Alicia's Story

Alicia King stared out the car window watching everything go past, She wondered how long it would take getting used to this new town, she hoped she would make friends quickly but was kind of scared about it. Alicia’s father had decided they were moving away from their old home in Sydney, Australia all the way to Brisbane, it was to do with his job which now involved moving around, he had also said he didn’t know how long they would be in Brisbane but he couldn’t promise they would stay.

Alicia was a single child aged 17, she lived with her dad, her mother had died when she was about 3 years old making it really tough for her dad to hold a job that brought in enough cash to provide for them. Alicia never had any trouble making friends before she had made lots of friends back home most she had made really young but she didn’t think she had much to worry about here either.

Alicia was quite tall for her age with a curvy figure and long legs, her eyes a nice light green with a small pert nose setting off her pretty face accompanied by shoulder length light brown hair. Alicia had been with a few boyfriends but none worked out plus her father was very strict as far as boys went but all in all Alicia was happy but things were going to change just a little bit now. The car came to a stop and her dad told her they were stopping for a short break.

Alicia got out of the car and stretched her legs a bit telling her father she would take a short walk. The area they had stopped at was an ocean side boardwalk Alicia liked the feeling of the wind rushing through her hair and cooling her face, they had been in the car a good 4 hours and it was nice to get out for a bit. Alicia was walking along the boardwalk looking out over the ocean and thinking about different things like her new home and the new school she would be attending.

Alicia would start at her new School the day after they arrived which was tomorrow so she didn’t have much time left before starting. As she was walking there was a table with seats either side of it Alicia sat down and continued looking out over the water. Some time later she heard a crash behind her, she looked over her shoulder quickly, taken slightly by surprise. “Sorry.” Said a boy getting up from the ground and dusting himself off.

“Are you alright?” asked Alicia watching him pick up what looked like a skateboard. “Yeah I’m fine.” Replied the boy looking over himself to see if he had any cuts on him. Alicia looked over his shoulder and sore there was a skate park back there, “So, I’m Jason.” Said the skater “hey I’m Alicia.” She replied “so what ya doin here.” Asked Jason getting ready to skate again “not much, said Alicia “just checking out the view” “ok said Jason “see ya round” “see ya.” Replied Alicia.

Jason smiled and waved goodbye then left, Alicia stood up and went back to the car joining her dad who was already in it waiting for her Alicia got in and they continued their journey. That night they slept at a hotel and left early that morning making sure they got a good start. They arrived in Brisbane about lunch time, the place they were going to stay had already been fixed up all they had to do was get the keys from the real estate agent.

They soon picked up the keys and shortly arrived at the house they were staying in, Alicia got out of the car and took a glance at the house, it was quite large a two story house with a veranda at the front and a garden with a gravel drive. Her dad gave her the keys and asked her to open the door for him, Alicia walked up to the front door taking a look through the window, it was dark inside so she couldn’t make out much she put the key in the lock twisted it sideways easily pushing it open.

The door opened and Alicia walked in having trouble adjusting to the darkness at first but soon found the light switch, turning it on and lighting up what looked like the lounge room, she decided to look around checking out the first floor, there was a kitchen left of the lounge room which faced the front door, to the right was a study room which also had a bathroom in it. Beside the study were the stairs, which lead to the bedrooms, main bathroom and attic.

That night they ate in front of the TV then both deciding to go to bed early. Alicia slept all night waking up at about 7:30am her father was already down stairs preparing breakfast “hey kiddo how’d you sleep” “fine” said Alicia getting a bowl and having some breakfast. An hour later she was on her way to school getting dropped off by her father, she waved goodbye, sighed then went though the doors into the main hall. She walked up a hall until she came to a door that said Office, so she knocked on the door waited for a voice then went in.

