Gina was a married neighbor that had a white mother and a Portuguese father. She was mid thirties, 5’6” and a toned 145 lbs. Brown curly hair, brown eyes and dark olive skin. Besides Gina’s white smile, her best features were her small waist, big round ass and hints of a large bust. Gina didn’t mind wearing tight jeans but always wore floppy loose tops to hide what was there. The way she tried to hide them made me even more interested in finding out what she had.

Her husband was Dan. Dan was a small, middle aged, pot bellied, college professor and a very liberal arts minded guy. I always thought he was gay because of the weak hand shake and the way he looked at me. He is about 5’5” or so and I’m 6’4”. Dan would ignore Gina to the point of walking away while she was talking to him if I started to walk across the street toward them.

I, in fact, did walk over to them as they stood on their lawn. I wanted to make any excuse to get near Gina to figure her tits out. I complemented Dan on his lawn. Dan invited me to go on a Las Vegas ‘work’ trip with him this weekend. He said we could see the shows, play golf and party. No wives or girlfriends allowed. I wasn’t interested in the trip but interested in his absence.

He told me that Gina didn’t really like Las Vegas anyway. As he said this I could see her looking at me and shaking her head mouthing the words “He is lying” I took this opportunity to try another estimate on her cup size. Scanning the front of her chest for weight, mass, width and depth. I looked back up to see her staring me in the eyes. Now every man gets caught staring from time to time, Real men don’t get embarrassed. Real men acknowledge her looking and express a compliment like nodding downward toward her chest and smiling. As if to say ‘hey Gina damn nice rack!’

Gina moved over behind Dan and smiled back, trying to make eye contact. I looked at her and she mouthed the words ‘thank you’ and smiled. Dan was droning on about how little the trip would cost me and I could ride in his car. Gina moved back and forth behind her husband smiling and turning sideways to show her profile. They were large but I still could not put a cup size to her. Maybe a D, DD or even an E. I told him that it was too bad that I had to work this weekend. As I was stepping away I thought quick and said “If you need me to help with anything while he’s partying let me know.” Gina replied “Count on it.”

After I got settled into my evening the phone rang and it was Gina. “Hi. Did you mean it that you would help me if I needed it?” Gina asked in a soft tone. (I love it when a married woman sneaks into another room away from her husband and makes a secret call to talk to me. It’s just a phone call but it can set the tone for any future exchanges) “Well I just thought that you might be able to use a big man around your house.
Someone who is good with his hands and doesn’t mind getting sweaty or dirty.” I flirted. “I like the way you talk.” Gina said excitedly. “Well, do you think you might need me to help you with any heavy lifting? or you get into a tight spot and need me to help you spread it out? If you want to get yourself tied up with a big project I know the ropes. Don’t worry about my working this weekend. If you need me, we can work it in.” I flirted more. Gina said “TIED UP- I think- . Gotta go!” I heard Dan’s voice grow louder in the background. She was bored with her husband and the constant metro sexual life style. She longed to be a sexual object, to be involved in dangerous things, and live a little fuller life.

On Saturday Dan left at around 9am. Gina called about 5 minutes later. She asked what I was doing at 10. I told her that I’m available and asked if she wanted me to come over. She said she would like me there at 10 please. I asked “Are you going to be a good girl and not get out of line? Women that don’t have their husbands around sometimes misbehave.” “I’ll be good.” She whispered submissively. “Good, wear something pretty. It is hot today; those heavy baggy blouses are too hot.” I said. “Yes Sir. I better pick something out. Let’s see; something to wear to get tied up in a project. Bye.” she hung up. I thought Gina must be intrigued by the tying up and ropes tease. I’ll be sure to exploit that.

At five till I started across the street. I brought along my new compact camera. It is just a ‘point and shoot’ but it has 12 megs of pixels and really turns out nice photos. I was wearing a wife beater tank top (to show off my arms and chest) and cargo shorts. As I stepped into the street I saw the curtain move on their door. I knocked and Gina said “come in.” I walked into their house and saw Gina posed by the hallway. She had put on makeup with attention to her eyes. She had long black eye lashes and smoky shadowing. Her lips and nails were dark red. She wore a black short sleeved t-shirt that ended just above her red belt and black shorts. Her shoes were red tennis shoes with black laces.

I froze and stared hard at her chest. She was wearing a sports bra and it was doing a good job of smashing her tits to her chest. I estimated that she was a 36DD or 36E. Gina said “ah-hum. Hello, why do you always stare at me that way?” I walked over to her and said “I’ve been trying to estimate your bra size. I think you are a 36-“ as I talked I raised my right hand toward her chest. She didn’t pull away. “Yes? 36 what?” she asked. “36DD” I finished. “YES! Very good but my bras are getting a little tight. My breasts are still growing and um changing I guess.”

