Purely Scientific Part 2

Purely Scientific Part 2


Daniel awoke to the sound of his alarm. It blared a track by Vampire Weekend, a song that he had once liked but now just associated with the mornings. Sighing, he pulled the duvet off of himself and was met with the familiar sight of his morning wood trapped in his boxers and he was suddenly reminded of the night before, how his duvet had been pulled back just like this but his dick was out and harder than it had ever been. Daniel, of course, got rid of it by masturbating but he remained hard after cumming. So he did it again and again until his dick had decided it had enough but it seems all it needed was a few hours rest before it was pulsing with intent again. Checking his clock, Daniel saw that there wasn't enough time to wank, shower and still get to his lecture and he couldn't risk missing this one.

Begrudgingly, Daniel arose and gathered his towel before darting to the shower, hoping no one would see the erection that refused to die beneath his bundled up towel. Closing the door behind him, he smelt the aroma of soap and shampoo, Sophie's particular shampoo. It was always the same though, she always managed to get in the shower before him and then it was Hope and finally Merryn, whenever she woke up. As Daniel stripped, he concentrated on the smells for a while, recognising the waft of scents that followed Sophie around the house, one that he picked out as the clean smell of mint from her body wash on the shelf.

Sophie was a good looking girl, Daniel fell slightly for her when he first met her, but it never developed into anything. She was curvy though, due to her latin roots she said, but whatever it was meant that Daniel was treated to the sight of her in yoga pants and a tank top most days and he was incredibly grateful. The smell of her now made him think of what he would do if the occassion arose: bending her over to show off her sweet butt, rubbing his dick up and down it, having her stand up so her cheeks squeezed him as he played with her full and beautiful tits. With a jolt, he snapped out of his daydream and realised he'd been standing beside the shower naked, stroking his seemingly ceaseless erection. It felt bigger somehow, maybe it was just because he was being so horny that morning, but paid it no mind as he placed his towel on the rack beside the shower and then something caught his eye: a thong. More specifically, Sophie's thong. He'd seen her underwear before when she did the laundry and this was the same blue thong that sometimes hung in the doorway of Sophie's room as it dried.

Something within Daniel clicked and he picked it up, drawing it near to his face. This close, he could smell her pussy, a rich but also sweet scent that set his mind on fire. As he inhaled, a surge shot though his dick and a thought blared through his mind: "Breed". In his imagination Sophie was on her back, spread eagle as Daniel pumped his dick inside her, making her tits bounce with every hard thrust he plunged into her. She was calling out his name between gasps and moans, gripping the sheets beneath her in her ecstacy. Within him, Daniel felt the orgasm approaching and, imagining one last deep thrust into her gorgeous body, Daniel came. He heard it splatter against the floor, falling in a large puddle near the wall, but his eyes were shut as he felt the waves of pleasure rush over him. More and more flooded out of him, a rush of cum that wanted to be inside Sophie, to follow the smell that was on her thong and impregnate her. As he opened his eyes he saw the head of his dick clearly extend out of his grip, something it wasn't able to do before. Daniel dropped the thong under the rack where he'd found it so as not to arouse suspicion. Maybe he was so horny because he was having a growth spurt. He suddenly realised the puddle of cum under him, something he'd never produced in such quanities before and began cleaning it up with toilet paper kept in one of the cabinets. What had come over him? Not that it was bad, it felt really good, but it wasn't normal. He actually really liked Hope, not just physically but with everything.

Daniel showered quickly though he noticed his dick wasn't getting softer than a semi and every time he brushed it, he felt a pulse within it; a surge of energy that flashed the image of Sophie or Hope naked or peforming some sort of sexual act. Trying to put an end to it, Daniel blasted the cold water but this seemingly did nothing, his apparently growing dick remained active. Turning the shower off, he got out and wrapped himself in the towel and began to head out of the bathroom, hoping once again that no one would notice his bulge. As he opened the door, Daniel was greeted with not only Sophie but Hope in the corridor, just what he hadn't wanted: his most recent fantasy fuck and the person he had a major crush on there to witness his misbehaving dick.

"I was begining to think you were never getting out of there," Hope smiled, wrapped in a towel herself. If Hope's words didn't make you believe in a god, her body did and Daniel would praise it every day.