Alicia coughed, a lady with her head buried in a book looked up a little startled, “yes” said the lady slightly annoyed. “I’m Alicia King I’m supposed to be starting here today.” Said Alicia. “Hmm Alicia King, let me see if I have you down here.” Said the lady looking in a book turning paged rapidly, “oh yes, she said, “you’re the student from Sydney.” “That’s right,” said Alicia relieved “yes you are in class 10E.” said the lady pointing to the left, “just follow the signs and you will find it no worries.” Thanks said Alicia turning and leaving, the lady going back to her book.

Alicia followed the signs and soon found where she was meant to go, she entered the room, inside was a class of students most of them writing in or reading books of some kind, some up the back were mucking around. ‘Ah you must be Alicia king.” Said the teacher at the front of the class. Alicia nodded “yes please take a seat, everyone this is Alicia King please make her feel welcome.” Alicia walked over to the first seat she found and sat down.

Alicia unpacked her bag and placed all her things on the table, beside to the left was a girl with short brown hair frizzed at the top. “Hi I’m Kate” “hey I’m Alicia nice to meet you.” Said Alicia happy someone was talking to her so soon. Alicia looked around the room, a mixed bunch of kids, an even ratio of boys and girls, most of the boys were up the back but some were just behind her. Alicia noticed some were looking at her and talking in their buddy’s ear.

Kate patted her on the shoulder and showed Alicia her book, “this is what we’ve been learning this week, Alicia thanked her and began reading Kate’s book. The day went fast and soon the lunch bell rang, “you should sit with us.” Said Kate as she and Alicia were leaving the hall. “Thanks, said Alicia I would like that.” Kate introduced Alicia to some other girls in the lunch break Alicia quickly getting to know them, she realised she didn’t have anything to worry about.

By the end of the day Alicia had met many people and even made some friends. On her way to the front gate a boy even approached her. “Hi you’re the new girl right? “Yeah I’m Alicia,” she said “nice to meet you I’m Troy.” Alicia thanked him then told him her dad was waiting for her and left to get in the car.

That night Alicia thought about the day and thought how stupid she had been worrying about everything. The next day she had a couple of classes including gym, where she got a lot of looks from the guys. Alicia wasn’t the best looker in the world but her pretty face and nice body earned her plenty of compliments and she noticed some Looks of envy from some of the other girls as well. When gym was over and she changed back into normal clothes quite a lot of girls spoke to her telling her to watch the boys, she thanked them.

On the last class of the day she noticed a student walk into the room she hadn’t seen around before but was sure she had seen him somewhere else then she realised it was Jason the kid who fell of his skateboard. Jason sat by himself most of the class and didn’t talk to many people and Alicia noticed some of the boys in the back throwing things at him. As Alicia was heading home she heard a noise coming from the back of one of the buildings.

Alicia looked around the corned, a group of about 4 boys were pushing another around and they eventually him them to the ground, Alicia sore the boys face, it was Jason they were pushing, Jason kept trying to get up only to be pushed or kicked back to the ground, Then after about 5 minutes of this the group picked him off his feet and one of them punched him straight in the head sending Jason to the ground. The boys laughed for a bit one kicking Jason then they left.

Alicia waited a minute or so then went over to where Jason was; he was on his stomach so she turned him over to his back. Jason coughed; some blood trickled out of his mouth. “Jason are you alright? Asked Alicia knowing it was a rather stupid question. Jason groaned then nodded his head, Alicia helped him sit up, Jason took some breaths then stood up.

Jason shook his head, wiped the blood from his mouth then looked at Alicia, “whoa it’s you, what are you doing here? He asked realising who she was. “I just moved here what about you” she asked, “Same thing I just arrived today my mom thought it would be good if I got an early start, great idea huh.” Said Jason feeling his jaw.
“Are you going to be ok? Asked Alicia “yeah I had better get home.” “Why did they do that to you? She Asked “dunno they were paying me out in class I said some things back they didn’t like so they decided to beat me up.’

“You better watch them,” said Alicia concerned “don’t worry about me.” Said Jason “I can handle myself.” Alicia nodded her head said goodbye then headed to the front.
The weekend came and went pretty quick, Alicia spent most of it watching TV or listening to music, she got a call from Kate but that was only to know if she needed any help with work.

