Too Perfect to Pass Up [Chapter Two]

Too Perfect to Pass Up [Chapter Two]

Afterward we both fell asleep for a couple of hours. I woke up, and she was still there sleeping next to me. I laid there staring at the ceiling for a few minutes feeling like I had entered some alternate reality wherein all my dirty old man fantasies had just come true. I admit, I felt like a shitbag too, but she practically jumped my bones. What was I supposed to do? She was smoking hot, and I am just a man after all. A few minutes passed before she woke up. I watched intently as she batted the afternoon nap from her lusty eyes. After some stretching and yawning, she tucked herself in close beside me, resting her head on my chest, and slowly moving her hand under the blanket down my chest, stomach, and stopping to take a firm grip on my semi hard cock. She gave it a few playful strokes before looking up at me innocently.



"Can I please suck it again?"

"I really wish you would."

With that she crept under the blanket. She started off my teasing the head of my cock with her tongue, before engulfing the length of it in her hot, velvet mouth. She sucked me hard and slow, but took almost all of it at once. She started sucking faster, bobbing her head on my meat, expertly swirling her tongue with each upward stroke. God, it felt amazing. I wondered how a 16 year old knew how to give head like that. How rebellious had she been while living with her father? I probably would have pondered it more, but she started playing with my balls and all I could really concentrate on was the little nymph under the covers sucking me off. I almost blew it right there down the little slut's throat, but she stopped. Sophie smiled up at me.

"Will you please fuck my little pussy now with this big fat cock? I want to feel inside me soooo bad, and my I'm so wet for you, Jack."

Without a word of reply, I tenderly placed my hands on either side of her beautiful face, pulling her upward towards me, and kissed her pouty lips. She slid down my shaft slowly. Her pussy was slippery and tight around my raging hard on. She sat straight up on me and rocked slowly, moaning seductively as I pinched her nipples. I grabbed her by her waist and made her take it all. She came, her juices gushing down my swelling balls, as she cried out in pleasure.

"Mmmmm... Ohhh.. fucking make me take that big fat cock, baby! Ohhh it's sooo deep, Jack, fuck it feels so good!"

"Yeah, you take it whore! Uhhhn, damn that's some sweet fucking pussy!"

I moved my hands from her waist to her round little teenage ass, just enjoying the sensation of her young pussy bouncing on my rod. I remembered how hot her pink little asshole looked earlier, and wanted to see it again, so I lifted her like nothing and turned her around on my cock. She didn't skip a beat, and fucked me like crazy as I gently slipped my thumb into her incredibly tight ass. She let out a scream of pleasure, wiggling her ass, as if to beg me to go in deeper. I obliged by shoving it all the way into the second knuckle, sending her over the edge to two quivering orgasms, back to back. This pushed me over the edge, and moments later, I was shooting my load into the depths of her spasming teen hole.

This trend continued for the rest of the night, and for the next two days before Julia got home. The day she was due to come back, Sophie and I were freshly showered, naked, and scouring the kitchen cabinets for anything that looked good, when Julia called to tell us that she was just getting into her car, and would be home in 30 minutes. As she continued to talk about all the things she wanted to do on her five days off, Sophie hopped up on the counter in front of me. She spread her legs, revealing her irresistible pussy, and seductively sucking her finger before fucking herself right in front of me. I tried very hard to listen to what Julia was going on about, but my cock was rock hard, and I couldn't resist. I rammed my cock into Sophie's tiny little pussy and fucked her slowly, continuing my conversation with her mother, and trying to sound normal. I had to cover Sophie's mouth as she came hard all over me. Finally Julia let me go, stating that she was now just 20 minutes away. I hung up, let out a visceral growl, and began violently stabbing away at her daughter's perfect cunt. She came twice more before hopping down from the counter, and taking my cum all over her face. We hurried to get dressed with only seconds to spare before Julia walked through the front door.

Her being home was a grave reality check. Every time she looked at me I wondered if she knew how many loads I shot in/on her daughter in the three days she was gone. Guilt began to take over me, and she kept catching me staring off into space, reflecting on what I had done. She would ask if something was wrong, and I blamed it on stress from running the business.

She was understanding, luckily. I had to fuck her, because she would have really known something was wrong if I hadn't. It was different now. I had really enjoyed her just a week before, but now I couldn't bust a nut without closing my eyes and picturing Sophie's hot young body taking my cock. That made the guilt even worse. Sophie was trying to drive me crazy, walking around the house in her bikini, or one of her slutty outfits. I wanted Julia to leave just for a few minutes so I could have my way with her slut daughter again. By day four I had gone completely insane. I had to talk to someone, but I didn't know who I could trust with such a matter.

