Trent's Big Adventure

Trent's Big Adventure

Trent’s Adventure Chapter Two

Back in the trailer I popped a beer to think about what I had just witnessed. Checking my watch I estimated that Jeff, Regina and Khan had been going at it for over forty minutes. Damn, her poor pussy must be sore not to mention her ass and throat. She had just taken Jeff and Khan’s dick in every hole although the doggy dick didn’t penetrate her ass like Jeff did. When I was out on the property I tried not to take my phone. We had decent cell service but I enjoyed not having to respond to every beck and call although sometimes a week went by without a single call or message. My solitude was important to me and other than my ex-girlfriend and my two best male friends, the guys I let bang Petra, I really didn’t have any friends. My mom and dad and two younger sisters texted sometimes but they mostly used social media to keep in touch. My peeping was bad enough but if I had my phone I would have been tempted to record a video of Regina getting humped by her big dicked dog. Even without the video I felt my erection start and soon my shorts were around my ankles and I blew a load all over my chest, hand and the God Damn upholstery. Really? They loan me their practically brand new camper and I shoot my jizz on the couch. What an asshole.

I must admit I was a little wierded out but turned on by how calmly Jeff accepted his wife being a bitch for his prime stud dog. It was something I had never thought of before. There were stories about horny girls and boys on the farm with no one to take out their sexual frustration on but the animals, but I always that they were just stories. Now I wasn’t so sure.

A confident, educated woman had been taken by her husband and a big dog and reduced to a sexual wreck so completely that Jeff had to help her walk into the house. With her fair skin, I could see that her entire vulva was bright red from the abuse that she obviously craved.

Would I ever be interested in a girl like that? What if my wife confessed that she wanted to play bitch and suck and fuck a dog? How would I react? I’ve been in threesomes before starting in high school. Both MFF with my girlfriend and her best friend, both bisexual. And MMF with her and a few of my closer buddies. I really enjoy MMF threesomes because there is nothing so sexy as a girl on her hands and knees with one guy fucking her from behind while she sucks on a dick. And of course the old double penetration with her cowgirl on top of one guy and the other dick up her ass. That is classic. But doggy sex? I wasn’t so sure. Would my ex from back then consider doggy sex? She never had a threesome until I invited one of my best friends, Brian, to join us. If I had known how big his dick was I may have had second thought. Lacy was a petite, blond surfer girl and taking my dick inside of her pussy took a bunch of foreplay and even then it wasn’t easy until I got it all the way in before she loosened up. I guess if Brian and I got her heated up and suggested something with a doggy, she might consider it, but what about Brian? He was way laid back and accepting of about anything. The first threesome, me and Lacy stopped by the house he was watching for his older brother who was out of town. Lacy was wearing and outrageously sexy bikini. She had a friend who wanted to be a designer and make custom swimsuits for her. When Lacy went to the bathroom, I turned to him.

“She pretty hot. Do you think so too?”

“Oh hell yes. You hit the jackpot with her, that’s for sure.” he said.

“Well, guess what? Last week I asked her if she was up to having a threesome and she invited her best friend Amanda over and we did it all afternoon. I couldn’t get them to do each other, being best friends and all that. I think Lacy was open to trying it but Amanda was a little shy. She did like fucking though. I don’t think see has ever had a real man before. I kept bumping into her cervix so I had to short shaft her.”

“Oh man. That is so fucking hot!”

“So, since she was so nice about letting me fuck Amanda, I asked her if she wanted a guy, guy, girl threesome. Guess what she said?”

“I have a feeling you are going to tell me anyway.” Brian said.

Lacy said she would really like to be with two guys at the same time if it were me and how did she put it? I’ve always thought about your friend Brian. Do you think he would like to fuck me?”

When Lacy came back I got her to sit on the couch between us wearing only her tiny bikini. I kissed her and started feeling up her boobs but I could tell she and Brian were shy and a little embarrassed, so when Brian offered to get us all something to drink, I used the opportunity to speak to Lacy.

She whispered, “I don’t think he wants to do it.”

I said, “He’s just shy. When he gets back, I’ll go to the bathroom. You take him into the bedroom, pull his pants down and start sucking his cock. I promise he will not resist.”