The next day at school Alicia sore Jason being heckled by more boys she wanted to help but he did say he could handle himself so she decided to let him. That day Troy came up to her and asked her if she wanted to go out sometime, Alicia said she would think about it but she liked Troy even though she didn’t know him that well. That Afternoon she noticed Jason skating near the school entrance. “How you going” she asked “not bad said Jason concentrating on his boarding but eventually giving up.

Jason gave up and walked over to Alicia. She instantly noticed blood on his shirt, “they hit you again” said Alicia “yeah I was outnumbered.” Said Jason looking at his shirt. “When are you going to tell some one about this? Said Alicia.
“What would be the point of that? Said Jason getting frustrated, “So it stops, said Alicia “you have to let the school know about it.” “Since when were you my mother“ Snapped Jason, Alicia looked at him for a second then stood up and left.
Jason sighed but decided to let her go.

The next few days went pretty quick and Friday came around, Alicia hadn’t seen Jason for most of the week. As she was about to join her dad in the car Troy came up to her “so have you thought anymore about going out sometime? He asked Alicia thought for a minute then said Yes “sure I would like that.” “Great!! Replied Troy “so ill give you a call tonight.” Alicia nodded then said goodbye. On the way home Alicia thought about what she had done, she figured it was time to get on with it and meet some guys.

Troy rang about 8:00 that night and asked if she wanted to see a movie, Alicia agreed and they decided to go out Saturday night. Alicia told her dad she was going out with some girls friends she thought it was better he didn’t know about Troy just yet. That night she wondered what to wear; she hadn’t done this for a while but she ended up wearing a nice skirt and a short-sleeved top. She waited outside until troy arrived.

Troy and Alicia had a fun night, Troy buying her everything and paying for her ticket. Alicia enjoyed the movie, halfway through feeling Troy’s hand on her thigh at first she didn’t mind but soon his hand drifted higher up her skirt. Alicia put her hand on his trying to hold him off “I don’t know if I’m ready for this.” She whispered but he simply kissed her forehead and continued to move his hand toward her crotch. Alicia decided to let him after all it had been a while.

Alicia felt his fingers begin to rub her pussy through her panties; he continued to rub with three or four fingers, Alicia feeling something she hadn’t felt for a long time.
Soon her panties were becoming slightly wet just a hint, then troy slipped a finger between the lining of her panties and inserted a finger into her moist pussy. Alicia began to breath deeply and a grin appeared on her face a grin of pleasure. Troy continued every couple of minuted adding another finger and pushing them deeper into her then beginning to rub in a circular motion.

Alicia began to shiver a bit and even shudder a couple of times, and then letting out a slight moan, which prompted a stern quiet from someone in the audience. Troy now had three fingers inside her and began pinching her clit turning Alicia on even more, and soon she came in her seat completely wetting her panties and letting out a gasp.
She got up and quickly left the theatre going into the women’s bathroom to clean herself up, she washed her face, fixed her hair and went back out.

Troy was waiting for her outside the bathrooms “you wanna go? Asked troy “yeah ok” said Alicia kind of embarrassed. As they were about to leave Troy put his arm around her hip, Alicia wanted to go home it was getting late as they were exiting the cinema Jason bumped into them “oh hi Alicia” said Jason in a gruff voice Alicia returned the hi as they walked past. “You know that dweeb,” said Troy “kind of” said Alicia.

Alicia turned her head as they were walking out seeing Jason was obviously upset about something. Troy was driving Alicia home when he said “let’s get a drink” Alicia didn’t really want to in fact she wasn’t sure if she even liked troy anymore.
Troy ended up convincing her, they walked into the bar and troy ordered them some drinks. As the night went on Troy became increasingly drunk, his voice slurred and his eyes bloodshot.

