Brandi had been speeding in her little blue Miata for only about 5 minutes before she was pulled over. Granted the alcohol and marijuana in her system had something to do with her driving abilities but she really couldn't afford to be brought in by the police and risk her parents finding out about her less than desirable behavior. She looked at herself in the rear view mirror not really paying attention to the cop as he exited his car. Her long natural hair was in a neat ponytail and her chocolate colored skin had a sheen of sweat.

She fumbled around in her glove compartment but was startled by the tapping on her drivers side window. She rolled it down.

"Good evening Miss. Do you realize how fast you were driving?" Brandi recognized the voice and her eyes widened as she looked at the officer standing at her car. It was her parents neighbor at the apartment complex, Officer David Roberts.

"Ummmm hi Mister Roberts" she said sadly. David peered at the young driver.

"Brandi why are you driving like a nut? Come on out here so I can give you a sobriety test."

Brandi climbed out of her car she stumbled a bit as she followed David over to the side of the road he looked her over she was wearing a tight denim mini skirt and tight white v neck tee shirt that seemed to accentuate her b cup cleavage.

"Have you been drinking Brandi?" He asked with concern.

Brandi looked at the ground. "Yeah I had a few and I admit I smoked a little pot."

David shook his head at her "Well I won't have you do the sobriety test then but I will have to bring you in. How old are you again? 19, no 20, right? Which means you are drinking underage." Brandi nodded her head she knew her parents would be furious her body trembled at the punishment she would have to endure. David continued his lecture and while he repeated words that he had to repeat to other underage drinkers he couldn't help but to eye Brandi's shapely chocolate legs and thick thighs. He circled her as he spoke just so he could get a look at her firm bigger than average round ass. His mouth moistened at the thought of what was under her skirt.

"So Brandi what do you think your parents would think of this?"

Brandi teared up "Look Mr. Roberts my parents would flip out is there any way we could avoid this? I can call a friend to drive my car home and drop me off and you can follow us I just can't go to jail not even over night."

David smiled a little bit at her pleas. He had known Brandi &her parents for several years, they were very nice to him when he moved in the apartment complex. At first, David just figured it was because he was an officer or that his younger brother was a powerful lawyer in the area (see my other stories!), but they had since become good friends, breaking the mold, as he was a Caucasian/white officer. At times, Brandi had been like a little sister to him but now she being 20, and basically half his age, he saw her in a new light a sexier light. He stood there looking at the helpless ebony beauty and came up with a devious, though admittedly fun, plan.

"Look we can park the car around here and I'll drive you home and your parents won’t have to know a thing okay?"

Brandi smiled and hugged David. "Thank you so much" She handed him the car keys and ran to his squad car and hopped in.

David parked the car in a secure place and returned to his vehicle. He handed Brandi back her keys and watched as she had to maneuver the keys into her tight skirt pocket he watched as she twisted and turned and even lifted herself off the seat. Her shirt rode up a bit and he saw her tummy; flat smooth chocolate. Once she got the keys in her pocket he started the car. "Are you looking to go straight home?" he asked as he drove through the dark empty streets

"Well yeah, that’s where I was headed and right now I wouldn't be caught dead hanging with a uniform cop word will get around and everyone will think I'm a narc." Brandi said and smiled.

David laughed "Well you said you'd do anything to avoid your folks from finding out about your DUI and I haven't had you 'do anything' yet."

Brandi's face changed she looked at David wondering what was he thinking. "Umm well yeah like I can mow your lawn or clean your house for you I know how you bachelors never have a clean house."

David nodded to her offerings "Umm yeah that sounds good but actually I am a neat bachelor and like to mow my own lawn" he responded.

Brandi looked him over. David’s steel blue/gray eyes seemed to catch the dimmest light making them shine even in the darkness of the car. He had a cutting jawline and was muscular, and Brandi had to admit she found to be good looking. His uniform fit him tight, accentuating his muscular build. He pulled over to the side of the road Brandi looked around and saw he had driven them to a dead end she remained calm even though he had driven her to an unknown area. He turned on the overhead light and looked Brandi right in her big beautiful almond shaped eyes. She couldn't help but look back and deep down she knew what he wanted from her but still tried to deny he would get anything out of her.

"Look David you've been like an older brother to me." She tried.

David interrupted her with a deep throat kiss. His tongue swirled in her mouth chasing hers Brandi couldn't help but kiss him back for just a second just to enjoy it a little bit.

She broke their kiss "I don't want to do this David."

He didn't say a word he simply slid his hand between her legs and up her skirt. David had a commanding look as he gently squeezed her thighs and traced his fingers along her thong panties.

Brandi gasped, her breath was taken away. She had sex before and was no stranger to foreplay but the gentleness of David's touch sent a tremble through her pussy and the wetness quickly followed. As he toyed with her pussy he whispered in Brandi's ear "It's a bit uncomfortable in the car we could head to my house where you'd be more comfortable but you must behave yourself. Can you behave yourself for me? Can you be my good little girl?"

Before Brandi answered David slid his finger around her thong and into her pussy and finger fucked her slowly. Brandi moaned loudly, her pussy muscles contracted on his finger. It was wrong, but DAMN it felt good. He stroked her slowly in and out, in full command, and then she heard him say "Are you my good girl?” Brandi nodded her thoughts were full of only lust.

David pulled his finger out of her and sucked her juices into his mouth and smiled "You are a delicious one." He started the car and drove towards his home.

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