Young Girls_(1)

Young Girls_(1)


A couple of years back when I was living in a mobile home I had the strangest experience. I was home from work early and relaxing when I heard some voices coming from the rear of my home. This is where my storage shed was so I thought someone might be breaking in so I went to the back bedroom to look out. As I got closer I could tell that the voices belonged to girls. I peeked out the window and saw two young girls standing at the rear of my shed.

The oldest one looked to be about 13 and the other one was about 10, both were wearing the traditional school uniform consisting of blouse and skirt. The youngest told the other girl if she wanted to look it would cost her $3.00 and another $2.00 for a feel. "Wow" it didn't take much deduction to figure out that the younger girl was selling herself. I listened and watched as they argued about the money and I learned the older girl's name was Jill and the younger one was Amy. Apparently Jill wanted for some reason to feel up Amy, but didn't want to pay.

"But Amy we are both girls I figured you only charged the boys to feel you up?" blurted Jill.

"A feel is a feel you have to pay, now are you going to pay or what, I have to get home?"

With that Jill handed Amy a five dollar bill, who tucked it into her school bag. This was getting exiting for me and I started to rub my swollen cock through my pants as I watched. They both were sideways to me, so I had a pretty good view. Amy put her book bag down on the ground then reached up under her skirt. The next thing I saw was Amy pushing her panties down to her knees. They were blue cotton panties like most girls her age wear. Amy then lifted her skirt up and I had a beautiful view of her small hairless pussy.

"That is beautiful Amy, I wish my pussy looked that nice."

Jill was obviously turned on and didn't waste any time putting her hand on Amy's pussy. Amy seemed to enjoy this also as she closed her eyes and rolled her head around slowly. Jill rubbed her hand up and down over Amy's pussy. Once in a while she would let her middle finger find its way between Amy's lips.

"I want to kiss you down there if you don't mind?”

"I suppose so, no one ever asked that before. Isn't it kind of nasty kissing my pee hole?"

"No it taste good and it will make you feel even better."

Jill got down on her knees which put her face even with Amy's crotch. Amy was looking down and watched as Jill put her hands on her ass and pulled her towards her face. Jill did as she asked and kissed Amy's tender young pussy lips, just like a regular kiss.

"That didn't make me feel anything different, you are lying to me."

Jill took her hands off Amy's ass and used them to spread the lips of Amy's little pussy. Jill's head was moving up and down which was obvious that she was licking inside Amy.

"Oh God that does feel great Jill."

I couldn't stand it any longer and wanted to join in with them. I went out my front door and quietly came up behind them. Figuring I had one over on them I was going to approach them.

"Hi girls having fun?" I said.

Jill looked up from Amy's crotch as Amy's eyes popped open. "Please don't tell anyone mister we will leave", asked Jill.

Amy had let go of her skirt and let it fall down covering herself up, but her panties were still around her knees. "I'm not going to tell anyone, besides it looked as if you both were only having some fun. Nothing wrong with having some fun is there?"

They both seemed to relax some and got big smiles on their faces.

"Those are some pretty panties Amy why not just take them off, I can hold them for you."

"How did you know my name?"

"I have been watching you both for some time, this is my house you are behind. I must agree with Jill you do have a pretty pussy. Why don't you two come inside where you can have more privacy?" They looked at each other and again got a big smile on their faces and agreed. Amy took her panties off and handed them to me.

"Now don't lose them", she said.

"You two can use the bedroom or just stay out here in the living room, what ever you want." They whispered between themselves, I couldn't make out what they were saying but they kept giggling.

"We will use the bedroom and will let you watch us if you do two things." stated Amy.

"What are they?" I asked.

"One you must never tell anyone about this and two you must take off all of your clothes."

Having gone past the point of no return with these young lesbians, I of course agreed. We went to my bedroom where they insisted that I strip before they do anything. I slowly removed all my clothes and was down to my jockey shorts. My cock as huge and bulging through my jockeys as I pulled them down. Both girls' eyes popped wide open when they saw my cock.

"There, now it is your girl's turn to strip."

They didn't say a word but started to strip. They both started with their blouses. Amy didn't need a bra yet which was obvious by her flat chest. Her nipples were very pink and small with no signs of developing yet. Jill on the other hand was wearing a small white bra. It hooked in the back and had a little pink bow on the front. It was the type of bra that didn't have a cup size yet and was just used to hold her in.

