The Boys return!

The Boys return!

The boys return!

It took a week to arrange a mutually agreeable time for Brad and Mike to return for another get together with my wife Beth. When last the boys were here Beth had a fantastic time and was really looking forward to a repeat performance. She had even told me she was going to take them straight to the bedroom where the y could really go at it.
I was a little taken aback when I went to answer the door. There was Brad, Mike and two other good looking guys. Brad induced me to Chad and Dan who were both 18 and said the guys knew the rule and would totally respect Beth. I figured what the hell she did say to Brad and Mike to bring 2 friends the next time. When we walked into the living room Beth was a little shocked to see four guys but when I reminded her of what she said she simply remarked “oh what the fuck, why not.”
After introductions she led the four of them up to the bedroom. Again I pulled out the camera and hit the start button. It was to say the least, a little awkward at first, but Beth went to Mike first and gave him a big kiss and felt him between his legs. She then did the same to Mike and then she went to Dan. She gave him a big kiss while rubbing his cock in his pants and remarked that he was already pretty hard. The she turned to Chad and while kissing him she undid his pants and pushed them down.
Before she slid down to her knees in front of Chad she undid her robe and let it fall to the floor. When she did this both Chad and Dan said “holy fuck”, we later learned they were both virgins and had never seen a naked woman other then in pictures.
Beth now down on her knees in front of Chad she took his hard cock in her hands and began to lick it from the base to the tip. I think Chad thought he had died and gone to heaven at that point but when she took his cock into her mouth and started to give him a blow job his mouth just hung open. In the meantime she was reaching with one hand to release Dan’s cock from his pants. It took Dan a few moments to realize just what she was trying to do, but when he finally woke up it only t him a couple of seconds to get his pants off so she hold get hold of his cock.
When she moved off Chad’s cock and took Dan’s in her mouth Chad quickly got rid of his clothes. Beth then began to suck one cock then the other. While this was going on Mike and Chad had both stripped and moved over to Beth. Beth was on her knees with four hard cocks facing her and she was trying to do her best to make sure each one had equal time in her mouth.
She stopped for a moment and said “I want to suck each one of you off first so I can taste your cum and swallow it, but while I am doing that I need someone to lick my pussy and two to suck and play with my nipples. When one of you cums in my mouth he can switch with whoever is licking my pussy.”
Brad was the first to lie down between Beth’s legs and start on her clit and pussy. While he did this she went to work on the other three cocks in front of her, finally she settled on Chad. Dan and Mike then went to her nipples and started licking and sucking on them. I could tell she was really turned on by all the attention and when she started to moan and shiver I knew she was having her first orgasm. Beth was deep throating Chad and shortly Chad has his first orgasm with a woman.
When he finally pulled out of her mouth he eagerly switched with Brad and began licking her clit and using his fingers in her pussy. What with two guys sucking her nipples, anther licking her clit and playing with her pussy while she had the forth guys cock in her mouth she was now in her “orgasmic heaven.”
It was almost like it had been scripted and rehearsed; as each guy came in her mouth and pulled out they would automatically switch positions. While she had a taste of each guys cum each in turn had a taste of her pussy.
When she finished with the last guy, Dan, she moved up onto the bed and lay down. The four of them got around her and she had eight hands and four mouths kissing, licking and feeling every inch of her body.
Chad later told us that the four of them discussed what they might do to make sure that Beth enjoyed herself to the fullest and that none of them would move to fuck her until she asked them to. They had also decided that unless Beth asked for them by name to fuck her that Dan would be first and Chad second as they were virgins. I take it Chad lost the toss of the coin to Dan.
With the four of them taking turns pleasuring each part of her body she was having multiple orgasms. Beth finally said “I need a cock in me now! I need to be fucked, I want to feel someone cum in me, I need all of you to fuck me!”
As agreed upon Dan moved down between her legs and slowly slid his cock in her. He fucked her slowly just like he was told. He would bring the head of his cock out of her pussy each time then slowly slide back into her. He must have learned this technique from watching porn and he was driving her crazy with it. Dan soon started to quicken his pace as he started to cum in her; he was no longer a virgin. When he pulled out of her Chad eagerly took over fucking her pussy and lost his virginity.
While she was being fucked she was being kissed, licked, and played with while sucking cock.
The last one to slide his hard cock into her pussy was Brad and he gave her a long slow fucking. She had a final explosive orgasm just before Chad came and dumped the fourth load of cum deep in her pussy. When Brad pulled out of her they all lay on the bed together.
While they all lay on the bed the guys were gently running their hands over Beth’s body, touching every part of her. Dan was very slowly running his fingers on her clit and pussy when Beth said “I can’t believe that I was just fucked by four young boys with really hard cocks and I am not sore. I figured I would be so sore I would not be able to move but this has been awesome and as soon as I get my wind back I want to suck and fuck each of you again, that is if you guys think you can handle it.”
Beth’s legs opened wider as Dan fingered her clit even more and the rest leaned over and started kissing her, sucking her nipples and fondling her body.
Within no time Dan had his head between her legs licking her clit and pussy. He seemed to be getting off on licking her clean of everyone’s cum, including his. She finally got Dan from between her legs, laid him on his back on the bed, and got in her favourite position. She straddled him and slowly slid down on his hard cock. You could plainly see she intended to ride him until he came in her again. While I was videoing her fucking Dan the other three just sat back and watched. She slowly slid up and down on his cock or rocked back and forth for a good fifteen minutes. Periodically she would lean down and kiss him and when she sat up again his hands were on her breasts. Just as soon as Dan was starting to orgasm and cum in her another of the guys would lie down next to them. As soon as Dan had gone soft she moved over and sat down on Mikes cock and repeated what she had just done with Dan. Then it was Brads turn, then finally Chad.
After this session she was tired but still not sore so after some discussion it was decided they would all spend the night together in our bed. Like the last time Chad and Nike was here I went to bed in the spare room and was periodically woken by the sound of one of the guys fucking her.
After the guys left the next morning she went back to bed and slept most of the day. When she finally got up we talked about the night before. When I asked if she was sore she said “No I am just horny and need to be fucked.” We had a great fuck and then as we lay there we started making plans for the next time.

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