Dream Saturday_(1)

Dream Saturday_(1)

Dream Saturday….


I am 6’ 3” tall; muscular as I work out 5 times a week and reasonably good looking. I am also bi. I love having my ass licked and fucked whether it be with a finger, dildo or preferably a real cock. My girlfriend knows all about my bi side and is really turned on by the idea of watching me and a guy get together while pleasuring her. This is something we aim to do in the near future.
My girlfriend, Sarah, is 5’ 6” tall and very slim, long dark brown hair. She is your typical “girl next door” fantasy girl with a gorgeous little ass and 34C pert tits. She loves sex and is really bi curious. Again, we are waiting for this to happen.

The events below took place a cpl of weeks ago…..

Part One:

It was a Sat morning and we were still in bed. Sarah decided to tie my wrists to the bed so she could tease me. I allowed her to do this using a cpl of my work ties. My legs were left free as she wanted full access to my ass.

Having secured my wrists to the bed I lay there as Sarah slowly began stroking my cock. It wasn’t long before I started to get hard, at which point she began slowly licking the tip of my cock. This was wonderful and the look on Sarah’s face was one of pure devilment as looked up at me.

Having got me fully hard, she began licking up and down my shaft and going even further down to lick my balls. I was in ecstasy but also had the overwhelming need to touch her and play with her as well…which of course I couldn’t do as I was tied to the bed.

Suddenly, she stopped licking and sucking me and lay down on the bed facing me and began to play with herself. She was fondling her tits and massaging her smooth shaven pussy while all the time smiling at me and telling me how wet and hot her pussy felt. This was driving me crazy.

To drive me even wilder she then sat on my chest, facing me with her pussy just out of reach of my face and continued to masturbate. I could feel her juices dripping down onto my chest. She was frigging her clit furiously now and had inserted two fingers into her pussy which she was working in and out in a frenzy. My cock was throbbing. I so desperately needed to wank myself or be touched by someone. Sarah was revelling in my distress. Little did I know she was about to make it a lot worse…

Sarah orgasmed on my chest. Her love juice flowing freely down her ass and onto my chest. We were both soaked. The aroma of her cum was invading my nostrils making me almost cum and my cock wasn’t even being touched!

She climbed off me telling me it was now my turn…..
Sarah took out the baby oil and a double ended dildo she had brought for us to play with from the bedside table. My erection was raging in anticipation. I desperately needed to touch my cock but couldn’t. Sarah knew this was driving me crazy as I begged her to untie me so that I could use my hands on myself and on her. She was really enjoying my frustration. My cock was aching it was so hard.

Sarah proceeded to lightly oil my cock, balls and ass with the oil. God! This was almost too much! I needed to cum so badly but Sarah only touched me long enough so that I wouldn’t cum. As she oiled my ass she slipped a finger in my ass and proceeded to gently finger fuck my ass. This was now the only physical contact I had with her – her finger gently fucking me, working my ass so that it would take the dildo which she had in her other oily hand. I couldn’t help myself. My body responded to her finger fucking by fucking her finger. Gently, she inserted another finger and slowly worked my ass open a little more. God! This was incredible. My cock was leaking pre cum by the spoonful. I bucked and fucked her fingers getting her deeper and deeper into my ass. She had dropped the dildo onto the bed now and was stroking my cock and balls with her other hand, always being careful not to let me cum.

Slowly she removed her fingers from my ass and oiled up one half of the double ended dildo. I new what was coming next… Sarah gently inserted the dildo into my ass. Inching it in carefully, she stroked my cock at the same time. When she was satisfied that I couldn’t take any more of its length she repositioned herself on the bed and sat facing me with her spread legs under my spread legs. She eased the remaining half of the dildo into her pussy and gently started fucking it. In return the dildo fucked me. This had to be the horniest thing we had ever done together. With one hand she alternated between rubbing her clit and stroking my cock. I was sure I was going to cum any second and told her this. Sarah replied that she wanted to see my cock spurt cum without it being touched. Sarah was close to cumming again herself. Her fucking the dildo was getting more and more frantic. My ass in return was getting a really good fucking. At this moment the door bell rang… We stopped in mid grind and looked at each other. Ignore it I said they’ll go away. To which the door bell rang again.

