The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.

As I sat out at one of the picnic tables behind our office, having lunch with my friend Steve, we talked about our families. I had known him for many years and trusted him completely, so I told him about something very private that happened a couple days before. "I went home Tuesday in the middle of the afternoon to get some papers that I needed. As I passed Bev's room I heard some noises. I pushed the door open just a little and looked in and saw Bev on her bed with three boys. They were all naked. Bev was on her hands and knees with one boy fucking her from the back and her lips around the cock of the second one. The third one was beside them stroking a really man sized cock. Didn't recognize any of them but they all looked about her age. Bev wasn't being forced. She was going at it as hot and heavy as the boys were. Both boys were staying still while Bev rocked back and forth. When she pushed back she would burry the cock behind her fully in her cunt and when she rocked forward she would almost swallow the cock in her mouth. They boys were cheering her on by saying things like, "Fuck Bev, I'm glad you're on the pill cause I'm about to fill your hot cunt with a big load of my seed." I heard the boy in front say," Come on Babe, suck my hard cock. Take it all. Make me feed you my cum." I watched for a couple minutes and then left before they were done. Most of the time my eyes had stayed glued to my daughter's big tits swaying back and forth each time she rocked back and forth. I love big tits and get really turned on watching them bounce. None of them saw me. "Now I can't stop thinking about it being me with my cock buried in her young pussy. How can I get that thought out of my mind? Before I could start working again I had to go to the men’s room and jack off to get rid of the aching erection that I still had from watching Bev getting screwed.”

My name is Richard. Most people call me Dick. My friends sometimes call me Big Dick cause I'm 6'2" and weigh 225. They don't know it but there is a second reason that they could call me Big Dick if they knew. Beverly - Bev - is my sixteen-year-old daughter. Bev is also a big girl. She's 5'7" and weighs about 145. She developed early and started to get her tits at ten. Now she's got a big rack that must be 34-D's. Her mother told me that she had her first period when she was not quite twelve. She likes to wear a small two-piece around the pool and sometimes just a wears long tee shirt and panties around the house. I admit that I sometimes get a hard on when I see her but I have never had serious thoughts about having sex with her or even of her having sex with anyone. After all, she's my baby girl.

My friend, Steve replied, "I'll tell you something but you can't tell a soul." "OK." "You've met my daughter, Terry, she's only a couple months older than Bev and I caught her having sex about a year ago." "What did you do?" Steve hesitated for a minute and then said, "I chased the boy off and started giving Terry hell but within a few minutes I was fucking her myself. At first it was with a lot of anger but it turned out to be a very loving experience. You know that I'm divorced. Now Terry and I sleep together every night." "Holly shit, Steve I can't even imagine that."

For the next week, every time we talked in private, the conversation turned to sex and how horny I was feeling. I told him that I had been fucking my wife hard every night even though we had gotten to where we were only doing it about once a week, and then it was without a lot of enthusiasm. "Steve, I can't keep this up." "I can only think of one way for you to get it out of your mind, Dick. You've gotta fuck Bev." "I can't, can I?" That ended our conversation for that day.

A couple days later I saw Steve at the grocery store after I picked up a couple of things we needed. We stood by his car in the parking lot. "I did it Steve. I fucked Bev but I think it was her idea." We sat in Steve's car and I told him about it. "Donna was not home and Bev and I were out by the pool. She asked me to put some sunscreen on her back. She lay on her towel while I put it on her back and legs. Bev untied the string top of her suit and quickly rolled over. I was looking right at the most beautiful pair of tits I had ever seen. "Daddy, every time you've been around me lately, I see that you have a big hard-on. I want to see your cock, please. Let's go skinny dipping." With that she pulled off her bottoms and reached for my trunks and pulled them down. "Daddy, your cock is so nice and so big."