Alicia told Troy she wanted to go home, he put agreed and they left “um how are you going to drive? Said Alicia “don’t worry babe nothing I’ll happen.” Alicia didn’t want to get in but she also wanted to get home so she decided to take her chances.
When they had both got in troy looked at her “let’s have some fun,” he said “what? Said Alicia kind of concerned. “Come on babe you owe it to me, I gave you some in the movie now you give me some.’

“Look Troy, you’re a nice guy but I’m not doing anything with you.” Said Alicia knowing what troy wanted. Troy suddenly got annoyed and placed a hand on her arm “look you’re going home until you do this” said troy “get off me said Alicia starting to struggle. Troy lunged at her grabbing her and pulling her into him trying to remove her top. Alicia tried to push him away but was not getting very far, Troy then grabbed her left breast through her top prompting Alicia to slap him.

Troy frowned pushed her back and swiftly backhanded her smacking her in the face “get the hell out bitch!!” said Troy, Alicia opened the car door only to be pushed out by Troy, the car driving off leaving Alicia with a slightly torn top and a red mark on her face. Alicia had dropped her stuff on the ground so she sat on her knees picking it
Up. Tears began to well in her eyes she had no idea how she would get home, she stood up and walked around a bit until she found a bench to sit down on.

Alicia looked at her watch it was 1:00am and she was getting worried, a voice came from behind “Alicia is that you?” Alicia turned to see Jason walk up to her. “Jason, What are you doing her? “I’m on my way home what are you doing?” “I don’t know,” said Alicia “I thought I was going to have a fun night but it turned out horrible.” Jason noticed the mark on her face “did he hit you?” Alicia nodded “he wanted to do something I didn’t and so he kicked me out of his car and left me here.

Jason then noticed her damaged clothes, “I’m sorry, said Jason putting out a hand and placing his hand in hers. “Come on my mom is waiting for me we’ll drop you off home. “Alicia smiled and thanked him, on the way home Alicia studied Jason.

A stout thin kid, with lanky arms, he had a nice face with dark brown eyes, small ears and short black hair. He was a good kid and was probably the same age as her, she was grateful she had met him on their way to Brisbane. Alicia was dropped outside her driveway about 1:30 in the morning, she snuck up the stairs and crawled into her bed, this was the last time she would go out with a boy that late at night. Alicia thought for a minute, she wondered what she ever sore in Troy, he was very cute, but she didn’t know him that well, she promised herself she would never do that again.

The next morning was Sunday Alicia spent most of it relaxing, her father telling her she should call him if she knew she would be out late, Alicia apologised but was grateful she wasn’t in more trouble, The next week of school Alicia had do an assignment with another member of her class, at first it looked like she would get Kate which she was happy about but at the last minute it was changed to Jason.

Alicia wanted to talk to Jason about the assignment after school but was interrupted by troy. “I’m sorry about the other night I wasn’t myself please give me another chance.” Alicia just frowned, “you ripped my clothes, hit me and then left me there with no way of getting home, so no said Alicia you can go to hell.” Alicia left Troy stranding there, she met up with Jason and asked if she would like to come over to her place so they could get some ideas for their assignment, Jason agreed and said he would come over in the afternoon.

That afternoon Alicia found a note on the table from her dad telling her he would be working late and dinner was in the oven. Jason arrived around 4:00 and they got to work. At 5:00 they took break. “Want something to eat?” asked Alicia “no thanks” said Jason with the end of his pencil in his mouth. After a while the two got talking and eventually the topic of boyfriends came up. “So I guess you have tonnes of guy friends in Sydney huh?” said Jason “a few” said Alicia “how about you?” “Not many said Jason a couple here and there but nothing serious.

The two got back to work and by 5:30 both were getting bored, Jason looked at Alicia, she was busy reading, she had gorgeous eyes the kind that seemed to sparkle like a green sapphire and when she smiled her face lit up. Jason turned his attention back to his book suddenly the pencil he was using was pulled from his hands. “Hey give it back,” said Jason in protest “ya gotta catch me first.” Said Alicia with a grin on her face and running toward the stairs “I’ll catch you alright.” said Jason chasing her.