"Sorry," Daniel said nervously, "the pressure was all over the place, made it hard to get anything done."

"Yeah, it was hard for me too," said Sophie as she darted past Daniel and seemingly picked up her thong. Daniel froze. Did she know? How could she know? Maybe she was just noticing his bulge. Oh god, this was embarrassing. Hope, being the kind of person that she was, made small talk about her weird dream the night before though Daniel wasn't really listening, he felt a familiar pulse in his dick and a thought crept in: Don't be ashamed, both Hope and Sophie would love to be knelt down in front of you, sucking you off right now

Sophie moved in from behind him and squeezed through the bathroom doorway Daniel was still awkwardly standing inside of. As she walked, she brushed against his chest with her tits and felt the sides of her butt against his waist.

Both of them would be so happy to serve you, to pleasure you

Daniel shook these thoughts and said "Well, the bathroom's all yours," before walking to his room and hurriedly locking it behind him. His dick was rock hard again and it demanded to be satisfied.

Sophie heard the slam of Daniel's door and, in turn, went into her own, leaving Hope to wash. That was amazing: proof that just a little bit of the formula could produce such effects in its early stages: the noticable penis growth, the increased libido and an apparent increase in sperm production and ejaculation. Sophie added this to the notes on the video she had just recorded and then pondered sonething else. She had definitely felt a change in him, the way he stood was slightly more authoritative and there was another thing: she had felt attracted to him. Maybe it was because she had been watching him masturbate, but there had been a want to touch him, to press herself against him, to feel him beside her. Placing a hand into her underwear, Sophie felt she was actually wet from this experience.

She had to note this down, it was science after all, but it was subjective at this point. If only there was a way to double check. Then, Sophie heard Hope singing from the shower, a gospel song that Sophie had come to like after hearing it for a year or two. Hope. If she had felt the same way after the encounter with Daniel, it could be correlated with her own feelings. But asking Hope would be embarrassing to both of them since the two of them barely discussed guys unless they had been drinking. In a flash, Sophie looked at the video feed from the bathroom and saw Hope in the shower, lathering herself up with soap. If only Sophie had thought about it sooner, she could have seen the effects of Daniel straight away. Making a note of this, Sophie switched the camera view to Daniel's bedroom to see him sitting on his bed, measuring his penis. It was erect once again and Daniel was half-heartedly playing with himself whilst checking and double checking the length and width of his newly sized penis. Sophie looked at her lab rat and smiled, she was making headway in this new field of science, soon her dreams will be achieved and Daniel would get a bigger penis. It was win-win as far as she was comcerned.


Four days passed and Sophie collected data on Daniel whilst also injecting him with the concoction, making sure to give him some sort of stimulation and it was working. On the footage, Sophie could see a big improvement in the size of Daniel's penis, an estimated seven inches in length now and three to four inches in width. She also noted that he was masturbating at an increased rate and ejactulating more. Sophie had also felt a need to masturbate more as she spent more time around Daniel and was noticing a want to please him. She would make him food, bring him him drinks and just talk to him more. Sophie noticed the same change in Merryn and Hope too, they were all spending more time together as a house. Sophie had been keeping notes the entire time and entertained the idea of fitting cameras all over the house to make observations easier to make. But that would be costly and Sophie didn't really have the time between monitoring Daniel, herself and doing all the work she needed for Uni.

It was now the evening and everyone was getting ready for pre-drinks. One of Merryn's friends and Womens Rugby buddies, Julie, was having birthday drinks at her house before heading out to one of the clubs in town named Fusion. Sophie hated this club, it was normally packed full of sporty types that only wanted to get drunk, fuck, then brag about you to their friends and not in the good sort of way. Merryn had extended the invitation to the rest of the house and, surprisingly Daniel had been the first one to say yes. He shared Sophie's disliking of Fusion but seemed eager to get out of the house though Sophie guessed it was so he could forget about his troubling surge of libido. The rest of them agreed to come long too, though Hope would only go for pre-drinks since she had an early-ish start.