I reached out for the bottom of her t-shirt and took hold of the hem. I raised it upward and said “Let’s see how tight. This sports bra really mashes them.” Gina put her hands on mine but still did not pull away. “I don’t think you should do that. I’m married and it’s not right.” She whined. I smiled at her. We both knew she wanted me to look at her tits. She wanted more than me just looking. “Gina, don’t be a bad girl. You invited me over, you dressed yourself in this outfit, you are alone in your house with a man that is not your husband and you are talking to him about how big your tits are and how they are growing. Now you want to stop? I can go if you want.” I stated.

She dropped her hands and looked away. I raised her t-shirt above her head and said “Arms up.” Gina raised her arms above her head and I pulled off her top. “WOW, Gina. You shouldn’t hide these big girls from my eyes.” I smiled at her. She relaxed and smiled back. “They weren’t always this big. Dan says they are too big now and I should get a breast reduction.” She said. “NO! my god! He wants you carved up? What an asshole. He probably wants you to remove your tits and add a dick to fuck him with!” I shouted.

Gina laughed. She smiled and asked “want a drink or a snack. FOOD?” “oh, OK. Wasn’t sure what you were offering.” I replied smiling. Gina started to put the T-shirt back on but I stopped her. “Leave it off.” Gina smiled a mischievous grin and threw it on a chair. She walked into the kitchen and returned with two cold beers. We drank our beer and looked at each other. I started “Let’s get back to the big girls. You mentioned getting bigger and changing, How so?” Gina now felt again on the spot “just bigger. “ “So the cup size is expanding. Are they heavier?” I asked. “Yes” “Getting longer? Sort of pendulous? “

Gina looked down and nodded yes. I said “That is exciting. I’m into that.” Gina looked up surprised. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not just a boob man. I enjoy big round asses, nice legs, eyes, mouths and sexy shoes too.” Gina replied amused “So just about everything about a woman?” “Well I’m a dominant kind of guy. I like pretty sexy married women like you and I like to dominate them. Order them around. Spank them tie them up. Fuck them hard all kinds of ways and make them cum a lot. I take pictures of them to stroke to later and relive the experience. They all liked to see their own pictures.”

“That sounds exciting. You have to trust someone a lot to let them have something like that on them.” She said. “Blackmail? Why I’m already getting the pussy. I don’t need money. I like to fuck and I don’t need to get locked up with a bunch of dudes. I like it on the outside where the girls are.” “Internet?” She asked. “No. That could get back to the woman and then no more fun. Just for the memories. I want to live it up while I can. We all get old.” “Don’t I know it” She stated.

I stood and pulled Gina to her feet. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips for a kiss. I took out my camera and took her picture. “Hey! I thought you wanted a kiss” She said. I did not reply. I reached under her sports bra and flipped it up. Letting both huge milkers out into the open air. “Arms up” I said. Gina raised both arms and I pulled her sports bra off. I stood there with my married neighbor in her living room with her bra in my hands, inspecting her naked breasts.

Her breasts were huge. An E cup if there ever was one. Her nipples and areola were dark brown. The areolas were two and a half inches wide. The weight of the breast was impressive. They hung so low the bottom of the breast was below her elbows. They were narrower just slightly at the chest wall and expanded as they grew. I hefted them in my hands. Gina breathing fast stared at my hands as they pulled and prodded her tits. I dropped her right breast and used both hands on her left. I circled both hands around the base of it and formed a C with each hand. I squeezed it up thick and round. The areola expanded to two and three quarter’s inch. Gina was breathing fast and moaning softly.

I stretched the huge tit upward and aimed it at my mouth. Gina stood on her toes as I finally put her nipple in my hungry mouth. Gina moaned load and danced a little as I sucked hard. Gina stared at my mouth as I worked over her left tit. After a couple of minutes I bit into her areola and captured her nipple. I then let go of her breast and looked in her eyes as I stood there with her nipple caught in my teeth and her breast stretched upward and into my mouth. She stayed on her toes. Gina stared at my mouth with her jaw dropped open also. She closed her eyes and I released her nipple.

Her breast bounced back onto her chest and she looked like she was having an orgasm. I took several pictures of her, Cumming, topless, big round nipple wet and shiny in her living room. Her breathing slowed and I told her to bend over and let her tits hang free. She was still a little dazed and bent over from the waist. I told her to smile for the camera and she smiled bright as I took her picture.