The two ran around the house for a minute until Jason finally caught up to her in the lounge room and wrestling her until they both fell onto the couch Alicia landing on Jason. Both looking into each other’s eyes for a minute, then getting up off the couch.
“Well I better go.” Said Jason realising something regrettable could happen if they continued. “Ok well catch up tomorrow,” said Alicia “ok see ya then.” Jason packed up his things then left waving goodbye.

The next few days Jason and Alicia did most of their assignment in class, Alicia would be hit on by more boys and Jason was still picked on, troy even tried again with Alicia but Alicia turning him down again. That Friday night Alicia’s dad was working late again so Jason came over again. They worked most of the afternoon and even into some of the night, both enjoying each other’s company. Alicia watched Jason while he worked realising she was starting to like him a lot.

“Hey could I use the bathroom.” Asked Jason “sure but you will have to use the upstairs one, the study’s doesn’t work.” Jason disappeared upstairs; Alicia looked around and noticed she had forgotten a book she needed so she went up to her room to get it. Alicia found the book on her table and was looking through it when Jason came in “whoa nice room, mine’s this small thing.” Alicia showed him her things Jason seemed interested.

“So let’s finish what we started.” Said Jason going to leave the room, Alicia grabbed his arm and held his hand. “You know Jason I haven’t been with a boy for a long time but know I see you and you the nicest person I have ever met.” Jason looked at her placing his hand in her’s. “So I want you to know that,” said Alicia placing her other hand on his shoulder. “You sure you want to do this?” asked Jason “yes” said Alicia slowly guiding him toward her bed.

Jason placed his hand on the side of her face massaging her ear; Alicia pulled him into her and kissed him softly, Jason placing both his hands on her sides, kissing her. Alicia loved the feeling of his hands on her body, Jason then moved his hands up her arms then to her shoulders slowly pushing until they both fell onto her bad. The two locked in an embrace together.

Alicia was taken with the moment grabbing Jason’s shirt and lifting it up over his arms, Jason running his hands through her hair as Alicia began to kiss his chest and stomach. Jason then moves his hands down to her lower back and slowly pulled her top over her head then throwing it on the ground. Alicia moving up Jason’s body kissing his neck Jason returning them kissing her neck and shoulder even biting lightly on the nape of her neck.

Alicia removed her bra, releasing her pert breasts Jason immediately cupping the mounds of flesh in his hands, the two continued to kiss each other passionately, both realizing they had been waiting their whole lives for each other. Jason the sat up, Alicia wrapping her arms around him as he took her on his both now sitting on the bed in a tight embrace. Jason slowly moved his hands down her body tickling her tummy as he then began to remove the skirt Alicia was wearing letting it too drop to the floor.

Jason looked Alicia in the eye “are you sure about this?” “Yes, she replied I am ready.” As she moved her hands down and began to undo Jason’s jeans, Jason grabbed her by the hip and lifted her up so she was on her knees then quickly sliding her silky panties down her thighs and then down her long legs. Alicia now completely naked Jason then placing one hand on her back the other on the back of her head then slowly lowering her down onto the bed so she was on her back, both now naked, “are you ready?” asked Jason staring into her eyes, “yes” said Alicia starting to breath deeply.

Jason took his cock in his hand slowly guiding it toward Alicia’s pussy, Alicia felt the head of Jason’s penis at the entrance of her pussy, just splitting the lips of it slightly “do it” she sighed Jason heaved and then he was inside her, Alicia moaned as she felt hi enter her the walls of her vagina split open by his throbbing cock. Jason pulled her upper body up to him so they were once again in an embrace his cock going deeper into her, Alicia in turn wrapping her legs around Jason’s waist and squeezing him into her.

Jason now began thrusting into her, Alicia letting out great moans of pleasure as the two made love on her bed, Jason using his hand to explore her body, squeezing her breasts and even pinching her nipples. Alicia biting her lower lip and letting out more moans. Jason then lowered his head and began softly biting Alicia’s erect nipples this causing Goosebumps to form on Alicia’s body and causing her to shiver in pleasure. The two locked in a hot sweaty embrace.