Brian brought back a jug of orange juice and a bottle of sparkling wine. We had a couple drinks and started to loosed up. When I started stroking Lacy’s pussy over her bikini bottom, she spread her legs and moaned. I excused myself and waited for about five minutes and when I checked the bedroom she was on her knees and sucking on the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life. I chuckled. This was going to get interesting. I stopped at the doorway. “I see you two are getting acquainted. I’m making myself another drink. I’ll be back in a few.” They were still nervous and I didn’t want to disturb them until they were both too horny to stop. When I went back, Lacy was on her back with her legs spread and Brian was easing his monster dick in and out of my pretty little girlfriend. It was the first threesome for us all, except for Lacy, Amanda and me, but it was the start of a pretty regular thing. When Brian met Karen it wasn’t long before we would spend entire weekends at their apartment. Karen was a pussy lover and couldn’t keep her face out of Lacy’s crotch.

Why was I even thinking about it? There were no girls I knew to even ask out much less wonder if she liked threesomes or doggy sex. I was really going to have to find a way to meet girls. There were no places in town besides the grocery store, the gas station and bunches of churches.

That problem was solved when Regina rang me up and invited me to a pool party and barbecue for the following Saturday.

“Just bring yourself, a swimsuit, and maybe a change of clothes.”

“Great! Although I would like to bring my special recipe baked beans.”

“Just be sure to bring enough. We have invited thirty people!”

The closest Walmart was Atlanta so I hit the Food Lion for supplies.

The party was at one o’clock but cars started arriving before then. I waited until one thirty and put the beans in the basket tied to the rack on the back of the trail bike with my gym bag containing spare clothes.

The front door was wide open so I just walked in. Regina squealed when she saw me and gave me a big hug wearing only a green microkini that barely covered her nipples and pussy. I could see some of her trimmed red pubes peeking out the sides and felt her little nubby nipples against my chest. I gave her a peck on the cheek and she led me out to the pool patio and showed me the table with the other food. I set the beans down and Jeff was already giving me a bro hug with one arm while holding a long neck in the other. “Hey, Trent. Glad you could make it. Beers, water and cokes are in the coolers. The hard stuff is over there. What can I get you?”

“A beer would be perfect.”

I twisted off the top of my bud long neck and took a nice pull.

“Let me introduce you to some people.” At the grill he said, “Trent, this is Mason. He is a good man to have on the grill. Mason, this is my neighbor Trent.”

He led me around and I swear I did not know there were this many pretty people in the entire county and if so, Jeff must have invited them all. “This is my sister Amy.” In front of me the resemblance was unmistakable but although she was tall and slender like Jeff, her features and body were perfect. Her long black hair was loose and flowed all the way to her butt crack. I am sure because she was wearing a black thong bikini and a tiny triangle top.

“Enchante.” I mummered as I kissed her offered hand.

Jeff laughed. “Smooth. Real smooth, Trent. Hey, make yourself at home. I’m going to see if Regina needs any help.” As he walked away I realized that he was wearing a skin tight pair of boi shorts, not board shorts like mine and the outline of his dick and ass cheeks were clearly visible.

When I looked back at Amy she was smirking at me. I shrugged. “I guess I don’t get out much.”

She laughed. “So, why have we never met?”

“I’m brand new to the area. Just moved in a few weeks ago.”

She shook her cup and the ice rattled. “Looks like I’m out. Would you make me drink? Absolute and tonic with lime?”

Like I was going to say no? I made two and when I found her she was sitting in a circle with several other people in sling chairs by the pool and she patted the empty chair beside her. “Trent! Over here.”

Music started up and I let the conversation flow around me as I looked around. I hadn’t been drinking more that a beer or two at a time for months and I was feeling the buzz. My eyes closed for just a second to enjoy the sun on my face, then someone was shaking my arm. When I looked around everyone was smiling at me and there was a blond goddess standing in front of me and Amy, with a drink in one hand and the other on her hip. It was the girl from the grocery store. Holy Fuck.

She said, “Amy. Who is your friend?”

“Hey sleepyhead, wake up. This is Athena, Regina’s friend. Athena this is Trent, our new next door neighbor.”

She smiled at me with perfect white teeth and full pink lips. “Are we boring you Trent? Should I get someone to tuck you into bed?” She raised her eyebrows provocatively.

“Amy. Did I fall asleep?”

“Yeah. For the last fifteen minutes.”

“Oh. The company was so relaxing I couldn’t help it.”