At the pre-drinks, Sophie was introduced to everyone by Merryn and all were told to refer to Sophie as "Greens", Merryn's nickname for her. Hope and Daniel were also introduced by the nickname Merryn had for them: "Selasi" and "Studley" respectively. Hope was called Selasi because of Merryn's very limited historical knowledge of Hiley Selasi and Daniel was called Studley due to his last name being Dudley. Merryn had nicknames for everyone there and was often referred to as "Captain" or "Cap" by most of the people there. Drinking games were being held in one room whilst others stood in the kitchen discussing their courses. Merryn dragged the three of them into the drinking game where they had to guess the numbers on the cards or drink; a simple game but you don't really want complexity when you're planning to get drunk.

Hope was in her element, getting most of the cards right and only occasionally having to drink from her cider. Sophie was sat beside Daniel and every now and then, she'd catch him looking down her top at her cleavage. Not that she minded, she had done this to test whether she noticed a difference in his bwhaviour to normal nights out. She was wearing her favourite dress, a black form fitting dress with laces tying it together at the sides with more laces across her cleavage. She had worn this before and attracted attention, but she wanted to see how much this dress that she had worn in front of Daniel before, and known his reaction to, affected him. So far, she had caught him glancing at her fifteen times, more than usual, she'd say. There was another matter of the reaction he was having on her, Sophie actually liked him looking at her. Normally, she dressed up for herself and not to get attention from guys but here, she wanted it. She could smell his aroma and knew that she was cooking up a bigger penis inside his skinny jeans. She began yearning to be held by him, though anyone else would do, and fucked. Coming to that conclusion, she looked around the room to distract herself.

Merryn was drinking her vodka and lemonade like it was just lemonade and flirting with another rugby guy. Sophie recognised him as someone Merryn had taken home before. She was deplorable. Soon, the game ended and they each drank five fingers worth of drink. Sophie happily drank up as her head began to swim with alcohol. Doing science was going to be hard tonight.

As the game ended, Daniel stared at Sophie who was tipping her head bacl to get the last drops of her rum and coke, pushing her chest out and displaying her beautiful cleavage. Daniel needed a release and Sophie couldn't be it. He knew her well but not as well as Hope and not so little that they could fuck and think nothing more of it. The latter is what he needed; a good fuck to release his horniness on. It must be his hormones, his dick had been growing and he'd been obsessing with sex more and more recently. The girls had been acting different too, wearing more revealing clothes and just spending more time with him in general, something he had liked but it made everything confusing. Yes, he wanted to be with Hope but she and him had had a conversation before about how it might be weird so they agreed not to. He still had a crush on her but he knew it couldn't go and further.

Daniel excused himself and went to the kitchen. He grabbed the bottle of rum he'd stashed there and poured it out into his glass before mixing it with coke.

"Hey, you're Studley, right?" came a voice from behind him.

Daniel turned to see a tall white girl, not as tall as him though, with long, brown hair that curled into beautiful twirls as they fell beyond her shoulders. She wore a white strapless dress that showed her athletic figure off; large breasts pushed the dress out and a firm butt caused a beautiful curve behind her. She was pale and slightly freckled and her eyes were a bright blue. Merryn had gestured at her when he entered the party and told him she was the birthday girl.

Daniel smiled back at her, "Merryn calls me that but I prefer to be called Daniel. You're Julie, right?"

"Yeah, that's me. So you're subjected to Merryn's stupid nicknames too?"

"It comes with the association to her, I guess. What does she call you?"

"Lesbo," Julie replied through gritted teeth. "The first night of freshers, I got with a girl and apparently you can't get rid of that."

"You mean you're not proud of that?" Daniel chuckled.

"Oh yeah, I am, but being known as Lesbo when you're bi is a bit of a hinderence, ya know?" conceded Julie, sipping from her drink. Daniel would normally be shocked by this or at least made a bit awkward but something within him stirred

She would look good tit-fucking you, slurping on your dick

"Has Merryn ruined all chances of getting with a guy for you, then?" Daniel inquired

"Not entirely, but sometimes you go through women phases and men phases and when all you want is one thing but you can only seem to get another, it's annoying." Suddenly, Julie seemed to realise what she just said, "Sorry, I don't know why I'm telling you this, I'm just a bit forward sometimes."

