"Mom!, Billy is Grabbing My Tits!"

"Mom!, Billy is Grabbing My Tits!"

“Mom!, Billy is Grabbing My Tits!”


Your such a fake Tina, you always threatened to do that, but you never did, because you liked it, didn’t you.


You were such a perv, but, of course I liked it. Wanting to have sex with your own brother was such a taboo thing, I had to fake resistance to keep you coming after me.

* Billy and Tina lay in Tina’s bed, all wrapped up together…. naked. Today they still have great hot sex together.

It started when they were young and Tina, the oldest, saw Billy with a hardon. She got her first sexual feelings for him, and ask him: “How come your ’thingy’ is sticking out Billy?” Billy at first was ready to tell her to get out of the bathroom…but looking at Tina in her night gown, she was the reason he had a hardon. Right then he let her look at it. He decided to pull a trick on her. He said: “Girls get hardons too.”

Tina laughed and said “They do not!” Billy said I’ll show you they do. Billy told her to sit down on the toilet seat, pull her nightgown up and spread her legs. She smiled….but slowly did it.

Billy’s thoughts….

Wow, she’s doing it and I get to see her pussy. I’ll get on my knees and get a close look at her pussy. This is so hot, I sure would like to fuck her pussy. Someday….maybe I’ll get the chance.

Tina’s thoughts….

I knew what he wanted….. to look at my pussy close for the first time. This was giving me great horny feelings, so naughty, so taboo but I didn’t care with mom and dad not home. What would it hurt to do a little looking and maybe a little touching? I scooted down to put my pussy right into his face. I thought….. what’cha gonna do now Billy?, hmmmmm….go on and look close….touch it ….I dare you….here comes his hands…damn I got hot tingles in my pussy….I’m loving this…I’ll scoot a little further down…wouldn’t ya like to lick it Billy?….go ahead and take a chance…it won’t bite you Billy…I love the way his eyes are looking at it….His warm hands are trembling a little on my legs. His hardon is rock hard looking now….here comes his finger…

“Right there, Tina. That little thing gets hard like a guy.” I said: “Where Billy, I can’t see down there…touch where your talking about.” He’s going to do it, right on my clit. He said: “You have to rub it to get it hard Tina.” I said: “Well rub it Billy and maybe I can see it.” I was getting just what I wanted him to do….good boy…keep that up. I gave out a little ’feel good’ moan, and started feeling my own tits.

He was so nervous but kept fingering me as I started breathing harder. I gasp and said: “I think your right, I can feel it maybe getting a little stiff. His face was only inches from my warm and wet pussy. I lifted my hips up to get it even closer. He grabbed his hardon, stood up and headed for his bedroom. He quick closed his door, and locked it.

I took my own finger and took over rubbing my clit. I knew he was in his bedroom jacking off, so I kept rubbing my pussy until I had a orgasm while he jacked off.

I went to his bedroom door and knocked. He said he was busy. I said: “I wanna see Billy, you got to see me.” He said: “No.” I said: “I think I have a little hardon now, take a look for me OK?” There was a pause and then I heard the door unlock.

It opened a crack and I pushed my way quickly in. Billy was holding a shirt of his hardon. I flopped down on his bed and pulled my nightgown up. I opened my legs wide and rubbed my clit. “See Billy, I think I have a ’girl hardon’.” Poor Billy’s face was in shock. There in front of him was my wet wide open pussy with my finger rubbing my clit. “Take a look Billy.” I said. He crawled on the bed in a daze, holding his hardon with the shirt over it.

That was the turning point. He tossed his shirt aside and got his face in my ready pussy. I watched as he got right to my pussy and started licking it. That was what I wanted. Damn his tongue felt good. I held his head and worked my pussy up and down on his tongue. I let him lick all he wanted. Slowly he began licking up and up my tummy as I moaned. He lifted my nightgown off and started in on my tits.

Both our hearts were pounding at this point. I felt his warm hardon on my leg, it felt awesome. I slowly pulled on him while rubbing his neck and back. Up he came and now his hardon was resting on my wet pussy. I reached down and guided it in my pussy. He and I went into action fast. I was uncomfortable at first but smoothed out quickly. I felt his butt cheeks as he pumped me fast and hard. I fucked with him as he began to moan in my ear. I loved hearing the slapping noise our bodies made fucking together. I jerked real hard and I felt it. Warm cum going in my pussy. I orgasmed like never before. We squirmed and moaned as we fucked ourselves out. I held him in me tight and loved to squirm on his hardon. He collapsed on me all steaming hot. We lay there gasping for air for a long time.

There is nothing like remembering our first time, right Billy?


Tina knew that story always got me going big time. I had my wet fingers in her sweet pussy now and quickly went down and started licking her pussy. Soon she turned so she could suck on my hardon. We only had about 20minutes left and we went for oral sex on each other. I knew just how to eat her to a climax, and she knew just how to make me cum big. We clamped up and raced to get what we wanted. She pushed her pussy hard into my face as she moaned at the impending climax she was going to have. I waited all I could and then I had a huge flood of cum shoot in her sweet mouth. We both moaned and pumped ourselves for all we had.

There was no woman like my sister for a super cum like this…

* Tina’s husband Brad and Billy’s wife Clair were leaving where they worked at the same place, and rode home together. Not knowing about what their husband and wife were doing at this very moment….

Brad’s van was a rock’in with Clair and him in the back. They were both having a steamy affair with each other as no one knew. His pants quickly dropped as his hands went up Clair’s blouse to feel her big tits. Clair raised her skirt and lowered her panties. They only had a short amount of time to grab the lust they felt so strong. The hot kisses, the feels of their bodies, the oh so ready hardon and wet pussy came together, in a rush to get what they both wanted. The slapping of their bodies and suppressed moans peaked in the pure enjoyment of a leg shaking, squirming climax and blasting of cum in her awaiting pussy. They were hooked on the excitement of sneaking good hot sex….

The night watchman…well…he just smiled, and looked the other way……

That evening they all had dinner together at Tina’s house. Sneaked feels, hot looks and the whispers were on…. planning their next hot meetings.

Once and a while the husbands and wife’s had sex with each other, but their minds were very secretly busy….thinking about…

....(someone else.)

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