While everyone chuckled I checked out the goddess Athena. Appropriate name. She was average height with natural blond hair and a knockout figure. In a one piece suit that dared to be sexy with cut outs that exposed her tummy and back. And what a tummy. Her body was covered in a fine blond peach fuzz on her arms, legs and tummy that was very sexy. I could see she had a full bush under her swimsuit and some of it was peeking around her bikini line. She didn’t shave and didn’t need too. When she flipped her head and wiped the hair from her face I realized that she had a little more blond hair under her arms. She didn’t shave there either. That was rare. Most girls were fastidious with their pits and I though it was unfair that guys could have the ugliest armpit hair and would diss a girl that didn’t shave them clean. Personally, I trimmed mine almost to the skin just leaving enough so that they didn’t itch and people didn’t think I was a sissy. Not that I really cared about what people think.

All this flashed through my mind in an instant before I came back to reality. “I’m so sorry. I’ve been working outdoors everyday in the heat and I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was. Would it be okay if I took a swim? That should help.”

“Amy waved her hand. Of course Trent. Do whatever you like.”

I stood up and peeled off my shirt and realized that Athena was still standing there. “Would you like to join me? Unless of course you are made of sugar and would melt. That would be a tragedy.”

Athena looked at Amy who just waved her hand. “Go!”

The goddess set down her drink, kicked off her sandals, dove cleanly into the pool and swam underwater to the other side. Amy studied me. “I think someone likes you.”

Athena was waiting on the other side of the pool with just her head above the water. “Well? What are you waiting for?”

I’m kind of a clown so I gingerly stood on the first step and cried out, “It’s cold!” On the next step I faked terror and clasped both hands over my junk as the water rose to meet them. I screamed and fell into the pool. When I surfaced, I doggy paddled over to Athena.

She shook her head. “You are so weird.” When she said ‘weird’ it came out like veered. She pronounced the double-u like a vee. She did smile as she called me veird, so I guessed I was making some progress. Of course a girl like her could get any guy she wanted, or girl, in a nanosecond so I tried to be cool and get some information, like was she in a relationship or not.

She rose to the surface and her boobs rose up out of the water and I got to see her bulging vulva. She floated for a minute before her legs sank and the rest followed. She looked at me. “Can you float?”

“No. I sink like a rock.” I leaned back attempted to float but sank even faster than she did.

“I’m too skinny to float. Muscles and bones sink. You need a little body fat to float. I’m not surprised that you can’t float either. Do you do sports?”

“No sports. Hiking, biking and working out at the gym. Plus, the chores around the farm burns a ton of calories.”

We swam a while and when we got out we walked over to the outdoor shower. Athena pulled the chain, felt the water and told me to wait. In less than a minute she got under to rinse then held the chain for me. That water was warm. “There is a solar heater so you don’t have to freeze your balls again.”

After we dried off I asked Athena, “Do you like coffee?

She shrugged. “Sure.”

“May I make you one?”

There was a full coffee pot in the kitchen and an espresso maker, coffee liquor from the bar and a can of whipped cream in the kitchen. I put one third coffee, one third espresso and one third Kahlua into each mug and topped it with whipped cream.

She took a deep sip. “MMM That is good. What’s it called?”

“I don’t know. I just like it.”

“Me too.”

She looked at me. “What’s so funny?”

Across her top lip was a thick whipped cream mustache. I pointed at my lip. She saw her reflection in a mirror. “Well. Don’t just stand there. Lick it off.”

Fuck! Did she really say that? Before she could change her mind I leaned forward and gently licked her lip clean then pulled back.

Athena pointed at my mug. “Now you.”

I took a deep slurp making sure to get lots of whipped cream on my both my lips. She leaned forward and licked me clean then her lips were on mine and we started kissing. I set my mug on the counter behind me and she set hers down too without opening her eyes. I put my hands on her hips and her arms wrapped around my neck as we ground our faces together. We were still in our swimsuits and as she pressed me against the counter our bodies merged and I could feel her full boobs pressing on my chest. I was worried that she would feel my erection but before I could do anything about it her legs were outside of mine and she was pressing her vulva against my rapidly swelling member.

By now she was running her tongue all over inside of my mouth and across my teeth. I’m a little self conscious about my big tongue but when I slipped into her mouth she sucked on it eagerly. Then she gently broke the kiss and pushed herself away.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m not a slut. We were having a good time and I got carried away. It’s not right to tease you like that.” She was genuinely worried.