Alicia felt herself getting all hot and flushed as Jason thrusted into her, she loved the feeling of him inside her and then started matching Jason’s thrust’s with her own the two humping in unison, Alicia pulling him tight against her as she experienced her first orgasm feeling it explode within her, her breaths deepening her body coated in sweat, her hair knotted with sweat as well. Jason looked ready to cum too but decided to pull out but blowing his load most of which landed on the bed.

Alicia and Jason lay next to each other on the bed, both breathing deeply and looking into each other’s eyes. Alicia got up “where are you going? Asked Jason “to have a shower.” Said Alicia “wanna join me” Jason got off the bed and followed her to the bathroom. Alicia turning the tap and soon water cascaded down on them as they once again came together, The two sharing a deep kiss then Jason grabbed a cloth and soaped it up, then rubbing it all over Alicia’s young body rubbing it over her cunt and thigh’s, then replacing the cloth with his mouth.

He slowly inserted his tongue into her, while rubbing her tummy with his soapy hands. Alicia taking the cloth and soaping herself up then raising her leg giving him greater access. The two took turns pleasuring each other for the next half hour even having sex two more times ending it with a long kiss and then getting out of the shower and dressing.

Jason and Alicia went downstairs and packed up all the stuff, Jason decided he better go, As he was leaving they kissed once again, Jason saying “you were Amazing” Alicia smiling and kissing him goodbye. For the next few weeks Alicia and Jason got very close, seeing each other more and more Alicia fell in love with Jason and realised he was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. They would continue getting together at his house and exploring each other’s sexual desires. And soon the word around School was they were together.

Alicia arrived one day ready for a normal day, Jason wasn’t anywhere to be found, Alicia joined her friends for lunch, Kate asking if she wanted to come to a party on the weekend saying Troy would be there. Alicia thanked her but said no, “why not?” asked Kate “I don’t want too.” Said Alicia “you don’t know what your missing out on.” Sarah just laughed and asked if she had seen Jason at all. “Sorry haven’t seen him all day.”

When Alicia got home that afternoon her father was home “hey dad how was work?” “Not bad, but I got some news you might not like.” “Like what?” asked Alicia “they have asked me to relocate to another place.” “Where?” said Alicia “Melbourne”
“What, why there?” “That’s where they want me, you know what the deal is.”

“Well I don’t want to go.” Said Alicia “honey we have too, there’s nothing else we can do.” “Well I’m staying,” said Alicia leaving the room, her father sighing.
The next morning Alicia went for a walk, she eventually found Jason at a skate park, when he sore her he came over “hey how ya doin.” Said Jason hugging her, Alicia hugged him tight “whoa what’s wrong” “my dad just told me he has to go to Melbourne for work.” “Damn” said Jason “there’s no way around it, I guess he will want to go as soon as he can.”

Jason hugged her again as she began to cry, “it’ll be ok” said Jason “well work something out.” The two went back to his house. “You know my mom is at work.” Alicia quickly grabbed his hand and they headed to his bedroom.
Once inside Alicia locked the door, the two quickly undressed and Alicia pushed Jason onto his bed. The two ready to make love once again knowing this could be their last time together.

Alicia crawled onto the bed like a tiger, then lowering her pussy down onto Jason’s hard cock then humping up and down on it. At first gyrating her lower body on his cock then wildly humping it again, Alicia then began rubbing Jason’s chest and stomach with her hands then lowering her head and licking Jason’s chest. Then Alicia got off Jason and moved her head down to his crotch and took his cock into her mouth sucking on it lovingly.

Alicia began cupping and massaging his balls with her hands causing Jason to groan and even raise his ass off the bed pushing his cock further up Alicia’s throat, she didn’t care all she wanted to do was remember this for a long time. It didn’t take long before Jason came in her mouth flooding it with his cum, Alicia lapping it up. Suddenly Jason grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her down on to the bed roughly, then pulling her thighs wide and shoving his throbbing wet cock into her.