"It's fine, it's your birthday after all! You should be able to get any gift you want," Daniel replied. After he said it, he wondered why he had. This wasn't like him at all. He would normally look down at his feet and apologise before walking off or making a stupid joke. Either way, this was looking up.

The whole party were now inside Fusion apart from Hope and a few others that weren't feeling it as well as Sophie. Sophie, though quite tipsy, had noticed that Hope had really wanted to stay, more than she usually would. Both Sophie and Hope had been looking at how close Julie and Daniel were getting throughout the predrinks. Neither had any real objections to it but both seemed somewhat disappointed or troubled somehow. Sophie knew that deep down, she wanted to be fucked by Daniel but knew she couldn't, not whilst the experiment was still going on anyways. But why Hope felt that way too, Sophie put down to the hormones she'd given Daniel mixed with past feelings for him. Either way, it had reminded Sophie that if he got with Julie, she wouldn't be able to give him his dose of hormones tonight and that could screw with everything. So she walked Hope back to the house, saying she needed to pick up a change of shoes, and gathered a syringe full of the hormones instead before heading to Fusion.

On the way to Fusion, Daniel had walked with Julie and a few of her coursemates, all girls. There was one black english girl, a japanese girl and a vietnamese girl, all causing his dick to misbehave more, crawling down his leg as it grew. The english girl called Susie was as tall as Daniel and stick thin, wearing a flowy top. The japanese girl was called Yuki and was smaller than the others and was a bit rounder though it suited her. Her medium sized boobs were in a top that was too small for them though. The vietnamese girl was called Tania and was slender though it was obvious she worked out a lot, her muscled arms and legs shown off in her body suit. As they walked, they linked arms, Daniel being between Julie and Yuki and loving life. He loved the way both of their boobs giggled as they walked and could feel the curves of their hips against them.

They'd look so good spread across your bed. You should fill them up with cum, they'd love that

Daniel had begun to get used to this urge and even harnessed it somewhat. It gave him confidence to an extent and he wanted to see whether it was true. Certainly, Julie was very interested in him but how far could he push this? Was it just his drunk mind or had something changed inside him? Is this what everyone felt all the time?

Inside Fusion, he was dancing with Julie and her friends. They all seemed to like being close to him and would get him drinks at the bar and, once or twice, he had seen Susie making eyes at him from across the bar.

"Daniel!" shouted a recognisable voice as Sophie entered the club and approached the bar, fiddling with her bag. She stood beside him and began telling him about her trip over here, how the bouncers were dicks and that she needed a drink. As she was talking though, Daniel became distracted as if reality was slowing. The music drifted, as did Sophie's voice as a rush began coursing through him. As reality began to come back, an urge filled him once more, cutting through to his brain. Sophie was now ordering a drink and beside him, Julie was turned away, talking to Yuki. Without thinking, he got as close to her as possible and began whispering into her ear

"I've got a gift for you, birthday girl, and I can either give it to you at my house or yours."

Julie turned, a look of slight shock on her face that melted into giddy desire. "Well, I'd like my present as soon as possible and my house is closer," Julie replied, whispering into his ear as she began to sway her hips

Daniel placed a hand on her hip and pulled her in for a kiss. Their lips barely touched before their tongues were exploring eachothers' mouth. The longer they kissed, the tighter Daniel's grip got before her body was completely pushed into his, her large breasts heaving with her accelerated breathing. Daniel broke off the kiss to see Yuki staring at the two of them.

"Go and give your goodbyes to your friends, we're leaving in ten minutes," Daniel commanded and gave Julie's butt a small slap. Julie nodded and left the bar to bid farewell to her friends tonight.

"So, Yuki, would you want to help me give my present to Julie?" Danie said with a confidence completely out of character.

Yuki stared at him for a beat before jumping him, wrapping her legs around him and planting her lips on his. After an incredibly eager kiss, she breathed "I don't know what's come over me"

"Fun, isn't it?" Daniel purred as he put her down in front of him.

Daniel tried looking for Sophie but she had gone so he messaged her to tell her he'd be heading back with Julie. No need to talk about Yuki, he wanted to see what would happen with her. As they left the club, Daniel wrapped his arms around Julie and Yuki, hugging their bodies close to his as they hailed a taxi and began a night to remember.

