Sally awakes - Chapter 03

Sally awakes - Chapter 03

I learn that bisexually is so much fun. May it get even better.

The rest of the week followed the pattern of the previous two days. I had given myself to Sid and Sue without question. I was enjoying getting and receiving oral sex and Sid was a great lover. It was Saturday morning and Sue said she had to go grocery shopping and would I like to come to. When I said yes she insisted that I didn’t wear a bra or panties. I was a bit concerned but agreed to do as she asked. The excitement I felt wearing just a little cotton dress and high heels was incredible. My pussy was wet and trembling and my nipples were rock hard and very obvious. Guys were staring and it felt so good to be the object of their gaze.

By the time we got home I was so turned on. I had hoped for some relief but when neither Sid nor Sue made a move on me I had to go to my room and get myself off. I must admit I did moan a bit louder hoping they would hear. If they did they didn’t let on. We had lunch and Sue told me we would do something special that night. She did say what it was but I was excited as my imagination kicked into gear. What they were planning was something I could never have imagined. We had dinner and it got to about 7pm and Sue told me to have a shower. When I came out she had laid out the see-through dress she had bought. “Put that on honey and come for dinner. Don’t worry about underwear”. I put it on. I looked in the mirror and I may as well have been naked. It was exciting.

Sue then told me that I would be serving drinks to her and Sid and another couple. I was stunned. She wanted me dressed in this see-through dress and be seen by other people. “Its ok. They are good friends. We will be playing cards and you just need to make sure the glasses are topped up". It was about 8pm when the doorbell went. Sue opened the door and a couple followed her into the living room. I was trembling with a mixture of fear and excitement. Sid said hello and then turned to me “this is Sally” he said “isn’t she lovely?” Sue then said “Sally, this is Andy and Trish. I am sure tonight will be lots of fun”. I tried to stay calm and when they sat around the table I got drinks for them. I was conscience of four sets of eyes watching me. Once I relaxed I loved the looks I was getting.

Sid got out the cards and outlined the game. It turned out it was strip poker and the winner’s prize was me. Sue hadn’t mentioned that part and I was really surprised. I had never met Andy or Trish but perhaps one of them would get me. That was so unreal. They started to play and I kept their glasses full. As the night rolled on and the clothes came of it looked like I would get Andy but then the cards went against him. Both Sue and Sid were naked, Andy was wearing his underpants and Trish was in her panties. The final deal and Andy lost. He revealed a lovely hard cock but the winner was also impressive with large erect nipples. “Come on honey” Trish said “I hope you like pussy”. Sue pipped up “she really does Trish”.

Leaving the others Trish and I went into my bedroom. I peeled off my dress and we headed into the shower. She really was experienced and was kissing me while she rubbed my pussy. Of course I returned the favour. We got into the bedroom and we heard Sue moaning. Damn, she had the two guys. I was jealous but soon I forgot about it was Trish and I got into the 69 position. I was moaning, she was moaning and we were both building up to an orgasm. I came shaking and groaning. “Don’t stop. Don’t you dare stop” mumbled Trish but I had no intention of stopping. Then she peaked but neither of us stopped. In the end I came three times and Trish came twice.

We lay on the bed hugging each other. “Sue was right darling, you do like pussy. That was so good. Listen to that bitch Sue enjoying my husband” she said and laughed “come on sweetheart let’s do it again. We got back in our 69 and came twice more before Andy came in and told Trish it might time to go home. I could see his once proud cock was semi erect. The look in his eyes told me he wanted more. “Is her pussy tasty?” He asked Trish. “Oh delightfully tasty” she replied. Speaking to both Trish and me he said “well get my hard again ladies so I can have some on that”.

Trish smiled and began playing with his cock. She invited me to join her, not that I needed any encouragement. It didn’t take long to get his hard again. He got me to lay on the bed on my back and he dived between my thighs. Licking feverously he agreed my pussy was tasty. “I think I need to dip my cock into that honey pot” he mumbled. As he mounted my Trish straddled my face forcing me to once again feed her pussy. Lots of moaning later both Andy and Trish had orgasms. Thankfully they didn’t forget me as Trish went down and licked me clean while Andy insisted I suck his cock dry.

Sue walked in and laughed. “You all like you are having fun” she said. Andy agreed. “This woman sure knows have to lick pussy and suck cock Sue” he said “you have taught her well, you and Sid. I wish we could stay longer but we have to get home. I look forward to our next card night”. They dressed and said goodbye. Sue came back into the bedroom. “Off to the shower with you sweetheart” she said and began to get undressed. There was no doubt that she intended to assist me in the shower.

Soaping me all over, she asked if I had had a good time. I nodded enthusiastically. “Perhaps we can finish the evening together honey” she said and kissed me. Her tongue pushed into my open mouth. I felt my pussy trembling. Despite the time I had spent with Andy and Trish I knew I was ready for more. It was obvious that Sue felt the same. Back on the bed we got into the 69 position and pleasured each other for nearly half an hour. Sid looked in a couple of times but didn’t join us. I think he was saving his energy for Sue after she and I had finished. Orgasms were plentiful and strong. At one point I swear I had three on top of each other. I had never cum so hard before. Sue left and I fell asleep almost immediately. It had been quite an experience.

I decided that being bi wasn’t too bad after all.

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