Birthday Dream

Birthday Dream

"Good night, kids, and thank you again for the great presents."
"Okay, Mom....and we can tell you're getting old since you're going to bed so early."
"I'm not old, ya brats...I've just had a very long day and I need my sleep."
"Sure, Mom, whatever you say" and your kids burst into laughter as you leave the living room and go back to your bedroom. You close and lock the door behind you, then undress. A quick shower, you think, and then you'll be off for some much needed sleep. You smile to yourself as you think of what a nice time you've had this evening, the dinner with your kids, the presents and the cake and ice cream. You know you are a lucky woman to be so blessed, but as you turn off the lamp on your nightstand and settle back to sleep, you can't help but think that you need just one more thing to make this a perfect day. If only you had a loving man snuggling up with you now, your happiness would be complete....and then your eyes close and you drift off to sleep.....
You don't know what awakens you, but suddenly you lift yourself to one elbow, then turn the lamp back on. A quick glance at the clock....2 AM...and then you realize you're not alone, that there's a vague shape in the edge of the lamp's glow. Your heart begins to race and you ask " Who's there?" with a little tremor in your voice.
I step closer to you, to where the light shines fully on my face. "It's just me, Gayle." I whisper in a soft voice.
"Wade? How can you be here? How did you get in?" Despite the strangeness of my presence, you feel no fear, just a curiosity at how this could be happening.... it has to be a dream, you think.
"Yes, honey, that's exactly what it are dreaming of me." I move over to the edge of your bed and smile down at you. "This is for you, babe....another present for your birthday." I stretch out my hand and give you a crystal vase with a single pink long-stemmed rose in it. A smile fills your face and a tear comes to your eye as you take it from me. You smell it, the sweet perfume surrounding you....then you whisper, "Thank you Wade. This is just so unbelievable, and yet so real too."
I take the vase from your hand and place it on your nightstand by the lamp. Our fingers wrap around each others as I lift your hand to my lips, then kiss the back of your hand. "Happy birthday, sweetie." You shiver at the touch of my mouth against your cool skin. You look at me more closely, then giggle. "Why are you naked, Wade?" you ask me as you giggle again.
"You tell me, Gayle, it's your dream. Besides, you're naked too." You look down self-consciously, then giggle harder as you realize that I am right. We're both still laughing as I sit down on the edge of your bed, then stretch out my arm to wrap around you. We're not aware we are moving towards each other until our lips meet in a long soft kiss. My fingers come up to caress the back of your head and your arms go around me to pull me tight against you as our kiss deepens. After a time, we pull back, and I can see the glow of love in your eyes, the same glow I know you can see in mine. "Ohhhhhhhhh baby, that's what I needed to make my birthday perfect...."
"Now is not the time for words, honey," and our lips meet again. Our mouths open and our tongues touch ends, beginning that slow but oh so passionate dance that is a french kiss. They slip and slide over each other as we taste each other. I feel you sigh against my mouth as my hand leaves the back of your head and starts a slow glide over your back. I sigh back into your mouth as your hand begins the same exploration of me.....
My mouth leaves yours, and I begin kissing around your lips, then all over your face, your lips tracing the same path as mine as we cover each other's face with little butterfly kisses. You throw your head back as my mouth leaves your face and I nuzzle at your throat, feeling your quickening pulse against my lips as I kiss your soft skin. I rake my teeth lightly across your throat, and at the same time my hand moves to cup and squeeze your left breast. You moan as you feel my lips, my hand caressing you so intimately. Your moans grow more intense as my mouth leaves your throat, kissing even lower. I'm rubbing my thumb back and forth across your nipple, feeling it stiffen as you start to arch your back. As my mouth opens and I suck your right nipple into its wetness, you gasp. My tongue flicks back across your nipple in the same motion as your thumb, and your hands come up to pull my head even tighter against your breast as I start sucking on the hardened nub. I rake my teeth gently across your areole, then up the length of your nipple and away, before sucking your breast back into my mouth again. I can hear you gasping as I make love to your breast, and you can feel the smile on my face at your delight. I can feel your nipple so hard but sensitive, and then I leave it to kiss down the inside of your breast....through the
valley between them, then up the other firm mound to take your other nipple in my mouth. In no time at all, it is as hard as the first....I can hear your head moving back and forth on your pillow as my mouth leaves your breasts and I start a trail of kisses down your tummy.....
I run my tongue teasingly back and forth across your tummy as I go lower and lower. I find your new piercing and gently flick the stud as you gasp again. I run my tongue around your navel as my hands move even further down, to slip between your things and pull them open. I can feel your trembling tummy muscles as my tongue traces ever lower, and your breathing has taken on an air of anticipation.....
I feel the your little landing strip brush against my tongue, and I take a few seconds to enjoy the feel of it tickling my tongue. I lift my face and smile at you, then lower my mouth again.....I hear your disappointed moan as I kiss the soft skin of your inner thigh a few inches below where you want my mouth so desperately now....but I'm not going to make you wait long, honey....I can smell your musky arousal and the heat against my cheek cannot be denied for long. After what seems an eternity to you, but what is really only a few short seconds, my tongue makes its first light touch against your pussy. you give a gurgling moan as I run my tongue up and down the length of your lips, causing them to bloom like the lovely flower they are. My hands move to clasp your hips and pull you up against my hungry mouth, as I run my tongue up and down and back and forth across your swollen lips. You are moaning even louder as I devour you, as I lap up every drop of the juices flowing so freely from your pussy. As you push up against me, I push my tongue into your pussy....not very far because you are still tight. I settle into a rhythm of running my tongue up and down your open lips, then pushing ever deeper into your pussy. You're pushing your hips up off the bed against my face as your hands drum against the mattress and your breaths come in broken gasps. As I feel your muscles start quivering harder and harder, I know you're almost there, and I make my move to bring you over the edge. I move my right hand from your hip and push my finger into your tight pussy, bending it forward to stroke against your G-spot. At the same time. I suck your clit into my mouth and begin sucking around it greedily. You give a little shrieking moan, then push my head against your pussy as you moan...."Ohhhhhhhh godddd baby don't stop...that's just the right spot...ohhhhhhhhhh godddddddd ohhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd i'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm...." I feel your pussy spasm around my finger, and then your juices squirting out against my chin as your voice breaks into a wordless high-piched moan......I slow my sucking and stroking down to let you gently come back to earth from the intensity of your orgasm, then pull my face and finger away as you tell me "No more, baby, please...I can't take any more..."
You give me the most gorgeous smile I have even seen on a woman's face, then pull my head up towards yours. Our mouths meet again in another long passionate kiss, before you slump back onto your pillow with that same smile on your face. I lean forward and kiss you tenderly on the forehead..."Good night my sweet Gayle, I hope you like your special birthday present from me...." You close your eyes as I kiss you, and much to your surprise, when you open them again I am gone....
As you close your eyes again, you sigh and think, "What an incredibly real dream...." and then you drift off to sleep again.
The sound of your alarm clock going off awakens you from a deep sleep, and you mumble "I'm awake, I'm awake" as you reach over and hit the shut-off for your alarm. You fumble to turn the lamp on, and then your eyes widen in surprise as you see a crystal vase with a single pink long-stemmed rose in it sitting on your nightstand....

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