Damn. Sophie's plan had backfired. Now that she had injected him, Daniel required stimulation which he'll be getting but from an unobservable location. Plus she was incredibly horny and needed a release. As she watched Daniel leave with not only Julie but her small japanese friend too, Sophie tried to find Merryn. Looking across the dancefloor, she saw her dancing against a guy, her arse rubbing his dick. Both of them seemed to enjoy it but this was probably something she shouldn't intrude on. Feeling lonely, Sophie retreated to the bar and found Tania, Julie's vietnamese friend.

Tania was taller than Sophie and looked amazing in her bodysuit, her bare arms showing off muscle. Sophie re-introduced herself and Tania seemed friendly. They talked for a while about Tania's ex, who Merryn was currently grinding up against, and Sophie apologised for her.

"It's no big deal," laughed Tania in her vietnamese accent, "it was a while ago and we broke up well enough. Your friend, Daniel, he's very nice isn't he?" Tania said

"He's a great guy, he lives with me and Merryn and our other friend Hope. Were you hoping to get with him?" Sophie pried, making Tania giggle.

"Maybe. What about you? Any men on your radar?"

"Not really," Sophie lied, suppressing the thoughts she had about being bent over and fucked by Daniel. "I'm sort of finding myself now, experimenting."

Tania met this with intrigue. "Experimenting? Are you experimenting tonight?"

"Maybe," Sophie replied coyly. She then noticed how close Tania had gotten, how the light danced off her strong, toned arms, how smooth and beautiful her face was, how kissable her lips looked. Dear lord, the hormones were really messing with her.

"Are you disappointed you didn't go home with Daniel?" Sophie asked, taking a final sip from her glass.

Tania nodded, stepping slightly closer to her.

"Want to go home with me?" Sophie grinned. What shocked her more that her words was that she hadn't even considered getting with a girl before now but it seemed so right with Tania.

"Let's do it," Tania replied and grabbed hold of Sophie's wrist before pulling her out of the club.

Yuki had her legs wrapped around Daniel once more as Julie opened her door. Her small Japanese frame was light enough to carry her whilst making out and allowed Daniel to have one hand free to hold Julie close too. As they entered Julie's room, Daniel told Julie to remove his jeans before placing Yuki down and helping her take off her tight top. Her breasts bounced as the fabric was peeled from them, barely contained in her white, lacey bra. Julie managed to unzip Daniel's trousers and pull them down, revealing his engorged dick straining to get out. Her eyes widened as her slim hands felt the outline of his dick, tracing them through his underwear. Yuki noticed it too and began unclipping her bra and letting it fall to the ground before unzipping Julie from her form-hugging dress. Meanwhile, Daniel looked down at the two gorgeous women before him and ran his fingers through Julie's thick hair as her dress came off, revealing her braless tits beneath. Where Yuki had bigger, dark nipples, Julie had wider, lighter areolas and each breast they sat upon were perky for their size though Julie was definitely bigger by a cup or two.

"That looks pretty big," Yuki cooed, now sidling up beside Julie, both on their knees. Within him, Daniel felt his inhibitions leave him; the thoughts he'd been suppressing all week rose up and began controlling his speech.

"I'm going to let the birthday girl have first go, I think that's fair, don't you?" purred Daniel as he held both of their heads in his hands, playing with both the tight curls of Julie and the silky smooth lengths of Yuki. Both girls nodded and Julie hooked her fingers under the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, revealing his fully erect dick to the warm air. Immediately, Julie wrapped her lips around the head and slid them down as far as they could go. Daniel felt her tongue slurp inside her mouth as she began to bob up and down his shaft, leaving a slick coating of saliva across it. If this was only a week ago, she would probably have filled her mouth in no time but this was longer and broader than it had been this morning, let alone back then. Julie began manipulating the rest of Daniel's dick with her slender hands, caressing it beautifully whilst creating loud, slurping noises. As she did this, her eyes were closed and a look of satisfaction was on her face. As Daniel gripped tighter to the side of Julie's head, pushing her deeper onto his cock, he noticed Yuki had slid Julie's dress down to her waist and was sucking on her pale nipples whilst pinching her own

"Do you like having Yuki suck on your nipples?" Daniel smiled, releasing Julie's head from his grip so she could answer him. As she spat his dick out, she swallowed hard and panted "Oh god, yes."