Bev jumped in the pool and I was right behind her. We spent several minute splashing and giggling. Then she came close to me and took my cock in her hand. With her other hand she put one of my hands on her large, firm and high breast. Her nipples were hard and I rolled one of them between my thumb and finger. Sit up on the edge, Daddy." I jumped up and before I was even still, she was between my legs and her mouth went right to my shaft. My daughter sucked me deep and hard and fast. She stopped and looked at me. "I guess you can tell that I've done this before." She didn’t know that I had actually seen her. She took my hand and led me to the air mattress where she sun bathed. I lay on my back and Bev straddled my face. "Eat me Daddy. Eat your daughter's cunt." I licked her clit and shoved my tongue into her pussy, over and over. She got wet right away. To me, her juices tasted just like honey. "That's the nicest cock I've ever seen, Daddy. It's so big and so hard and it's cute, the way it curves down like that. I hope I can get that big thing in me." Then she bent forward and lowered her mouth over my pulsing eight-inch manhood. She bobbed up and down and squeezed my balls while I continued eating her out. Her mother sucked me but never really got into it like Bev did. It was the best blowjob I had ever gotten. Soon she came all over my face.

I thought I was about to blow my load when Bev stopped. "Fuck me now Daddy. I want your big cock in me, now." We rolled over and she spread her legs as wide as she could. I got between them and pushed myself into her with no trouble. After just the second push I was buried balls deep in my daughter's cunt. "That's the biggest cock I've ever had in me. I feel so full. It's even bigger than the biggest dildo I've ever used. Fuck your daughter hard, Daddy." I got carried away and pounded her hard and deep and fast while squeezing her melons in my hands. When her tits were not in my hands, I watched them bounce. When I started to breath hard, she said, "Come in me Daddy. It's OK, I'm on the pill. Fill me with your hot cum, just like you do Mommy." That put me over the edge. I exploded harder than I had for many years. I felt myself pulse five or six times as I filled Bev to where she couldn't hold it all and some leaked out between us. During all of this Bev had had a couple of good orgasms of her own but that wasn't in my mind. I was just thinking about the forbidden pleasure that she was giving me."

Even after I had stopped coming, I stayed hard enough to keep slowly sliding in and out of Bev's soaked pussy. I continued to gently fuck into her for several minutes with my mind in a haze of pleasure. Finally I pulled out and my daughter slip down my body and took her time sucking my softening cock clean of both of our juices. She sat next to me. "Daddy, Mommy knows that I was going to get you to fuck me today and It's OK with her. As a matter of fact, she’s over there in the window watching us." I was in shock. I looked at the house and sure enough, there was Donna in the window. She smiled and waved to us.

I had gone into a lot more detail telling Steve what happened than I had intended to but I got carried away. "Damn Dick, that's hot. Bev sounds like one hot fuck toy, you lucky bustard. I'd love to try her sometime. I think you would really like to fuck my daughter Terry too. What do you say, would you like to set up a swap?" That shocked me and I didn't know what to say. Then Steve said, "I've got access to a condo in Williamsburg. Let's take the girls for a little vacation there and see what happens. Terry's really hot in bed. I'm sure you would have a great time fucking her." Last time I saw Terry was at the company picnic a couple months ago. She is a really cute girl but I hadn’t looked at her sexually. I remember that she was dressed in jeans and one of those cowboy shirts that tied below her boobs and showed a lot of cleavage. She was slim and had a nicely shaped body. She and Bev spent a lot of time playing together that day. All I could say was, "Let me think about it."

That night I had a chance to talk to Bev. She was cuddled in my lap, nibbling on my ear to tease me. "You remember my friend Steve from work. You played with his daughter, Terry at the company picnic." "Ya, I remember him. He's cute." "He told me that he would like to take us to Williamsburg for a little vacation. Would you enjoy that?" "Cool. There's a big amusement park there. Can we go to that?" "Yes but let me tell you more about Steve and the trip. Steve has the same kind of relationship with Terry as you and I have started having." "Ya, Dad, Terry told me at the picnic that she lets her father fuck her. That's one reason that I thought about getting you to fuck me." "Well if we go, Steve wants us to have you girls switch beds and sleep with the other father." "Cool. Terry said that he's really good in bed." I was so turned on that I told Donna that we were going to the store to get some ice cream and that Bev wanted to go so she could pick out the flavor. We got the ice cream but first we parked the car so Bev could give me a blowjob. I still didn't feel comfortable getting personal with Bev in front of Donna even though I knew that Donna knew that I had had sex with Bev.

