Closet MILF

Closet MILF

Shelly Wright always threw the best women-only house parties the weekend before the Superbowl as a kind of special reward to all the women that would have so much work to do for each of their own big football parties the following week. The night was still pretty young, but Heidi decided her early morning plans would probably be harder to keep if she continued socializing and drinking with her colleagues from work. Leaving her coworkers house early would also alleviate the amount of grief she would receive from her husband, Jason, for the next week or so for staying out late and partying without him.

Shelly was a gracious hostess and tried feverishly to get her friend and guest to stay for the real fun, but did not argue too strongly against the early departure because Heidi had told her she wanted to sneak out unnoticed if possible and avoid all the questions. Heidi’s hand fell comfortably into Shelly’s as the two talked and made their way through the other women toward the large coat closet to fetch the scarf and coat Heidi had arrived wearing.

Heidi always dressed the sharpest of all the women. That night she had worn a hot pair of velvety black pumps with her favorite short black mini skirt and a low cut, tight fitting knit blouse under her sexy blazer that revealed a generous amount of her abundant cleavage. Shelly complimented Heidi on how hot she looked one more time as she opened the door to the walk-in closet and gave her friend a quiet goodbye before returning to her party.

Just as they separated but before Shelly turned away, she whispered softly in Heidi’s ear and gave her a gentle nudge. “Be careful in there honey.” She warned playfully. “That is where the strippers are hiding.”

Before Heidi could respond, the door closed behind her and she found herself surrounded by total darkness. She reached blindly for a light switch so she could find her coat, but she was so nervous or excited that all she could think about was whether what Shelly told her was a joke. She turned to head back toward the door, and ran into what felt like a very well built, muscular man. Frozen and unable to speak a word, she simply remained against the man for an awkward moment that seemed like an eternity.

The tall stranger’s hands had caught Heidi’s narrow waist when she bumped clumsily into him and held her right where she stood. “Wow.” The man spoke in a soft, confident whisper. “This has to be one of those once in a lifetime chances to privately fuck a total stranger in complete darkness that most people only read about.”

Heidi stammered, pretending to be appalled, but before she could speak she felt another man move against her from behind and grind his hips gently into her at the same time his hands cupped each of her heaving breasts tightly and pulled her petite body against his. Heidi swallowed hard and her nipples jumped instantly to attention in the arousing grip of the second stranger.

The tall, strong man in front of her slid her skirt up smoothly over her hips and kissed her deeply on the mouth without speaking another word. Heidi’s heart was pounding with excitement and nervousness. The feeling of helplessness gave her a brief excuse to let the seduction continue, a moment long enough to allow her mind to go down a path that discarded her ability to think rationally. Her mouth opened with pleasure and a soft squeal escaped her. She had never been with more than one person at a time, but had always fantasized of it. There was the danger of being caught by all of her friends. It was forbidden because she was married. All the reasons that seemed to tell her it was wrong before only turned her on more once inside that closet.

Heidi could feel her juices flowing in a way they hadn’t done since she was a teenager. This stranger was such a good kisser that she nearly forgot about the man behind her until she felt his thick, throbbing cock pressing against her naked backside. She started feeling faint she was so excited.

“You want to fuck don’t you?” The man in front of her whispered as his lips broke from hers.

“Yes.” Was all Heidi could muster and she felt so strongly about the answer, she repeated it. “Yes.” She said again.

The next thing she felt stole her breath for a moment. “Oh my God!” She exclaimed as the biggest cock she had ever felt made one smooth glide so deep into her that it felt as though her stomach was being pushed into her chest. “Oh yes, I do want to fuck!” She said, trying to contain her excitement to a whisper.

The man in front of Heidi took a step back and pulled her over with him, bending her at the waist. “Suck it.” He whispered softly, gripping her hair tightly in each of his hands.

Heidi didn’t hesitate to carry out the stranger’s order. She loved being told what to do and she loved sucking cock. Her mouth quickly found the thick swollen head of his bone hard cock and slurped it loudly inside. Heidi tried as hard as she could to focus on giving a great blowjob to the stranger, but she was busy being fucked by a cock that felt almost twice as long and probably twice as thick too. Each time his hips thrust that beefy tool into her hot, tight pussy, she couldn’t help but gasp with the most pleasure filled pain she had ever felt.

The thrusts from behind started slow and long and gradually settled into a smooth steady quick pace that had Heidi’s hungry mouth bouncing on and off the cock in front of her just as smoothly. The strangers whispered to each other the entire time about how hot of a fuck Heidi was and were constantly giving orders on how to suck or fuck their cocks.

Heidi could feel the big cock inside of her stretching her muscles each time it throbbed inside her and she knew even through the silence he was about to climax. She wanted to beg for it, but her mouth was stuffed too full to speak.

“Oh, FUCK!” The big man whispered as quietly as he could and filled Heidi with a generous flood of his hot, manly spunk. “Ugh.” He said, squeezing out another blast. “Ugh, yes!” He grunted again. “Man that pussy is hot.” He said, sliding his enormous member out of her and stepping back.

Heidi dropped to her knees with exhaustion, but her mouth continued to glide on and off of the other strangers thick vein ridden shaft right behind her slobber soaked hand that jerked him wildly. Her experience told her that when his hands tightened, the reward was near and she buried his cock as far into her throat as it would go, letting him blast his load down her pipe. She held him into her until his body relaxed and then she sucked his cock clean.

It took a moment for the blood and the adrenaline to stop racing so quickly, but once they did Heidi stood, composed herself and reached for where she had laid her coat earlier. She quickly put it on and carefully slid unnoticed from the party.

Once in her car, Heidi turned on the dome light and tried to hide the just fucked look she now wore. Her panties were soaked with cum and her hair was a mess. She searched for a piece of gum to hide the smell of sex from her breath, but had none in the car. She resolved she would just use the excuse of having to get up so early the next day to shower at night instead and hoped that would satisfy her husband’s curiosity.

It was only a short drive to her house from Shelly’s, so Heidi was home almost instantly after leaving. Pulling in the garage had her heart racing even faster than it had when she entered the closet. Remorse should have been setting in, but it had been so exciting, so spontaneous and so unexpected that all she could do was replay it all in her mind and she found herself still extremely aroused.

I was sitting at the kitchen table when my beautiful wife walked in the door. I stood up and greeted her with a hug. “Wow, baby.” I said, “You look great, did you have a good time?” I asked innocently.

“Great party.” Heidi told me. “I came home early because I have to get up so early tomorrow though.” She said, trying unsuccessfully not to sound frazzled.

We had been married for fifteen years and I can tell you until this night I had never been more turned on by her. I grabbed her hair tightly in my hand and kissed her deeply. “Baby.” I said, “I’ve wanted to fuck you all day.”

She tried to resist at first and I knew she was trying to get out of it, but I tugged her skirt hard and it dropped to the floor around her ankles and I dropped to the floor with it, burying my face in her strong, sexy, freshly fucked pussy. I devoured her there, slowly lowering her to the floor and listening to the shrieks of pleasure crying out as her first orgasm of the night shuddered wildly through her totally aroused body. I sucked her gently down from her high, being careful not to take her beyond that point of sensitivity. When her body finally quit shaking, I pushed myself up and gave her a sweet kiss on the mouth.

“Don’t you want to cum baby?” She asked, still squeezing her breasts tightly in her hand.

I let my cock slide into her pussy and whispered softly in her ear. “Baby, you sucked me off in the closet at Shelly’s house.” I confessed. “But I’ll cum again.

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