Sarah extracted herself from her half of the dildo, leaving the other half still buried deep in my ass. She crossed the room and looked out of the window. She informed me that our poorly timed visitor was Angela, her friend from the stables where she keeps her horse.

Putting on one of my shirts, Sarah left the bedroom to go answer the door, leaving me tied to the bed with a raging hard on and a double ended dildo still up my ass. All I could think was I hope she gets rid of Angela real quick…

Part Two:

I heard Sarah go down the stairs and open the front door. I couldn’t hear what was being said but a cpl of minutes later I heard someone coming up the stairs. My cock was just starting to lose some of its hardness although it was no where near flaccid. I could feel the dildo starting to slip out of my ass. I assumed that the person coming up the stairs was Sarah coming to untie me now that we had an unexpected visitor.

You can’t imagine the surprise I got when it was Angela, not my girlfriend Sarah who entered the bedroom, closely followed by Sarah. Angela was looking at my prone naked body shackled to the bed by my wrists. Sarah had a look of pure devilment on her face. She could obviously see my discomfort and embarrassment and noticed my cock getting softer by the second.

“Ooh look he’s going all shy on us” she remarked to Angela. Angela had a big grin on her face, obviously enjoying my embarrassment too. Sarah, who had undone most of the buttons on the shirt she was wearing without my noticing sat on the bed and began stroking my cock hard again. Angela just stood watching giving Sarah encouragement like “yeah, get him hard again. I want to see you fuck his ass with that toy again”. At this point I realised that this could well be the luckiest day of my life.

Sarah was wanking my cock hard with one hand while undoing the remaining buttons on the shirt with her other, giving Angela and me a good view of her pert tits and hairless pussy.

I realised my dream was becoming a reality when Sarah looked Angela straight in the eye and asked her if she was going to give her a hand. To which Angela helped Sarah remove the shirt and then proceeded to re-insert the dildo in my ass and gently fuck me with it. Sarah knelt on the bed behind Angela and began pulling her t-shirt over her head. Angela stopped fucking me with the dildo just long enough to raise her arms to assist in this. My cock was aching hard again and the sight of Angela’s large tits confined inside her black lacy bra was adding to my dilemma. Angela was telling us both how horny it was to fuck a guy in the ass with a sex toy. Sarah unclipped Angela’s bra, removed it and then began fondling Angela’s tits. I nearly shot my load there and then, but I think it was the pure surprise at the latest turn of events that stopped me. Angela didn’t falter, just moaned and stroked my cock even faster. Angela’s tits were fantastic too. She is a little taller than Sarah, with bigger tits and is a little bigger built than Sarah but not fat in any way. She has black hair which comes down to her shoulders, a little bit like how Victoria Beckham used to wear hers.

Sarah was now kissing Angela’s neck and was working her way down to her tits, Angela was obviously enjoying her friends attention as she was mumbling encouragement to her. I was going crazy. I still couldn’t touch or do anything as I was still tied up to the bed. Angela was still working the dildo in my ass and stroking my cock. I begged her to suck it.

She didn’t need asking twice. She leant forward almost squashing Sarah in the process as she had her lips firmly attached to Angela’s left nipple still. She began licking up and down my shaft while still holding the dildo in my ass which I was grinding on. This was heaven. I so wanted to taste and lick a pussy in return – especially Angela’s as I hadn’t ever seen hers let alone eaten it. I was begging for them to let me taste one of them. All I got in reply was “all in good time “from Sarah, who was now trying to undo Angela’s jeans.

