Endless Summer

Endless Summer

Desmond had lived an idylic life, and he was well aware of it. He had grown up with caring parents, both working, and each considered succesful in their work. He spent most of his childhood alone, but he understood, he tried to be reasonable. They worked, he went to school, they had family dinners almost every night and their family vacations were always fun and relaxing for everyone. They had petty fights like all families do, but he was blessed. Then he turned 14.

The perfect family fell apart around him. He found his mother with a man, who was not his father, in their bed when he came home from a friend's house instead of staying the night. That was a bit of shock, and as soon as he found out, both he and his mother, and eventually his father, knew what was going to happen. His father filed for divorce, it wasn't messy, but instead of having their son around to see a ruined family, both parents decided it would be best if he was sent off to a boarding school. Desmond liked that idea, he couldn't look at either of his parents the same way anymore. It had come out that his mother was not the only one with “marital indescrestions”. They could afford it, and because both parents had worked the entire time they were married, it wasn't a horribly messy divorce. As clean as something like that can be, of course.

So, for the next three years, Desmond was sent from his hometown of Chicago, to a boarding school in Minnisota. By the time he was interested in persuing a post-secondary education, he realized it perhaps was for the best. Sure, his family life was shot, but he had an impressive college application checklist. The boarding school insured that. Hard work, but it boasted something like a 92% chance of your child being accepted into one of their top three choices for College. Or so the brochure that Desmond has seen on his first trip there. And at school he spent the entire next three years, not wanting to have strife caused by “picking favorites”, he, dealing with the situation much better then his parents had expected, made the choice to live away from any family for the three years he was there.

Now a 17 year old young man with a bright future ahead of him, he aspired to be an Investment Banker. His parents had encouraged at least a tangental knowledge of finance growing up, and once his teachers had figured this out, the encouraged him. Headed to USC in the Fall for a degree in Finance, Desmond had the whole world infront of him. Having taken summer classes, Desmond had graduated a year early, and had registered in classes and been for a campus walk around and, for the first time in three years, was truely happy and excited about life.

Flagging down a taxi, he threw his suitcase in the trunk and kept his shoulder bag with him as he slid into the back seat. Checking his smartphone he read off the address his father had e-mailed him months before to the Russian cab driver. As he rode towards his father's appartment building, he forgot how much he had missed the big city in his time away. Sure, Chicago wasn't a perfect city, he seemed obsessed with gunmetal grey everything, including the weather, but Desmond loved the thriving life that he saw with the people walking, the bright lights and street performers let him forget how utterly alone he felt.

Now Desmond had seen numerous councilors at his boarding school in Minnisota, but he highly suspected that after the intial few meetings, it was mainly so that they could feel useful. They asked him questions about how he felt finding his mother, or about his parents divorce, or their eventual re-marriages. He answered all their questions, and then had been informed that he was, mentally at least, “in my opinion, quite resiliant”. The psychiatrist had then went on to talk about how fascinating his reserach was about children and their ability to rebound much faster then adults. Desmond had pretended to be interested. Actually, he had spent most of his previous three years feigning interest, except for in his intro economics courses. Math was, while useful, quite boring, he did not care about History and none of the Sciences had really caught his interest. He was fluent in Russian because the school had started out exclusively for Russians to send their children to get educated in the West. Honestly, it also seemed a bit weird to learn Spanish in Minnisota. Moving to California, Desmond wondered if he would wish he had learnt it, but then he pushed any kind of profiling thoughts out of his head. English class had been okay, he'd been decent at writing esssays, but he found that he was constantly writing what he thought, well knew, his teachers wanted him to. He never followed Mr.Jeremey, one of his rather effusive English teachers, had told him to “pour your heart on to the page boy! Ther's so much more to you!”

Paying the driver, Desmond grabbed his bag out of the back and looked up at the looming building infront of him. He called his father and waited as he came down to the lobby. Upon seeing him his father, Paul, visibly fought back tears as he grabbed his son into a long embrace. Whipping his eyes he said, “Desmond, I...I'm just so happy to see you! Let's get you upstairs, time to meet Janis!”