"What size is your bra Jill?" I felt daring asking questions.

"Oh I think it is a 28".

She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra and slid it off her. Her young tits were evident, sticking straight out like a couple of cones. Her nipples were still very pink just like Amy's. They both unfastened their skirts and let them drop to the floor. Amy of course was totally nude, but Jill still had her panties on. She was wearing small pink bikini panties which she removed. Her pussy was slightly covered with hair but her lips were still visible through the down.

Amy lay down on the bed and Jill resumed licking her pussy. I sat down on the edge of the bed looking right up at Jill's crotch. She was on her knees with her ass in the air. Amy was rocking her hips around in Jill's face moaning very loudly. Feeling bold I put my hand on Jill's little ass giving it a little squeeze. She pushed her cheek tighter against my hand giving me the signal to continue. I spread her ass apart to view her pretty little hole, when my finger touched it she shuddered slightly. I worked my way up to her pussy which was very wet and rubbed her swollen love button. My finger slid in very easily all the way, with help from Jill who sat down on my finger. She followed my finger as it moved in and out by rocking her hips.

"Please lick me down there", she moaned.

I lay down between her legs looking straight up at her pussy, and pulled her down to my face. She tasted so good as I licked her pussy, drinking up her tender young juices. She had an orgasm all most immediately after I started. She pushed down on my face so hard I thought I would suffocate. Jill rolled over on to the bed in exhaustion, leaving me with my head between Amy's legs.

"Well don't just lay there here I am", said Amy.

I turned over and was looking right at a small hairless 10 year old's pussy. She had her legs drawn up and spread apart so far that I could see right up her little hole. My mouth fit right over her pussy covering it all up. She too was very wet and tasted even better that Jill, which was hard to believe. As soon as I started to massage her love button with my tongue she started rocking her hips violently. Her young pussy was almost squirting juices out, my face was soaked and so was the bed. This 10 year old girl was having a great orgasm. Jill had recovered and started to explore my cock and balls. The soft touch of her hand around my swollen cock was like heaven. "God this feels great", exclaimed Amy. Her little pussy was still quivering even after her orgasm. I lay on my back so Jill could massage my cock better.

"Do you think it might fit inside me?" asked Jill.

"It would be tight and might hurt at first."

"I want to try it any way."

"Me too." said Amy.

"Well Jill asked first".

Jill got on top of me with my cock rubbing her pussy. Reaching down I positioned the tip of my cock at her little hole.

"Now slowly sit down and it should go in", I instructed her.

She did as I told her and to my surprise it went it without out to much effort. Her 13 year old pussy was tight and very wet. To my left was Amy sitting watching all this and playing with her pussy. Jill seemed to know what to do and fucked my cock like it has never been fucked. I kept looking up at Jill bouncing up and down on my cock, her little tits bouncing with her. I reached up and ran my finger around her nipple rubbed them. Looking at Amy made me even more excited seeing her flat chest wondering what it would be like to suck on just a nipple. It was very hard not to shoot my load off right away, but I wanted to save it for Amy.

"Now it is Amy's turn."

"Okay, but I want to see the stuff come out of you so don't be doing it in her", asked Jill.

No sooner had Jill got off Amy jumped on. I knew this wasn't going to be easy, trying to stuff my cock into a 10 year old's pussy. I held the tip of my cock to her hairless pussy as she slowly sat down. It took a couple of tries to get the head between her lips so I suggested we not try. Amy wasn't too happy about that and gave it a big push. We all could hear the pop sound it made when my cock went all the way in. This was the tightest pussy I have ever had and was almost so tight that I couldn't move it in and out. After only two strokes in and out Amy was having her second orgasm, and even a better one than the first.

"I'm coming", I yelled.

I pulled out of Amy who rolled on to her back next to Jill. I got up on my knees and started to finish the job with my hand, which wasn't to hard having a naked 13 year old on my left and a naked 10 year old on my right. I must have looked like a water fountain, spurting out my cum in huge wads. I started to just shoot it on the bed then decided to give the girls a little sample. First I let a wad go on to Jill's face, some landed in her hair but most of it landed on her lips. Then before Amy knew what was happening I let one go on her face, this time with better aim and landed it all on her mouth. Both girls got a big smile on their faces and licked the cum off each other's face.

We sat around for awhile before getting dressed talking about how good it felt. The girls said they had to get home but would come back again for some more fun some day.


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