The next day I told Steve that I had talked to Bev and she liked the idea. Steve said that he had told Terry and that Terry was really excited about it. We both laughed when we both said that our daughters were as excited about the amusement park as they were about what he and I wanted the trip for. I told Steve that in three weeks, Donna was going to her mother's house for almost week so I would not have to make an excuse about why we did not want to take her on the trip with us. "I may not even tell her about it." "I'll see if I can get it set up," Steve replied.

A couple days later Steve said that he had booked a big condo for three nights starting the day after Donna was to leave for her mother's. He also surprised me by saying that he had another friend that he had known for a few months now, and that this friend was into the same stuff with his daughter. Steve said that he had told him about the trip and they decided to ask if it would be OK for them to go too. He told me that his friend had been stationed in Japan in the service and had married a Japanese woman but that she had died a couple years ago. He said that his friend’s daughter looked just like her mother, very small, very cute and very oriental. He said that he had had the chance to take her a couple weeks ago and that she had the tightest little pussy that you could dream of. He also said that he had to use a condom because she wasn't on birth control yet. Like most men, I had always dreamed about sleeping with the stereotype young oriental woman. You know the idea that everyone thinks of, that they are very petite, very cute, very quiet and willing to do anything to please a man sexually. I grinned at Steve. "Sure, why not. The more the merrier."

The day of the trip came. Steve had a big SUV so we could all ride together. We met at Steve's house. I met John and his daughter for the first time. John still looked like he was in the army with the military haircut and the way he dressed. His daughter, Aiko, which means beloved in Japanese, was so cute and so small with an almost flat chest. She was probably a little less than five feet tall and I doubted that she weighed more than ninety pounds. "Damn John, she doesn't look more than twelve-years-old." "That's probably because she is (16)," John replied. I almost chickened out. I whispered to Steve, "I can't fuck a (16)-year-old little girl." "You don't have to but I have and I'm going to again."

Steve hollered, "All aboard. Let's get this trip started. You girls all sit with a guy who is not your father." We got in and I wound up sitting in the back seat with Aiko. "Seat belts on. It's a four hour drive so everyone relax and enjoy the trip." Less than a half hour into the trip, Aiko was giggling and playing with my cock. Terry was in the middle seat with John and they were kissing while he fondled her tits. My daughter was sitting in the front with Steve giving him a hand job. Steve almost crashed when he came but Bev had leaned over and taken him in her mouth so he did not make a mess.

We got to the resort and Steve checked us in. The condo turned out to be this great three-bedroom place, bigger than my house. It was about five pm and we had not had a big lunch so we went out to dinner. When we got back we chose bedrooms. I still wasn't sure about fucking a twelve-year-old so I picked a room and told Terry that she would stay with me. Dave got Bev and Steve got Aiko. The girls wanted to go swimming so we all went to our rooms to change. Terry wasn't at all shy about changing in front of me. She was out of her clothes before I had even closed the door and before she had even put her suitcase up on the king sized bed that we were going to share. She looked at me as I undressed. Before putting on my trunks I stood there with my erection pointing straight at her. "You've got a nice penis, Dick. I'm going to enjoy sleeping with you." I returned the compliment, "You've got a real nice body Terry, and I’m going to enjoy sleeping with you too." Off we went to the pool.

There were several other people at the pool so the girls played and the guys sat and watched. After about an hour we went back to the condo. Steve said, "OK, everybody put your wet suits in the bathrooms and come back out to the living room. No clothes allowed." We all followed instructions. When we were all there, Steve put a DVD in the player. It was porn about old guys having an orgy with young girls. I don't know where he found one like that. You sure couldn't just buy it in a store, even an adult store. The three men sat in chairs and the each girl sat on the floor between the legs of the father she was spending the night with. After only a couple scenes, all three of us were enjoying playing with the tits of the little girl between our legs. Before the movie was over, Steve stood up and said that it was time for him to go to bed. He took Aiko hand and led her to their bedroom. I turned the TV off and said that he had a good idea. We all went to our rooms. Bev went with John and Terry went with me.