Janis, as it turned out, was the same age as his father, 47, and honestly was quite a plain women. Average weight, average length, dull, brown hair with brown eyes. Standing at 5' 6”, she was pretty damn near the average height too. She was polite, asking Desmond about his flight, clearly she was uncomfortable. Desmond, luckily, had learnt living at a boarding school how to be disarming. Soon she had warmed up a bit and turned out to be quite an intelligent and witty women. Desmond could see how Paul had grown to like this women, as he still held the, perhaps childish, belief that his biological parents always loved each other. As it became later, Janis said her goodnights and retired to leave father and son to talk, alone.

He had breakfast with both Janis and Paul at a bistro they frequented before work. He was a rushed affair and, when they finished, Paul and Desmond walked back and embraced as Paul went off the work and Desmond started walking toward the subway station with his suitcase and shoulder bag. He transfered twice and then took a 15 minute cab ride to his mother's new house. It was in a neighbourhood much like the one he grew up in, and had to check his location three times on his phone to make sure it was NOT where he had grown up. He was hit by huge nostalgia as he walked up the drive way past a newer model Dodge Caravan, the one he'd grown up with, and a BMW X-5, esentially a nicer, and newer version, of the SUV his family had owned when he'd left. Desmond stopped before the door to compose himself. He was wearing the same dark wash jeans he had when he stepped off the plane, and a fresh white and blue striped dress shirt undone, with a white shirt underneath. He thought it was at least some what stylish. Janis had said nice things about how “grown up” he looked. Apparenlty, she wan't a big fan of band t-shirts.

Feeling ready enough, he double checked the address on his smartphone, and rang the doorbell. A short, pudgey boy of about 14 answered the door. The boy looked him up and down, looking rather suspicious of this tall stranger that had suitcase. “Look,” the boy said, “if you're selling anything, he aren't interested.”

Desmond really didn't know how to answer this and laughed nervously as he tried to think of a response, thankfully, he was saved from trying to explain to this boy that, surprise, I'm most likely going to be sharing you roof for the next few months.

“Desmond!”, expclaimed a female voice that Desmond instantly as his mother's, Mary. “Oh my gosh, my baby!”, she said with just as much enthusiasm as she started crying and gave him a hug. Desmond wasn't sure what to expect from his mother, but he supposed that after being seperated he should have seen this coming. Before leaving, he had elected a cold demeanour towards his mother as, at the time, he veiwed the breakup of his family entirely at her front door. Having matured, a bit at least, he realized that he had just been hidden from the signs of a marriage that was hanging by the threads. As Desmond awkward embraced his mother, an older man, whom he assumed was his step-father, came around the corner at full tilt with panic in his voice.

“Mary! Are you...”, he trailed off as he saw the two of them. “Oh, sorry. I mean, well, hello Desmond.” His mother did his best to pull herself together to stammer out an introduction between Desmond, and, she explained, her best friend and love, Mark. Desmond stuck out his hand while his mother clung to his left arm.

“Hi, I'm Desmond, it's good to meet you.” Even he knew it sounded forced. This was the man that he'd caught his mother in bed, his parent's bed, with those years earlier. Mark looked just about as embarassed and awkward as he shook back.

“I'm Mark, I really hope that you enjoy your stay, our door is always open to you.”, Mark said, and Desmond caught the look of shock from the short, pudgy boy out of the corner of his eye. Clearly, whoever he was, had not been briefed fully on who this tall stranger that made his mother cry was. This would become clear as Mark continued on, “This is my son,” emphasizing the 'my' so it was clear there was no blood relation, well duh Desmond thought, that would have been impossible, “his name is Augustus. Say hello son.”

The boy clearly didn't know what to do, and waved awkwardly and introduced himself. Desmond almost laughed when Mark introduced him as Augustus, he thought that he looked exactly like the Augustus he imagined in Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory, if it had been made up of real people. Desmond managed to smile a fully real smile and said he'd be happy to get to know him. Augustus took this point in the conversation to retreat to the basement to watch TV, or so Desmond assumed. What else to people do in basements anyways?