Once her wits returned I told her to drop her shorts and panties and then get on her knees for cock sucking. She pushed down her shorts and panties in one motion. Her black public hair was thick and a little wild. I walked over and put my hand on it. She stopped moving and spread her legs a little for my hand. Her hair was shiny with juice around her crotch. I touched her labia and found a large erect clitoris sticking out. Large hard clits are rare and not to be ignored. I spread open her labia with my fingers and felt her clit slippery and hot. I massaged her clit slowly and then rather hard as she moaned and grabbed my arm to maintain her balance. Gina closed her eyes and yelled “Ohh Ohh God Oh I’m cumming!” her body went rigid and she turned her face toward the ceiling. Her pussy squirted juice out onto the floor.

Gina opened her eyes and said “No.” and stopped her squirting. She looked down like she had done something wrong. I told her “Good girl! I love how you squirted cum! We will do this again and I want you to squirt more.” Gina looked at me then smiled and asked “Really?” “I want you to suck my cock. Get on your knees.” Gina lowered herself to her knees.

I dropped my shorts and aimed my hard eight incher at her mouth. Gina looked at it and said “Oh, that’s nice!” I pushed my cock into her wide open mouth. I pushed to the back of her mouth and after a couple nudges I pushed into her throat. Her eyes flew wide open. When I bottomed out inside her throat her eyes locked on mine. I pulled out and let her get a breath then pushed it back inside. I put my hand on the top of her throat and felt my cock side into her. I stroked a few times into her and then pulled it out to let her breath. I took a few excellent pictures of her wide eyed face with my cock buried balls deep in her.

After a few minutes I was ejaculation ready. I pulled out and said “OPEN WIDE! Catch it all.” Gina stayed on her knees, nude in her living room in the afternoon. Waiting for her neighbor to shoot his sperm into her wide open mouth. As I shot I yelled “don’t swallow!” I spurted shot after shot into her open waiting mouth. After the last shot I took a few pictures of Gina looking at the camera with a big load of my white semen in her mouth covering her tongue. “OK now drink it.” Gina swallowed the load and posed for a clean tongue picture.

I pulled Gina up and told her it was time to use the pool. We kicked off our shoes and walked out to the pool. I jumped in and told her to not ruin her eye makeup. She could walk in from the shallow end. Her red lipstick was long gone on my cock. Gina stood next to me and looked into my eyes waiting for new orders. Gina’s tits floated toward me and I enjoyed the hell out of them. Pulling, squeezing and pushing them.

After Half an hour I told her it was time to dry off. She ran for towels and I allowed her to dry me. She paid attention to my cock and balls. My cock started getting hard again and I dried Gina then walked her into her living room again. I took a few pictures of her spread legged on her couch and touching her toes next to the front door. I told her to get her husband’s razor and some shaving cream from the bathroom.

She returned and I had her bend over the back of her couch. I lathered her labia and asshole. I shaved her snatch clean and smooth. I told her “A clean labia is a happy labia.” And further told her she is to now shave the lower part of her snatch all the time. She could leave hair on her Mons mound. She replied “Yes sir.”

While she was bent over I decide to give her a small spanking. I slapped her ass and told her she shouldn’t have tried to stop me raising her t-shirt. This is for being a bad girl. I spanked her beautiful round ass for five minutes and turned it pink. I pulled her cheeks open and played with her pussy for several minutes. Very slippery and shiny. I took my wet index finger and touched her anal opening.

Gina tensed up and I told her to relax and to not be bad. Gina put her head down and I slid my finger in and out of her asshole. I had her bend over the arm of Dan’s easy chair and lined my hard cock up with her vagina. As I pushed into her I slipped a thumb up her ass. I started to slam her pussy hard. I could feel my cock head bottoming on her cervix. Gina tried to look back over her shoulder while I fucked her and asked “I’m not……on the ……pill. Have you been …… snipped?” “No.” I replied. “Don’t…… cum in me,…… please.”

“OK” I lied and started to fuck her even harder. I plowed her open shaved pussy hard and fast. Gina started to orgasm. I could feel her cunt spasm. I felt her pussy squirting. This triggered my cum too and I yelled “I’m cumming. Want me to pull out?” Gina said “Oh God, ….No don’t stop…… Go ahead……..Cum in me.” I pushed in deep and let go. My cock shot squirt after squirt inside her married pussy. I came hard for over a minute. Gina’s pussy was full of my cum and when she finished her orgasm I just stayed deep in her. Her legs were in the air and my dick had been pumping almost straight down. Gina asked “can you let me up?” I pulled out but told her to stay in position. I took several pictures of her upturned ass, her feet and legs in the air, her tits on her neck and chin, to record the minute she got her baby started.