Terry and I got on the bed and she dove, face first for my cock. I turned her around without her mouth ever loosing contact with my shaft, so that we were in 69 position with her on top. Matching her enthusiasm for oral sex, I had her coming in my mouth within minutes. She shook and cried out. This young lady came harder and wetter than any woman I had ever been with. Without meaning to, she bit my cock hard enough to hurt but I never let on. I pulled her off and rolled her over, put her legs over my shoulders and with one hard thrust, buried my thick eight inches balls deep in her cunt. Terry bit her lower lip as I filled her more than she had ever been filled. Her insides stretched fully to fit my manhood. Young, lightly used pussy is so nice that it makes you come faster than you would like. I pounded her hard and fast for about three or four minutes before emptying my sperm in her. My ejaculation set her off again and this time she left scratches on my back as she bucked her hips against and raked her fingers over my back. This young girl was a real wildcat. I pulled out and told her to suck me clean. She hesitated but then did it. After she started, she got into it and almost got me hard again, but I needed a little rest.

As I lay on the bed, cuddling her back, I listened to the sounds of sex coming from the other rooms knowing that one of those making the carnal noises was my sweet little girl, getting fucked with my knowledge and encouragement. My erection returned and pressed between Terry's ass cheeks. Feeling me respond to the touch of her body, Terry lifted her leg and guided me back into her very feminine love tunnel. I fucked her slowly and gently but with long strokes. Terry made soft purring moans with each stroke. As my excitement grew, I rolled her flat on her stomach and without pulling out and picked up the speed and intensity of our intercourse. I lasted and lasted and Terry came twice. Then from the other room I heard a voice that I knew well. It was Bev crying out in orgasm. "Oh fuck yes. I'm coming. Fuck me harder. Don't stop. Yessssss !!! This put me over the edge and I came for my daughter but in someone else’s hole. I filled Terry's insides again. After resting inside of her for a minute I pulled out and watched the creampie flow from her, causing a large wet spot to form on the sheet. I was done for the night. After nursing gently on her tits we both fell asleep.

The next morning I woke to the feeling of my cock being gently sucked. "Terry, that's so nice. Suck me just like that." I opened my eyes only to see that it was my daughter. She looked at me and smiled. "Good morning Daddy. It's nine o'clock. Steve says it's time to get up." I pulled her head back down. "You can't stop now Honey. Steve can wait a couple minutes." About three minutes later, Bev had the first course of her breakfast and we walked out to join the others. As we ate, we talked about the day. It was decided that this was the day that the girls would spend at the amusement park. Finally, everyone got dressed and we took the girls to the park, bought their tickets and gave them each $20 for food and anything else. We arranged to pick them up at six and drove off. They had cell phones if they needed us for anything. We guys spent the day doing things that the girls would probably not want to do, like checking out the fishing pier. We picked them up at six and went for a nice seafood dinner.

We got back to the condo about eight. As soon as we were in, Steve said, "OK, everyone out of their clothes." We all stripped. "Tonight we switch partners. Dick, you're with Aiko tonight." I still didn't know if I could bring myself to fuck a (16)-year-old. "I don't know. She's so young." Aiko walked over to me, took my cock and balls in her hands, looked into my eyes and said, "Please sir, I want you to be with me tonight. I will fuck you very good. I promise." I melted. "Aiko, I'm very big. I'm not sure you can take me in you?" "Yes Sir, I will make you be in me. I will fuck you good. I promise." I had one more excuse. "I didn't bring any condoms and your dad said that you are not on the pill." John, her father, spoke up, "I brought extras just in case." He also handed me a small tube of lube. Aiko looked beggingly into my eyes and started stroking my shaft. I hadn't even realized it but I was hard as a steel pipe. "Oh fuck yes. I want your little body so much." I picked Aiko up and carried her to the bed.

I sat on the edge of the bed with Aiko between my legs. She rubbed the insides of my thighs and worked her way up to my erection and stroked it as she slipped her mouth over it. Opening her mouth wide she managed to get my head in. She sucked hard and licked all around it. "Am I doing good, Sir." "Yes Aiko, but remember we agreed to use our first names. Call me Dick." "I like your dick, Dick", she giggled. Then Aiko opened a condom and rolled it down over my head and shaft. I squirted some lube in my hand and rubbed it over the condom and also slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed what was left over her slit. She climbed on my lap, facing me and lined my cockhead up to her tight hole. Slowly, a little at a time she eased down onto me. I didn't move. I let her control how I entered her. You could see the effort on her face and a tear came to the corner of her eye, but she never stopped till finally she was sitting fully on my lap. I had never felt anything so tight around my cock before. Even the times I had done anal, it was never this tight. I rubbed her almost tit-less chest and rolled her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. Aiko slowly moved herself up and down on my cock and started to loosen up. "Is my pussy good for you, Dick?" "You're wonderful, Aiko. Are you OK?" She quietly said yes.