As his mother, still clutching his arm, led him around the house giving him a tour of where, she said hopefully, “you'll be staying until you leave for California!” She did a very good job of trying to eliminate any kind of awkardness between her and her son. Desmond knew that eventually they'd have to have a serious talk about what had happened, and what was forgiven, and what was not, just simply ignored for civilities sake. As she led him to a small room, Mary said “This is where you'll be staying, I mean sleeping. You're under no pressure to stay here if you don't want to. I, well, I'm sure that my whole family would love to have you,” looking meaningfully at Mark. Desmond made a mental note to check just how much “her whole family” actually wanted him around. Maybe they'll be taken by my charm, Desmond though. He smiled at this fact, as well as his mother's animated explaination of how they'd been rushed to get everything ready. He assured her that it was just fine, and set his bags down and followed the two of them to the kitchen.

Mark called down to his son and they all shared a meal of ham and cheese sandwhiches. Sitting there, watching this familiy talk, Desmond thought if he felt jealous. He had been Augustus' age when he'd left, yet he knew that he had been more mature. Mark's son was, on first impression, socially awkward, terribly unattractive and quite annoying. Desmond almost feared what his, well he guessed she'd be his step-sister, would be like. He hoped that she was nothing like her brother. He had no doubt that he would be staying here for the summer, Paul and Janis simply didn't have the space in appartment, or lives, for Desmond. He was not bitter, he just might not have the relaxing summer he was hoping with if both the children, who he would for his mother, be nice to. Or at least try to. The conversation continued until 5 when Mary started making dinner. Desmond offered to help, or at least watch.

“I figure that I should probably at least have some idea of how to turn a stove on when I head off to live on my own, don't you agree?” Desmond said, this drew laughts from both adults. So, as all three of the piled into the kitchen, Mark and Desmond mostly just getting in the way, for the next half hour they worked towards whatever it was Mary had in mind. This was then the front door opend and shut, anouncing the final member of the family that Desmond was invading. Less bitter thoughts Desmond!, he told himself.

“I'm home!”, proclaimed an attractive sounding voice. Desmond held the belief that just as there were annoying voices, there were attractive sounding voices, and not in the phone sex operated sort of way. Desmond kept his hopes down, at the very least, she wouldn't sound as annoying as her brother, even if she was as unattractive and annoying. Desmond washed his hands and turned around to dry them so he could properly introduce himself as the newest member of this girl's step-family, he nearly dropped his jaw at the girl that was standing in the kitchen door way.

She stood around 5'5”, with light brown hair and striking green eyes. She was, to someone as unexperienced with girls as Desmond was, the most beautiful girl he'd ever met in person. Fighting to not come across super creepy, and gawk, he smiled and extended his hand, “Hey, I'm Desmond. It sounds weird to say, but I'm your step-brother, hope this isn't too much of a surprise.”

Thankfully, she laughed and shook his hand firmly and said, “Oh don't worry, I acually paid attention during Mary's talks about you, unlike my brother and daddy. I'm Lumi, it's great to meet you!” She smiled brightly and then said her excuses about getting changed out of, what Desmond hadn't noticed, was just a bikini and shorts. Forcing himself not to stare at the body of her step sister, he turned to continue “helping” his mother with dinner. As they came close to finishing, she asked Desmond to collect the two children, and he smiled, knowing she wanted a moment to talk with Mark about what he needed to say at dinner to encourage all the kids to get along, and then walked over to the stairs to find Augustus.

Augustus and Lumi, Desmond though, what odd names, maybe Mark's previous wife was a hippy or something. Informing Augustus dinner was ready, he turned to head back up the stairs when he heard the younger boy call out, “Just call me Aug, everyone does. It's a gun, I'm pretty much as tough as one.” Rolling his eyes, Desmond laughed and said he's remember to, and hustled up the stairs, and then anoter flight to where the bedrooms where. He carefully wandered down the hall peeking in each room until he reached the last one, he knocked on the wall before, hoping to warn Lumi of his presence. As he looked in, he hadn't really achieved what he was hoping for, as she had turned at hearing his knock was was just finishing pulling her shirt down and quickly finished, and blushed hard.

