Birthday Treat for Birthday Girl !

Birthday Treat for Birthday Girl !

The Birthday Treat

"...don't wear knickers on your birthday Gemma"
An exciting prospect, free and libertine!
"You got it" I said, whirling round in a spin.
"No, but you you will" she said dryly.
More cryptic comments.
I rose above it, not being sucked in.
my cunt responded in delight.
"uh" I said strolling onwards.
Just can't phase me, not near my birthday!

I looked around to make sure there was no problems, and then pulled-down and-off my panties,

over my shoes and stepped out of them, and quickly placed my panties in my bag.
No panties, yaay! I was exposed and vulnerable now and at any moment when off guard or not,

a guy might spy me and my cunt...making him lustful for me!
"Your not a virgin Gemma"
came the next dry talk.
My eyes looked over at her as she stood there all smug with a suppressed grin.
"She's had it up" catty says.
"lots of times"
"Gemma's a slut"
I sighed.
"yeh yeh girls, take it easy!" and I walked away.
..."we will." they called after me.
"you will!"
And I am soo not responding to that...
"Gemma needs dick up her"
oh fuck not this again!
What were these sex-crazed chicks like!!?
my bosom heaved and my mouth fell open, but no words came out.
I beamed a big grin.
"I do, yes" I said.
I was passed a note.
Ok I had a look at it.
'You are a Slut !
Sluts keep hush
or else!'
fuck! WTF?
"ok ok I get it. I keep hush, right!"
But what the fuck over?
Whos been raped this time?
Am I supposed to be in the know or something?
The lucky bitch. She didn't deserve it...
not as much as I do!!
"Hey its the Birthday Girl!"

one of the best orgasms I have had was when these girls I knew grabbed me and held me

against a wall and put a hand over my eyes. They held my arms and spread my legs open and

held them open.
Then they got a mystery guy to put his dick up inside my cunt and to fuck me!
and they told him to cum inside me as I wouldn't get pregnant ...
but it didn't matter to them if I did get knocked up!!
Because I would enjoy it.

fantastic sex.

then again I did a gang-bang with my guy and then he fisted me. That was multi-orgasmic


So it was
'Grab herr!!!'
the cry went up
? huh?
My arms were grabbed and I was marched off over to a wall.
'open her leggss!!'
'Yeh open her legs!'
'Open your legs...'
"You....want open my...legs???"
"erh yeh. just do it"
I opened my legs.
oh fuck! this was naughty!
I was breathless.
This was Extreme naughtiness and I was IT !
I knew this would be fun then.

"better cover her eyes"
"yeh cover her eyes"
"Earhh I'll do it!"
she put a hand over my eyes.
The world went dark....
so I panted and panicked a bit!
stamped my feet, clipp cloop went my shoes.
Now what was they doing?

I would find out soon enough.

I should have known with these scrubbers, hymen busters and general make her suck dickers.
dim but heaps of fun they were.

In the noise of myself and them I had not noticed him approach, but I fell quiet as I felt

his breath on my face!!
I could smell his maleness and hear his deep breaths!!
OMFG there was a guy here!
Between my legs up close to me!!
Who the fuck was he?

I opened my mouth but was unable to speak...
He touched me.
And the girls whispered away... our mutual passion raising a scent and aroma into the air.

"spread her legs for him!"
"yeh spread her legs for him!!! NOWW!!!!"
My ankles were held and pulled and I lifted a leg then the other to help them spread
Wow this was hot!
What would happen and would it be worth it all?

I hoped so.

I felt him against my cunt.

I was wet and hot.
This was outrageous and I loved it!
was he fingering me?
It went up me!
inside me, inside my cunt....

and up and up...
I let out an impassioned moan and began to cum and my legs wobbled
That was no finger.
It was cock.
flesh raw bone hard dick!
Shoved up my wet cunt, parting me open as he entered his dick up inside my pussy!

oh fuck yes!
This was Rape!
I burst into orgasms at the though!
Fantastic, I did so like a good rape...always have!

And the mystery man began fucking me.
He fucked with it dick up me and hands on my hips. I had no idea who he was....but it was

The other chicks thought so too, they were having orgasms too the bitches!

Fuck fuck fuck.
As I was held against the wall for him.
Legs held open and wobbly as I cum before him and for him.
fuck fuck fuck.

"Just do it up her!"
"yeh do it up her!!!!"
" oh fuck don't do it up her!!"
"yeh do it up her!! she's a slaag! she want's it"
"She might get pregnant so we shouldn't do this.."
"yeh we he should!"
"no she won't get pregnant because I have plotted her"
"cum in her! just do it"
"yeh do it! anyway"

I cum like fucking crazy!
I couldn't even think if she was right or wrong!
Which only made me cum more!

And of-course he fucked me fast to orgasm
and he cum
up inside me.

gush spurt spurt
groan and moan
so against the rules!
so fucking hot.

I was totally flooded with his cum.
who ever he was....

I never found out either...

Dick pulled out of my used cunt.
He walked away to liberty and freedom, a happy guy.

And there was light, the hand over my eyes removed.
My legs were released, and my arms as cum dripped out of my fucked cunt.

"wash her out?"
"yeh best had."
"I'll get a bottle of Fizz"
"I got one! coz ...we would need it...after doing her"
"so why bother?"
I glared at the bitch in question.

"right so Gem, we need to go to the ladies and wash you out, over the pisser."
"fun that is, makes you cum!"

And off we went to the cubicle, her shaking a bottle of fizzy drink.
Time for a cunt wash out!

Very sensible....

I felt like crying so I did but I told her I was ok.
Overwhelmed with emotions and racked by dazzling orgasms!
Normal things.

A great birthday treat for birthday girl !

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