I stroked her cheek. “Hey. It’s okay. I understand. That was that nicest thing that has happened to me in a long time. Obviously, I’m attracted to you and whatever you want to do or don’t want to do is fine with me.”

She smiled and kissed me. “Thanks. I’m going to change into dry clothes. Meet me outside later?”

“I’ll be around.”

Gym bag in hand I changed in the bathroom into a pair of canvas shorts and short sleeved button down but left it open. The urge to jack off was strong but I was still a stranger and shooting my load in the sink while fantasizing about one of the party guess would officially be deemed creepy, so I just sucked it up and tried to will my stiffy into submission. Besides, the door leading outside was only frosted glass and the last thing I wanted everyone to see was my silhouette wanking away on myself.

With two fresh vodka and tonics I took a seat on the same outdoor couch I saw Regina get fucked on just a few days ago. I hoped they wiped it down since then. When Athena appeared my breath caught in my throat. She was wearing a white semi-sheer handkerchief dress with nothing on underneath but a white thong. When her eyes found mine she walked over in sandals and settled in beside me.

“You look beautiful.” I said.

She smiled. “Thanks. For me?” She picked up her drink and sipped it. “Perfect. So, how do you know Jeff and Regina?”

“Well. I don’t really. But I live over there.” I jerked my thumb over my shoulder towards the creek. “And since I’m the new neighbor they have kind of adopted me. What about you? Amy said you are Regina’s friend.”

“Yes. I’m very fond of Regina. When I came here, my first time in America, she was very kind to me. We have been close ever since. I took a gap year and came to get out of the winter in Germany and visit my aunt and uncle who have a farm near here.”

“Ah. That explains your accent. Your English is perfect, but you still have a little bit of an accent. It’s nice.” Since she had shared with me I felt I should share also. “Right after I graduated from college, my grandfather got sick and I took care of him for three months until he passed away. He left me the property on the other side of the creek. There is no house on it so I’m sleeping in a camper for now. I’m trying to figure out what to do next.”

Her hand was warm when she put it on my arm. “I’m sorry about your grandfather. I’m lucky. I have all four of mine in Germany.” She changed the subject. “Are you hungry? I’m starving.”

Mason offered us chicken, ribs and steak. Since most of the others had eaten neither of us felt guilty about a steak, baked potatoes and some beans. We went back to the sofa and I couldn’t get the image of Regina getting drilled right where we were sitting out of my head. The steaks were rib eyes, my favorite, and cooked to a perfect medium rare. When Athena took a spoonful of beans, she moaned. “Oh my God! The beans are fantastic. Have you tried them?”

Honesty is the best policy, unless it’s not. “Yeah. I had to try them when I made them.”

She stared at me? “Are you kidding? They are great!”

“I’ll be right back” I returned with two glasses of Merlot and handed one to Athena.

“Mmm. Thanks. That’s perfect.”

“So, what makes your beans so special?” She seemed genuinely interested, So I told her.

“I was in the out islands of the Bahamas when a hurricane struck and sank my sailboat. When I made it to shore a local family took me in. The island was destroyed and the airstrip was covered in six feet of hurricane debris. We were low on food and the only things we had left were some canned soup, a pound of salt pork, dried beans and whatever onions and peppers they had harvested from their garden before the storm hit. I rendered down the salt pork but it made the beans so salty I had to add brown sugar and molasses before it was edible. The sugar and salt cancel each other out and gives the beans a lot of flavor.”

We finished eating and sat back in silence. My mind wandered. Gap year? I’m no yokel. A gap year is between high school and college and is more popular in Europe than in America. That would make Athena seventeen or eighteen. Holy shit. I though she was… I don’t know what I thought. Fuck. To find out I asked what I though was an innocent question. “So, after your gap year, do you have plans?”

“Not really. I have been accepted to several universities but I’m not sure what I want to study. Either healthcare, social sciences, or psychology. Either way I have to decide soon. School starts in a few months.”

If she was taking a gap year before her masters she would have already chosen a major, so he must be fresh out of high school. Fuck me. And she is leaving in the fall? Can my luck suck any worse? “What would you like to do now?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. Could we walk over and see your property? I could use a little exercise.”

I led her around the side of the house to the trail bike. It was large enough for two. I sat on it and said, “Hop on!” Athena wrapped her arms around my waist and we sped down the driveway, across the bridge and down the path along side the creek. From there I cut onto a path that led to my camp. I pulled up and we got off. “Can I get you something to drink? Water, iced tea, beer or wine. I don’t have anything stronger and I’m not sure I should even be letting you drink if you are only eighteen.”