“Yeah, okay I'll be right down!”, she said, sounding angry. As stated, Desmond had pretty much no experience with girls, honestly how he had gotten laid escaped him. So he did exactly what every other sucker does, and apologized, taking full blame, and went back downstairs. He shook his head in wonder as he thought about what he'd done to upset her, and then his thoughts went to how...pleasant the sight of his step-sister's bare,flat stomache had been. As the family shared dinner, Mark did his due dilligance in trying to find common ground between all the kids, doing his best to seem interested in Desmond's schooling, both past and future. It was clear he was a little taken back that his daughter and Desmond where the same age, and he then had to explain how he had skipped a grade due to staying at school.

“Wasn't it lonely not to see your fam...”, said Lumi, the words dying in her mout, “Oh I'm so sorry.” Desmond did his best to laugh it off, and every look generally awkward. Thankfully, it was broken by Aug saying he was going back to watch TV. Desmond took this as an opportunity to start doing collecting the dishes, even he knew how to do that from his previous days as a happy family. Cursing his bitter thoughts, he smiled lightly at Lumi as he took her plate, trying to impart a “hey, no hard feelings” kind of idea. When she beamed back at him, he took it as a positve sign. After he and Mark had loaded the dishwasher, Desmond slipped to his room to check his phone, which of course had no messages, he wasn't really a social butterfly. It made him feel better then standing awkwardly in the kitchen though. As he as setting it back on his bed, his mother walked in.

“Hey, Desmond, I know that we've got a lot to talk about, but I really want you to stay here. I would understand considering that...well, you and Mark have a history.”, she said. Biting back bitter laughter, Desmond did his best to smile.

“I think that I'll spend my summer here, I don't think that Paul and Janis have the room for me. Besides, I always wondered what it would be like to have a family again, I think this is as close as I'll ever get.” Desmond regretted saying that, as soon as he said it. He hadn't meant to come across bitter, but he knew how it sounded as he saw his mother try to fight back tears. He sighed, “I'm sorry Mary, I didn't mean that to sound so harsh. I just, well I have to adjust to living with people, I just hope you'll understand,” as he said this, he moved to give embrace his mother in a hug. He knew that more then anything, she needed to say things, but that could come later. She disentagled herself and tried to smile.

“I think that Lumi is outside in the yard waiting before she goes out again, I swear she's never home. Anyways, you should go talk to her, she's a bright girl, I think you'll get along. At the very least, she's more intune to what you like anyways, I've never been able to keep my iGoogle's and Gameboxes straight.” Desmond laughed at his mother's attempt to keep current and said he'd head out to join his step-sister. He slipped his smartphone into his back pocket and walked into the bathroom to wash his face and...good god he was checking his appearence before he went to talk to his step-sister. He tried his best to dismiss what this meant, just trying to make a good impression, I want her to like me. Even he knew this was a lie. God damn hormones, she was your sister, keep your head on straight, boy!

Walking out onto the porch, he slipped his socks off and saw Lumi sitting in one of the five or so chairs out in the grass arranged in a rough semi-circle around an empty fire pit. Now a campfire, he hadn't had one of those since he'd gone camping when he was only 12. He smiled at the memory of Paul trying to make bacon on a fire that kept going out before he finally gave up and let Mary cook it on a propane stove. Realizing he'd reached the semi-circle, he noticed Lumi had been watching him.

“Do you mind if I join you Lumi? Mary said something about you heading out, I don't want to bother you if you're just leaving.” Smooth, Desmond thought, real smooth. Next thing you'll be asking if she wanted to look at his boy scout badge collection. And then he realized he didn't have Boy scout badges, and had to laugh to himself.

“Yeah, sure, I've got an hour or so to kill. We should talk, you are staying here all summer right? Better make sure we don't hate each other.” Just like that, she'd managed to lower the awkward level that Desmond had been feeling, and for the next 3 quarters of an hour, they got to know each other, he mainly shared what his last year had been like, and his plans for the future.

“Oh, so your goal is to be 'the man' then?”, Lumi said jokingly. I had to admit, that's pretty much what my career aspirations were. She thought about following in her father's footsteps and becoming an architech. It turns out my mother, the nurse, had a thing for guys that designed things. She got a call at this point, which Desmond actually regretted she got, because it meant she had to go. He realized that he had not even thought of how gorgeous she looked in skinny jeans and a tight fitting tee. Slipping on heeled boots, she said, “Hey, it was good to talk to you. I'll be honest, I would invite you to come hang out my friends, but it's a girls night in and...well you're clearly not a girl!” she said with a mischevious grin.