This was a much more passionate session this time round as the two went for all they were worth. The two kissing and mauling each other, Jason drove into her again as he entered her, Alicia with her hands tightly wrapped around his waist. And soon enough Alicia came in torrents and experiencing orgasm after orgasm. The two spent most of the day making love until it reached 4:00pm. “I had better go,” said Alicia a bit sad “I’ll see you again said Jason.” Then pulling her into him and kissing her deeply, Alicia returned it then left.

When Alicia got home her dad told her they would leave in three days giving her sometime to say goodbye to everyone she knew. When she arrived at school the next day she told Kate and the others what was happening, they all wished her good luck. Alicia hoped Jason would be around but couldn’t find him by the end of the day she was quite concerned. Troy and some friends came up to her as she was waiting for her dad. “I heard about you and Jason.” “So” replied Alicia “so what is it about him that is better than me?” Said Troy forcefully.

“You’re just not my type,” said Alicia not wanting to talk about it. “Whatever.” Said Troy “you just tell him to watch himself.” Troy and the other boys left. That night Alicia rang Jason’s house, his mom picked up, when she asked where he was she told her he had gone to the skate park, Alicia decided to go there and talk to him. Alicia put on some warm clothes and headed to the park she thought he would be at.

As Alicia arrived she heard a noise, she quickened her pace and noticed that there were a group of boys there, she decided to wait back and watch them. She then noticed one of the boys there was one that hung around with Troy and after a minute she recognised Troy as well. They were arguing with someone then she saw who, it was Jason. They were pushing him around “you stay away from her ok dickhead! She doesn’t want a loser like you in her life.” Jason was pushed to the ground “so just watch yourself.

“Make me.” Said Jason getting up Troy turned “what was that?” “Make Me,” repeated Jason. Troy pushed Jason hard sending him back into a pole, Jason went to push him back but was stopped by one of the others then in turn punched in the jaw by Troy, Jason went down. Troy kicked Jason in the stomach hard, winding Jason. Troy went to kick him again but was interrupted by Alicia “stop it!” she shouted “leave him alone’

Troy stood his ground “get out of here, this is between us.” Alicia kneeled down beside Jason “just get out of here you idiot.” Said Alicia to Troy “what did you call me?” said Troy getting angry “did you just call me an idiot.” “Who the hell do you think you are talking to huh bitch?” Said Troy grabbing Alicia and picking her to her feet. “Let go of me!” shouted Alicia as she struggled against him. Troy chuckled then slapped her sending her to ground. Troy picked her up off the ground Alicia biting his hand causing Troy to howl in pain, then Alicia kicked him in the leg and tried to get out of his grip, but one of the others grabbed her and held her.

I’m ganna enjoy this said Troy as he placed his hand on Alicia’s crotch groping her through her nightclothes. Then placing a hand on her throat, Jason got up suddenly
Troy turned but was too slow, Jason punching him right in the side of the face, and then following with another blow to the stomach and a final punch to his jaw sending Troy crashing to the ground. One of the other boys then pulling a knife from his pocket and pointed it at Alicia.

“What are you doing?” said Jason looking at him “Just get out of here or she will lose all that beautiful hair of hers.” Alicia struggled in his grip but the boy was too strong. Troy got up suddenly and pushed Jason from behind Jason went falling into Alicia then fell to the ground. Alicia looked down and noticed blood on her top; the boy let her go she could see blood on his hands. Alicia looked down at Jason a pool of blood was forming beside him.

The group of boys backed away from him, Alicia knelt beside Jason a lot of blood was coming from his stomach. Jason was gasping and struggling to breath, Alicia began to cry and clutched his hand. Jason looked her in the eyes a single tear sliding down his cheek and then nothing, no blinking or breathing Jason died in Alicia’s hands. An ambulance arrived 10 minutes later, Alicia going home much later that night.