Angela, without warning, suddenly stopped licking and sucking my cock and crawled off the bed. She stood and began pulling her jeans down together with her thong. Sarah was off the bed herself now too, leaving just my prone shackled body lying on the bed. My cock was throbbing. Seeing Sarah’s friend stripping off before my eyes. Sarah and Angela began kissing and fondling each other. Their tits were rubbing against each others. I watched as Sarah moved her hand down between Angela’s thighs and began rubbing her pussy. Angela responded by lifting her right leg onto the bed to allow Sarah’s hand better access to her pussy. They were really into each other, snogging each others faces off, hands everywhere. Angela was rubbing Sarah’s pussy now too.

Sarah now dropped down to her knees and buried her face in Angela’s sopping pussy. Angela was giving her encouragement, telling her to lick harder and stick her tongue in further….I was leaking pre cum constantly now. I think if someone had touched my cock at that moment I would have just exploded there and then. I was in a gorgeous state of agony.

Angela’s legs were beginning to give way as Sarah made her cum. Sarah came back up and looked over to me with a huge smile on her face; her face was covered with Angela’s love juice. She leant over and began kissing me. I now got my first taste of Angela’s pussy.

Angela had moved in behind Sarah, while she was kissing me and was returning the favour of devouring Sarah’s pussy. I begged Sarah to untie my wrists so I could play with her and Angela. Again she refused. She informed me that I was her and Angela’s bitch until they decided otherwise. I don’t know why but her talking like this turned me on even more….if that was physically possible.

To satisfy my request or purely for her own pleasure, I’m not sure which, Angela moved up and squatted over my face and then proceeded to lower her pussy onto my face. She was dripping wet and her labia were engorged and dark brown from her excitement. I plunged my tongue as far into her sex as I could get it. I must have hit the right spot as she began grinding her pussy on my face.

Sarah, now having lost the attentions of Angela’s tongue, lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. She didn’t so much as ease herself onto it but rather impaled herself onto it in her haste to be fucked. She began fucking me in long strokes from the base of my cock to the very top….so that my knob was only just entering her lips and back down again….There was no way I was going to be able last after all that I had just witnessed.

I tried to say “I’m cumming” but it came out as a mumble as I couldn’t get the words formed due to Angela grinding her pussy on my mouth. I came really and hard. As my cock convulsed the 1st time, inside Sarah, she too pushed down with her pussy so that I was deep inside her as my cock continued to explode cum. It was so intense it was almost too painful and was definitely the most intense orgasm I have ever had.

Sarah road me until my cock started going limp. She then got off me and my cum covered cock slipped out of her sopping pussy. Angela immediately shifted down and started cleaning up my cock with her mouth. Sarah sat back and proceeded to finger her clit as she watched, continually giving Angela encouragement. As globules of cum dripped out of her pussy she scooped it up with her fingers and licked them clean.

After a few minutes of this, Angela stopped sucking and licking my cock clean and moved over to Sarah. They exchanged a long kiss before breaking and turning to me with a look of animal lust in their eyes.
Sarah, undid my wrists while Angela inserted the double dildo into her tight hot pussy. It was obvious the girls were not satisfied yet. My cock was getting hard again as I watched. This time though, I could stroke my cock and was happy to sit back and watch the show.

Sarah moved in close facing Angela and inserted the other end of the dildo into her pussy. The dildo disappeared as their pussies touched together. They soon got into a rhythm and commenced fucking each other. This was awesome to watch. My cock was fully hard again now and I was openly wanking myself. Sarah and Angela were giving me encouragement telling me to wank and cum all over them both as they fucked each other. As they fucked each other harder their pace quickened, as did mine on my cock. I could they were about to cum and I then knelt above them and shot another load of cum. It hit Angela’s mound 1st and then I must have moved a little because the rest hit Sarah’s. This was too much for them and they both came as they massaged my cum into their pussies as they continued to fuck themselves with the dildo.

After a few minutes, when they had regained their breath and composure they pulled off the dildo. We all kissed and cuddled up on the bed, exchanging comments like “that was awesome”.

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