cum covered cock clean of his and her fluids. He joined the other participant as an observer. There were a couple others in the doorway enjoying the show. Mary now lay flat on her belly on the bed with her legs together and me still fucking her ass. As she vocally encouraged me I now slammed my large hard shaft deep into her. For ten more minutes I assaulted her tight little shit hole supplying her with two more strong orgasms. Finally I drove myself as far into her as I could and held myself there while my cock pulsed and splattered my seed deeply into her ass. We both just slumped, exhausted, for several seconds and then I got up and went to clean myself off from my cum and her anal materials. When I came out of the bathroom she threw her arms around my neck pressing her wonderful tits against my chest and kissed me deeply and said that she looks forward to seeing me again. Then she headed for the bathroom to clean up. The first time I ever touched my wonderful Mary was to shove my cock up her ass.

We talked afterwards and agreed to meet again at the next club meeting two weeks from then. Two weeks later I arrived at the meeting a little late to find that Mary had drawn the low woman's card and was in the process of being stripped by the men as they drew their winning cards. Then in front of the group she gave head to a 50-year-old oriental man with a 4" erection but she did it with spirit and did a great job. When she made him come she pulled him out of her mouth and let him splatter his small amount of thick beige cum on her face and tits. She then scooped it up with her fingers and let everyone watch her eat it. Mary then bent down and licked the spent man clean and gave him a little kiss and said "Thank you." That night I was the forth of five men to fuck Mary, one at a time, and she was the third woman that I had sex with that night. I fucked her in all three holes before coming in her pussy and seeing that she could not hold quite all of my ejaculate in her. One of the others I was with was a heavyset 40-year-old that I had been with before and who gave really good deep throat blow jobs. The other was the 32-year-old black wife of a black co-worker of mine that I had invited to the club after we talked in the break room at work. It was their first time at the club. That night they were the only Blacks there but they were welcomed by all and I could see that they were having a good time.

After that night I started dating Mary, one on one, and we had a great time together doing many things in addition to screwing. After a couple months of dating I was sure that I was in love and wanted to marry Mary so I asked her. At first she said no because although she loved me also she knew that she could not be a one-man woman. I assured her that I did not expect that and could not be a one-woman man either. I told her that I very much enjoyed watching her get fucked by other men and sharing her. Then she agreed and we were married. I made sure that she was on the pill as we do not want any kids, especially someone else's, maybe in a few years but not now.

For the first couple of months we fucked like rabbits and only with each other. Then one night she asked if we could go to the next club meeting and I quickly agreed. That night we were introduced as a newly married couple and instead of the usual card game we were asked to fuck in front of everyone in the meeting room. Mary sucked me till I was my hardest. Then I fucked her doggie style. While I was fucking her, every other man that was there that night kneeled in front of her face and got his cock sucked for a minute or so. Next I rolled her over and came on her tits. She licked most of it off her tits and then gave me a big kiss. After that we were both led away by five club members of the opposite gender and did not see each other again till it was time to go home. On the way home she sucked my cock to completion. I never did get fully hard after all that I had done earlier that night. She kissed my cheek and said "Thank you."

We put an ad on the largest swingers web site with our full body pictures. In the first couple weeks we got hundreds of replies from all types of people and decided that what was best for us was to answer ads that we liked on the site and took our ad down. We met a couple of nice couples. One of the ads said that the woman was bi so I asked Mary if she would do it with her. Mary had never been with another woman and did not think highly of the idea but said that if that is what I really wanted she would try it. The other man was fucking Mary from the back while the wife licked and sucked Mary's clit and I fucked the other wife doggie style. Mary had a huge orgasm and was then licked clean. She decided that she should return the favor and went down on the other woman. When they left she told me that she had enjoyed it but liked cock much better than pussy. I was very turned on by the evening and fucked her hard and fast till I added my cum to her pussy. Some of it leaked out of her onto her thighs and into her neatly trimmed pubic hair as she was already pretty full . Then she said that it was her turn to have a fantasy fulfilled. She told me to lay on my back. When I did she lifted her leg over me and put her cunt down on my face and told me to eat her, and she rubbed her snatch all over my face and as I did she came. I did not like the idea but did as she asked till she covered my face and filled my mouth with her, my and the other man's cum. Then she got off kissed me and we went to sleep.

Today is Mary's 24th birthday and I am taking her out to a great dinner and then to a movie that she has been wanting to see. She dressed in a black dress that the top tied with strings around her neck and gave the world a good view of the sides of her wonderful full breasts. We got in our Mercedes slk with the top down and headed to dinner. On the freeway a trucker whistled down at her and she blew him a kiss and then reached up behind her head and untied the string that held her dress top up and let her top drop to her waist. The trucker almost crashed and then matched our speed for the next mile. We could see him on his CB radio and pretty soon we were paced by a series of five 18-wheelers one after another as she cupped her tits and licked her nipples for each of them before we got to our exit. At dinner I gave her an orgasm by fingering her clit through her crotchless panties. She almost spilled her drink. The rest of the evening went calmly but I wonder what new adventures we will have in the future.



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