I decided to go visit my best friend Tim. He and I had been best friends since junior high. So I figured that, even though he might not understand because he had a daughter Sophie's age, I could at least get this out to someone who knew me well enough. I had more than 20 dirty pictures in my phone that Sophie had sent me over the last few days so I could show him what a little nymph she was, just in case he didn't believe me.

Tim gave me his undivided attention as I confessed. I didn't get a reaction that was anything close to what I expected. When I was done, he laughed- hard.

"You think it's funny?

"Well.. maybe a little."

"So you don't think I'm a horrible person? I mean, what would you do in my situation?"

"Jack, I've been in your situation. I understand completely."

"What? You've been cheating on Marianne?"

"We've been married for 17 years, Jack. I'm only a man.. like you said.."

"Well then, who?"

He sat back in his chair. A serious look washed over his face as he nervously fidgeted with his ink pen.

"Okay, I am going to tell you, but try to keep an open mind. It's Kayla."

I was floored. My best friend didn't judge me harshly because he had been fucking his own daughter!

"It's not what you think.", he continued. "Remember prom night? Marianne and I got into a huge fight and she left with Barry Silverman."

"Yes, I remember, go on.."

"They fucked in the backseat of his car that night. The next day, we made up, and then a few weeks later.."

It all started clicking. Tim and Marianne were both short in stature. They both had brown hair, but Kayla.. she was taller than both of them, and she had red hair... just like Barry Silverman. Now I was simply speechless.

"She's my step daughter, Jack. It's still wrong, but... I am only a man."

"I can't believe this!"

"I've been fucking her for a couple months. Kayla, and her best friend, Shelly."

"Does Marianne know?"

"Not officially, but we think she suspects something."

"Amazing.", I said blankly. I was in total shock.

"Kayla and Shelly are actually upstairs right now. You want to go with me and say hi?"

"Ummm.. I don't know, Tim.."

"Come on. You're going.", he said walking to the door of his home office.

I got up, followed him up the stairs, and into the hall where I heard the muffled sounds of teenage girls. He knocked.

"Come in, Daddy!", shouted Kayla from the other side of the door.

What I saw next, I will never forget. There was 16 year old Kayla sprawled out naked on her bed, while Shelly laid between her legs, kissing and sucking her clit.

"Oh! Jack! Hee hee! Nice to see you.", said Kayla with genuine excitement.

Tim stood just a couple feet away from the girls as we both watched the scene playing out before us. Kayla was long and tall. About 5'10'', and 125 lbs. She had dark red wavy hair that hung all the way to her ass, creamy skin, and a gorgeous set of tits. They were slightly larger than Sophie's, perfectly rounded, with small, pert, peach colored nipples. As they stood up to converge on us, I got a better look at Shelly. She was much shorter than Kayla, with a tiny frame. She was a knockout. Her tits were small, but looked firm, and delicious. She had long, jet black hair, and a deep olive colored tan with no tan lines. My cock was about to burst just looking at the both of them. Kayla dropped to her knees and began to suck Tim's cock, and Shelly smiled as she came over to me, and started removing my belt and pants. I reached out and grabbed one of her tits, and she let out a soft moan as my pants fell to the floor. She gasped.

"Wow. I've never seen one that big before!", she cried with glee. "Look, Kayla, it's huge!"

Kayla gave it a glance and her eyes grew wide, but she continued to suck Tim's cock with a passion. Shelly dropped to her knees and gave me the sucking of my life. I almost came down her throat, but she stopped just in time. By this time, Tim had Kayla bent over the bed, and was fucking her pussy from behind. She moaned continuously. Shelly led me over to the bed beside Kayla, and spread her legs, exposing her beautiful pussy. I dove into it head first. Her pussy was beautiful, tightly shrouded by two tan, slightly puffy lips, glistening, and hairless. I parted them just enough to tongue her tiny pink clit, and began twirling away. She tasted so fucking good, and as I probed her creaming teen pussy-hole, I wondered if I was going to be able to fit my cock in it without hurting her.

Now, Kayla was straddling Tim in reverse, and bouncing like a wild woman on his dick. I stood up, and looked down upon the tiny little slut, laid out on her back in front of me. Her hand had taken the place of my tongue, and she seductively rubbed her clit.

"Mmmh, please fuck me, Jack,,, I need your big cock in me..."