“Haha oh what, I'm not in touch enough with my feelings?”, Desmond said laughing, “I know when I'm being blown off,” upon saying this, Lumi looked at him with a look in her eye he couldn't understand so he hurridly said “I'm joking, don't worry. Have a good time!” After a pause he added, “You look great.” She looked at him with that same look in her eye and waved as she hustled out to meet the honking horn in the front. After this, Desmond went to bed after writing a quick e-mail to his father about staying with Mary and her family.

Waking at 8AM again, Desmond heard the house silent, it was after all a Saturday, he should have expected as much. So, instead of wasting the hours he was awake, he slipped into his running gear, jammed in his headphones, and slipped out the backdoor as not to leave the front unlocked. He realized it wasn't the best plan, but it would have to do for now. He jogged for abou 45 minutes, and by the time he re-opened the back door, he walked in to see Mary and Mark having a breakfast of oatmeal and berries. They asked after his sleep and run, and then directed him to where he could find towels for the shower downstairs. After a quick shower and shave, Desmond wrapped a towel around his waist as he had forgotten a change of clothes. Cursing himself, he grabbed his dirty clothes and opened to door to see Lumi walking down the hallway. He blushed, hard, and mumbled an apology as he scurried into his room.

Breathing a sigh of relief as he shut the door, he looked at the thin mirror that had been set up across from his bed. He supposed he was attractive, and had nothing really to be ashamed of being seen half naked. He nearly hit himself in the head trying to get the less-then-pure thoughts of his step-sister out of his head. He was hoping the run would help get it out of his system, but was wrong, all it did was fire his damn hormones up even more.

Getting dressed, he pulled on a lighter wash jeans, and a plain, grey tee. He realized he'd have to go shopping at some point, he only had 6 shirts and two pairs of jeans. That was more then enough during his time at school where for 5 days a week, every week for the last three years, he'd doned the school uniform. It was dress shoes, dress pants, a dress shirt, and a stupid sweater vest with the school insignia on the breast. It had been an all boys school, and at first, Desmond has resented the uniform, but it just made life easier. One less thing to worry about and all that.

The weekend came and went, filled with Aug watching TV in the basement during all 12 of his waking hours, excluding breif forays to come up for snacks and meals, and Mark and Mary chatting away about...whatever married couples chat about. Lumi was, for the most part, absent. She had just gotten of school, same as Desmond, as was enjoying this newfound spare time, while he on the other hand, had no idea what to do with so much of it. He had read the book he had bought for the plane ride twice already, and looked through the entire USC website probably 6 times. He needed something to do, badly. It was about 1030 AM when Lumi groggily stumbled down the stairs for breakfast on Monday morning, and smiled when she saw Desmond at the table.

“Good morning,” she said sounding tired, “how the hell do you always get up so early, it's not normal!”

“Well, I've gotten up at 7AM for the last three years. Everyday. I'm over sleeping by an hour, give me some time to adjust to 'normal' sleeping times.” Desmond said laughing. She joined in as she poured herself some ceral and milk.

“So,” Lumi said between bites, “my friends and I, not all of them are girls this time, are going shopping in an hour, do you want to come? I noticed you kind of...well you really don't have anything to wear. And we wouldn't want you always in a towel now, would we?”, she added, with that same unplaceable look in her eye. Desmond thought it might be...almost sizing him up. Or maybe he was just imagining things.

“I'd love to, and as much as I enjoy being half naked, I don't really think this is the place for it.” Desmond said, trying to see if he could illict that same look, which he did, “Besides, considering you're the only girl, actually person, I've held a conversation that wasn't about school for the last three years, maybe social interaction is a good thing.” He purposfully didn't mention that he had actually whispered in the girl's, Marilyn was her name, ear before they'd snuck off to have sex in her car. It didn't count as conversation, and he wasn't sure where Lumi stood on the sex issue, so he decided to not brooch it just yet.