Gina got up and stretched her back. I handed her a towel but almost no semen came out. Gina started to look worried. “Don’t worry, I planted it pretty deep. It will be oozing out for a week.” Gina looked at my limp cock and said “God I came so hard. I haven’t ever cum that hard. That was great.”

I suggest a light dinner and after we ate I asked for a tour of the house. We ended up in the master bedroom and I saw Gina had some cords tying her curtains. I took the cords and told her to stand still while I tied her up. Gina smiled and watched as I looped the cord around the base of her left breast. I wound the rope three and then four times around the base causing the breast to balloon. I then did the same to her right breast. They were the size of small watermelons. Pink skin with the brown areolas blown out to three inches. I gathered all the pillows from all the bedrooms and piled them in the center of their bed. I had her lay on the pillows butt up and tied her hands to the feet of the bed. I then tied her legs spread wide open on the other side of the bed.

I spanked her ass for a couple minutes but then decide to spank her tits. I slapped her tits that were hanging next to her chin. The red round balls were tight and throbbing. Gina had tears in her eyes but never asked me to stop. Her tits were bruised slightly and I knew good ole Dan wouldn’t be seeing them for a while. I found Vaseline in the bathroom cabinet and returned to show it to her. Gina looked at it like she didn’t know what it was. I lubed her asshole and then felt for that huge clit.

As her clit was bumped by my searching fingers her legs jerked. Gina moaned and gasped as I rubbed her clit. No real need her pussy was wet as hell. I climbed up behind Gina and asked her what hole I should use. She didn’t answer. I slid into her vagina and slowly started working it in and out. I whispered into her ear “So you haven’t had a baby before?” “No and Dan is snipped. So I really cannot let you get me pregnant.” “Dan wouldn’t understand you showing me your tits and sucking me off. Or you cumming so hard all over my cock while there was a thumb up your ass. Why you let me spank you or why there was so much sperm inside your pussy and stomach that wasn’t his.” Gina started to push back on my cock. “Would he understand that his wife turned into a cock hungry slut the minute he left the house and let the neighbor tie up her tits and let her decide what hole to fuck, her pounded pussy or her tight asshole. Do you let him fuck you up the ass?”

“No one has ever put it into my butt. God you talk so nasty! It gets me hot. Are you gentle with ass fucking?” “we will see in a minute. First I want to fuck Dan’s wife’s pussy a little bit more.” Gina started to tense up. The degrading talk was making her cum. “Gina do you know why this is happening to you? It is because you are a dirty married slut. If you hadn’t married Dan you would be pulling trains on the silver screen. Big clitted girls with big asses and tits are made for only one thing. Do you know what that is? Do you?” Gina started her orgasm now. “To be fucked! I was made to be fucked!” She tensed and squirted juice on my balls. She came the hardest ever. A big puddle of her cum poured down the pillows and onto their bed.

I pulled my hard cock out of Dan’s wife and aimed the cock head at her brown hole. I pushed and waited and slowly pushed more. Her anus slowly allowed my hard cock inside. Gina was quite as I pushed my hard cock into her rectum. After getting two thirds of the way inside I stopped and waited again for her to adjust. “Dan wouldn’t understand this! His wife Gina tied up on his bed her pussy all stretched out and her anus packed with hard cock. Imagine if he walked in the door right now what he would see. His beautiful big titted wife tied up on his bed. Her tits tied tight looking like they are about to explode. Her asshole stretched open and getting fucked just like her cunt and mouth were earlier. Can you still taste my cum?”
Gina pushed back “Yes I can. Fuck me! Fuck my ass. It’s yours! Pound it, fuck it hard. Oh god I think I like getting my ass fucked. I’m such a slut.” In three more minutes she said “I’m cumming again! I’m CUMMING!!!” Gina tensed up and had her first anal orgasm. I shot my load up her ass right after that.

I untied her and we took a shower. The phone rang and it was Dan. I played with Gina’s bruised tits while she talked to her husband. It was 2AM and He just finished his training class. I sucked Gina’s sore swollen right nipple while she told him how bored she was and for him to hurry home. I got up and told Gina good night. I walked to the door. Gina looked surprised that I was leaving. “I’m right across the street if you need me. Call me tomorrow, what time does Dan return.” “He’ll be home around 6PM. Want me to call you to cum over?”

“Yes call me. I want to cum inside your pussy some more. You have the sweetest pussy and ass in town.” I said.

“OK” Gina smiled with her right hand touching her crotch.

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