How could I refuse? I placed my cock on her slit, and began slowly rubbing it up and down the length of it, as she moaned softly, her legs wrapped around me, as she tried to pull me into her. I slowly pushed my the head of my cock into her dripping pink pussy. It was so tight, and she gasped as I inched it further inside her. Once I bottomed out, there was still a good 2 inched I couldn't get in it, but it felt amazing. Her little teen fuckhole was stretched to the max around my stiffness, and it convulsed around my cock as she rubbed her clit. I started stroking it in and out, slowly at first, relishing the way her pussy felt like it was trying to suck the cum out of my balls, then I increased my speed, fucking her harder and faster, basically trying to wreck her with each stroke.

"Oh fuck!.. Oh fuck yes! Fuck me with that big fucking dick! Tear my little teen pussy up with it!....Ohhh fuck... Uhhnn.. I'm gonna cuuuuummmm..."

She came hard all over my cock. It was hard to just push it in as she gushed and screamed, and stiffened with her orgasm. Just then, I heard Tim growling. I had almost forgotten he existed for a moment. He had just unloaded his spunk all over Kayla's perfect rack, and collapsed onto the bed. I continued fucking Shelly, picking her up with my cock still inside her, and pounding her while standing. She came again, nearly going limp in my arms. Kayla came out of the bathroom, where she went to wash off her stepfather's sperm, and laid down on the bed in the spot where Shelly had been laying. I picked Shelly up off my cock, and laid her on top of Kayla so that their beautiful tight teen pussies were perfectly aligned. I gently inched my raging boner into Karla's unbelievably hot pussy. She gasped as I bottomed out inside her and came nearly instantly when I started fucking her. Tim had gotten up, and had come over to us, and Shelly was now sucking his sticky shaft. I fucked Kayla for a while, enjoying the feeling of her velvet, tight teen cunt wrapped around me, and then switched back to Shelly. They both looked and felt so amazing. I was going to cum soon, but I couldn't decide .

Tim, winced with pleasure as Shelly masterfully milked his bone, I switched back and forth, slamming my cock into both holes randomly.

"Cum in Kayla, Jack," Tim said, his voice a grunted whisper. "I'm about to cum down this slut's throat.."

I stuck it back in Shelly one more time, and rubbed her clit until she came again all over my cock, and then thrust it back into Kayla's sweltering teen pussy. Just after Tim started shooting his second load down Shelly's throat, I unloaded my cum deep inside his 16 year old stepdaughter's convulsing cunt.

"Ohhh fuck! I feel it! I feel your cum filling up my puusssyyy... oh my god... fuck yeaaah!"

It was the hottest thing that's ever happened to me. Two gorgeous, tight bodied teens stacked on top of each other, at my full disposal. I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn't pass it up.

After all this, the girls cleaned up their mess, teaming up to give me the blowjob of my life. Kayla titty fucked my cock with her firm teen tits, and they shared my load with a passionate kiss between them.

Later, Tim and I sat in his office. I expressed to him my guilt, and asked him how he dealt with it. He said he got over it. You only live once, and these little nymphs were just begging for it, and it's better than them wasting such fine young pussy on inexperienced, pimply-faced boys. We finished our drinks, and as I was headed out the door, Tim and Kayla stopped me.

"We're having a slumber party this this weekend, Jack.." Kayla chortled.

"Yeah, why don't you bring Sophie? Kayla is bringing her new friend, Lori, over, and we will all have a good time." Tim said with a wink, and a final pat on my back.

The whole way home, I started to feel better about everything. It's not like I was manipulating these girls, they wanted it. So, I was going to give them what they wanted, and we both benefited. No big deal.. as long as none of our wives found out, anyway.

When I walked through the door of my house, everything was quiet. Sophie had fallen asleep on the couch, and I tried to be careful to not disturb her, but she woke as I was passing.

"Jack?" She said sleepily, "What time is it?"

"It's late, sweetie, just go on back to sleep."

"I've been waiting for you to get home.."

"Not tonight, Soph.. not when your mom is in the house. We went through this."

"Oh, I know, I just need to tell you something..."

I sat down beside her, and she gave me serious look.

"Jack, tonight I went over to watch the neighbor's kids for a while, and when I came home...."

She paused, searching for the right words, "Mom was here, and up in the bedroom, she was getting fucked by these two huge black guys."

My heart nearly stopped.

"What? You can't be serious!"

She went into full detail. She told me how she just stood outside the door, watching all this from a crack, and no one but me knew what she had witnessed. I was angry, of course, but what could I say? I was drilling her 16 year old daughter, and most recently, my best friend's stepdaughter and her smoking hot friend. I decided to worry about all of it the next day, and told Sophie about the slumber party. She seemed excited, and neither of us could wait to go.

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