So they went shopping, it was mostly uneventful, Desmond met some of Lumi friends. Among them was a bullish young man that was a year older then them, headed to a Div II school for football that happened to be Lumi's current boyfriend. His name was Steve, Desmond thought very little of him, but he could see why girls would like him. He was well muscled, with a below average face and far below average intelligence. Desmond doubted he'd scored high enough on the SATs to get into college. While they were riding on the subway back from the mall, Desmond laden with bags, and the girls somehow equally laden, one short redhead, Lauryn spoke directly to Desmond.

“So Desmond, I hear that you grew up around here. What deprived out high school of somone so...intelligent as your self?”, she said slyly. Desmond figured she had been flirting with him, at least she spent the most time quite close to him. As she said this, Lumi's eyes widened, clearly the story had not been told, and she didn't think it should be. Desmond took the hint.

“Oh, my parents decided when I was younger that I needed to get away from distractions, such as girls like you,” Desmond added looking directly into Lauryn's eyes, “and spend more time studying,” he added with laugh. A look of relief passed over Lumi's face, Desmond made a mental note to ask her about what he shouldn't share with her friend's. As everyone left, Desmond and Lumi walked home after Steve and her and very...obviously made out for just a few seconds too long. Desmond realized that Steve was trying to send a message, like 'hands off'. Desmond just shook his head and laughed at the thought, she was his step-sister, wasn't that implied? As they walked back, Desmond asked her about what her look of panic was all about.

“Oh, you caught that hey?” Lumi said averting her eyes, “I just haven't really told them who you are. They think you're Mary's god-son. They don't know that Mary isn't my real mom, sorry to drop that on you. Just...well it has never really come up. At this point to drop it on them...well let's just keep it the way were are okay?” She looked angry again, so Desmond just agreed. They walked the rest of the way in silence.

The week passed without comment, when Friday rolled around, Lumi knocked on Desmond's door at around 2 PM, he'd been just doing a quick plyometric work out (sit ups, pushups and squats. His gym teacher had informed him that if he kept up that, it would go a long way in the future), she opened the door before he had a chance to slip a shirt back on. She stared for a second at his defined stomache and chest before tearing her eyes to meet his. They stared for a second, and then she said, “Oh, sorry, I didn't... Anyways. I'm going to a house party tonight, I was wondering if you wanted to come. Just about everyone that you met on Monday will be there, don't worry, you'll do fine!” She said as a look of panic crossed Desmond face, he agreed. “Okay great! We'll leave after dinner.” She then turned and walked out, Desmond watched her.

Desmond was dressed in darkwash jeans with a close fitting tee and blazer, he thought he looked pretty good. When Lumi walked down the stairs he just about lost it, she was in a loose fitting dress that stopped just above her kness and flats. It left very little to the imagination, and Desmond gladly filled those parts in. How the hell am I supposed to not be attracted to her? He though to himself, she's just so hot. Shaking his head, he remembered that she was his step-sister, and NOT just another girl. They walked out, saying their goodbyes, Mary checked about 5 times that she had Desmond's number correctly written down. She really worried, Desmond thought, for someone I haven't seen in years. Old habits die hard.

As soon as they had left the house Lumi turned to him and spun a circle, “ What do you think? Think I'll catch any eyes?”

“Well you've caught mine, as long as that doesn't come across to creepy. You do look quite stunning Lumi.” Desmond said as he blushed. She laughed good heartadly and replied.

“Well thank you, coming from someone that looks like you, that means a lot!” she said with a wink.

“Oh? What exactly does that mean? I mean, thank you. I really doubt that anyone will give me a second look when I walk in beside you.”

“C'mon! You didn't realize how much Lauryn wanted you!? Don't be clueless Desmond, you're pretty hot yourself,” she said as she punched him lightly in the arm. They walked the rest of the way joking and Desmond started to feel pretty good about whole “social” thing. “Oh yeah, and I thought you should know there's going to be alcohol here. I don't know how much you've drank before, so do you need me to run you through how not to do?” she said with a smirk?

“I've actually never drank aside from a shot of whiskey that a friend snuck into last year. I'd love to hear how not to make a fool of myself!” He said smiling.