I thought of something I wanted to do with this petite little thing. I stood up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I held her at the rib cage and started lifting her up and down, fucking my man meat with her body. As she adjusted to having me in her, I was able to lift her faster and drop her harder. Soon she was moaning and I was about to shoot. I filled the condom and lifted her off. I lay her on the bed and ate her hairless pussy till she came hard. I don't know if she shaved or if she hadn't grown any pubic hair yet but I just loved her little bald pussy. Again I could hear screwing going on in the other rooms but with her head on my stomach, we fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night I felt Aiko climb onto my body and ease down onto my cock. It didn't take her as long this time. She started to fuck me with her wonderful tiny body and her tight, tight cunt. I woke up enough to realize that we were not using a rubber. "Aiko, get off. I don't have a condom on." "I want to feel your cum in me Dick. I've never felt anyone's cum in me. Fuck me and come in me, please." I was alert enough that as much as I would have loved to do it, I pulled her off and told her that we had to use a condom or no fucking. I reached over and took one off the nightstand and put it on, lay her on her back and slid into her. She was so tiny that she almost disappeared under me. "If you want cum in you, I'm ready to come. You can suck me while I come. Do it now." I pulled out and rolled on my back as I took the condom off. Aiko swung around and put her lips over my cockhead just as it started spurting. She kept most of it in her mouth but a little escaped and ran down my shaft. Aiko swallowed. I pushed her back down on the bed. "Now get some more sleep."

It only seemed like minutes later when Steve was hollering for everyone to get up. "Everyone in the kitchen in ten minutes so get whatever you are doing done." I spent the next ten minutes eating Aiko till she was shaking and grabbing the sheets and thrashing her head back and forth in a hard orgasm. "Time's up little one." We went, hand in hand to the kitchen for bacon and eggs breakfast. That day, all six of us stayed together and went to the historic sites in the area. The girls enjoyed it more than I thought they would. They wanted pizza so that is what we had for supper. For desert we had gotten toasted almond fudge ice cream.

Steve suggested that we cut cards to see who slept with which girl that night but the girls had another idea. Bev spoke for the girls. "We want to sleep together in the big bed tonight. You guys can be by yourselves for one night but we will take care of you before we go to bed. Dad, you get the hide-a-bed tonight.” We guys looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. "OK, I guess we can do that, but you have to make us happy before you go in there. I pulled the coffee table out from the middle of the room. "OK, make us happy." For the next hour the six of us had a grand orgy. We each had our cocks in the mouths and pussies of all three girls and we all came twice in one hole or another before we were done. After we were finished off, the girls held hands and went into the master bedroom with cum dripping down their thighs. I heard Bev say, "I brought Mom's vibrator. It's almost as big as Dad." I lay on the hid-a-bed for an hour listening to the giggling and moaning coming from our daughters till I finally fell to sleep.

The next morning the girls came out while we were having coffee. "We have to leave today but we want to go back to bed one more time. This time we each want to be with our own Daddies. That way we will each have done it with all three of you." We spent another hour fucking. Bev was learning muscle control. I could feel her squeezing and milking my cock as I fucked her. She told me how much she enjoyed the trip and thanked me for bringing her. She said that the other girls had said that they liked it too. On the way home John told us that he wanted to train Aiko to be a submissive and to be used for B&D but not SM. He asked us if we would help him train her. We both said that we would enjoy that. The girls piped up that they would like to help too.

We arrived home late that afternoon. That night Bev slept with me in Donna's and my bed. We fucked lovingly once and slept peacefully. The next afternoon we picked Donna up at the airport. "How was your trip? How is your mom?" "Just fine. How was everything at home?" "Just fine." That night Donna was horny and I gave her a good fucking. The next day we went back to work and Bev went to school. That night, in bed before going to sleep, Donna looked at me, "Bev told me all about your little Williamsburg trip. Were you going to tell me about it?" I looked at her apprehensively and kind of shrugged my shoulders. Donna kissed me. "Sounds like you all had a lot of fun. When will I get to meet John and Steve?"


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