She shrugged. “Just a little wine would be nice. I don’t drink often. Just a little at parties.”

I opened a bottle of pinot noir and when I came out she was in a sling chair and had lit a couple of the citronella candles on the little table in front of her. To have a girl this beautiful sitting with me like this was enough to stab me in the heart.

After a few sips she asked, “How far back does your property go?”

“Well. Jeff and Regina have ten acres. This property is nearly one hundred acres.”

“We have many trees in Germany, but not in Berlin where I live.”

I took her hand and pulled her into my lap and soon we were kissing like lost lovers. I wanted to feel her breasts but she made it clear that it would not be welcome. After half an hour we were both panting and clearly on the verge of something. “I think I should take you back now. It’s getting late.” We went back in the truck and I went inside to make my thanks and good byes to Jeff and Regina. They looked at us with some curiosity, but not much.

“Do you need a ride home?”

“No. I have my uncles jeep.” I walked her to it and when she was buckled up a gave her a quick kiss good night. “I had a wonderful time. I hope you did too.”

She smiled. “Of course I did.” and pulled away.

The phone rang at eight Sunday morning. It was Regina. “Hey cowboy. Come over to breakfast. You forgot your swimsuit and bean dish.”

When I pulled in the drive, I saw Athena’s jeep and a little red Alfa Romeo coupe. Regina greeted me at the door in an apron over a skimpy tank top and a pair of panties. Seated at the table was Jeff, his sister Amy and Athena. The Alfa must be Amy’s. “Good morning!” I called out.

As we chatted I asked Amy how long she planned to stay.

“I took tomorrow off but I have to be back in Marietta for work on Tuesday.”

“Oh. What do you do there? If I may ask?”

“It’s fine. I’m a dentist. A DDS.”

I dropped my fork and stared.

“I am Jeff’s big sister.”

At nine, Athena stood up and said, “I have to go. I promised my aunt and uncle I would go to church with them.” I walked her out, kissed her good bye and returned to the house to three pair of eyes, all waiting for an explanation.

I held up my hands. “I know. I know. I know shes eighteen and is going back to school in a couple months. We kissed, held hands and talked. She made it clear that’s all she wants and when a girls says no I respect that. I promise I would never do anything to hurt her.”

Amy looked at me. “Then why did you make out with her in the kitchen window where everyone could see. We thought we were going to have to hose you two down.”

“That was totally unexpected. We were goofing around and got carried away. Once I realized she was eighteen I only let her have a half glass of wine then I brought her back here. I swear.”

Regina said. “Okay. That’s what she said too. She is like a little sister to me and would hate to see her get hurt. So, what are your plans for today?” The way she said it was a little too casual.

“Oh, I was planning on working on the machines. Check the oil, coolant and stuff. I may take down a small tree next week to see if everything works.” Bullshit. I wasn’t planning on doing anything on a Sunday. I never do.

Jeff stood up. Well before you go, I need to show you something. He took me into his home office. It was filled with computers and big screen displays, color laser printers and a bunch of other high tech stuff. He pointed me to the couch and sat in his executive chair. “Trent. We have a problem.”

I shrugged. “Anything I can do to help?”

“Maybe. When I met Regina she was in a dorm and I had a townhouse off campus with my first wiemeraner named Ghost. When we got serious, I asked her to live with me. I had a couple of cameras inside that would detect motion while I was out instead of a burglar alarm and one day my phone pinged that there was motion in the living room when no one should have been home. I looked on my phone and could not believe what I saw.”

He moved his mouse, clicked an icon and a high res image filled the screen. You couldn’t see her face but a red haired girl was on the living room carpet sucking his dogs dick.

“Okay.” I said. “But what does that have to do with me?”

He move the mouse and two big screen displays mounted on the wall sprang to life. Sixteen digital camera feeds on each display for a total of thirty-two cameras all showing his property.

I shrugged again. “I still don’t follow.”

He moved the mouse again. This time the image was the red haired girl bent over a foot stool and the dog was now fucking her from behind. The image was clear. It was Regina. He moved the mouse again and it showed me on the corner of the property peeking out from behind a tree and the last image he showed was me behind a tree with my dick in my hand as I watched him and his wife having sex with Khan on the patio.

Jeff looked at me. “Now you see the problem.”

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