“Okay well, don't chug, ever. Well at least not yet, and drink slowly. I'd say go for beer because 'mixed drink' around here tend to have more then you bargined for. Oh and, don't get smashed, because I'll need you to lead me home!” She said with a laugh, he laughed too. He really was enjoying this girl's company. As they arrived at the party, he started to get nervous but forced himself to calm down and they joined the stream of people entering the house. “Don't worry, you don't know the guy who's house this is, it'll probably get messed up, but his parents are loaded so they don't care.” They stepped in and, as Desmond guessed, all eyes went to Lumi and her stunning outfit. He doubted there was a pair of male eyes that didn't wonder how nice that dress would look on the ground. Steve walk up to her, already quite drunk, and gave her a sloppy kiss.

Desmond grabbed a bottle from the table, it was Keystone, even he knew it was bad beer. But as he cracked it and downed the whole thing in a few glups, totally ignoring Lumi's instructions, he smiled at the feeling that soon set in. He slowed down after that, nursing two or three more so he was at a point where he was “buzzed”, and as Lauryn walked over, he also realized he was horny as all hell. She slid her arm around his back and he put hers around her shoulders and she motioned outside as they wandered towards the back door.

Once they were in the yard, she turned and kissed him, hard. He returned it after a half second of hesitation to realize what was happened. As the kiss broke she said, “I've been trying to get close enough to do that since we first met!” Desmond looked her up and down, she was hot, not doubt. Standing at 5' 3”, she had a round face with firey red hair that framed it nicely. She chest wasn't huge, but because she was so short it looked much bigger, and deffintly quite well proportioned. They kissed again, and their tongues became a dance, Desmond bent down and lifted her up so that she didn't have to stand on her toes. As she broke the kiss she said, “Put me down,” she grabbed his hand after he put her down, “and follow me,” she said with a wink and a caress of his chest. She opened a door and grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a kiss as she walked towards a bed. She reached down and expertly undid his belt pulled his jeans and briefs down to his ankles.

She grabed his cock and slow ran her hand up as she licked the tip. Now, Desmond had no idea exactly what was “average” or anything like that, he had assumed that the clossal dicks that guys had in porn was not a good representative sample. He was 7” long and about an inch in diameter, so where ever that put him, he was okay with it. Lauryn was now at this point starting to warp her lips around it, she dropped fully to her knees and looked up into his eyes.

“Fuck that's hot,” Desmond moaned as he ran his fingers through her hair without exterting a force, she took control with a mouth assualt. She licked from his sack up to the tip and then put about half of his length. She continued her expert assualt for the next few mintues before Desmond realized he was getting close, and had no desire for this fun to end, so he lifted her up onto the bed, who's bed he didn't know, but ceased to care. He slid his blazer off as she lifted her shirt off and he took in the sight of her breasts and bare stomache. She snapped of her bra as he climbed onto of her and kissed her with lust and ran his hands up her pale stomache to play with her tits. She moaned softly as he kissed her nipples back and forth, soon she was moaning constantly. She flipped Desmond over and returned to her work on his dick, still rock hard at this point. She quickly brought him back up to the edge of no return. “Lauryn, shit, if you keep going I'm gunna cum.”

She lifted her mouth of and smiled as pre-cum ran from her lips to his dick and said, “It's okay baby, I want to swallow you,” and she began her oral assualt again. Desmond moaned and placed his hand on her head to let her know it was coming. He exploded in her mouth, had she not swallowed it all he had no doubt it would have overflowed her petite mouth. A petite mouth that was incredibly talented mind you. She giggled and slid up him to rest her head on his chest and said, “Damn, that was hot. We'll have to see how far I can get you to go some other time. Now c'mon, let's get to back to partying, I think after that workout we both need a drink!”

As they slipped their clothes on they kept making out, Desmond didn't care that she had just swallowed him. He shrugged on his jacket and held open the door for her and they embraced and parted in to the swarm of people, she went off to find her friends and Desmond went to find another beer. He needed to cool down, and slipped outside to enjoy his drink in relative quiet. As he finished his beer, Desmond went back inside to find somewhere to take a piss and wash his face, in an attempt to find some sort of sobriety as he remembered Lumi telling him he would have to lead her home. As he stepped out of the bathroom he turned sharpy as he heard a girl yell out.