"Well, let's show her some love too, shall we?" Daniel grunted as he bent down, picked Yuki up and laid her on Julie's bed, her head hanging off the end. Yuki gasped before reaching toward Daniel's rock hard erection, needing it more than anything. Kicking off his jeans, he pulled Julie up and kissed her whilst grabbing hold of her breast, squeezing it until he heard her groan. He could feel Yuki's saliva all over it, the same saliva that he was begining to feel on the very tip of his cock. Breaking the embrace, he nodded towards Yuki and said "Be a good girl and this one out."

Julie grinned and crawled over Yuki's spread eagled body before positioning herself in front of her small, asian pussy that was adorned with a thin slit of hair. Lovingly, Julie began licking the edges of Yuki's lips, kissing around her clit and sending shivers up her, all whilst Daniel began probing her mouth to see how far he could get inside her. Yuki moaned around his dick head, her hands reaching back to Daniel's butt and pushing him deeper inside her throat. She was less sloppy than Julie, but something about her small frame taking such a large penis sent Daniel crazy. He began thrusting in and out of her mouth, feeling her throat struggle to accept his length, let alone his girth. But, between the gags and the moans, she took him. Hunkering over her and playing with her now engorged and stiff nipples, Daniel managed to thrust all the way up to his balls, feeling her nose rub against them. It was wet from all the drool Yuki had produced and, as he pulled back, Daniel saw how smudged her makeup had become. Yuki continued mewing, kissing and caressing his dick, she looked dick-drunk.

"Is Julie any good at eating you out?" Daniel asked, pinching the large, japanese nipple.

"I love it," Yuki replied between long, loud kisses across his shaft.

"Well, she should keep doing it shouldn't she? But to give her her present, you two are going to have to change position. Julie, lie here, Yuki, sit on her face."

Yuki's eyes widened in glee as she got up and waited for Julie to get into position. Julie walked around the bed and approached Daniel who held her around the waist, kissing her once more. Daniel could taste Yuki's pussy on her tongue, reminding him of Sophie's thong and the urge raced through him once more. He threw Julie down on the bed and saw her eyes fill with desire before being blocked by Yuki's beautiful butt and Daniel lined himself up. He rubbed his dick across Julie's pussy, feeling how slick it was with juices as he parted her lips. Placing a thumb on her clit, Daniel pushed inside her. She tensed up, she was tight and he was big. Luckily, she was also incredibly wet and soon he was able to push in further and further, getting a rhythm going. With each flick of her clit, Daniel sent a small spasm through Julie, causing her to conract around him every now and then. Yuki was moaning and sighing all the time, praising the skills of the girl beneath her and commenting on how hard Daniel was fucking her. Inside his mind, Daniel had to fuck her hard, he had to release the energy that had been pent up, he had to cum and cum and cum again. These two would be ruined when he was done and once they recovered, he would do it again. This was all that mattered now and, as his balls slapped against her arse, Daniel knew he would cum soon.

"I'm going to cum inside you," Daniel said, illiciting cries of pleasure from Julie, though they were muffled. Daniel held Julie above her hips and slammed deep into her over and over again until it happened. Cum shot into Julie as an orgasm ripped through Daniel, causing him to cry out. This shot of cum seemed to push Julie over the edge, who began shaking beneath him, her mouth coming free from Yuki's pussy to let out a howl of her own. Daniel kept pumping shot after shot of cum into Julie until he could give no more. As he slid out of her, a flood of semen errupted from her vagina, coating Daniel's still erect cockSighing

Sighing, Daniel pulled Yuki off of Julie and lay her down like before. "Clean this up," Daniel said, pointing at Julie's ruined pussy as he went around the bed to where Julie was in a state of ecstatic delusion. Her head lolloped around so Daniel held it by the side and guided his cum stained cock into her mouth once more. She ate the cum from his shaft, slurping it up like a milkshake all whilst Yuki licked her still-sensitive pussy clean of cum.

"You're still hard after that?" Julie questioned, dreamily

"That was just the start," Daniel said. This new confidence suited him, he deserved this gift but now, he wanted more

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