Finding Master

Finding Master

Finding Master

Part One

We met online, as so many people do these days. It was an adult social site, and it was where I defined my online persona and let myself cut loose finally from hiding my sexual preferences. It amazed me that there were so many men looking for a woman like me, but I was also stunned to find as I spoke with many of them that they had no clue how to correctly handle me. The man named Wolf, with the long dark hair, full beard, and bright jade green eyes knew just the right way to deal with me, fascinating me from the start though I resisted him for a year. During that year, there had been several men who had tried to convince me to see them and allow them to have their way, but none of them had ever panned out; most had not ever come near me since they lived some distances from me. Just one had made it to me, and although he was a very sweet man, we had different priorities, different preferences; and we had gone our separate ways after several months of dating.

That was when Wolf had come back into my life like a freight train. He had finally decided to push for what he wanted, had finally realized what approach he needed to take to get me into his arms, his restraints, his bed. Wolf talked to me every day when he found my profile page on the second site, after losing track of me for the few months I had been dating the man who’d made it to see me. He told me he’d never given up on having me as his woman, his playmate and play toy, the one woman he wanted above all others. He used his ability to weave visual images with his words to seduce my mind, giving me story outlines as he knew I wrote short adult stories. He spent hours talking with me, exciting my mind and body until I knew that we absolutely had to meet in real time.

We finally set a day and approximate time for him to come to my home for us to meet. When he arrived, I went out and opened the gates for him to park his car in my yard, closing the gates behind his vehicle and walking back to the steps leading to my front door. As he got out of the car and approached me, I was slightly shocked and taken aback. Wolf’s physical appearance was not at all what I had expected; he was only a couple of inches taller than I, and heavyset. Wolf was not the physical type I would normally be interested in but his mind and imagination had captured my own and I held the door for him to enter my home. He stepped inside and I entered right behind him. I closed the door and locked it, having lived in the city alone long enough to have developed the habit of always locking it behind me.

As I turned, he was right there and placing his hands on my shoulders, he pushed me firmly back against the door and kissed me. And what a kiss it was. It started out slow and so very sensual as he braced himself against the door, a hand on either side of my shoulders, and leaned into me. His tongue explored my lips and slid into my mouth to explore there as well. His hands left the door to slide around me and touch here and there as the kiss deepened and became more passionate. His mouth on mine became more demanding as his hands found and cupped my breasts through my blouse. His fingers pinched and teased my nipples as his tongue and lips took my breath away. His passion for me was obvious in the look in his eyes as he stepped back and said quietly, “Take everything off Baby, and let me see you”.

He stood in front of me as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and shrugged out of it, his eyes devouring the sight of my now bared breasts. He licked his lips as my hands slid beneath the waistband of my peasant skirt and worked it over my hips to fall in a pool of cloth around my feet. I stood naked before him, watching his eyes rove over my body, the smile on his face widening as he stepped forward. His hands again cupped my breasts, lifting them to his eager lips and teeth. He sent shivers through my whole body by chewing and sucking on both nipples at the same time, gradually using more pressure as he heard the whine building in my throat. Wolf moved his hands over my body as he kept me pressed against the door, stroking my sides and then moving his hands down further to reach around and cup my buttocks. He pulled my hips forward against himself as his mouth left my nipples and found my mouth again.

As we continued that incredible kiss, he moved us away from the door and towards the loveseat that served as my couch, never letting go of me. He turned us so that I found myself with the backs of my knees pressed against the arm of the loveseat. Only when he had me positioned exactly where he wanted did Wolf break the kiss that was making my knees wobble. Letting go of my butt, he gave me a gentle shove. As he’d intended I went over the arm of the loveseat backwards, landing sprawled in front of him on the seat. Before I could react and sort myself out, I felt his arms hook under my knees and he pulled me towards him so that my butt lay angled up at him on the end of the loveseat. His head lowered and I felt the first touch of his mouth kissing just above the hood of my clit. He worked his way ever so slowly, licking and kissing, until he had covered the whole area between my legs from front to back with kisses. His tongue licking my puckered asshole, and then pushing slightly in and out several times, caused me to shudder in a mini-orgasm. No one had ever paid such tender and loving attention to me there. This man was seducing my body just as easily and thoroughly as he’d taken my mind.

Wolf used his mouth and fingers to bring me to two quick orgasms, the feelings exploding over me as he continued his sometimes gentle, sometimes slightly rough play with my pussy and ass. He had me almost on my head, my whole body laid before him to do with as he pleased, and me gasping with the sheer lustful joy of what he was doing. Suddenly he pulled away and stopped the wonderful ministrations that had me so lost in pleasure. As I looked up at him and met those beautiful green eyes, I felt myself tremble with a combination of emotions that I to this day cannot accurately describe. He looked deeply into my eyes and very quietly said “You are mine now, completely, I own you; and I will train you to be MY perfect slave”. Without the slightest hesitation, I agreed with him. He pulled me up and nodded towards the bedroom. I preceded him and as I stepped up beside the bed, he again gave me a shove that sent me sprawling onto my belly on the bed before him.

He took his time with me. That first session lasted eight hours, and not once during that time did he cum; though he sent me well over the edge so many times and in so many different ways that I lost count. That afternoon and evening with Wolf, I was resisting him, in every way I could, as I knew deep down that this man could take me to hell just as easily and quickly as he’d put me in heaven if I let him get too close. I should have known better.

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