“Stop! No I don't, piss off!” The girl yelled. Desmond was no hero, but it's hard to turn a blind eye to things like that. He turned down the hall and into the room where he saw the back of some guy smothering a girl much smaller then him.

“Hey, buddy, chill the fuck out.” Desmond said, hoping that just by his being there the guy would leave it alone. Instead the guy pushed the girl on the bed and turned around angerily. Desmond realized it was Steve, so he had to assume the girl was Lumi, or at least hoped it was. Although at this point, he was conflicted, maybe it would be better if this asshole was cheating on his step-sister.

“Oh look,” Steve slurred, “it's you. Piss off, she likes to resist but I know she wants it.”

“No, Steve, I don't. I think we'd better go, Desmond.” Said the girl, who was indeed Lumi. Steve didn't like this idea, so instead of stepping out of the way, he threw a punch that Desmond caught on the shoulder, causing him to step back and curse in pain. Desmond had been forced to take self-defence classes after he got beat pretty bad in his first week at boarding school. Even though Steve was bigger, when he charge Desmond bobbed and brought his fist into Steve's gut, using his own momentum to increase the force of the punch. Steve puked, and collapsed on the ground coughing. Desmond, grabbed Lumi's hand and pulled her outside and the ran for a few streets until Lumi stopped, panting. “Thanks, I don't know what the hell that jackass was thinking,” Lumi said, her speach slowed, clearly to try and mask her drunkeness. She stumbled forward and Desmond caught her as she started crying.

“Hey, hey, now c'mon it's all over now. Let's head home, nothing bad happened. At least you didn't get too far into a relationship with that guy.” Desmond said as she cried into his shoulder. He pulled out his smart phone and got directions to Mary's address, and they started to walk home.

“I'm really sorry you had to get in the middle of that, Desmond. We usually fuck at every chance we get, but I just wasn't into it tonight. Maybe I drank too much I just felt like I wasn't into it... I don't know.” Wel I guess that answers that question, Desmond thought. “Probably not your best experience at a party hey?” She said as she sniffed and laughed softly.

“Haha well, it, uh, could have gone worse right?” Desmond said, not mentioning the fact he'd gotten blown by her friend. That could come later, right now he figured it was all about getting Lumi home. She leaned heavily on me as we stumbled home, she rambled about the party and other things.

“Know what's really weird? Had you not left for boarding school, I don't know why you did, we would have grown up at the same school. Your friends would be my friends, and we would have known each other for years. Isn't that weird?” She said stopping and looking Desmond right in the eyes. He stared back, taken again with just how beautiful this girl really was.

“Yeah, well, life throws your change and you do your best to deal with it. I guess that's one way to look at it. But because we didn't, we get to have a great time this summer getting to know each other before I go off to learn how to steal souls.” He said laughing. She laughed too and then wrapped her arm around his body, exactly as Lauryn had, and Desmond started to stiffen up again. He shook his head, he'd just stopped this girl from having sex forced on him, mind out of the gutter! Yet as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder protectively, he coudln't help but take in her amazing smell and feel how good she fit into this embrace. As they got home, she pulled a key out of her purse, and they slipped in the door. He helped her up the stairs and then said said good night and turned around. She grabbed his arm and spun him around

“When I said I was sorry, I meant it. But I also mean that I'm really thankful you did what you did. I might have been raped if you hadn't stepped in. I...I'm just, thank you.” She said fighting back tears, she kissed Desmond on the cheek and smiled at the shock on his face. “What, it's not like we're blood relatives, a kiss as a friend is nothing. Now go, and don't wake anyone up,” she said with that glint in her eye again.

Desmond went down stairs, still trying to come to terms with what had happened tonight. At his first party, real party, ever, he had gotten an amazing blowjob, got in a fight and now he just got a kiss from the most gorgeous girl he'd ever met. Maybe this summer will not be entirely boring, he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Okay, so I realize it was super long, I kinda got caught up in the character of Desmond. My bad. Any ways, any input would be greatly appreciated, and I hope the formatting isn't too bad. I promise there will be more sex in the next part. Like I said, first time ever writing fiction, hope its enjoy able!

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