The funeral was a few days later, Alicia and her father attended as well as most of the school. The boy who had stabbed him ended up getting 2 years in jail a very light sentence but it was decided Jason’s death was not murder. Alicia and her father left Brisbane the next day and began their next journey;

Alicia King stared out the car window watching everything go past, She would always remember Jason, his memory would live on in her mind as the one she first experienced true love with.

And as for the next one, well who knows what's waiting at the next stop.

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Finding Master

Finding Master Part One We met online, as so many people do these days. It was an adult social site, and it was where I defined my online persona and let myself cut loose finally from hiding my sexual preferences. It amazed me that there were so many men looking for a woman like me, but I was also stunned to find as I spoke with many of them that they had no clue how to correctly handle me. The man named Wolf, with the long dark hair, full beard, and bright jade green eyes knew just the right way to...


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Nurse Mom - Chapter 9 - Mom joins in with Aunt Pam

I turned my head to see Mom sitting in the arm chair over in the corner. Pam snapped her head around and froze when she saw Mom there, completely naked and touching herself. Mom had a big smile on her face and said that she just couldn't help herself as she continued to run her fingers over her kitten. Pam started to panic and tried to get up off of me, but I held a firm grip on her wide hips and just held her down, planted on my cock. She couldn't say a word, she simply blushed as I started...


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College Town – Part 4 – Mean Teens

Adam could barely look at Jess who was sitting on the bed covered in another man's cum. He sat on the edge of the bed wondering why he hadn't yet fled the room as big white blobs of Jason's juice rolled off of his girlfriend's forehead, down the sides of her nose, and into her left eye. He wasn't quite sure whether or not his girlfriend had intended to humiliate him or if she had just been caught up in the moment and said and done things she shouldn't have. His thoughts were interrupted as she spoke up. “Lay back. ”...


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A summer with my stepsister Mary, part 2

It seemed like it took forever for my Stepmom to leave, but when she finally did, we both looked at each other and Mary gave me the cutest grin, asking if I was ready to finish putting that lotion on. We went outside and she took her top off slowly, shyly, as if she was embarrassed by the small size of her tits. To me they looked like perfection, small, pointy, with tiny rose-colored nipples that stuck out. I told her that they were beautiful, at which she smiled a big smile and laid down on the chair, again on her...


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Lucky dog Ch5: Finishing off Tammy

Lucky dog Ch5: Finishing off Tammy Tammy came out of her bathroom wrapped in a towel. She had wiped most of the blood and cum off of her body. She had lost her favorite game. She was just going to have to fuck the first guy that she came across and stick with him for a while. Perhaps she would take her friend's advice and find a reliable six incher. She sat at a chair in the kitchen with a glass of milk in front of her. The dog had been rough and brutal, but she thought that it was something...


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This is my first story so tell me what I should do better next time!! This is also a true story hope you enjoy it!! When I was 18 I was very much in the closet. Nobody in my school knew I was bisexual and the fact that all day I would day dream and fantasies about having a cock in my mouth. Before I tell you about the story let me tell you a little about myself. I am 18 5'7 140 and in athletic shape considering I wrestled; but that's a story for another time ;). Also I have...


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Four years after tuna fishing

It is now the winter of 2009 almost five years since our great fishing trip. You might have read my story about a tuna fishing trip where my wife was “sick” and stayed home and I took a couple friend of ours fishing. It was during that trip where she told me she had been wondering about my cock since or college days many years ago. The three of us ended up having some great sex on my boat out in the ocean. None of us ever talked about that day for almost five years, that is until today. It is...


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Fantasy Realized

FANTASY REALIZED She was in pain. She deserved it. She had been foolish, her desires had fogged her common sense and lead her to acting impulsively. She had met him online and even though from the start her instincts told her he could be dangerous but when he described how he would use her he excited her masochistic desire and she could not resist the temptation. So she had gone to where he had told her and then done what he told her to do. “ When you get there you will see a black van. Open the back doors, climb...


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